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06-04-2005, 12:21 PM
Name: LyFong Xiong
Alias: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Anything major spark the idea for said character?: I was Inspire to create my Character from my ancestrol homeland of China, (and No i'm not chinese, I'm Hmong) specificly i was always intrested int eh IJA Aka the Imperial Japanese army, and the Red Army of China....Well that's when i got the Crazy Idea of making My Character...a Soldier of the Red Army, China Red Guard fused with the IJA fighting sprit...the perfect Soldier.

Physical Description: For Most Appearance Just look at My avatar, but for other facts, Lyfong is about 5'9, and like any other Asian Mainlander, He a skinny and puny man, with a heavy fighting sprit. witha small chinese accent when speaking english

Skills/Unique abilities: As one of the front Line trooper of the Red Army, Lyfong Operates best in Large groups. But that dosen't make him weak even if he was by himself, ...Lyfong like any other Red Guard can Unleash their Bolt Action Rifle with top Accuaracy. In close quarters, Lyfong can switch from his Bolt-Action rifle to his Bayonet,which can do considerble damge. However he may be even more dangerous when cornered. As zealous as Lyfong Is, Lyfong Can Place a TNT Charge on his Opponent with less difficulty ableling to blow up his enemy with a matter of time. Of Course getting himself far away from the charge before denonating The Target.

Weapons: Bolt-Action Rifle (Primary) Bayonet(In close quarter)
TNT Charge(When In dreadful situation)

History:Like his Prodecessor Mao, The Former Communist Leader of Red China. Lyfong himself was born with One motive and One saying
The Strenght of an Army lies not within our soldier, But Within the Strenght of Our people. With this in Mind, Lyfong stood not allowed any other rival group to ever stand in his way, When Acheving his purpose and Goals. During the Few civil War for the control of China, it was Lyfong whom was their by his Commander in Cheif side that lead the Red Army toward victory over the Democratic Dog Chang Kei" and those American Capitalist.

After a While, Lyfong was appointed to become the Lietunant of his very own Red Guard Army....

Within a few years, Lyfong was able to establish his own Reputation as a Soldier of Courage and Honor
with strong support from The Chinese Conucil,
Lyfong was sent to RPGC to estabalish the First Red Army in this Land ruled by Tyranny and and corrupted Clans.

Links to any other thread: N/A

Quote from the Character:If you are not afraid you won't sink

06-08-2005, 02:32 AM
Name: N/A
Alias: Zero
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Anything major spark the idea for said character?: This is my original RP character, inspired by Gunnm (better known as Battle Angel Alita) and Gunslinger Girl

Current threads: None

Physical Description: standing at 5'8, the guy is rather short. He appears to be rather punkish, with a nonchalant smile seemingly ever present, whimsical eyes of haughty blue, and long balck hair filled with split ends, that he usually has tied back in a ponytail. His skin appears to have a great many scratches all over it, and he always looks like he came in from running, unless he just got out of the shower or something mundane like that. He usually wears black tennis shoes, blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a small leather jacket, with those black leather gloves without the fingers, kind of like gauntlets. His clothes usually fit his frame tightly, which has a tan hue to it's skin.

Skills/Unique abilities: Being an android, he is a little smaller then the average human male, but he weighs much more then it would seem. He has superhuman strength and speed, not to mention endurance. He also has excellent hand eye coordination bordering on ridiculous, and is far tougher then the average organic lifeform, never seeming to die short of having his head removed by heavy artillery. However, disabling him is another matter altogether.

As far as fighting skills go, he utilizes a kinetic pulse tactic reffered to as 'Panzer Kunst' (Armor Art). This is a fighting style that allows him to adapt to an opponents fighting style subconciously, and direct a wave of force into a physical object without touching it, but by releasing it close to a body part.

He prefers not to use it, but each arm has a built in .45 machine guns loaded with exploding ammunition, that the arm can be flipped open and the elbow pointed at the adversary. Talk about concealed weapons.

Weapons: He abhores the use of most weapons. However, if worst comes to worst, he can wield just about anything he's provided. If he must use a weapon, he'll usually stick to non-lethal weapons such as a tranquilizer dart gun, or perhaps a tazer.

Storyline: He's a cyborg by nature, constructed b the government to do it's bidding, but struck out on his own when he realized they were going to deactivate him. He has no memory of his human life, but only remembers what has traversed his time here as a cyborg. He has a sinking urge to do what he wants, but when he sees something going on that is blatantly wrong in every human sense, he feels the need to step in.

Best described as a nomad.

History: Forthcoming...

Character's Personal Quote: I'm sorry, but I'm not smart like you, Rinosuke. So when I gots to do something, I just gots to go, and do it!--Amy, 'Cat Girl Nuku-Nuku'

06-11-2005, 01:44 PM
• Name: Seta Soujiro
• Title: The Tenken (Gift of God)
• Age: 22
• Gender: Male
• Height: 163cm
• Weight: 51kg

Anything major spark the idea for said character?: Soujiro is derived from the anime series of Rurouni Kenshin. He was the strongest in the Juppon-gatana and Shishio’s right hand man.

Current Threads: WEAPON and Shinra (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=50738&page=2)

• Weapons: Kikuichimonji Norimune nihontou (katana)

• Physical Description: Seta Soujiro holds the most slender of figures and most fragile of structures. Though usually donned in a regal dark suit he is capable of extreme speeds and an unparallel sword draw. Wide light blue eyes and a warm smile could prove deceptive from this porcelain European/ Japanese swordsman; not to mention his facial features are nothing less the perfection in its boyish nature.

• Batto-jutsu: (Quick Sword Draw) also sometimes called iaijutsu or batto-jutsu, is the art of drawing the katana, cutting down the opponent, flipping blood from the blade, and then re-sheathing the katana in one fluid movement. Modern day exponents typically use iaito instead of shinken at least in beginning stages of study

• Shukuchi (Reduced Earth)-This attack is when Soujiro goes from standing still to his fastest sprint in an instant. To an onlooker, it appears as though the earth between Soujiro and his opponent has been reduced.

•Shun Ten Satsu (Instant Heaven Murder)- This technique is a combination of the batto-jutsu and the Shukuchi. The resulting speed is incredible.

Story Line: -
Soujiro is the sole mercenary hired by Sura DeCerna to personally handle his more “Dirty” business. Though in nature he seems to be but the most innocent and pure of heart young man he truly holds the soul of an assassin. In earlier stages he was warped by his mentor who truly used him for nothing more then ruthless killing and dirty dealings; using the words and personal quote “Only the Strongest Survive” and “The weak loose their will to the strong”, it would only stand to reason why Soujiro slays without the slightest hint of emotion. In fact, Soujiro holds no emotions with the exception of sheer pleasure.

Not long after Sura’s did he fulfill his last wishes and acted as diplomat between Shinra and WEAPON. Though the meeting ended in failure do to outside interference, Soujiro found a new interest and would set his goals on The Turks.

History: Work in progress…

Personal Quote: “Only the strongest Survive. Such is the province of nature that the weak loose their will to the strong.”

06-11-2005, 06:35 PM
Reno Sinclair


Alias: “Turk” apparently, if insults count. XD
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Race: Human/elven cross
Nationality: Uncertain
Occupation: Turk
Eye color: Mako blue-green. (Originally bright blue)
Hair color: Crimson red
Weight: 180lbs
Height: 6'2 1/2”
Physique: Tall, lean body with near muscular perfection thanks to the Mako enhancements and Factor J genes that have been spliced into his DNA, otherwise known as M3J Injections.
Mental State: Recovering Amnesiac. Has adopted the apathetic view.
Distinguishable Marks: Over the years Reno has acquired a number of scars. The most noticeable of these are the two that run along his cheekbones and are somehow perfectly symmetrical in their design. No one yet knows how he got them and he is inclined to keep it that way.
Habits: When trying to concentrate he will more often than not chain smoke.
Facts you might not have known:
-Reno has his Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mako Sciences and specializes in the manipulation of living systems. Before he became a Turk he'd intended to go into the field of Mako Genetics, but after being recruited into the military he was unable to obtain his PhD.

- Reno is unable to lose more than a pound of weight or muscle tissue at any given time. Through fighting and training the muscle increases but will not burn off, and once max potential for the body is achieved the Factor J genes equal out and balance any more tissue acquired, sometimes disposing of it altogether through a systematic breakdown caused by internal Mako-chemical dissolving. While a handy thing to have since that means that he could laze around and not worry about losing strength or speed, this process also limits the physical body in the way that it stops Reno from pushing past his limits without breaking his body in turn. While there is a slight margin of success if he tried to overcome the enhancement that makes this possible, its highly unlikely that he would come out of the attempt with anything less than severe internal injuries.

- Reno has an insanely high (and under some studies deemed an unhealthy) resistance to Mako, poisoning or otherwise.

- Reno is in fact the youngest of six brothers – or he would have been had they all still been alive. He had a little sister as well, but she perished in battle.

- Though half elven, Reno was born in the shallow end of the gene pool when it comes to that side of his family. Unlike his other siblings, he exhibits none of the tell-tale physical features and has little to no elven magic at all. If it wasn't for the fact that he knew he was elven, it would be impossible to tell. It still remains to be seen if the very longevity of life that is a part of the elven heritage even effects him as it should.

Inspiration: There wasn't any inspiration at first and, oddly, that's probably why I have this character at all. I'd just found the site rpgchat.com and I had yet to create an account, simply because nothing good had come to mind at the time. While I was looking through C/G, however, my eye caught on Shinra Inc.'s recruitment thread. I wanted to join but didn't have a character, nor an account, so I simply stole one to fit the clan's theme. The actual creation of Reno and his abilities/past came a little later.
Brief Bio: Growing up in the Midgar slums, life was always hard. Supporting a younger sister was even harder and being forced to work two jobs and attend college at the same time was nearly impossible. Somehow they survived, pushing through sometimes with only raw determination to sustain them. Then, finally, after finishing his college courses and receiving his Associates degree things started to look up.

The money monopolizing company Shinra took notice of Reno's accomplishments on the scientific field and awarded the red head with a scholarship that would cover both his following Bachelors and Masters degrees. This enabled the teenager to continue his studies without working full time, support himself and his sister with a part time job, and attend college while actually having time for that otherwise lacked necessity, sleep.

He received his Bachelors and Masters in Mako Sciences on that same scholarship and was the second highest score with a 96% in the final program at the age of nineteen and was considered a scientific child prodigy. Reno then went on to try for his PhD after writing a few Jenova and Mako Genetics Theory papers but was recruited into Shinra's military shortly after and, because of this, he could not complete the requirements for his PhD. Reno became a SOLDIER Spec. First Class, and thereafter became a Turk.

Basic Storyline: As far as C/G goes, Reno hasn't done all that much. After the formation of Shinra under President Rufus Shinra, Reno reigned as Turk Leader for some years before it was finally crushed by The Brotherhood. Then, when Neo-Shinra was established underground for the surviving members, he took part (albeit a small part) in the counter-strike against The Brotherhood in conjunction with Cattivo and the Defenders.

After that Shinra openly attempted to regain its lost status. The freshly rebuilt clan was well on its way to getting its foot back in the door when, out of nowhere, President Rufus started work on the production of Mako Weaponry. Objecting strongly to this sudden project and having his concerns and warnings ignored, he finally quit, resigning his position to one Yuji Hanbidge. Shortly afterward Rufus Shinra fell victim to an apparently scheduled assassination. With his friend's death, Yuji took over the company and was eventually driven insane by the power he had come to possess. At that time Reno, realizing his mistake, attempted to reason with Yuji, only to end up threatening Yuji himself and the safety of his offspring. After the unsuccessful meeting Reno joined forces with Junko Nabetani and her Sung In Shik organization to fight against Yuji and his new Shinra. He ended up fighting Hanbdge several times in the weeks to come. Unfortunately, during an attack on the Sung In Shik by the group Humanity's Affliction, the ex-Turk lost his life at the hands of a being called Merciless.

Immediately after his own death Reno was then resurrected, but suffered terrible amnesia. It went to the point that he could not remember his own name. He then disappeared for some time to search in secrecy for his lost past, and resurfaced an entirely different person. Most do not like the change.

Currently he is once again a member of the Shinra Electric Company, holding the same position as President of the Turks and leader of Shinra's elite unit.

06-12-2005, 04:01 PM
Name: Alucard
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 225

Anything major spark for this character?: I had a character before but that is my username so i picked this name.

Weapons: Dual chaos blades and a chaos braclet that when used let's out a destructive force sending the enemy into eternal chaos. He is also a master of marital arts in Judo, Kempo, Karate, and Aiki-Juitsu.

Physical description: Well built with a black robe and a black shirt and goth like jeans. When you see him he looks like one of those guys who you don't want to mess with and carries his dual chaos blades by chain on his back and his a braclet around his wrist. Sometimes he wears a karate out fit with ripped pants and the sides ripped off making it look like a tang-top

Storyline: Was once known as the leader of his village and a hero until one day an assasin came by the name of Hijinn Nacawari and killed the mayor.
Realizing this Alucard killed the assasin but when the villagers went into Alucard's house they found the mayor's body. Alucard tried to tell them what happend but they wouldn't believe him and he was banished with nothing but his Chaos blades and his scared bracelet.

06-12-2005, 04:29 PM
Character Name: Kanota

Link to a thread s/he is in: None so far.

Anything major spark the idea for said character?: Old character from my
previous days of speed fighting, decided to recreated when I came here.

Basic storyline, if any: Re-incarnated Human/Angelic

Brief bio: Nothing really to say, Kanota has no memory of any past instances before his random appearance on this plane of existance. He feels like he is missing something, he looks at his hands and sees blood that never washs away.

Physical Description: Dressed simply in a navy bluish sleeveless shirt with black baggy pants almost like sweat pants, tied loosely around the front. Keeping around him his cloak tanned and worn the hood is almost always pulled over his head as to keep his facial features hidden. Hair took on a white color keeping it cropped but long enough for wisps to escape down into his deep blue eyes.

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
Weight: 185 lbs.
Height: 6’1”
Build: Tall/slender


Jurien: The sword that was with Kanota upon his arrival, the blade of the sword has been rusted and bits have been removed like something bit into the blade. Against the rusted finish of the blade the handguard spherical in shape holds a blood red jewel which seems to be the only part of this estranged weapon that doesn't look old. Kanota carries the sword as if it were his birthright, and he cherishes the weapon as if it had a soul. Though never engaged in combat, he had no true reason to draw the weapon to see if it was anything more than a relic.

Fighting Style/s: None seen yet.

Storyline: None so far.

Dane Merret
06-17-2005, 05:54 PM
Character Name: Dane Merret

Link to a thread s/he is in:

Anything major spark the idea for said character?: My lifestyle, and my dads gunshop he owns. The unholy part I just made up because it makes him all the better.

Basic storyline: Dane has come from a far distance to make his way to rpgc. He is completely against paladins. Those are his main targets around here. But other than that, he has come to make money. He doesn't have much on his mind for a storyline right now. But he will get one.

Brief bio: Dane is a weapon dealer. He just goes around selling weapons for lower than the list price. He looks like the avie. He is about 5'11 at the age of 17. He is pretty young but that doesn't change his fighting skills. He is a very control and experienced fighter. He has no abilities or anything like that. All he has are his guns and his fists. He uses each of them wisely.

He blames god for his parents death. When he was about 12 his parents died in a car accident. He believes that if there was really a god then he would have kept his parents alive. But his parents died, so that's the whole story behind why Dane doesn't believen god. He never will, and it's all for that one little mistake.

He also sells drugs to people that need them. He sells them for a lot cheaper than they would get them from a store. Everything he sells is way below list price.

Well, that's the profile. Hoped you liked it and learned from it. Bye

06-23-2005, 03:39 PM
Name: Brandon Walker

Alias: B, B.Walker, Brandon.

Link to thread: Enter (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?p=1652658#post1652658)

Weapons: He has his caliber...It's only one gun...=/ And he also has his projectory swords. They come out of the gauntlets on his arms. They aren't like four feet. They're only two. So kinda like a sword mixed with a dagger.

Abilities: The only abilities he has are psionics. That is all he is able to do. He was born with it but discovered the ability as a late child.

Gender: Male

Anything major spark the idea for this character: Me!!! Well...With psionics.
Height: 5'11

Weight: 190 lbs

Eye color: Redish

Hair color: Blood Red

Age: 15

Species: Human

Blood Type: AB Negative

Brief Bio: When Brandon was younger his dad owned a business. Every since he can remember he has wanted to be like his dad. Well, in a way he has. He is second in command of START. It is a clan, but it's also a business. Rated fifth in Chicago. It's not a very confidential business. They are allowing people to join everday.

Kayno is the leader of it. He is the sovereign. But that will soon change. Brandon thinks he is very frail and thinks that he should be the sovereign. But Kayno doesn't know Brandon hates him. Because Brandon hasn't told anyone. So he plans on taking over eventually.

06-25-2005, 07:38 AM
Name: Anna

Surname: Hunter (Search through DNA test)

Alias: Black

Birthday: Unknown (given 28-Jun-1984) 19 now

Birthplace: Unknown (near Chicago)

Blood Type: A

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Measurements: <cm> B87 W59 H86

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Thread(s) active in: None at the moment

Appearance: Have a well toned body through her early age of training. Her long blond hair, near to her buttock is braided and tied with a metal clip at the end. She will always have a selection of watchs on her left wrist conplete with Eternal's latest inventions. All leather garment such as long-neck zipper from the middle, a leather pants with a metal belt and high ankle boots.

Sometimes she would wear a mask during operation.


Weapons: Flying daggers, 12 (6 aside) on her leg strapped on her thighes. Also a blade about 17" long that have a snakes head as the handler, which would be strapped on her right leg, just above her ankle.

Powers: Even though she's a woman, she was covered to be an extremely physical fighter with good stamina. With the help of Eternal, she got good combat training on hand-to-hand basic, mainly street-fight like her boyfriend and strategy solving.

Specialty: Assassination

Employer (If any): Only Eternal

Reason for joining: She was the adopted child from the previous leader of Eternal, Bane.

Short Bio: Little is known about why Anna Hunter was left in the middle of Chicago, a rough place to have a 4 year old child lost. As she was soon found and taken by Bane who was later to be the founder of Eternal.

For some reason, Bane took her personally and trained her like she was his own, even though he was a demon from hell. As time goes by, Anna prove herself worthful as she accomplished many missions for Eternal and became the top and the best assassin for Eternal.

Weeks later, she finally caught her eyes of one of the Eternal members and slowly they became couples. Even though he was not fully human, she didn't care about the case and still today, she still love the Water Dragon.

Since the day of changing leadership, Bane told Anna to help Eternal and that her boyfriend may also need her help. Agreeing to her adopted father, Anna continued to prove her loyalty to Eternal as she continued to play her crucial part in Eternal. BUt after Arko had took over the leadership of Eternal, the empire of Bane's had collapsed and Anna had no more desire but to find her beloved boyfriend and to see what they could do with Eternal.

06-29-2005, 11:21 AM
Character Name: Subject #21No6-21

Alias: Leon Dissolution

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Blood Type: AB-

Date of Birth: August 3 1976

Nationality: Unknown

Race: Genetic Human

Skills/ Unique Abilities: Deftech Laboratories decided to give the go for Project Gateway. They have implanted armor plating into 21N06-21 chest. They also replaced his humorous, radius, ulna and secondary skeletal appendages with cobalt-chromium-alloy bones. Something like the artificial titanium sockets used for contemporary joint replacement, but light-years ahead in time. They also have projected use expectancy of more than a hundred years instead of ten, plus, they placed curving niobium-titanium shields between the clavicle and the eight rib. Included in him was Anterior Spinal cord amplifiers, orthopedic transplants, Bio-polymer subcutaneous coating for titanium-reinforced bones, interior titanium implants, Immunity-acceptance to levels of any virus, Recumbent anabolic steroid reserve cells, internal carpal and forearm titanium bosses, and organic modifiers that hyper concentrate viral-induced muscle fibers. With all these upgrades in him, he is able to sustain high amounts of damage and pain.

Mental State: Because of Leon’s artificial mind he is usually calm and collective. He is respectful to most people unless you piss him off. His outlook on life is like any normal person, but due to his synthetic mind and body, things seem different and confusing to him. For him, human emotion is something new.

Characters Personal Quote: “The difficulty is not in avoiding death, but in avoiding unrighteousness; for that runs faster than death.”

Link to a thread s/he is in:

Anything major spark the idea for said character?: Not really

Basic storyline, if any: None as of yet...

Brief bio: Work in Progress…

Look at avatar

[Humanity’s End]

06-30-2005, 12:35 PM
Name: Mithradates Darrius Siyamak Kouresh

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Nationality: Persian // German

Inspiration: Past failures and present disappointments..

Skills: Advanced combative training, both unarmed and armed. Tactical assault training both national and international CTU. Weapons qualifications for all modern military and law enforcement employed weapons. Motor vehicle and basic helicopter training. Also a fan of medieval weapons tactics and trained on a longsword.

Arms: Twin Fabrique Nationale Five SeveN 5.56 pistols with silver chambers and black rubber grips, as well as a small dagger, a family heirloom.

Personal Mantra: "Live well, die well. Finish what could never be done."

Biography: Born in Iran, he lived sixteen years under the harsh Muslim rule of the Shahs before expatriating to the land he now calls home.. Germany. As part of his immigration requirements he signed on with the German army for a standard four year agreement, but extended his contract to include another six years. In that time he learned basic and advanced warfare tactics, combatives and other essential skills. At the age of 25 he was asked to join the elite German CTU unit GsG9, and was involved in no less than 10 international hostage rescues, directing 4 of them. Fresh out of the armed forces, he comes with a new purpose. After the death of his mother one year ago certain information was passed along to him.

Information that was vague. Through tracking he was lead to a certain location most unfamiliar to him, but frequented by his predecessors. It is through this place, and the people who inhabit it, that he will come to know his true heritage... and beyond.

07-04-2005, 02:47 PM
Welp...i'm re-posting this here.

Unfortunately, the bio for my character weighs in at 46 pages..so i'm just going to put up a link to him rather than eat up your bandwidth.

(Note: Based on what i've seen, this character is without doubt the most powerful on this board...at his full potential, perhaps the most powerful RPGC has ever seen. Take note of the fact that there is a decade of experience behind this character..and PLEASE remember to read through the "FAQ" section before sending me PMs about how godly or unusable he is. It gets irritating. Also know that this profile is roughly 50% complete.)

The Bringer of Night Eternal (http://www.rpsyndicate.trifidus.com/showthread.php?t=268)

07-04-2005, 06:49 PM
Name: Sage
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Eyes: jade green
Hair: black, about shoulder length.
Clothing: Waredrobe varies. Usually wears a plain black tanktop and shorts, with a pair of black boots.
Tattoo/markings etc.: Has tattoo's of vines with bloody thorns on her legs.
Weapons: These also vary. Usually has two desert eagles, one on each hip. Also has a 9mm in each boot, and two combat knives on her belt.
Clans: Bounty Hunter clan & the Mercs.
Idea for the character: Got the idea when I had a battle with another person awhile back. Most of the stuff came from my head though
Breif history: Sage is a bounty hunter and mercenary for hire. She became a bounty hunter at the age of 16 when her parents were killed by a gang lord. Other than that, little is known about Sage, other than you don't want to get on her bad side, and that is something that can be done very easily.

K Dash
07-04-2005, 06:52 PM
Thread currently participating in: Waiting for Kosiguru (Closed) (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=51458)

Name: Kosiguru Kusanagi
Alias: Kosi`
Age: 22
DOB: 12, Dec 1982
Species: Human/Cyborg
Ethnicity: Japanese
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Silver
Eye Colour: Silver
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: B+
Appearance: Click Here! (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v323/Kosiguru/main_v_kdush_e.jpg)
Likes: His motorcycle, being the center of attention
Dislikes: Sweets, Classical music, guns and Lance Shadowcre
Personal Treasures: Sarra DesMorta, his Motorcycle and his famed glove given to him by Kyo Kusanagi.
Favorite Food: Beef Jerky and Ramen
Mode of Combat: Pure arrogance and violence
Forte in Sports: Sports bike and Surfing
Personal Qualities: Arrogant, flamboyant and cynical.
Weapons: None
Special Abilities: Kusanagi Flame
Fighting Style: Adopted form of the Kusanagi-Kodun Karate and Street Fighting.
Other Notes: Advanced cybernetic augmentation. Here is a small list of cybernetic surgery Kosiguru has undergone.

Augmentation List:
INDUCTION DATAJACK: Allows Kosiguru to interface with a computer or computer system without the need for a cable, and seems to have developed for espionage.
NEURO-NET INTERFAGE: A smartchip that has meshed with Kosiguru’s brain. It is the core that circulates the cybernetics within his body.
SMARTLINK: Smartlinks are designed to mate the cyborg with his weapon. Any weapon with the weapon side of the smartlink package used by a smartlink equipped borg will provide the following: Ammo count, where the point of aim is, range to target, weapon status, wind speed, and any other modifiers. This product is rarely used do to a dislike of guns.
HAND REPLACEMENT: This one should be somewhat obvious.
CYBERNETIC EYE: This modification allows Kosiguru the ability to track specific readings that the normal human eye could not do. Infrared, zoom and enhance are just a few of the properties.
REFLEX ENHANCERS: Gives Kosi` the appropriate advantage of increased reflex’s and timing maneuvers. Allowing Kosiguru an increased endurance and speed, and used to stabilize himself. This only plays into physical and bodily functions, and does not alter his thought process.
MUSCLE AUGMENTATION: A simple strength and durability increase.
SKELETAL REINFORCEMENT: A skintight titanium lacing that was wrapped around the bone structure of Kosiguru. Normally, titanium would have been extremely heavy to introduce to a human body, but muscle enhancers and increased reflex’s has made this possible to undergo.

Memorable Moments:
Chapter I:Hatouri Mafia
At that point, Kosiguru’s life had consisted of nothing more than meaningless street fights. Crumbs of money tossed his way for exploiting his ability to destroy a man with his hands. He had always yearned for more. Something concrete that he had seal his name in. He was a man with a dream, and longed for the chance to allow his name to echo for eternity. He had come to RPGC with ambition, and pride. A young man fueled with determination, but it wasn’t enough. His first encounters with what this world had to offer showed him that his innate abilities, and pure instinct in hand to hand combat would only serve him prematurely. During his escapades through the underground, the dark side of society, he had come to meet a man by the name of Hiyru Hatouri, and his siblings: Jin and Akira. They had found a certain liking to one another, and Kosiguru soon found himself befriending a group that would change his life forever, and one in particular. Akira Hatouri was well known for her cybernetic augments, and her ability to surgically implant them into people for a small price. Kosiguru was marveled at the thought, and found light in her capabilities. It was what he needed to step above the norm and stabilize his handicap in the world of RPGC. In return for her product, Kosiguru vowed to pledge his services to the Mafia of Hatouri's.

..continued biogrpahy in page #2

K Dash
07-04-2005, 06:57 PM
Chapter II: Neo Brotherhood
Shortly thereafter, Kosiguru had lost contact with the Hatouri's. He had accomplished what he had strove for, but even that hadn’t seemed applicable to him any longer. In his time he had come into company with many memorable figures that had swam the pool of C/G’s, and few, he had become friends with. An old alliance of men had titled themselves the Brotherhood long ago. This bond of men had been some of the most dominant figures that RPGC had ever seen to date. Shinji Ikari, FarSide, Blaze Dariku and many more. Recognizing Kosiguru’s potential, they offered a position at their table in the revival of the Brotherhood. Eagerly accepting the task and opportunity, it seemed Kosiguru’s dream wasn’t far off from reach. However, the band of brothers had been short lived by a terroristic deploy at the hands of Tabris, Yuji Hanbidge and Tipahurate. A single battle raged on, each side delivering a devastating blow to the other’s force. Kosiguru had managed to save the life of Shinji, who had been near death within the grasps of Yuji’s mobile suit, but even that was not suffice. A villainous trio that miraculously caused the newly formed foundations to crumble before the construction had been complete. Disappointment had found it’s way into Kosi’s heart once more.

Chapter III: Brotherly Love; Kyo Kusanagi
It had seemed that nothing he could have done would have thrusted him into immortality. For all of his troubles, he had ended up alone. The world of C/G’s had grown around him, him playing a pivotal part in all of it; though it was meaningless all the same. He was well known, hated or loved. His name was vastly recognized by the occupants who inhabited the lower rungs of the ladder, but he had achieved nothing. And then something happened. A person so like himself, physically and mentally had come into his life with such a brash and arrogant entrance that Kosiguru couldn’t ignore it. Unknowing of what it would entail, Kosi` opted to befriend the man he would later call his brother. Kyo Kusanagi, heir to the Kusanagi Throne. Bonding in companionship like no other had done before. Their titles were left to waste, shunned off by the newly found ideal’s and righteous vigor. They had been reborn, and ready to take on the world once more. Constricting RPGC in their grasp, the duo overcame the people by storm. Their methods were quick, flashy and filled with ego. Nothing, it would seem, was going to stand in their way without certain destruction. They parted ways just short of brilliance, opting for a moment of peace before their takeover. This was the breaking point that would crush their reign prematurely. Caught within a conflict at a Starbucks, Kosiguru was forced to take life like had done so many times before. Kiroshi Shigami was the Kusanagi’s intended target, but it would come at a cost. Incidentally killing a woman admired by many, O-Ren Ishii, Kosiguru had murdered the woman that was carrying Kyo’s child. It wasn’t long after that Kyo had found out, enraged by the news and swore to take Kosi’s life in return for O-Ren. Their legacy of supremacy would forever remain in question: Could they have done it?

Chapter IV: Sarra DesMorta

After falling into seclusion for a short time, nearly drowning in his obsession to right his mistakes with Kyo, Kosiguru seemed finished. A vagrant of what he once was. A predominant fighter in a world overflowing with talent and pride, Kosiguru had overcome nearly all of it at the side of his brother. There was no correcting what had happened, and Kyo would never see the light in the mistake. The feeling of regret and failure had led him to Venice, Italy. It was the first place he had met Kyo, perhaps a part of him was still hoping history would revert itself and he could start over. It was the place that he would meet Sarra DesMorta, RPGC’s Queen of Combat. Rumor had swelled his ears time and time again of her talent, though he had never taken the chance to make an introduction, until now. The encounter had gone well, the two of them tossing aside their personal troubles for the positive company. Both had taken a liking to each other, which would lead to a short-lived romance. Months would go by, as Kosiguru found himself living a normal life with a woman he had grown to love. She still held her arrogant presence, though sweet loving attitude towards him. The birth of their child had only further filled their relationship with love. No more did his heart long for an immortal image. He didn’t yearn for that everlasting name that people would speak about forever. He was content and happy where he was with Sarra and his child. They had made the decision to leave the life they had lead, tying up loose ends to seal there dismissal of RPGC, but upon his return - his life would once more be tossed into the fray.

Chapter V: Disappearance

Suspicion of Kosiguru’s death had caused Sarra to leave. It had crushed her, emotionally and physically. Her body had grown weak, and she had become devastatingly sick at a harsh pace. She was forced to leave, and Kosiguru returned to find his home empty. For months he searched, with nothing but empty informants. There was no explaining it, apart from the idea that she had left him. Nothing could have destroyed the Kusanagi more than that day. All the fight he once had disappeared. Everything that made him what he was, had left him. To him, the life he had lead as over the day he had come into acquaintance with Sarra. She was his life, and now that too had been torn from him. Until that day, he was a man that believed he was bound by only himself - and nothing more. He created and destroyed his own destiny, and he had never second guessed that method of lifestyle until that day. Nothing would have made sense to him, other than he was damned to failure. Having everything he could possibly cherish torn away from him with a viscous claw of divinity. Kyo Kusanagi, Sarra and their child. He realized then that his destiny was a fallacy, and there would be no obtaining it.

Chapter VI: The Rebirth; Suvaan
Emancipating himself from the world of RPGC, Kosiguru had began a new life. Nearly a year had gone by, with almost all remnance of his previous life extinguished. Not even the thought of Sarra plagued him often, he’d all but given up. Instead, he found pleasure in a long hobby of his. Import distribution and racing. He had always been for his brash riding talent on a Sports bike, it was nearly his trademark. It was almost as if the world of RPGC was merely a vacation from the underground trials of earning money. He wasn’t fighting for his scraps as opposed to the life before, however. Instead he raced, with as much intensity and passion as one man could. It was an invigorating rush for him. The illegal occupation of street racing might have been the sole purpose for his life still existing today. He lead a diary like life that consisted of nothing but partying in the sunny beaches of Miami and racing, forfeiting every care in the world. Sure he felt like a part of himself was still missing, but who cares right? He didn’t have a thing to worry about. He had fallen from the face of RPGC, a less than legendary warrior who was by now long forgotten in the eyes of the mass populace. There was nothing that could bring him back, right? The death of Kyo Kusanagi lingered its way by word of mouth, and Kosiguru was overcome with intrigue. Every ounce of his being told him to ignore it, pretend he hadn’t heard anything - but that would have been ludicrous to think he would get away with it. Investigatively searching for every answer he could obtain, Kosiguru was left with only one conclusion; and it was that he would have to find out the reality behind it all. He had made a decision to return to the damned plateau of RPGC. A rekindled passion had flared within his soul, but that wasn’t the only thing that would have been peculiar. The very spiritual essence that every Kusanagi was believed to have birthed their abilities from, Suvaan - The Burning Lion.. had instead chosen another to meld with. The death of Kyo had opened the door for Kosiguru, and he was to have become the prophesied warrior. It was this newest adaptation and illustration in Kosiguru’s life that had transcended him to a plateau of unimaginable enlightenment. Not only had his power grown exceptionally, due to the occupancy of Suvaan.. but his persona had molded into something knew. He was back.

Chapter VII: Team: APEX
(To be announced...)

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Name: Alex Ying

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Thread(s) acive in: Birthday Party

Appearance: Quite an attractive feature with a slender body. A fine bleach blond and black hair reaching to his shoulders. Expensive white shirt and white trouser by brands like Gucci or CK or D&G as well as a pair of white shoes. Also he have a chain with a green jade attached to it.

Weaponry: A hollow wooden sword with lead filled inside making the sword much heavier than normal sword. However this sword has a name called Nova Blade because a fragment of the real Nova Blade was placed inside the hollow sword as well.

Abilities: He could easily manipulate the sword to his own free will. With enough power, ALex could made turn the wooden sword into the dangerous weapon.

Powers: With only 5 years of training, he gained five years of Inner Chi as well as a faction of the fragments power. He has a pair of strong hands since he was force to train with one hand holding the sword during his training course.

Skills: His Master taught him about swordmanship and the understanding of tactics to prepare in a battle.

Bio: Alex was a normal kid with a pure heart. He was just a normal kid with a normal life to go through. But when his sister was killed, his mind and soul changed rapidly and wanted revenge on the person who killed his beloved sister.

During that time, an immortal was looking for a person to replaced him and years he was looking at the life of Alex until his heart began to expose with eviliness. The Immortal could not allow such tragic to continue and quickly he rescused the lost soul of Alex.

This Immortal was called Lu Tung Pin, also known as The High Scholar who was really the leader of the famous Eight Immortals, working for the Jade Emperor. After training with Master Lu and other Immortals, Alex was given a chance to prove himself useful again, but he must find the man who killed his sister.

Finally, his Master allowed him to go around the world to find the person who had killed his sister. It was a task for Alex to face the truth that his Master wanted to know.

'Another death can not bring back his sister'

But Alex was going to prove it wrong.

Misc info: The jade belongs to his sister.

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Name: Ariryo Black
Nickname/alias: Plauge
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'2"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Spikey, Black
Clothing: http://www.jaestudio.com/Nightflyer.jpg
Weapons: A Short sword that he can make come out of his sleeve,Dual Sig Sauers that he has in their holsters hanging from his shoulders, and night vision that he keeps on his belt.
Position: N/A
Strengths: Stealth, Mastered the pistols skills.
Weaknesses: Water, Fog
Special abilities: Can turn invisble for about 3 minutes.
Short character history: His mother died giving him birth, and his father was killed when he was 15 by an escaped convict. He found out about being a bounty hunter and has done it ever since.
Clan: Bounty Hunter

Threads: 1 (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=51566)

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Name: Jans L. Hellfritsch

Alias: Kenzo Rusk

Gender: Male

Age: 31

DOB: October 2nd, 1974

Nationality: Czech

Physical Description: Caucasian. Average height, athletic build. Full head of dirty blonde jaw-length hair. Blue eyes, one iris darker than the other. Claimed to be the result of an eye injury during combat. A large tattoo imprinted upon his upper back, reading ‘Exoro Armis’, which roughly translates into ‘To Prevail with Arms’. Though fluent in the english language, a hint of foreign accent is still noticable in his pronounciantion.

[ Character Image (http://forums.rpgchat.com/member.php?u=5033). ]

Psychological Description: Reasonably sane. It is said that even in the heat of combat, Kenzo maintains his nonchalant personality.. Though he does have his spurts of aggressive and violent behavior.

Skills/Abilities: Notorious for being one of the first and most dangerous gunslingers of RPGC C&G, Kenzo is especially accomplished in the use of firearms and other projectile weaponry, such as the bow and arrow. Whilst engaged in combat, Kenzo displays his natural ability to maximize his focus and increase his accuracy to deadly levels. It is this, along with his merciless combative mindset, which guides him to triumph over his enemies with sometimes nothing more than a slender pistol.

Weaknesses: However, with such proficient use of weapons, Kenzo is penalized with very lacking hand-to-hand/melee skills, which is why he rarely chooses to fight without an ally present. Along with this, Kenzo is absolutely 100% human, which places him at a disadvantage to the many supernaturals and cybernetically-enhanced humans that the Clans & Guilds see today.

Armament: What with his true love for guns, one cannot expect Kenzo to own merely a few. In fact, he owns several privately-owned underground armories located in different corners of the globe, allowing access to a very wide variety of weaponry.

Involvement in C/G: Member of the Brotherhood // Manager of the Militech branch of NERV // Leader of RedStar Co. // Leader of CoBLAC // Directorate Head of the Purification Combine // Owner of Club Epsilon

Biography/Storyline: Born in the rural countryside of Czechoslovakia, Jans Hellfritsch was raised by his father alone, his mother’s whereabouts unknown to him. Raised as a hunter in the many acres of woodland behind his property, Jans became skilled in the use of a rifle at a young age. When his father’s business went bankrupt, he was sent to his uncle’s home in the center of Prague, the capital of what is now the Czech Republic. Lacking the attention and guidance required from his new guardian, in combination with the inner-city atmosphere, Jans’ teenage years did a tailspin into crime and gang-related activity. It was on the streets that he continued to develop his skills with a firearm, though no longer with a hunting rifle, but instead a CZ 75 handgun, which he quickly grew to love.

Over a number of years, he continued to move up the food chain and into the realm of big-time drug lords and arms dealers, working as a drug-runner, arms-smuggler, and on the rare occasion, a hitman. During this time, the only one man that had completely earned his trust was Nikolai Nedeski, a fellow 'contractor' who had fought alongside him from the begining of his rebellious teenage years to his more professional late twenties.

It was on one winter day, that Hellfritsch found himself suddenly confronted by the Russian Mob, whom he happened to owe very large sums of money. It was that cold day in December that his story would’ve ended here, if it weren’t for the aleatory interval that went by the name of Arata Akimoto. Arata, who just happened to be “in the neighborhood”, was able to retrieve Jans from a near-fatal firefight.. And take the young man overseas and into hiding, using his connections to grant Hellfritsch a new identity; Kenzo Rusk. Even to this day, with the vanished Akimoto, Kenzo does not know what Arata’s intentions were and why he chose to rescue him.. But so greatly in debt to the man, Kenzo followed him into the historically renowned organization that was the Brotherhood. After both the Brotherhood and NERV collapsed, Rusk underwent several operations as Akimoto’s right-hand man and personal assassin. During these operations, Kenzo gathered further training and experience in the use of stealth tactics and armed combat.

Somewhere in the midst of epic movements, he managed to befriend several others, namely Blaze Dariku, another ‘weapons & tactics’ fanatic such as himself, Kiroshi Shigami, just a plain fanatic, Shinji Ikari, a young but incredibly intelligent prodigy of RPGC, and the only close female companion and partner-in-arms of his; Luisa Reniu. When Arata took his sudden leave, Kenzo was left as a new man, matured and quite able to hold his own. Taking the funds from which Akimoto had left him, Kenzo Rusk set off into the world of RPGC to make his own mark.. And he has most certainly done so. Many years have passed, and while having managed and participated in a number of special C&G operations, Kenzo’s greatest achievement will most likely always be remembered as The Purification Combine. A self-proclaimed international government with strict laws and regulations on ‘supernaturals’ and ‘independent organizations’, the ‘PC’ was headed by Kenzo Rusk, his close friend Shinji Ikari, and the notorious Tiphurate, who together, were known as The Directorate. Under their leadership, the PC was able to execute the supposed impossible; dominate the Clans & Guilds. With the majority of the world under The Purification Combine’s influence, Kenzo’s background suddenly became shrouded and his whereabouts unknown, as rising revolutionists and radical factions began to portray him as a tyrant and his administration as a totalitarian regime. The city-state of Konica, the core of the PC’s operations, become the victim of terrorist threats and bombings, and rebelling against the Combine became a rapidly-growing trend for those that had not conformed to the New Order. Shinji Ikari soon detached himself from the unstable government, and Tiphurate disappeared as well. With the Purification Combine crumbling almost as fast as it had established its power, the world government soon became unmanageable, and ran out of the funds required to maintain superiority. The Clans and Guilds quickly regained their own slices of supremacy, and resumed the bloodshed that Kenzo had once been so determined to banish.

With nearly a year past, Kenzo Rusk has returned. He intends to start with a clean slate, keeping himself low-key for the time being, and cares not to explain where he was or what had happened in the last several months.

07-09-2005, 05:43 PM
Mavei SinClair.


Age: 3 years 3 months

Appearance: Five feet tall, long red hair, distinguished markings all over her body (yes.. all over, you preverts.) and normally wearing sunglasses to hide the fact her eyes are almost always closed.

Record of Involvement: NERV [Military Weapons/Experiments & Research Division], Faction [Second in Command/ TrumpCard], Neo Syndicate RED [Commander], PC [WildCard], R.E.D. [Silent Partner].

Personality: At one point she was a spitfire of emotions, barely held in check. Recently, she has been mellowed. Credit to that would of course go to one Draken, and a little stint in Finland. Now she is reserved, quiet, falling into the background as she wants. Still though, there is that dry humour that laces her voice just as her celtic accent does.

Weapons: What hasn't she used? From twin crowbars in a tourny, to her own quick mind, Mavei is above all else, a fighter. Her gun of choice is, of course, the Colt SAA that Kiroshi Shigami gave her in a firefight when she'd first joined his FACTION. The girl, Annie, was the first to fall victim to Mav's prowess with ranged weapons. Mavei is rarely seen without this particular weapon.

Powers: Apparently, she is a master in the art of improvisation. ANd she managed to Seduce Maze in record time.

Origins: Mavei was born in Alaska (if by born, I really mean grown in a vat and hatched, of course), about five miles below the surface in a military facility now wiped from the face of the world. Records and all. During the breakdown of the place, Mavei escaped with the clothes on her bacck, and worked her way south, to Victoria BC, where she was met by Mr. Shigami. She was recruited, and since has been seen to have links to every major organization in the realm. And while it's not clear exactly why, she's known to be extremely loyal to a select few. Her 'brother', Maroki Sendi. The Gunslinger, Kenzo Rusk. The elusive Arata Akimoto, and his former partner in crime, Shinji. Also amoung that list are the Hatouri Family. It's widely believed Mavei's had ties with the black market, the great beast of a man Jin even escorting her to a formal function, in a tuxedo, as strange as that may sound.

Mav's opened a few businesses in her time, The Ice Cream Shoppe, Beyond the Eight Ball pool hall, and of course, The Low Key Kareoke Joint, recently opened up again.

Her most prestigious accomplishment to date has been her involvement in the Neo Syndicate RED, helping Maze and Maroki build it back up, taking the reins when need be, and now, once more, bringing it back to life. This time though, her role is silent backer, working her connections for the benefit of her brother who has taken over leadership.


07-09-2005, 07:20 PM
Name: Jarod Scion
Age: 30 (Birthday February 16.)
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 176 pounds
Skin Tone: Tan
Build: Athletic; somewhat muscular.
Hair Color/Style: Very short, brown hair.
Eye Color: Green
Strengths/Weaknesses: Jarod is a strong thinker and has a calm demeanor even during the heat of battle. He is also a brilliant tactician with many years of military experience under his belt. His weaknesses include his willingness to send as many troops into battle as it takes to be victorious and his often lack of mercy towards enemies.
Weapons: Jarod is always carrying his M201 Splinter Handgun, a creation of the D.N. Firearms Company. During battle however, he often chooses a simple bolt-action rifle or an XM8 Carbine. Though he is not very proficient in sword fighting or anything of the sort, the Army trained him in the basics of hand-to-hand combat. Jarod also has a certain love for chucking grenades towards clusters of enemies.
Special Abilities: Lycanthropy
Personal Likes/Dislikes: Jarod likes loyal soldiers and victory, being a very proud man. Another favorite is joint-fighter air strikes, something Jarod will suggest before most other methods of clearing a ‘hot zone.” Something about a formation of F-18’s zooming overhead followed by an infernal explosion just sparks something within the Commandant’s heart.

However, Jarod is almost disgusted by the feeling of most surfaces against his fingers, which is why he is almost always seen wearing gloves. No one exactly knows why, but they decide it’s better not to ask questions. Jarod also dislikes children.
Living Relatives: Father, Robert Scion and Mother, Bethany Scion.

History: Jarod Scion was born on February 16, 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana. His father was an ex-Army officer and his mother was a lawyer. He was born into a family of four, his older brother Randy being four years older than him. When Jarod turned four, the family packed up and moved to Montana to live in rural areas. Mr. Scion taught his boys to hunt and fish and the basics of wilderness survival.

At the age of nine, Jarod and his brother went on a hunting trip with their father and their hunting dog, Buck. In the midst of a hunting pheasant, Jarod mistook their dog for a baby deer, hoping to impress his father. Upon tracking down the prey he had just shot, he found his dead dog laying with a bullet wound in its side. His father comforted him, but the boy refused to hunt for the next five years, becoming more dedicated to schoolwork.

When Jarod went into high school, he was very athletic; being recognized for achievements in baseball, football, and track. It seemed as if the boy was the perfect student, having not only a strong athletic background, perfect behavior, and great grades. However, this perfect life would not last forever.

On the way home from a fishing trip with his brother, a car pulled out ahead of theirs. Jarod’s brother, Randy, tied to swerve out of the way but ended up throwing the car into a violent spin into a thicket of trees. In the resulting wreck, Jarod was hospitalized and his brother died.

While in the hospital for several broken bones and head trauma, Jarod wouldn’t speak to anyone, seemingly in shock from his brother’s death. His roommate was an older man, a cancer patient by the name of Douglas Nedland. Doug spent hours each day trying to befriend the silent boy, but Jarod wouldn’t seem to crack. However, on one particular night, a thunderstorm raged over the Montana skies. Tornado warnings labeled every channel, and even the calm nurses seemed a bit shaken up by the menacing threat of a tornado. Douglas knew that his family wouldn’t be able to travel through the storm to come visit him and feared that he may never see them again. Sensing the man’s fear, Jarod finally moved past his own problems and began talking with the man. The two of them talked all night long, and in the morning, they skies were once again clear and the sun was bright. Over the night, Jarod learned that Douglas Nedland was the owner and founder of a massive Arms Dealing company called the D.N. Firearms Manufacturing Company, and that his company was suffering greatly from the owner’s hospital time.

Jarod spent the next few days talking to Doug until it was time for Jarod to go home. The two men promised to keep in touch and Jarod’s spent the next few weeks trying to recuperate from his hospital time. His muscles were small and weak from his time in bed. Jarod spent the summer exercising and getting back into his normal, fit self before school started. However, when school rolled around, he chose not to join any sports and spend his last year in high school studying.

His academic efforts were rewarded with outstanding grades and Jarod received many applications and scholarship offers from various colleges around the country. However, as a surprise to everyone, the boy decided to follow his fathers footsteps and join the military; the Marines to be exact. Jarod spent the next 7 years in the military and worked his way up to the rank of Master Sergeant. During his stay on foreign military bases, he kept in touch with his family and friends via postal letters. He also wrote letters and spoke on the phone with Douglas Nedland nearly every week.

In 2002, when Jarod was 25, he returned to his parent’s home in Montana for his few weeks of vacation time. His parents broke the news to him that Doug was in Intensive Care in the local hospital, ironically being shot by hoodlums. Jarod went to the hospital every day to visit him and consoled his close friends; the rest of his family having passed away over the years. A few days later, Doug died from his wounds. At the reading of his will after the funeral, everyone wondered who would receive Doug’s vast fortune and the D.N. Firearms company to Jarod Scion, his best friend over the last years.

Jarod cut his military service short to take care of the newly acquired company, making it his first priority to keep the company afloat to honor his friend. Jarod brought creativity, organization, and an overall brilliant mind to the company, who had been sinking in the time of chaos of it’s owner’s death. To get the administration back on it’s feet, Jarod began hiring new engineers from prestigious backgrounds and refused to gamble on the stock market until the company was back on its feet.

Jarod, being an ex-soldier, knew exactly what was needed on the battlefield and began hiring engineers with military backgrounds, hoping to shift his company’s market to one of the largest consumers of Firearms; the US military. The company flourished, but still couldn’t make a contract with the US Government, who had problems of its own.

Powerful warriors and charismatic leaders had begun to rise clans and guild to power in the world, forces that seemed unstoppable to militaristic ideals. World orders formed, most of them failing, but it still struck its toll on the national governments of the world. The wars between different guilds resulted in millions of dollars in collateral damage and the loss of several innocent lives. One of the largest targets to the clans’ wrath seemed to be the United States government. On a few occasions, guilds completely took over the democracy, be it through forceful means or by political takeover. As things grew worse, the US Government had to find a way to fight back. The military pleaded with national firearms manufacturers to sign deals, but the companies were scared that the clans may retaliate against the companies with direct force. In order to stay in business, the nation’s Arms Dealers began selling their stocks to Clans in need of weapons.

Jarod Scion saw this as a free market opportunity without competition and agreed to supple the US Military. The D.N. Company expanded their company from guns and ammunitions to including combat vehicles, aircraft, and infantry equipment. The D.N. Company was the only remaining company to finish the Land Warrior Program, a project to create new equipment for infantrymen to make every standard soldier a complete combat platform. The United Nations, who monitored the supply situation between D.N. Company and the US Military, came to Jarod to be included in a new program. The new program was called Operation Phoenix; a movement to build a new nationless military, gather needed equipment, and recruit the same powerful warriors who made up the menacing clans.

07-09-2005, 07:21 PM

With Mr. Scion’s strong background in military, politics, and business, they promoted Jarod to the decision-making board. However, most of the committee members came up missing or went into hiding in fear that assassins would eliminate them. Jarod and his company was left in charge of the project. The representatives of the United Nations became distract with their countries’ own struggler with clans, and almost complete forgot about Operation Phoenix. However, this was after they had already sent a hefty monetary grant check to the D.N. Company. Jarod began preparations for the new army, the Dreadnaught Military.

Jarod chose to follow through with the operation and risked the funds from his own company on building the new military. The D.N. Firearms Company would directly supply equipment to the troops and the first few weeks of operation would take place from an unused D.N. Warehouse in Jarod’s hometown of Indianapolis.

Even Commander Scion himself was surprised at the amount of powerful applicants that came to him to be officers, and the amount of men and women who signed up as enlisted personnel. Jarod was glad to see that many people wanted to participate, but he was also running out of room in the old Indianapolis Warehouse. It was time to move elsewhere.

Luckily for the Dreadnaught Military, many of the US Military bases had been abandoned, the troops returning to continental bases to deal with national security. Jarod studied over the various empty bases that had been listed for him and researched their history and functions. One in particular stuck out to Jarod, the Misawa Air Base in Japan.

The reason that he chose this new location was not only that it was not well heard of, but it was one of the only international bases to serve as a home to all four branches of the Military. Thus, the Dreadnaught Military could mobilize their aircraft from the runways and train infantrymen in the same compound. The decision was finalized and plans were beginning to form.

A caravan of D.N. Company transport trucks shipped the various components of vehicles and weaponry to the California coast where they were loaded aboard a trio of massive cargo planes. The officers and soldiers themselves were put on another transport plane that would fly them to a relatively remote location in Aomori Prefecture. Also in the plane was enough jeeps to move all of the soldiers and crates of equipment to the abandoned Misawa base.

The planes arrived on the Japanese shores at 3 AM, and after loading all of the jeeps and organizing the troops, the line of jeeps began their two hour trip to their new base.

However, not long after its zenith, the Dreadnaught Military collapsed due to lack of activity and purpose. The base was left untouched and Jared stockpiled weapons and vehicles in a concealed location in the United States. He soon returned to Indianapolis and turned his full attention to the D.N. Firearms Company.

Years later, Jared was contacted by old acquaintances and convinced to rebuild his military group. The Dreadnaughts were once again alive and had gained an astonishing number of officers and soldiers. They soon allied with Icarus Enterprises and thrived thanks to this wise business transaction. However, in a crazed need for power, Jared betrayed Jasper Icarus and stole the Mako Cannon during an excavation operation. The cannon was transported to Misawa and repairs on the weapon began.

Meanwhile, Jared lead the Dreadnaughts into another alliance with UniFold. His soldiers moved into Shenyang, China and were the main spearhead offensive for UniFold's short-lived revolution in the country. However, during one of the major battles, Jared disappeared and left his troops and base to be claimed by the likes of Jasper Icarus, Lamontt Bloodcraven, and Seth Mayvus.

The Commandant had fled to Germany and settled into a life of booze, narcotics, and adultery. His nights were filled with long, melancholy parties and his days were occupied with riggorous exercise and frequent hangovers. He contacted an old ally, Talon Almese, and talked the man into helping him track down Seth, Lamontt, and Icarus. However, in what was most likely a drug-induced stupor, Jared forgot the whole plan and remained in Germany for another two months.

Now faced with ultimate disillusionment and, ironcally, at the peak of his physical strength, Jared has brought himself to his feet once more and moved from his third-floor apartment in Berlin to live hotel to hotel, searching for a purpose. While his career in the world of warfare and combat has become stagnant, he seems to continue to grow in strength and stamina at an abnormal growth. His old friends in Berlin have even gone so far as to accuse him of Lycanthropy, due in part to some suspicious behaviors they've witnessed of him.

Jared heard of the Neova republic and caught a plane ticket to the newly formed country, hoping to find a new life in this blossoming empire. Shortly after arrival, the Commandant was offered a job as a bodyguard for Sura De'Cerna. Days later, the city of Ecoban was invaded by Icarus Enterprises and Danse Macabre, assisted by the revolting underclass of the Neova Republic.

It was during this battle that Jared first consciously experienced a transformation into his Lycanthropic form whose uncanny healing factor was one of the few reasons that his wounded hand was not permanently damaged. After the battle, Jared picked up his employer Sura and returned to the safety of the Prima Vista while the invaders were left to face the remaining Neovan forces in the city of Ecoban.

Immediately after the invasion of Ecoban drew to a close, Sura and his close companions founded a troupe of highly experienced fighters known only as The Seven Steps. Jared took the position as Third Step and was given the title "The Stolid Juggernaut." Longing for a moment of peace, Sura arranged a short tropical vacation for the Seven Steps before their new campaign of bloodshed and conquest would begin.

The group would go on to fight a handful of battles against Icarus Enterprises and others for a period of time. On a mission to Bolivia, to assassinate one of Icarus Enterprise's top research scientists and sabotage the projects of the clan, Sura ordered Saoi to have the scientist's wife and children murdered. Jared found out about the plot too late and was disgusted by such malicious operations. After the laboratory raid was finished, Jared disappeared into the jungles of South America, calling Sura days later to report his resignation from the team. While hiking across South America back to civilization, Jared was ambushed by a pair of Icarus Enterprise recruits seeking revenge. One way or another, Jared was able to escape and hastily returned to the United States.

While there, he ran into trouble with the law (due to his status as a criminal of war-crimes) and eventually came to an agreement with the United States. They would clear his records of all offenses while he was to serve the next few years of his life on active duty for the United States Marines in the Middle East. Both parties agreed and Jared Scion was recommisioned as an officer and shipped off to Kuwait.

Only two months later, Jared was given news of the death of his cousin Andy Harmon. Jared was given temporary leave to attend Andy's funeral in Chicago. During the showing, however, a violent gang busted in to try and kill a group of rival gangsters who had known Andy. Jared got involved in the gunfight and eventually fled with his cousin's friends. He found out that his cousin Andy had been part of the gang, called Vulgus De Machinale. Vulgus was low on members and slowly fading due to rival gangs' pressure. Jared, with another criminal offense on his hands, stayed in Chicago to assist Vulgus De Machinale. Thusly, he failed to return to his duties to the Marines and now lives the life of an outlaw once more.

Alister Namarra
07-11-2005, 03:10 AM
Alister Namarra

Name: Alister Namarra

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: October 12, 1975. That's twenty-nine years old.

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Anything major spark the idea for said character?: Eler Had, an NPC from Baldur's Gate 2 working as Gromnir's bodyguard. Too bad the guy didn't have any speaking roles. That isn't very fair, considering how cool he is. Renaming and moving him to a modern setting, he's going to get some.

Basic storyline, if any: Alister is trying to force his own style of ethics onto RPGC. As to my secret plans, you can be assured that either I won't tell you, or I don't have any yet.

Brief bio: Alister Namarra comes from a long line of war profiteers, making large amounts of money off of sub-par or faulty military supplies sold to various third world nations.

He became a writer and philosopher, noted for having both extremely ignorant and chauvanist views. But he was also a fencer and knife enthusiast with a very large collection. So, he can't get a publisher... he'll just have to do some murdering to convince the masses, then.

Personality: Antisocial, quasi-sociopathic, autistic, and not a very nice guy. According to himself, however, he couldn't possibly be any more angelic. It's a mystery why he hasn't recieved a halo yet.

Weapons: Various knives, daggers, darts, short swords, and other pointy things.

Powers: Alister's knowledge in quasi-yoga, meditation, and mysticism, among others, have given him the ability to move much faster than the average athletic man of his age.

07-12-2005, 04:39 AM
Name/Alias: Brian 'Orion' Donais

Age: 24

Hair color: Brown, shoulder length.

Eye color: Gray

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 187 lbs

Distinguishing features: Burns on hands and forearms.

Personality: Somewhat silent and clear-eyed. He’s always been able to see the best way from point A to point B without letting emotions get in the way, but when they do, he's thrown out of whack. However, he sometimes surprises others with his dark sense of humor.

Biography: Orion was born into a middle-class American family as Brian Donais in mid-1981. However, his family was not able to support a child, Eventually they drifted into poverty and had to revert to living in the family car. Desperate to make a future for their child, Brian’s parents granted the government permission to experiment on him at a very young age in a secret ‘super-soldier’ program, so that at least he would have a place to live and food to eat. Brian’s parents found out about this through their old friends, who soon killed them for fear of releasing the government’s intentions to the public. For the better part of two decades, Brian was imprisoned in a secret government facility, where he was genetically altered and given the codename 'Orion', to represent a hunter. The genetic changes have granted him the extraordinary power of lightning. Orion can generate electrical pulses through his body, which he wields similarly to the Kusanagi flame. After his powers were fully honed and developed, his subconscious emotions and anger finally re-awoke and compelled him to break free using his newfound skills. He has spent a year on the road, wandering and avoiding government officials ever since he escaped.

Equipment: A sleeveless denim jacket, black jeans, gray T-shirt, tennis shoes, and fingerless leather gloves are all that he has, though occasionally Brian has been known to carry a small backpack full of various provisions, tools, and also has a knife to aid himself in combat. Certain clothes, such as the gloves, have been kept in mind to prevent electrical burns on his arms, but have not worked very successfully, hence the burns.

Job: None.

Theme Song: Inspiration on Demand – Shadows Fall

Personal Quote: ‘It's such a fine line between stupid and clever.’ – David St. Hubbins, This Is Spinal Tap

07-12-2005, 02:38 PM
Vega Fabio de Cerna




Physical Appearance:
Tall and well-muscled, Vega has the physique of a Greek god. Incredibly handsome and graceful, Vega wears his long auburn/blond hair in a braid that falls down his back almost to his waist. When fighting, his costume consists of two-toned, spandex knee-length breeches, white stockings, low shoes, and a brilliant sash. As he fights shirtless, the tattoo of a snake wrapping around his right arm and across his chest is clearly visible. The claw is worn on the left arm. He also wears a white face mask to protect his face from being cut.

Psychological Description:
Simply put, Vega is vain. Incredibly vain. He is the best, and knows it, and isn't afraid to tell you so (or even better, prove it too you). He revels in his beauty, and feels only beautiful things should be allowed to exist. That which is not beautiful should be eliminated, so as not to offend (or should be used to make life easier for the beautiful). As his main motivation is money (needed to keep up his extravagant lifestyle), Vega is very ruthless, and will go to great lengths to complete any job given to him.

He doesn’t wear a mask to hide his identity-- he wears it to protect his face from marks, scars and bruises. In any case that he by some chance would be marred it is most definite that he would become enraged. If it does leave a scar, welcome that person to his new Hunted...

Vega is a master of "Spanish Ninjutsu," a self-developed style combining savage kicks, with ninjutsu's acrobatics, grabs, and throws. Vega himself, a former matador, is very fast on his feet, and moves constantly while fighting, leaping about (especially off a nearby wall) to lash out at his target with a strong kick or a swipe from his three-tined "claw." One of Vega's favorite maneuvers is to leap at his opponent, tumbling along the ground, and come up in a barrage of punches and kicks. Often this is enough to stun a target long enough for a finishing thrust with the claw.

French hand and foot fighting. A method of fighting to the knockout, once popular with the aristocracy of France

Savate (pronounced ), also known as boxe française (French boxing) or French kickboxing, is a French martial art which uses both the hands and feet as weapons and contains elements of western boxing, grappling and graceful kicking techniques (only foot kick, no knee, no tibia). Practitioners of savate are called savateurs (men), and savateuses (women).

Attack list:
Flying Barcelona Attack
Rolling Crystal Flash
Sky High Claw
Flying Barcelona Special
Red Impact

Serving as both a weakness and strength is his vanity. When the very fact that his beauty is at risk he becomes berserk and nearly desperate, nothing is too strong to stand in his way and he becomes blood thirsty.

His confidence above all is his strength, he holds himself to be perfect in every shape and form and nothing can hold a candle to him.

Weapon: Based on the design of Japanese ninja weaponry had he obtained the use for the claw which he prizes on his left wrist. Truly befitting his swift style of fighting is it a lethal combination in the midst of battle.

Vega is the son of a wealthy Spanish family. Raised in splendor, Vega has never wanted for anything, and has used his great wealth to entertain himself. Bored with the drab and dreary mundane world, Vega has attempted to turn himself into a physically perfect human. He has undergone an extensive weight-training regime, as well as instruction in savate, ninjutsu, and bullfighting. In turn he participated in a variety of martial arts and bullfighting competitions, and basked into the adulation's of the crowd.

Until his parents cut off his funds.

Needing a source of income, Vega turned to his martial skill. He became a high-priced assassin, a job he excelled at. After a freak accident with the running of the bulls in Barcelona claimed his parent's lives, Vega has once again had access to the family fortune.

Lucas Rifton
07-14-2005, 12:46 PM
Name: Lucas Rifton
Age: 30
Race: Human
Height: 5’11
Weight: 175
Physical Description: Lucas stands an average five feet, eleven inches tall. He weights one-hundred and seventy-five pounds which is primarily made up of muscle which was built during his countless training sessions and time served in the military. His light brown hair is cleanly cropped and his green eyes are as attractive and mysterious as emeralds. He has two tattoos: his family crest, which is located on his right shoulder blade, and Project Divine’s insignia, which is located on his arm near his shoulder. His attire consists of a pair of denim jeans, a denim jacket, an array of undershirts, steel-toed boots, a shoulder holster, and when necessary, the Dreadnaught-issued uniform.
Mental Description: Most expect Lucas to act like the badass he resembles, which is barely ever the case. Having his share of pride-related issues, Lucas could be considered normal. With his own set of morals, even if they are warped in the light of politics, he has equally unique thoughts.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Besides his physical advancements, Lucas is mortal. His strengths include: handling an array of weaponry, survival, hand-to-hand combat, and other military-related skills. His weaknesses include: his drinking habits, cigarettes, and an abnormal disposition.
Preferred Weapon(s): Twin M9 9mm Berettas, .45 Brazos Custom.
Special/Paranormal Abilities: One of the few surviving applicants of Project Divine, Lucas has multiple upgrades to his physical structure that he himself hasn’t fully grasped. Injected with a liquefied organic aramid fiber, he has a layer of tissue which is as strong as Kevlar protecting his entire body. Increased strength and a focused, more strategic mind are other effects of Project Divine. Other effects and abilities are unknown.
Your Writing Skill: You decide.