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08-10-2006, 05:19 AM
If you had the opprtunity to change something that you did or said would you? If you could do something all over again would you? These are the questions that haunt Gwendolyn of Y'Sel Peak.

Maybe you should know the background:
She is the princess of the kingdom of Trellium. Trellium might sound like a big kingdom but in all truth its small and is just at the edge of the Lands of Rowen. For the most part Trellium is a good kingdom, but the lands it occupies is not. The king over all the Lands of Rowen is very evil and cruel to all of his people. This king is also old and feeble so realizing he was not going to live long he sent his only son out to ask for Gwendolyn's hand in marriage in which she refused. The prince who was every bit as mean as his father was enraged, but before he could take his rage out on her she ran off with the rebels for she had falling in love with the rebel leader. They were hidden in a deep forest near Trellium, unfortuntly Rowen has good scouts and many, many hunting parties. The prince and his soldiers marched against them. He made an agreement that if the princess surrendered and went back with him he would leave the rebellion alone...for now. So it was agreed. She went back with him.
As he made her walk through the streets behind his horse she saw what her refusal had down to the people. Their misery had doubled, nay, tripled in size. The taxes were overwhelming and people were being hung by the day for no reason at all. When they reached the palace the prince looked at her and said, "Look at what your treachery has down to your fellow citizens. You are lucky I have found you unfit to be my bride, if you were my wife you would have suffered greatly. You may or may not have heard but I am now king so your little rebellion will be put to an end soon enough. You will be kept in the dugueon until I judge whats the best way to kill you." Then he led her to the dugueon and looked at her and said, "Do not worry about your father anymore, Gwendolyn, I've made sure all that your family has been taken care of." With that he inclined his head at the only window in the dugueon and it showed the heads that were on spikes. There Gwendolyn saw her father and her brother. She was so stricking with grief she did not sleep or eat for several days. So she sits in the dugueon awaiting her trial.

Now you may be thinking why didn't she just take his hand in the first place? There would have been less suffering for all. That's exactly what she's thinking but you should know if she had taking his hand the same thing would have happened maybe not as fast. Like I said evil kingdom.

Ok if you read that whole thing give yourself a pat on the back because I know it had to have been a little boring. Ok you can be whatever race you want to be you know demon, human, vampire, whatever. This has a kind of Middle Ages feel to it so please no guns. Swords, bows, axes, thats all good.

Ok heres the character sheet.
Bio: (optional)

Ok the roles are filled....
x[Name]x The New King, Aryan Makinah
x[Age]x 26 [Human Years]
x[Race]x Demon
x[Appearance]x http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d9...ent=guys76.jpg
x[Personaility]x Evil, Vindictive, Spiteful, Vile, Cunning, Witty, Humourful, Cruel, Despicable, Egotistcal, Relentless, Vehemental, Tactical, Treacherous, Ruthless
x[Biography]x Aryan had grown up as Prince, under his father, King Makinah. He had always eaten the best of foods, had the best of girls for himself, been the boss of nearly everyone. He had the best training one could have, and was a master of anything on the battlefield, could ride and tame horses like a Druid, could hunt and kill like a relentless beast. He grew up, watching his fathers every move and figuring out ways to better everything that was done. It wasn't long until his father took his advice about all kinds of things to do with battle, and most of it was paying off very well. One day, he decided it was his time to be King, so he poisoned his father's chalice, and he died a few hours after their nightly feast. Now he was King, and only the Rebel leader was left to oppose him.
Played By: Ezomz

Name: The Rebel Leader - Conrad Johnson
Age: 25
Race: Vampire
Apperence: http://s44.photobucket.com/albums/f5...t=3129b203.jpg
Personiality: in love with Gwendolyn. He is very brave, and that is shown in battle.
Bio: Ever since his kingdom was taken over by the evil King and his son, Conrad wanted to fight. He wanted to fight, to make a difference. Well, he got distracted along the way by a beautiful lady... Who was now in the chambers of hell.. As he called it. When he turned 18, he made a Rebellion... A stand for what was right. Now, they were going to do what was right.
Played By: conrad001

My Character:
Name: Gwendolyn
Age: 24
Race: Elf
Apperence: http://s48.photobucket.com/albums/f241/dragonlady07/?action=view&current=arslan4.jpg&refPage=20&imgAnch=imgAnch21
Personiality: She's very kind and very rebellious. She's in love with the rebel leader but doesn't let it show very often.
Gwendolyn sat in her cell staring at the ground with anger. How could this have happened? Why did this happen? Nobody deserved to die. If this rebellion was going to kill them all how did it help anyone. It was all the new king's fault. In the middle of thinking this a guard came in. "Well, well Lady Gwendolyn. It's time for your midday torture." She closed her eyes. Ever since she'd gotten her she'd been getting tortured three times a day. Mostly with the whip. She got up and followed the soldier to the torture chamber.
As she limped back she wondered if this would ever end. She collapsed in her cell. It had been whips today. She was sure that it left scars, but figured there was no reason to care she was gonna die soon anyways. She then closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber.

08-10-2006, 08:21 AM
Name: Calvin the Spickery
Age: 37
Race: Human
Appearence: Wears a typical knight's uniform.
Personiality: He has been known to go through fits of courage and definace.


"Stupid king."
The king had Calvin watch yet another torture chamber go up. Thank goodness it was only the whips. But Calvin knew if they hurt that elf any longer, she would die. The guards showed her no mercy. Afretwards, he saw the same guards deinking beer like nothing at all. Such horror!
Just then another guard came up and handed him the cell door key's.
"You're in charge of the prisoners today. The king told me to warn you that if one of the prisoners escapes, especially our newcomer, you will be treated like one of them."
Laughing, the guard walked away, thinking Calvin would fail.
"Yeah, I'll fail... to see you again." Calvin thought silently.
Calvn was determined not to let any of them get away, even if that means using his trusty longbow. As he passed the newcomer's cell, he saw that it was a lady elf, one of power. So why were they torturing her?
She was asleep right now, but Calvin had a plan to free her. It was againest his rules, but he had to do it. He was in defiance.
Calvin fumbled for the key set and found the key of her cell. Taking it off the ring, Calvin placed it on a crack in the floor, then went on to normal duties. He hoped his idea worked.

My Immortal
08-10-2006, 09:22 AM
Name: Torkorath
Age: 3241
Race: Pain Demon
Appearance: http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j245/05-0490/?action=view&current=britz4.jpg (without the horn in the middle of his head)
Personality: Vindictive and evil, with no remorse at all. He kills for fun and destroys for pleasure.
Biography: The new king was more evil than even the people that were strangled in his iron-clad grip could ever possibly imagine he could be. Inside his chambers, he ordered sorcerers to make pacts with several hell dimensions, and with those magicks, Torkorath and his brother demons stepped through to this dimension. Immediatley, the king realised the demons potential, and ordered them to become enforcers and torturers, with Torkorath, as the senior of them, at the head.

Torkorath laughed with glee, as another prisoner, an elf, exited his chamber, followed by several guards. One of them had seemed disgusted, but Torkorath was disgusted by the fact that they had been ordered only to use whips. As soon as they knew they were safe, Torkorath reached into his pocket, plucked out a glowing red sphere, and spoke into it in his native language. Instantly, the magickal glamour that disguised them as guards was lifted, and him and his brothers reverted to their true demonic forms. The king had ordered them to wear a glamour during torture, so they kept some of their supernatural abilities, like their strength, but their real forms weren't shown, so no one knew the king's secret. Torkorath hated the glamour, as the fear in the eyes, and in the scent of someone witnessing a seven foot, red, horned beast whipping you was worse than the fear induced by a normal human. And he loved the smell of fear. "Go, brothers. Prepare for the next victim. Another should come in about half an hour," he said to his demonic brethren in his native tongue. He himself then followed into a side chamber, to prepare himself, and his instruments. They wouldn't have to go so easy on the next one...

08-10-2006, 09:37 AM
Name: The Rebel Leader - Conrad Johnson
Age: 25
Race: Vampire
Apperence: http://s44.photobucket.com/albums/f5...t=3129b203.jpg
Personiality: in love with Gwendolyn. He is very brave, and that is shown in battle.
Bio: Ever since his kingdom was taken over by the evil King and his son, Conrad wanted to fight. He wanted to fight, to make a difference. Well, he got distracted along the way by a beautiful lady... Who was now in the chambers of hell.. As he called it. When he turned 18, he made a Rebellion... A stand for what was right. Now, they were going to do what was right.


"Make sure that five are over there, I'll take the five on this side." Conrad whispered as one of his sergeants nodded. They were setting up an ambush on a convoy of knights that was going to pass on a dirt road. Flanking both sides of the dirt road, were forests. He looked over as his ears flickered, the sound of hooves beating on the ground. Horses. Atop of them were knights, clad in nice armor, with the embelem of the king.

Conrad waited until they were directly infront of him. "NOW!" He yelled as the knights stopped and looked around. Conrad unsheathed his twin, curved swords that were on his back. He kicked one of the knights off of his horse, then jumped onto it and started to fight with the others. Arrows from bows came out of the forest and hit the knights, and his other soldiers were battling against them now.

Conrad was punched in the face and fell onto his face. He found the captain of their forces as he smirked. The captain came charging at him. He parried the attack and used his other sword to stick him in the gut. He took his sword out as the captain fell onto his side, blood spraying the ground.... This was a good victory...

08-10-2006, 10:24 AM
x[Name]x The New King, Aryan Makinah
x[Age]x 26 [Human Years]
x[Race]x Demon
x[Appearance]x http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d9...ent=guys76.jpg
x[Personaility]x Evil, Vindictive, Spiteful, Vile, Cunning, Witty, Humourful, Cruel, Despicable, Egotistcal, Relentless, Vehemental, Tactical, Treacherous, Ruthless
x[Biography]x Aryan had grown up as Prince, under his father, King Makinah. He had always eaten the best of foods, had the best of girls for himself, been the boss of nearly everyone. He had the best training one could have, and was a master of anything on the battlefield, could ride and tame horses like a Druid, could hunt and kill like a relentless beast. He grew up, watching his fathers every move and figuring out ways to better everything that was done. It wasn't long until his father took his advice about all kinds of things to do with battle, and most of it was paying off very well. One day, he decided it was his time to be King, so he poisoned his father's chalice, and he died a few hours after their nightly feast. Now he was King, and only the Rebel leader was left to oppose him.


King Aryan made his way down towards the dungeons. Today he was in a horrible rage, and his mood swept through the corridors behind him like the wake of a ship, effecting all that were in his path. As he walked, guards and soldiers straightened up infront of him, barely daring to breathe for fear of being on the receiving end of their King's renknown rage. Oh yes, he was in a rage, and today he would take it out on the Princess herself.

He raced down the stairs, his lithe and sinewous body making easy work of all of the twisting and winding, cold, stone steps. The guards he had ordered to follow him had a hard time keeping up with him without clanking their spears, swords, and shields against the stone walls, steps, or flooring. Things like that irritated the King, and you didn't want to irritate the King. Bad things happened when you irritated the King. Bad. Things.

Once down, he bellowed out in a deep, angry voice, screaming through the dungeons. "GUARDS. BRING ME THE PRINCESS. TELL TORKORATH THAT HE HAS A SPECIAL APPOINTMENT TODAY." Then his voice slipped into a low, deathly whisper, like a snake winding across wet grass. He reached out and grabbed a Guard close to him, pulling him up and close to his face, where he hissed, "and tell Torkorath that he is to use special instruments. Very special."

My Immortal
08-10-2006, 10:48 AM
Torkorath turned his head away from the five-pronged, rather large, metal instrument he was polishing, then spitting acid on it to make it rusty, and increase the chance of infection. That way, he could torture people with illness without him being there. He made out the distinctive, powerful voice of the King, and apparently, he was unhappy. Which obviously meant that he wanted to make somebody else, even more unhappy, which meant that he would come to Torkorath. He counted backwards from five in his head, and a knock came on the door. He once more whispered into the globe, now set on a desk, and the glamour that made him appear to be human was recast, and he walked out, and prepared himself. He opened the door. "Torture-Master Torkorath, the king has a special case for you to deal with," the man said, breathless.

"I heard," Torkorath replied. "Who is it?" he added, an evil glint in his eyes.

"It is, the elven woman, Torture-Master," the man said.

"Oh, very good. Tell the king I shall be ready soon," Torkorath ordered, and just about as the man was going out, he added,"Tell him I want her ALONE!"

I think it's time to reveal my true colours...

08-10-2006, 11:13 AM
Calvin let the people take the elven lady. However, they didn't notice the key. That was very good. Another guard came up to Calvin.
"Sir, a group of knights have been ambushed. The rebel leader is in this, for sure." he said, panting for breath.
"Did any of them survive?" Calvin asked
"No, sir."
"What was this group doing at the time?"
"They were carrying one of the king's bought swords."
"Which one- Black Angel or The Devil of Heat?"
"Neither, sir. This was Lighing Call. He bought this yesterday. Now it's in the rebels hands."
"Prepare a group of your finest knights for my arrival at the barracks."
"Yes, sir."
After the guard ran off, Calvin checked his sword and armor. They were still in pretty good condition, but he decided to oil them a little. Telling another guard to replace him, Calvin oiled his armor and sharpened his sword. He also put a new string on the trusty longbow and packed 30 arrows.
Outside the barracks, knights were walking up and down the entryway when Calvin arrived. All of them stopped and looked at Calvin.
"Alright everyone, this is a recuse mission." Calvin started. "As some of you may know, the King's sword collection is growing. One of these swords that would make this collection rise in price is at the hands of the rebels. Lightning Call. We are going to go out to Danger Road-" at this, several of the knights shook, "Kill the rebels, and bring back the sword. Let's go."
There were 8 in the squad, including Calvin. Danger Road was a few miles away, and one rest stop was taken. Finally, Danger Road came into view, along with a ruined carraige. Calvin supposed that was where they were ambushed.
"CHARGE!" Calvin ordered.

08-10-2006, 11:22 AM
Aryan stood and waited impatiently as the Guard infront of him stammered out his report of what Torkorath. The Guard was clearly afraid, and he had every reason in the world to be. What sane man could possibley face the King of almost all things Evil himself after facing on the cruelest torture masters in the world? Not many, that was for sure.

Once he was finished, Aryan dismissed him with a wave of his hand. "Alone, eh?" he thought to himself. That was fine. Torkorath wasn't one that he would argue with. He liked the work Torkorath did for him. In his own little way, you could say that Aryan respected Torkorath and would take what he wanted and asked for into consideration. Him being alone with the Princess suited him just fine. He knew of Torkorath's track record. He trusted that the deed would be done just fine.

He had six guards accompany him to the Princess's cell, and looked in at the pathetic being before him. "Well, well. If it isn't The Great One herself!" He threw back his head and laughed, and the other guards wisely joined him in his laughter, but stopped abruptly when he was finished. The laughter seemed to have shaken the sleeping Princess awake. "I have some fun time set aside for you, Princess." His eyes glinted dangerously. Things like this excited him. He loved watching other people get hurt, but he would wait until after, then humilliate her and hurt her in his own way once Torkorath was finished.

"Get her. Take her out of there. Take her to Torkorath, and then stand outside as he does what he is paid to do. When he is finished and not a moment before, bring her back here." He motioned to four of the guards, and they went into the cell and dragged the weakened Princess out with ease. He turned to the other two, and pointed at them, delegating jobs. "You, go find chains, and shackles. Take them up to my room. Fasten them to the wall, maybe six feet high, and don't let them have much slack." He turned to the other one, "You. Do the same, except take them to my dining and throne room. I want the chains attached to my throne itself. The weight of the Golden Chair should be enough for holding what I want held there."

[[ Edited, sorry you posted while I was typing. I took out the part with the key. ]]

Lady James
08-10-2006, 11:27 AM
Name : Fancesca ( Frankie)
Age: 20
Race: Half Breed, human/elf

Apperance: Is a quick and quirky young woman. Is about 5' 6, Slender with tonned build, has Long Blonde hair thats pushed back by a green bandana, has Green eyes and always has a smirk on her lips. has small freckles on the bridge of her nose. Wears Theif garments. Has spiked guanlets for weapons

Personaility: Full of attitude. Has a very lazy and sarcastic way about her. Is on her Own side, but dosen't take lightly to wicked and evil people.

Bio: Frankie is sort of a free-lance fighter. She does what she wants and dosen't take lightly to orders. She rather be on her own doing things her own way. While traveling through the small kingdom, she heard word of the Rebels
attempt to Break out Gwendolyn, And thought that is was a noble cause for her to start fighting again.


Frankie slowly walked her way around the Castle, taking in everything. She knew sooner or later the entire place would be in a huge uproar, The rebels and the kings men would duke it out as soon as Gwendolyn was out of their sight. She hid her guanlets by keeping her hands in her pockets, she appeared very laid back. frankie started to make her way down a corrider to where there where a set of steps lay.A very interesting conversation was leaking through a closed door. Something about Torture?

"hmmm....sounds interesting" she mused, before she made her way to the closed door to easedrop, two swords came clashing together in front of her. Two Guards stepped out in front of her.

One spoke through his teeth, he appeared to have quite the temper " Damn handmaiden, you know better not to be down here"

" Handmaiden?" Frankie just stood there, slightly beweildered then spoke " Ay, sorry sire, tis my first day in the castle, seemed to be lost, could you tell me where i am?" she played along, acting dumb

" thats none of your concern!, this area is off limits, so off with ya!" The second guard yelled, shoving her backwards to get her moving. They abously had something to hide behind that door.

"hmmmm... i better find a new way to get were the action is...."

08-10-2006, 11:52 AM
Conrad looked as the captain was still living. He was breathing heavy. Conrad smirked and drove both of his sword into his neck. He brought them out as more blood spilled out. Conrad looked and saw a group of knights heading toward them. "Take the horses!" "Sir, one of the king's swords has been found!" "Then let's take it. Archers, hit them, sound the retreat!" Conrad got onto one of the white horses and took off. He leaned down, trying not to get hit by anything.

His archers provided excellent cover as Conrad and his most trusted men got onto the horses and retreated. His archers let a third, and last, volley out, then retreated into the woods. All of them were headed back to their secret hideout. Losing these guards wouldn't be easy... But they couldn't afford to lose anymore men. The Rebellion was losing men. In the ambush, it looked like nobody had died, but he wasn't sure.

My Immortal
08-10-2006, 04:21 PM
As the guard exited the room, all in a fluster, he returned to the antechamber where he was working, removing the glamour and finding his demon brothers there.

"Take your leave for a while brethren. I have some business to attend with." At the prospect of not being able to torture anyone anytime soon, they began to snarl and clamour around him, swearing and cursing in their native tongue. He understood their anger, he got the same way when he was faced with this dilemna. But the elf was his, and his alone to toy with, and he hadn't smelt fear for a long time. Not real, raw fear. So long...

One of his brothers threw a fist at Torkorath's face, but with a lightning fast movement, the demon's fist was knocked aside, and Torkorath's head connected with his brother's in a vicious headbutt. His brother fell to the ground, concious, but with a trickle of blood seeping from a cut opened above his left eye. Wiping his brother's blood from his head, Torkorath boomed, "AM I NOT YOUR SENIOR? YOU DARE DEFY ME?" in his native tongue, and it echoed around the room, and probably slightly outside of it, and to others, it would sound a bestial mix of a roar, and several snarls. If the elf heard it, all the better to add to the fear. The others shrank away, and he turned to the door. "And so, the game begins..."

Hell's Princess
08-10-2006, 10:10 PM
Name: Legault, but to the Rebellion he's known as "The Angel Of Death"

Age: Ap[ears somewhere in his mid twenties, truly he boast a clean 1,500 years.

Race: Dragon, with the appearance of a human.

Apperence: Legault (http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g120/Klash_Seance/Legault.jpg) ((Useing Jaffar as Pic))

Personiality: Cold and silent, Legault is a complete enigma to most everyone he's worked with or for. Even the King knows nothing of the Assassin.

Bio: Legault is perhaps one of the most enigmatic assassin's to dat. Unknown to anyone, Legault was raised by his father, who was an assassin for hire. His mother had betrayed his father when she met an evil hearted Mage. His brother remianed with his mother. Legault was taught to speak both the tounge of his people and the Human tounge. His history boasts many successful assassinations, and one failed one. Against the King, who was very lucky to escape. Now he plots to kill the new king. Notr for money, but for revenge. Revenge on his father who was killed by the old king. He currently works for the rebellion, as the name his father used. The Angel Of Death!

08-11-2006, 02:16 AM
((ooc: thanks for joining!!!))
Gwendolyn woke up a little to Aryan's yelling and suddenly she realized she was being dragged! Oh no! Not another torture! she thought frantically. She could tell by the king's voice that it was going to be worse than any of the others. As they dragged her fear was replaced with anger. Hadn't she suffered enough at this cruel, vain manic? She was going to begin yelling when she heard a strange almost animal like roar. She then realized it was a harsh language of some kind. Rage was replaced with fear again...it was coming from the torture chamber and for the first time Gwendolyn actually considered escape. She didn't think that was going to be possible though, not with guards, the king, and whatever horrific thing was in the torture chamber.

She began to try and move the closer they got to the chamber. Then a guard said, "Be still!" and the other one said with a laugh "Don't worry after this torture she won't move much for the next few weeks." That got Gwendolyn to move, but their arms were strong and before she could loosen their grip she was outside the torture chamber. The one who had laughed knocked on the door. "Sir your prey is here!" he said with another loud laugh. Rage mixed quickly with Gwendolyn's fear and she blurted out, "I am no mere prey, dog! I am Gwendolyn of Y'Sel Peak, princess of Trellium. Do you know what that means you lice ridden mule? Can you comprende what Y'Sel Peak is? It's where I trained in the ways of the Holy Knights and I don't mean you dogs of Aryans ways either!" She then stopped to catch her breath realizing she'd made a mistake. Of course she had realized that when she had called him a lice ridden mule. His face turned pasty white and he began to shake with what she guessed was rage. His companion said to him,"Don't even think about it. She'll be taken care of. Perhaps we'll get lucky and Torkorath will cut her tongue out." The other calmed down a bit and laughed while saying, "Well we can only hope for the best." Then it all became quiet as Gwendolyn awaited her fate.

Hell's Princess
08-11-2006, 03:39 AM
Inside the halls, leading to the torture chambers, Legault walked. behind him was a trail of dead knights. All of which had thier weapons still sheithed. It looked like an army had come through, but it was simply the lone assassin. He heard foot steps and suddenly vanished into the shadows on the cieling, hanging on by means unknown. He watched as a pair of guards walked and talked. They spoke of a girl being prepared to be tortured. "..." Legault landed behind one, and slit his throat before he could even scream. When the second one turned he was met with a heavy boot to his adam's apple, followed by a slice to his throat as well. Once more Legault vanished. This time heading down the halls, to where what he thought was his target.

My Immortal
08-11-2006, 03:40 AM
Torkorath turned from his brothers as the guard shouted at the door. He again put the glamour up, and walked towards the door, opening it. "Leave us!" he said to the guards, as he hurled Gwendolyn inside of the room, and stepped in front of her. He began to circle her, whilst speaking.

"I suppose all you were expecting when the king told you about this new, special torture period with me, was maybe the rack, or the Iron Maiden, or any other terrible instrument of torture that you could think up. Well, you're wrong, because I won't even be using anything from this dimension. You see, elf, I'm not exactly who you think me to be, assuming you regard me as a normal guard. Well, I am definitely not! Draganthrul Kerrulnir Zagranthul!" he shouted. Two of those words would lift the glamour, but another would swathe him in fire, cheap, stage fire, but fire, at least.

As the glamour was taken away, and his full, demonic form was revealed, he roared in anger, showing row after row of razor fangs.

"How do you regard me now, elf?"

08-11-2006, 04:03 AM
For a brief moment Gwendolyn thought she'd finally lost her mind from stress and this was all one big hallicanation. She then realized it wasn't and became a little lightheaded and almost fell over. She figured that even though she was afraid she wouldn't show it. Torture was going to hurt either way. "I think your a figment of my over stressed mind and I really don't think much of you." as she said this her knees shook a little. She wondered if she should be bold or grovel on the floor.

She then thought of everything she'd been through. Could she take more? The answer: probably not, but her stubborn streak wouldn't be silent. "And what's more I think your an idiot for working for the idiot king!" She then got quiet because she thought she might faint. She then wondered if her face was as pale as the rest of her felt. He might well kill her. In all truth she was shocked when he transformed. She waited for him to either say something or began the torture, or execution depending on how he felt about being called an idiot, for a second her mind wondered how he would have felt at being called a lice ridden mule. It almost brought a smile to her then she remembered that this wasn't the time to be smiling.

My Immortal
08-11-2006, 04:08 AM
"If I was a figment of your mind, could I do this?" he said, reaching out and grabbing her by the throat, pulling her fully two feet off the floor, staring at her, then spitting a glob of acid onto her left arm. The liquid sizzled and burned onto the elf's skin. "And as for me, working for the king! Ha! He works for me! Whatever I want, I get. And you know why? Because he's afraid. I could to things to him that would not kill him, but leave him merely a shell. And you? What shall I do to you? I could do so many things. I could just hurt you physically, or I could, if I wanted, tear your mind and soul apart!" he said. She wasn't showing fear, but he could definitely smell it on her. He tossed her to the floor again like a ragdoll.

Hell's Princess
08-11-2006, 04:16 AM
Legault landed near a lone guard. He vanished again, leaving a lump of a human on the floor. He then heard something. It sounded deep. A voice. He also heard a very light one. Feminine. He thought for a moment. It could have been his target. As The Angel Of Death moved on, he had heard something again. The deep male voice again. He thought for a moment, and used the shadows to hide. He suddenly shot out at a gaur. He held his left arm down, and was pulling him into submission.

"Where is Gwendolyn?" His voice deep, but barely above a wisper. Once the gaurd squeeled everything her knew like the pig his was, Legault stuck his dagger into the back of his neck, and raced off into the shadows, heading for this supposed torture room.

08-11-2006, 04:29 AM
Gwendolyn hit the floor hard but it was her arm that hurt the most. The acid hadn't quit burning her. Her mind was reeling. Well my mind's ok, she thought sarcasdically to herself. What really got her thinking was what he had just said about the king. Gwendolyn had never known Aryan to answer to anyone but himself. She was lost in thought on the floor till Torkorath talked of tearing her mind and soul apart. She wondered if he could really do that, then she wondered if she wanted to find out.

She wanted to escape but didn't know how. All of sudden a deep anger gripped her. Aryan! To think all this for a vain prince! My father and brother is dead and I'm sitting here going to be tortured all for that one person. If I ever get out of here I'll strangle him! Without knowing it she glared at the floor as she stood up. Then she looked her acid burned arm and thought of Conrad, her expression softened. She almost wanted to cry, but decided she could wait. She looked up at Torkorath and her fear came back, not as bad because she thought of Conrad but still there. She waited for his decsion of torture.

08-11-2006, 08:55 AM
"They're getting away!"
"The blade must be recovered!"
The Rebels had the nerve to steal the horses from the convoy and deliver salvo after salvo of arrows. Most of Calvin knight's fell victim to the close know of arrows. Only him and Mike the Mimble were able to go through the arrows unscathed.At a fork in th road, the Rebels scattered.
"They must have a sercet hiding location here. Mike follow the left side and find the spot. I'll take the right."
"Yes, Sir!" Mike said swiftly.
Calvin paced toward the right just in time to see a few of the rebels vanish behind a pair of oak trees. Calvin looked at these these to see anything was unusual about the trees, anything that would locate the hideout. At first glance there was nothing , but Calvin knew better and kept looking. A scream came up from the left and behind him. Calvin knew Mike had been downed by the Rebels. Cursing softly, he resumed coming the trees for any sign of the hideout.

08-11-2006, 09:17 AM
[[ This will be my last post in the thread if God-like assassin and rebel posts continue. I understand this is the Beginners forum but there is such a thing as a sense of realism. Please, get one. ]]

Aryan knelt patiently by the cell door. He ran his hands over the smooth stones of the wall and floor, his fingers tracing the pattern of cracks left in them from old age. Soon, it would be time to move on. He had his plans, oh yes, he had his plans indeed. Most of them didn't involve this castle either.

Aryan knew that his castle was full of traitors and backstabbers. Scum, the lot of them. He did have a bit of a soft spot in his heart, for women, but this Princess had humilliated him. She had torn his pride to shreds. He wasn't entirely like his father. He had been a good, gentle boy when he was little. It had been the influence of his father that had changed him into the monster he was today. He didn't regret it, no, he enjoyed what he was; the power he had. It was just that sometimes, he wondered what it would be like if he was "Good". He figured he would be assassinated quickly without ruling with an iron fist.

Lately, he had a new plan forming in his head to wreak havoc amongst the Rebels. He knew it was a bit extreme, and sadistic, but wasn't that who he was? The master of extremity and sadism? He moved towards one of the guards a few feet away, staring straight a head, barely daring to blink or breathe as the King descended upon him. "You," Aryan spat out in a raspy voice, "Go up to the Barracks. Any soldier that is not on duty is to report to my dining area, got it?"

The soldier nodded that he did indeed understand the Kings order, then scurried off to do his masters bidding, not wanting to anger the King but a little unsure for leaving his post unguarded.

As soon as he didn't hear the guards footsteps pattering up the stone steps, he turned around, and went back to the front of the cell, now a satisified smirk wreathing his face.

08-11-2006, 10:45 AM
Conrad had followed down the right path and turned to see a knight following him. "You guys go, I'm gonna deal with this one!" Conrad took out his swords and charged at the knight. This reminded him of a joust... Anyway. He came down to meet swords with the enemy. Conrad parried each attack, only taking a hit across the left wrist. He felt blood falling to the ground, but he couldn't falter, not now. He continued, and punched the knight off the horse. Conrad jumped to the ground as the knight reached for his weapon. Conrad crushed his hand under his boot and drove his sword into his head.

08-11-2006, 01:01 PM
OOC: Don't you mean the left path? That's the one I didn't take.

Calvin looked for what seemed like an hour, but nothing whatsoever came to him as what opened the door to the hideout. Calvin turned and tripped on one of the overgrown roots. At the same time, there was a slow creaking of a door opening. Staightening himself, Calvin looked down.
"Here it is. But it's going to be guarded down there. I must report this to the king."
Calvin went towards the palace, dogding a sudden arrow from the trees. At the palace, he went to the king's area, where a guard stopped him.
"What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be recovering Lighting Call?"
"That's why I am here." Calvin said hastily.
The guard let him in. Calvin kneeled in front of the king.
"My King, I found a rebel hideout. I think they have Lighting Call."

08-11-2006, 02:10 PM
Aryan turned at the one kneeling on the floor infront of him. "Getting up you snivelling idiot!" He spat out some curse words following this one, "Look- right now, I don't give a damn about that sword. I can get more. I want it- don't get me wrong there, but not yet. I have a job for you. If you can't handle a hard task like getting a sword back," this he said rather sarcastically, "Then I'll give you a simple one that even a woman could handle."

He beckoned for him to stand, and then leaned close to him, where he chuckled a few times before saying what he wanted done. "Upstairs, in my throne room and dining area, you will find all of the soldiers that are off duty assembling. Take them, tell them each to prepare a quiver full of arrows. Fifteen arrows each. Around each arrow is to be a piece of cloth, or some hay tied. Something try, that burns easily. Soak it in grease or oil from the kitchens. I want them to take torches, bows, and their arrows out to the palace walls. Lock up the gates, and then have each soldier light their arrows on fire and shoot them into the woods."

His laughter echoed through the dungeons, "If they want to hide in the woods, then fine! Let them hide in their burning woods! If it rains, they'll have ash, and mud to deal with! Let us see them be so quick and cunning then, with smoke filled lungs and slippery mud beneath their feet!"

My Immortal
08-11-2006, 03:43 PM
"Well, I have been saving one of my instruments specifically for you, seeing as you're a special case." He picked up a drill like object, swathed in a light blue mist. "This, is a new item, developed by my brothers in my own dimension. I won't tell you it's name, as it is likely to make you vomit. Also, I'd have to tear out your tongue so you could pronounce it."

Though that is a good idea he thought. "This little toy of mine will build on all of your worst fears, then project them upon your mind, inside one nightmarish hallucination. Our only test subject ended up killing himself. Let's see how you fare, shall we?"