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02-21-2007, 02:16 AM
Given Name: Kaworu (Kaoru) Nagisa
Alias: Tabris
Age: ~20
Weight: 156 lbs.
Height: 5’11’’
Gender: Apparent Male

Body Type: Thin/Wiry
Eye Color: Red/Gold
Skin Pigment: Albino
Hair Color: White

Race: Angel (Though, it needs to be said that he is not an angel in the sense of “a being ruled by God, living in Heaven.” He is called an Angel because it is what the people who discovered the first of his race called it. It is just a name and implies no connotation to the Christian God.)
Occupation: CEO of NERV
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Current Home: Geofront located in underground Tokyo
Connections: Combat Guild, the United Nations, NERV, Japanese government, Purification Combine, Shinji Ikari, Tipahurate, many Kusanagis

Current Activities: Most recently Kaworu has resurrected NERV from his predecessor Shinji Ikari. By using connections in the government (and being the last known person to see Shinji alive), he got the courts to declare the infamous Ikari dead in absentia. While underhanded, to say the least, it granted Kaworu access to everything in Shinji’s estate (because Shinji had declared Kaworu to be his successor a year back)… including the NERV compound.

Using his new compound, he reestablished connections with the United Nations and officially put NERV on the map by hosting a gala event in Osaka, Japan. There he recruited his new partner, Yuji Hanbidge, and instantly began working on new technology to produce to the world. One of the technologies he created was the ability to graft the S2 Engine onto humans, thus increasing their post-human abilities three-fold and giving them access to the AT Field as means of a barrier and regenerative properties. So far, only K` Kusanagi has accepted the S2 Engine into his body with no harmful side effects.

Abilities: Kaworu has the ability to erect a massively strong AT Field, which grants him two abilities: the ability to analyze supernatural attacks and copy them perfectly, and the ability to utilize a barrier which, to this day, has never failed in stopping an attack—though it has come under massive strain before. Powers he has obtained due to theft to be listed shortly.

Other than this, he is an inherently strong telekinetic and has the ability to control anything born of his own blood (aka the blood of an Angel), which includes the Evangelion Units, the Lance of Longinus, Dummy Plugs, and those implanted with the S2 Engine. So far this ability has only manifested in controlling Evangelion Units and Dummy Plugs; he has yet to test it on the Lance of Longinus.

And now the meat of the entry, the powers he has stolen. All of these powers have been RPed in C/G, and I've spent the latter part of my night researching every thread Tabris has been in to make a directory of his powers. Anyone who wants to dispute these with me can PM/IM me, and I'll send the appropriate links. Thank you.

Powers Stolen:

- Kusanagi Flame, from Kyo Kusanagi (Basic supernatural fire. No current ability to harness the Zenith.)
- Shadow Flame, from Legato (A direct portal to the Astral Plane, designed to simulate a fire.)
- White Flame, from FarSide (A flame that augments strength and gives user complete knowledge of surroundings.)
- Thermokinesis, from Shiro Kaneda (Manifests in the ability to create ice and control the overall temperature of an area. Sometimes used in conjunction with Kusanagi flame.)
- Medium, from Hireo Hakado (Ability to see and interact with spirits.)
- Aerokinesis, from Maroki Sendi (Controlling wind.)
- Lightning Manipulation, from Riazal & Refill (Ability to create and control lightning.)
- Umbrakinesis, from Archibal Freehorn (Complete control of shadows. Ability to morph into shadows and travel long distances. Also manifests in offensive means.)
- Antimatter, from Jonah (Ability to access vast amounts of antimatter from an undisclosed location.)
- Advanced Telepathy, from Travis Villegas (Enough raw telepathy to bore into a normal human’s mind and erase all memories. Not enough power to bore into a post-human’s mind.)
- Malleable Flesh, from the Dummy Plugs (Ability to extend flesh, create razor-sharp attachments to flesh, and alter appearance to a vast amount. No clear limit as to how much flesh can be added on.)
- Explosives, from Thomas Fury (Ability to coat objects in special kind of psychokinesis that will explode with unnatural effectiveness on command.)
- Energy Absorption, from Troy Boy (Ability to absorb latent energy in nearly any object in order to advance supernatural powers. So far manifested in being able to deconstruct an entire generator for energy consumption. Further testing not done.)
- Alchemy, from Mordred & the book called Alchemist’s Secrets (From the Alchemist’s Secrets: ability to reconstruct matter and reform it to whatever he pleases, as well as many forms of its use. From Mordred: the ability to do this without the use of Alchemic circles.)
- Phasing, from Sirah (The ability to shift his molecules around other people and other things, allowing him to phase through buildings, cement, and even people. Power not yet tested to its fullest extent and, therefore, a wild-card.)
- Gravikinesis, from Caleb Bludworth (Ability to increase gravity around any given object.)

Will be edited as more powers are gained.

Strength: 6/10
Acrobatics & Dodge: 10/10
Agility: 9/10
Stamina: 7/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Fighting Ability: 4/10
Supernatural Ability: 10/10
Weaponry Ability: 8/10

Common weaponry: Known to keep various objects on him at all times. Almost never uses them, in lieu of using his myriad powers. But he has, in his possession (though not on his person):

1. The Lance of Longinus.
2. Katana won from Hireo Hakado
3. Rapier stolen from Archibald Freehorn.
4. Dagger with energy-bolt powers.
5. A gunblade stolen from Scio.

A bio will not be posted as of yet, since I don’t have the time to sort through all of his C/G history at 1:05 in the morning. One will be written up ASAP and posted here for my own pleasure, and to have something to expand on, since I have a terrible memory and continuously forget nearly half of the powers that Tabris has.

02-24-2007, 09:55 PM
Name: Maya Unabridge
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 110 LBs.

Appearance: Maya is a sharp dressing wiry girl with short cut chestnut brown hair and large hazel eyes. She is usually wearing a pair of tight fitted black jeans and a black tank top beneath a heavy red and black biker's jacket. Her black hiker boots are steel-toed to provide a sharper kick.

Mentality: A very tactical person known to keep her cool in the worst conditions. It's not often that anyone sees her mad but when she is most of her cunning shuts down and she goes into what is referred as "berserk" until she calms down.

Abilities: Coming soon.

Steel-toe boots
Beretta 92 (9 x 19 mm cartridge)


More to come later.

02-26-2007, 05:48 PM
Cain has undergone some serious changes here they are:

-=-=The Man=-=-

Name: Cain Dorloc Age: 26

Physical Description:

Cain stood with his feet shoulder width, his six foot frame as straight as a board. He rested his gloved left hand atop his righ, which rested ontop of his cane. Under the gloves the graphed skin was streached taught protecting the flesh that had been burned. He gazed straight ahead with his brown orbs, a strange yellow-orange glow loomed behind them showing itself in verying streanghts as one looked into them. His hair was short on the sides and long on top in a classic crew cut. A white double prested suit streached over his toned chest.

Physcial Attributes:

Because of metaphysical enhancments Cain can move at a blistering 2000 feet per second with out ripping his body apart. The down side is that he can only do this over a distance of 20 feet. So in essence if he decided to employ this skill and move twenty feet away he might as well have disapeared and reapeared in another location.

Becasue of the mechanical enhancments, and metaphysical enhancments, at work on Cain's optical system he can see clearly up to a mile away, and focuse in on an object moving at 2000 feet per second.

Along with the rest of his enhancments Cain can lift 450 lbs of dead wieght and has extremely high endruence that allows him to run at an average speed of 10 mph for a really long time.

Cain's last physical abilitie is the enhanced reflexes that his air bind once provided him.

Metaphysical Abilites:

During a time of meditation Cain was bound to a beast known as the Shadow Kahn Dragon. The soul of that dragon now resides with in Cain and has replaced his life engergy, otherwise known as Chacra. Cain can summon the physcial body of the dragon and emplate it's his own spirit into that body and use it to fight. While Cain's spirit is in the body of the dragon his own body is incappable of moving, attacking, or defending itself.


All Cain posses is a four foot cane with a stainless still dragon head attached to the top of it. Inside is enchanted diamond dust attached to a trigger in the head. When the trigger is realsed it emits a metaphysical pules that effects electronics like an EMP would and it treats metaphysical sheilds as though it were a metaphsycial force of euqual power there by negating them.

The cane was given to him by an old wizard who had spent four years perfecting it. It only has a few charges and take a long time to recharge.

-=-=The Beast=-=-


Standing at Cains side was the mighty Shadow Kahn Dragon. From the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail the beast measured 60 feet long. His wing span doubled the leangth of his body. His head was the size of two horses skulls put togeather, it was connected to a neck that made up about 14 feet of his massive leangth. Cains head barely came to the top of the Shadow Kahns leg, and it was impossible for him to put his arms around them and have his fingers meet. The thin membrain of the Shadow Kahn's wings resembled a bat's wings. Gaint one foot long claws dug at the ground as he shifted the dirt under his four feet. His long snake like tail swished through the air as he swung the scorpion like stinger at a near by tree. He gazed into the camerman with one his blood red eye as the sun glinted off his gloden horns that shot out from above his eyes and curved back. The spikes that crawled down his back, along with the claws on his feet, were gloden as well. Shadow Kahn craned his neck and belowed a deep ferious roaw into the sky as the photographer snapped the shot.


The hide of the Shadow Kahn is thicker than steel and can stop most modren weapons from penetrating it. However the underside of his belly and breast are as soft as any other creatuers hide and can be easily periced.

If Cain dies the dragon will fall, and if the dragon falls so shall Cain no longer be.

The Dragon posses the following 'powers':

Shadow shift-even using the smallest shadow the dragon can shift his whole body into it and travel along the shadow to another point and reapear some were else entrily in less than a second.

Breath of Flame-the dragon can of course breath fire like most other mythological dragons.

Paralytic Posion-in his tail is a gland that produces a poision that will imediatly put the being effected in a state of complete paralisis that will last for twenty-four hours. After twenty four hours the posion goes away and leaves the body without any effects. In other words THE PARALISIS IS NOT PERMENTATE. The posion is escreated through the stinger on the end of the tail.

Flight-The dragon is cappable of flight.

02-26-2007, 09:37 PM
Name: Lucas Donovan Sotirios
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Birthdate: August 21st
Height: 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight: 145 pounds
Ethnicity: 100% greek
Current Location: Nimrod, Minnesota
Birthplace: Athens, Greece

Appearance: A tan skinned young adult with a well done, toned build and broad shoulders. His hair is extremely curly, but he doesn't like growing it out, so he is usually seen with it shaved. This causes his hair to look somewhat odd, as if his hair were made of a brillo pad-like material. His nose is half a triangle stuck to his face, and to put it simply, it's really big. A very distinct feature of his appearance is his nose and his height. He tells people, that if he were three inches taller, he would be notre dames MVP. He feels somewhat bothered by his height, but his build makes up for it. If there's something he isn't, it's fat. He did a lot of hard work to get a football players body, and with a lot of rough times through his life he developed a 'school of hard knocks' type of fighting style. People making fun of him because of his amnesia that he recieved when he was seventeen in a car accident (will explain in biography). He is fit and capable of running a good distance and can bench a bit over two hundred and thirty pounds.

Skills and abilities:

Despite his short height, Lucas has been a very good football player. His wide frame helped him when it came to tackling, but he was somewhat discouraged by his height, so he never attempted to join highschool football teams.

Since he had amnesia, his memory was somewhat severed, and ever since he hasn't been able to remember things from the past as well. People did everything they could to take advantage of that. In which case they picked on him and caused a lot of psychological trouble. He eventually got sick of it as anyone would and would get into fights. He has won and lost his share of fights, and is now a well known street fighter in his area.

His dad was pretty good with firearms, so he recieved a bit of the knowledge and interest. He doesn't know everything, and he definitely can't strip an M-16 in ten seconds, but he knows how to shoot the guns and can clean them after he's done using them. He's no expert by any means, though.

Along with the street fighter like fighting skills, he made a set of primitive tiger claws. They're simply three hook-like blades inside a round piece of wood, with a screw holding them in place. You could consider them professionally made, but they definitely aren't. Lucas was just lucky when he made them, because he never made anything besides. He's not bad with the claws, but he doesn't know any professional style of martial arts.

After the car accident, he was given a strange ability in which he was capable of holding his stance no matter what hit him, unless it were similar to a spatula and getting under his feet. For instance: If he were standing infront of a man who was charging at him with their shoulder at full speed, and he were to concentrate enough, by his will alone he would be able to keep his stance, and only shaking slightly. Though his "iron will" doesn't protect his bones or organs. If he were hit by a person large enough without preparing himself, any bones that were hit would be dislocated or shattered accordingly.

Biography: Just the average kid with his share of stories. His lack of height was a burden for a while, but he got used to it. His naturally muscular body helped him out when people got a bit too annoying about things like it. His father and mother came from greece and moved to america for unspoken reasons, and then had him along with a little sister. After a few years they adopted a little boy to be Lucas' younger brother. His father was a heavy smoker but it never bothered Lucas, until he died at an early age of forty three. There isn't much to say about Lucas besides the car accident he was involved in when he was seventeen years of age. He had just recieved his full drivers liscence and was driving with his mother, sister and brother during a windstorm, when a plastic bag got caught on the windshield. This caused the inexperienced Lucas to panic, and instead of slamming on the breaks he swerved in any direction, causing four other cars to be involved. Lucas had no seatbelt on, and the vehicle was a bit older than others, so there were no airbags. He swung around and hit his head multiple times on the window and steering wheel, and was later on sent to the hospital. His sister died during the accident, his brother died in the hospital, and his mother died a few weeks after being released from the hospital. The doctors didn't expect him to have the same motor skills as he did before, and they thought he would be stuck in a wheel chair, but what seemed like a miracle happened and he was able to do all the things he used to do. Sadly, though, his long-term memory was severely damaged, and he forgot a good amount of things, and now has a hard time remembering things after a long period of time. Though he did take therapy to aid him, he still doesn't do very well. He keeps blaming himself for the accident, even though it was more than a freakishly caused accident. He can't seem to shake the thought that he was the reason his mother, sister and brother all died. He has a small photo of them shortly before the accident that he looks at on occasion, and at times he begins to have headaches and bouts of post-traumatic stress, and can suddenly blame a total stranger on the accident if they say the wrong thing or bring up the accident during those bouts. And he's also really, really selfish. Most of the time he'll only work if there's something in it for him. Not many people like him because of that, but he's not a bad person.

03-01-2007, 12:39 PM
Name:: Skie Nathaniel Talent [Middle and Last subject to change]
D.O.B:: 24.Dec.86
Sex:: Male
Origin:: New York City.NY

- - - - --- - - - -
Hair:: Black
Eyes:: Yellow/Brown
Height:: 67"
Weight:: 146lbs

- - - - --- - - - -
Has no definite wardrobe. Though he's not a country boy, he wears a button up long sleeved cowboy shirt. Black in color with white embroidery. This is slim fitted and usually left with the top buttons open, as well as the sleeves undone.

Pants are kept simple. Boot Cut. Low Rise.
Most times too long for his own good, causing the ends to be frayed as they drag along the ground where he walks.
Though he doesn't need it...he always has a belt...and feels empty when he forgets to wear it.

He doesn't wear boots. Preferring more light weight, comfortable shoes over protection.

His only accessory is a hand made bracelet on his left wrist, which, upon closer inspection, appear to have the initials "M.A.S." burned slightly onto it.

- - - - --- - - - -

Skie prefers agility and speed over pure strength, and tends to use his wits about him to win over his opponents in battle. Usually he'll find himself in situations where he doesn't know what exactly is going on, and from there utilizes his current surroundings to help him with the pending situation. In this way, if possible, he will come up with an on-the-spot makeshift weapon in order to avoid using his own already prepared weapons.

This way he'll always have an ace-in-the-hole.

Overall very agile and speedy. Has exceptional skill with swords and staffs, but doesn't posess any specific style, and instead develops his own unique one through experience.

Training came through trial and error, as most things in life. He has gotten to his current position only through combat through those he has come into contact with.

Besides the ability to adapt to any situation, he has no exceptional skills that are of noteworthy. Possibly just unknown as far as anyone can tell.
Though he has trained in the style of "Parkour" or the art of escaping.
The acrobatics of the style help keep his moves unpredictable as well as assists him in getting out of those tough situations where he admits he can't handle.

Naturally has very keen senses with sight and hearing.
Good with his hands.
Light on his feet.

[side note:: Has an amazing ability to 'woo' the ladies with smart comments and cheesy lines.
For some reason, tends to be attracted to what he can't have.
No luck so far]
- - - - --- - - - -

1. 6 shot cylinder loading revolver. Strapped to his waist in a holster hanging from a large belt on his left side.

Since it has limited ammunition, he only uses this in dire cases.
The only reason he has it is because of the world he lives in doesn't play fair.

2. A blade, hidden under his right sleeve and reletively unnoticed.
18 inches in length.
Potrudes as if from the back of his hand.
Weapon of choice...again...only when needed.


He drives a brown1961 BMW-R69S (http://home.planet.nl/~motors-20th-century/normal/BMW-R69S-1961.jpg)

- - - - --- - - - -
Allies:: N/A
Rivals:: N/A

"As creation should have it.

03-04-2007, 06:16 PM
Name: Sirena
Gender: Female
Faction: Espada
Rank: 5th
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 80 lbs

Appearance: Sirena is small and lithe, but by no means an unassuming figure. Her skin is pale as death, almost paper-white, which makes her ultramarine eyes and sculpted black brows stand out all the more, the stark contrast of her appearance continuing throughout. Her hair is a jet black so dark that in bright lights it shines with blue highlights, cut in feathered layers around her face and falling in a sleek, ridiculously long tail that nearly touches the ground. Over her hair, on the back of her head, is situated what looks to be the remains of a helmet or mask made of bleached bone, the interlocked plates trailing down the left side of her head curved in an organic manner, with spikes of bone rising from her crown and down the back of the broken thing, reminiscent of the crest of some mystical bird. The whole of the thing is rather pretty, with black markings like the hairs of feathers.

Her clothing follows the same study of contrast, like the rest of the Espada. The white mandarin-collared jacket is fitted to her figure, showing a moderate amount of bosom and a slim waist which is further accented by a thick black belt over a sleek floor-length skirt with slits nearly up to her hips on both sides. The high slits reveal a pair of white thigh-high boots, with high pointed black heels. Her left hand is continually covered by a black glove, hiding the large hole in her palm, and thin black strap crosses diagonally over her torso, connected to a black scabbard that holds an unassuming-looking katana that peeks over her left shoulder. The tsuba is styled into the shape of a spread pair of wings.

Background: You don't need to know. Really. It's secret.

Skills and abilities: Sirena is posessed of an incomparably lovely voice, though she does not speak often.

Like all Arrancar, she has a zanpakuto that can cleave through spiritual material, and has achieved resurrección. When she unsheathes the blade and cries "TOCAR! Alarida de Dimonio!"*, the blade rings with an ear-splitting A-minor as it splits, the metal forming itself into two thin prongs, like that of a tuning fork. The wings on the tsuba grow, arching downard in a protective spread over her hand like the unfurled wings of a phoenix.

Once released, Alarida gives Sirena the power to control sound waves. The resonance, volume, wavelength, and amplitude of the sounds around her are her domain. With this ability, she can increase or decrease volume to deafening or silent, increase wavelength to a very broad range, so that the sound will travel farther, though at a lower pitch, or decrease it to the wavelength of inaudible sonar, at a pitch that the human ear is unable to hear. The control of resonance, though, is the most frightening part of this resurrección. By matching the resonance of inorganic material, she can shatter and destroy it. Organic material reacts in a different manner, though the power can still be quite damaging, even lethal with prolonged exposure.

In addition, Sirena is able to utilize a number of other powers that are common to Arrancar:

Cero (虚閃, lit. "hollow flash;" the pronunciation is Spanish for zero) are high-powered energy blasts that can be fired from the mouth or hand.
Pesquisa (探査回路, lit. "inquiry circuit;" the pronunciation is Spanish for search) is the arrancar equivalent of the shinigami ability to sense spiritual pressure.
Hierro (鋼皮, lit. "steel skin;" the pronunciation is Spanish for iron) refers to the ultratough skin of the arrancar; while very strong, it is by no means invincible.
Sonido (響転, lit. "resounding revolution;" the pronunciation is Spanish for sound) is the arrancar equivalent of the shinigami flash steps; it allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances. Use of sonido is accompanied by a brief static sound.
Bala (虚弾, lit. "hollow bullet;" the pronunciation is Spanish for bullet) is a weaker but quicker alternative to the regular cero attack. The technique hardens the user's spiritual pressure and fires it at around twenty times the speed of a cero blast.

*Translation from spanish: "Sound! Shriek of the Devil!"

Johnny Phoenix
03-09-2007, 04:55 PM
My crappy char sheet copied from my relentless recruitment thread, of johnny phoenix, which i don't feel to get in detail with:

Name: Johnny Phoenix

Alias: Phoenix

Age: 27

Profession: Assassin

Skills: Swordsman, MMA, Hitman

Weaponry: A broadsword 5'4, Two Desert Eagles, usually hollow-tip bullets, and a Naginata. Addon: He can also use brass knuckles, as well as daggers in many various forms

Unnatural Abilities: Telekinesis

Biography: Phoenix, born in Halifax Nova Scotia, to a family that migrated north from the US. His father was a pyrokinetic, and helped Phoenix get the hang of controling it through his earlier ages. His mother was a human chamelion, and he was able to camouflage himself so effectively, that he would be considered invisible. His other two skills came to him as a gift. He was born with them. The fog skin would allow him to get through walls, and any other solid obstacles. The telikinesis was very limited. It gave him the ability to push himself upwards, and to throw a transparent shield infront of him to avoid minor to moderately major blows. However, his major ability was fire. He was able to conjure it, and control it in any way he pleased. He eventually left Nova Scotia, to get into the assassination buisness. An immediate success, he was hired for many important assassinations. Eventually, he was hired by the Japanese government to protect it, from eclipse. From assassin, to Japanese protector, he was advised to join RRRelentless. Thus he found himself there, application in hand.

Rating: 7.5

Appearance: I will put it in later.

03-13-2007, 01:15 AM


Henrique “The Brazilian” Coelho




Very male




Henrique Coelho is the typical Brazilian man. He has a prominent aquiline nose and a well-done tan of light olive brown to speak of. Characterizing Henrique (http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7715/1818/1600/rafael01.jpg) is the facial hair he grows and the way he styles his hair. On his chin is a small patch of hair. Sideburns line in front of his ears and stop at a point before it meets the chin hair. He styles his hair like so (http://www.missosology.org/philippines/afaeeelll.JPG), pushing the bangs sideways to the right. He comes complete with a physically fit body, due to long hours spent under the Brazilian sun, carrying weights on his shoulders in the harbor at night, and intense capoeira training.


Sideburn comb
Steel-heeled combat shoes
Blunt steel hand weapons (ocassionaly spiked)
Two daggers

Special Factors

The favor of the patron deity of women and the goddess of the waters, Iemanja. However, Henrique is weakened by the presence of the goddess. They have made a pact that Henrique could never harm a woman or a child. Also, if a woman or a child attacks him, the blows dealt would be 10x the original force. Great punishment will be forced on him when he attacks them,which includes losing his abilities.


Effective wide spectrum female liaison officer. Women ranging from blondes to brunettes, American to Asian, Henrique can charm ladies with just a smile. He can literally force ladies to do his bidding without any physical contact. There is a mesmerizing aura around him that weakens ladies, female sexagenarians, girls and young female babies. He can also mystically create and manipulate water. He can physically turn into any sentient volume of water. He is also a capoeira expert, learning form the rough neighborhood around him and perfecting the moves in his own backyard.

Brief Character Biography

At a very young age, Henrique had been demonstrating his knack for understanding the opposite sex. Apart from being attractive, he was also sensitive to the feelings of others. He has had an open heart for them since he was very young. The fact that he was working for his family— his mother and two sisters— must also be taken into consideration. As what the elders might tell anyone, Iemanja, Brazilian patron goddess of women, greatly favored Henrique due to the hardships he had to go through to feed his family. Being a lifeguard of the Brazilian coast by morning and a harbor porter in the evening, Henrique is earning from hand to mouth.
What led him to Akatsuki were the strangers who seized them from him. He wanted revenge. He wanted to seek for his family and smite the criminals by Iemanja’s fist. He feels that Akatsuki may know these people who he frantically searches for. He hopes that, by chance, these people would be one of the many enemies of Akatsuki.


03-13-2007, 11:55 PM
The Duchess DarFayer

Veronica Amelie Mignonuette DarFayer
Undeniably Female
May 16th
Clyclades, Greece
Blood Type:
AB Negative
Native Language:
- others:
French, Italian, Greecian, Porteguese, Mandarin & Spanish
Marital Status:
Widowed (age of 23), newfound single


She is quiet, instinctive, and observant: mainly somebody who watches from the outside of things. These three characteristics has helped her survive through a couple of tough situations and she excells in what she does because of her hard work, insatiable curiosity, and brutal honesty. She has little time for polite niceties and even less for lies. Another driving force would be her lust for power and she'll stop at nothing to be the best in what she does.

She feels most comfortable outside the group and likes to work alone because its better this way for her. She has defined her place within the halls of Valhalla and little left to prove to the world, but being older and wiser makes her more willing to accept the things that happen around her. And on another key note: she is known to have a slightly dark and satirical sense of humor.

History of the world, Art, Champagne, Architecture, Business, Acient languages and Sovereignity.

Physical Description:

Standing at 5'7, this woman had a body that most men would kill for, literally. More on the feminine side, she keeps it simple with her slender hips and flat stomach. Her best feature would have to be the neckline that looks simply daring in the plunging necklines on evening gowns. Long legs that seemed a mile long which were subtly tanned alongside the rest of her body from her heritage.

With a poetic blend between both Mediterrian parents, from infancy she sported a full head of darkened brunette strands with russette and caramel highlights in the summer months and a complexion that was considerably darker than most. Bow-shaped lips which the bottom lip pillowed out when she pouted. Almond-shaped, chameleon green eyes which ranged from the lightest of apple green to the darkest shade of emerald, depending on her mood, could be seen through a medium fringe of dark lashes.

Brief History:

Born and raised in Clyclades, Greece, she was the result of nothing spectacular between two middle-class working parents. The third youngest out of five children, she always had a taste for the finer things in life, no matter what she had to do to get it. From that, she was driven at a young age to excell in life that meant her schooling where she passed every class that she had ever been put into. Her siblings would spend time working on their studies and playing outside after chores but Veronica spent her time teaching herself foreign languages and learning how to play the violin and harp while her mother spoiled her to debutaunte lessons every weekend where she learned to be a lady.

Once her twelfth birthday rolled around, she blossomed into a young lady with an eye for perfection and beauty that rivaled Helen. Coming home from her late night classes, she was picked up by a young gentlemen with a considerable amount of influence, taste and money but his appearane was questionable. Despite the disadvantage, he managed to sweep her off her feet as her parents released her to travel the world. This man was named Loius Lambelle II, heir to his father's fortune. She lived as his friend, studying more languages, architecture and business alongside him until she rightfully turned eighteen. Once her birthday rolled around, she was even more stunning in beauty and knowledgeable in areas most women were not. Though his imperfections, she had grown to love him. Though an unexpected turn for the worst happened, and his health failed him and she stayed with him until he died that night.

Two years later, she was married to the Duke DarFayer after being announced in his court by aquaintences. She stayed married to him until his untimely death three years later and he left everything to her. After his death, she traveled the world and settled in Venice, Italy with her title, fortune and lust for power.

03-21-2007, 03:11 AM
Name: Kurogiri Jin (Rumored)
Title: Old Man of the Endless Treasure
Other Aliases: Mr. Kuro, Junzi (The “Superior Man” of Confucian ethical philosophy), Glasses, The Hermit, Ossan/Ojisan (Old man, Japanese. Rude and less rude, respectively. He doesn’t mind being called either.), endless others. Never referred to by his given name.
Sex: Male (Currently)
Hair: Blue gray
Eyes: Brilliant cyan/turquoise blue.
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches.
Weight: Unknown
Build: Slim, not terribly strong looking.
Place of Origin: Somewhere in China
Place of Residence: Hong Kong
Date of Birth: August 1, 1830
Distinguishing Features: His body is completely immaculate; no scars or unnatural disfigurations, almost to a surreal degree. Also, he never goes anywhere without his small, circular, gold-rimmed spectacles.
Horoscope Sign/Element: Tiger/Metal
Blood Type: Unknown
Career: Luxury apartment building manager/landlord, peddler of mysterious antiques. (Secret.)
Languages Spoken: Speaks English, Chinese and Japanese, and also the "Unified Language," a magic method of communication that is properly interpreted due to a priori knowledge within all human beings. (Believed to be the originator of all language, which has some unusual effects on human beings today due to unfamiliarity with its use.)
Faction: Neutral/Undecided. He helps anyone who provides him with entertainment/some kind of reward his mysterious and capricious fancies are satisfied with.

Description: In his current state, Mr. Kurogiri appears to be a man in his early twenties, with a mature and distinguished look, a handsome and thin face, and a somewhat weak-looking, slim build. Despite his apparently mixed Chinese and Japanese heritage, he is tall and exhibits some European traits as well. And despite his apparently young age, his hair is a plain slate grey, parted in slightly curved bangs that reach halfway down his cheeks, and long enough in the back near the nape of his neck to tie into a small ponytail. He is handsome but more so surreal; how one so young could have the atmosphere of an aged man, with whitening hair and an apparently frail build draws stares from the mystified as much as the enamored. His face is characterized by a nearly constant, calm-half smile that conveys a sense of indifference and casual wisdom that can be irritating to the hotheaded. Perhaps most eye-catching about Kurogiri are his eyes indeed; of a much more brilliant shade of blue than is common to people of his ethnicity, or perhaps of most people in general.
In clothes, he is usually clad in grays and whites. When outside, he is most commonly seen in his plain grey blazer with a white dress shirt and pale khaki slacks, and a silver tie. When inside and at home, he occasionally wears a jacket that resembles the old mandarin style, in white, of course, with a nearly invisible pattern of a slightly darker shade, resembling strange messes of 8-pointed crosses and other semi-spiritual symbology. Sometimes he wears black slippers resembling traditional Chinese footwear.
It is not uncommon for him to wear much less stylish clothes as well, such as plain brown suede jackets, jeans, black sweaters and forest green vests. But he is almost never seen without his small, gold-framed spectacles, and a substantially long white scarf made, apparently, of paper-thin silk.
(Another note about this character is that in terms of anime appearances, he tends to squint a lot, which results in Kurogiri sometimes having the look of one of those characters who always has his eyes shut. He does tend to squint when he smiles, so this is frequent for him.”)

He is a amiable and cordial individual predisposed to being friendly and kind, but often allows an occasional remark to escape that sounds pointed. He has a way with words that is great for negotiation but sometimes pisses certain individuals off. Kurogiri seems to be quite satisfied living a normal life, but is very secretive, and is a master of moving conversations away from topics that displease him. Others often find themselves doing what he says simply by virtue of the fact that he explains himself well and seems both harmless and sincere.

It is extremely difficult to rattle his cage, and he never seems terribly upset, although he never seems terribly happy either. He is most often seen wearing a kind of "half smile" that accurately depicts his attitude towards most things in normal, everyday life. He does have some very strange qualities which are not often seen, such as a rather strange fixation upon soft fabrics and small, visually appealing trinkets and useless items. For example, his scarf is an example of the former, and his secret, vast collection of hummel figurines, anime models and lucky cat statues is an example of the latter. Kurogiri sometimes allows this embarassingly "uncool" element of his character to escape, and, once the cat is out of the bag, quickly becomes quiet again and tries to act normal, if not extract himself from the embarrassing situation immediately.

Other strange habits he has are eating late at night, as they do in some parts of Europe, and not eating much during the day, and sleeping on the floor, wrapped up in fabrics rather than in a bed.

{{{{A Seeker of Knowledge}}}}

-Kurogiri Jin. Legally, he is 30 years old, which is a lie. Anyone can tell that by seeing his youthful appearance. He is actually somewhere around 200 years old.
-Much of his life is a mystery, known to no one save himself and the few people with connections to the supernatural that allow them the longevity to remain his friend for any meaningful period of time. Supposedly he was a Taoist and Feng Shui geomancer in both China and Japan during the late 1800s.
-Kurogiri is a collector, and much attached to his material belongings. He possesses artifacts and mystical weapons from mankind’s legends, as well as supplies useful for witchcraft and other supernatural dealings. He has adopted many names, and is familiar with the mystic traditions of the Yin/Yang (Onmyoudou/Taoist) schools of magecraft, the European thaumaturgy, the curses of the Middle East and Asia Minor, and many others.
-Openly, he is the landlord and owner of a luxury apartment complex in Hong Kong. On the top floor is his dwelling and shop, a small building of its own resembling Opium Wars era-architecture from the Southern Provinces, in which he resides and also sells secrets and mystical artifacts/antiques to others for wildly changing prices. This is of course not commonly known, but any savvy mage who has been to the area of Southern China would know of him.

Powers and Skills
Having lived 200 years, Kurogiri has accumulated a wide understanding of the mechanisms that drive the world, and of magic, the conversion of the world's laws to suit the needs of a human. (As opposed to the creation of miracles completely impossible by all known and to-be-known scientific studies.)

His knowledge of magical artifacts is extensive, and he possesses many of the relics he knows so much about. They're rarely famous except to the scholarly, so one could not go to his store and ask to buy Excalibur, but chances are, he could tell exactly what that weapon's capabilities were and where it most likely resided at present time.

In addition to these skills, he is a capable improviser, and when all else fails, he can fall back on his cunning wit to survive. He is a shrewd businessman, but since he cares little for money if not to maintain and horde his collection of *things,* he sometimes makes bizarre decisions when working with a customer. He actually knows a number of Chinese martial arts including Wing Chun and Hsing i, but he considers melee combat vulgar, and, as he fights so rarely, and at close range, even more rarely, his skills have atrophied immensely.

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Spells: Naturally, he can use the spells of his past disciplines: He can sense spirits, visualize the flow of energy, resist mental influences or curses, and purify areas, using the powers of light and darkness, and the principles of opposites.
1. Kekkai. He takes advantage of the angles and idle energy in the area, working with what he has to create a field of up to 100 square feet. Within this area, which can be any shape, spiritual bodies are put into stasis. The effects vary depending on what portion of the entrapped subject is spirit/material. He can't create more than one kekkai at a time, but he can enter and leave them freely without negative consequence, although he can't stray far from one without it dissipating.
For example, a human being, which would be 50% spirit and 50% material, is not restricted and would only experience discomfort and nausea while inside the kekkai; (However, the kekkai can be expanded to become an illusory closed space, more on this later.) there would be a feeling of static and a churning sensation in the pit of one's stomach, but little more. However, a ghost that isn't exceptionally strong would be immobilized completely. Prolonged exposure can purify an area of spirits as if they were slowly being erased, and by proxy, of enchantments and hexes. Thus a person with no supernatural powers will be totally unaffected by the kekkai barrier, while a spirit will be trapped and slowly perish.
2. Creating a "closed space." (Heisa Kuukan) Based on the principle of an onymoujutsu practitioner's maboroshi, or illusion. Kurogiri can create a limited sealed dimension based on the surrounding area in which everything is filled with a seemingly endless fog. A person's senses are dampened and made useless by the sound of distant drums and the filling of one's eyes with the mist. Because he is so adept at the creation of illusions, Kurogiri is also somewhat resistant to similar mental influences upon himself. Besides disorienting and confusing enemies, it makes it possible for Kurogiri to fight in a setting that benefits him (Provided he has time to set it up; it can't be just created instantly.) and without harming any of the surrounding environment in the real world. He cannot create a kekkai inside of a heisa kuukan.
3. Energy projection. Kurogiri is limited in this aspect mainly because he is uninterested in wasting energy for offensive purposes. Thus his energy projection is almost always the converted energy of the surrounding environment or disembodied spirits, rather than his own prana or "od," as he calls it. Usually, the form his power takes, if not always, is that of a small, grapefruit-sized ball of brilliant cyan/bright blue energy, which floats slowly through the air in an orbit around him at various distances, and will explode if in proximity with a target he designates. He can create many of these in a short amount of time, making essentially a floating minefield. This visually resembles a swarm of beautiful fireflies, and is often what is most associated with Kurogiri by his enemies.
Generally, they aren't too damaging on their own, but if hit by one, a person can be expect to be hit by many others simply by the way they detonate each other.
4. Kurogiri can manipulate his own spirit, and the spirit of another, granted that he is given permission. His ability to transfer energy is most important in that he is capable of preventing a body from rejecting artificially created human parts (Similar to homunculi.). In fact, his own entire body is made in the same process, which is why he has managed to live so long. He has even experimented with using a female body in the past, or bodies of substantially older or younger subjects. A person who can sense life energies would have trouble finding him like a normal human.
5. His last ability is the Unified Language. It isn't anything more than the theoretical predecessor of all human communication, which all human beings understand due to a priori knowledge within their brains from before birth. It simply allows him to understand and speak to anyone regardless of the language gap.

Kurogiri has a number of powerful relics hidden in his home, but he only uses a few because he's afraid to risk damaging them. His seriousness about keeping his belongings safe is sometimes irrational to an extreme.

God's Cloth: An apparently animated scarf that Kurogiri wears at all times. It appears to be a long piece of silken fabric in white, but in reality, it is one of the strongest alchemically created woven materials in existence. It is what could be referred to as a crystallized miracle; a "conceptual weapon." Koren has a few of these in his treasury. God's Cloth is actually a gigantic sheet of this fabric, folded repeatedly so that it resembles a scarf. Its weight is incredible for something so soft and light. Kurogiri is capable of carrying it about his neck like a normal scarf, and also levitating it through his magic. It floats around him, and provides his primary form of offense and defense, flowing like a living thing and hardening to the point of razor-sharpness.
It has an added effect as a result of its status as a conceptual weapon. The cloth sucks in and absorbs ambient energy, no matter what kind, unless Kurogiri controls it and makes it stop. (This *includes* the spheres of energy Kurogiri creates; they are pulled towards the scarf if it is swung at them.) The energy is incorporated into the cloth's weave and makes it stronger, giving it a powerful "negative-od" trait that will react with an enveloped target's magic power, appearing to "burn" the target with azure flames. Although it feels like being burnt, the fire is actually removing, or consuming, a person's spirit. Whether or not your Reiatsu/ki/life force/mana/prana/etc. is greater or lesser has no effect on how fast it burns away.
A person who has a small amount of spiritual energy will die very quickly, their soul basically disintegrated. A person who is all spiritual energy and no physical power can't break free, so will die slowly. (If they're really frail, the spiritual energy's immolation will kill them through psychological trauma even before it's all been consumed.)

Grazing blows or cuts from the floating cloth have a numbing, stunning effect, like a mild electric shock. After guarding several blows from the scarf, which is actually quite damaging in and of itself when charged with the negative od, a combatant would start to feel stunned or weaker than he/she would if they were simply clashing weapons with another weapon.

If the cloth is broken, it can be regenerated using converted energy. Kurogiri has to actively do this. A broken segment of the cloth can't be controlled separately.
The cloth also grants Kurogiri the power of levitation.

Cemetery Shell: An engraved, enchanted Webley Mk.1 revolver. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webley_Revolver Its shots remove a soul from the body instantly (not necessarily permanent.), but only upon hitting the heart. Cemetery Shell causes no organic damage; the struck target simply keels over and "dies," thus making it an ideal assassination weapon. It uses expensive mana-gem bullets. Kurogiri sometimes takes this with him, but he is loath to use it. It's much better for intimidation purposes.

Enkidu: A chain that is supposedly a recreation of the one the Sumerian hero Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu used to bind a bull sent to kill them by the gods. As such, it has properties that make it naturally bind subjects with a divinity rating that is high. It's not as strong as its predecessor, and can't restrict an enemy permanently, but it is revered as a weapon that can bind angels and holy spirits without fail. (Maybe?) It doesn't always function properly, and it's an encumberance to Kurogiri. It isn't any more useful than a normal chain against someone with no divinity.

Red Stone of Asia: A crimson bauble inset in a golden ornament that Kurogiri can wear under his outer clothes. It improves the efficiency of his energy conversions to 100% with no loss because it is rumored to be the legendary Philosopher's Stone. Kurogiri doesn't have nearly the proficiency to make one himself, but he did study alchemy to see if that rumor was true.

Reshuffle: Enchanted set of ofuda (sealing talisman) cards possessed by a particularly resilient spirit. It has resisted all of Kurogiri's attempts to exorcise it so far, so instead, he convened with it and made it his "ally." The cards can float and circle around him, and become razor sharp when they fly at the enemy. Other than that, they have very little special abilities. It has also infiltrated normal tarot cards and playing cards to the same effect.

Heaven and Earth Spheres: A set of Chinese "medicine balls" that Kurogiri carries with him frequently. They fulfill the normal purpose of the two set spheres that can be rolled around in one's hand, but they also magnify muscle power slightly when throwing a punch.

Coin Swords: These aren’t really relics, but throwing weapons Kurogiri uses. They’re made of ancient Chinese currency, their sharpness increased by his Feng Shui skills, and can explode into a shotgun-like pelting of coins if thrown with force into an object, or simply stab into it. They’re relatively ineffective for melee combat, as one can imagine. Feng Shui uses these for divination purposes, but since Kurogiri has learned to do the spells without the aid of materials, they've become deregulated to this.

Nightmare Box: A grey metal suitcase. Something is inside of it with a lot of tentacles. If Kurogiri Jin knows what it is, he's not talking about it.

He never takes all of these things around with him at once.

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Brandon Walker




Brandon, B, Mr.Walker, and/or B.Walker


Brown neck length hair. His bangs slightly covering his eyes from the length. A pretty face, that of an innocent man, until proven guilty. Narrow eyes, showing a bit of japanese in him. So it seems. His lips, red, but not the shade as most peoples. His has a tint of purple to them, giving them a distinguished toxic look. Standing at about 6' he looks like he's young; around the age of 17 with no facial hair. He'll be seen always wearing an attire to fit his figure, with his usual faded colored jeans. Shoes vary, along with his jackets. But for some odd reason, every jacket he has is designed specifically for him. He has crystal clear teeth, yet they're still white. If you get a good view at them, anyone could swear to see through them. Hazel eyes, that are always glowing. He also has a light scar over his right eye. Nothing very noticeable, but it is there. It's what gives him his finishing look, to the beauty he withstands.



Brandon was raised like any other child, except he was rich and spoiled. He use to get everything he ever wanted. But eventually, his mom had died in a crossfire at a local bank robbery. Brandon never cared much for his parents, because they hardly talked. They were always to busy for him. Days after his mom had died, Brandon's dad couldn't handle it. He needed to take his anger out on Brandon. So from then on, Brandon was always being beaten. Once, after his dad had just finished abusing him, Brandon was running around and got caught stealing. He went off on the cops, and attacked them, from being beaten to much. He had just done it, without meaning to. He got locked up. That happened at the age of 17. His birthday, when he turned 18, he got out. He hasn't gone to visit his dad since then. Days after he got out, he had realized there was something wrong with him. He could manipulate things. He wasn't sure what though. He just did it to certain objects sometimes, with or without meaning to. Now, he spends his time trying to make friends and money. Still, maintaining his gorgeous appearance.

Metalurgy. He has the power to manipulate any type of metal he wants to. Whether it's covered with some type of barrier or not. He's been practicing it since he's found out he has had it. He also has a light psion barrier around his body, saving him from bullets if anyone is to try to shoot him from long range. If someone is to get within a foot or so away, and shoot from inside the barrier, then he is still able to be hit.


Brandon isn't really the type to keep quiet. He likes to let everyone know who he is. He can get rowdy at times, but every now and then, once in a blue moon, you might just get to see him relaxed. It's a rare thing to witness though.





Mercanary for hire


-Coming close to bringing fourth unity
-Bringing the Clan START to C&G
-Surviving one of the most known wars of Rpgc History
-Getting feared by some of the most feared

Fighting Technique

Brandon is a kickboxer. He fights with whatever he can use to win, including his metalurgy. He is a dirty fighter, not to be trusted if a plan is set up in a fight. He will, most likely, make the terms go void and ignore them.


-Two small sized Desert Eagles.
-Two daggers hidden in a stashed area of his calf area.

Kurai Megami
03-23-2007, 04:11 PM
Rayne Skyye (Whom is Legally dead.)

Kurai Misiame

30ish looks to be in her mid twenties

Vampire/Human Hybrid

Physical Description:
In the physical sense Kurai is in excellent shape. She isn't overly muscular but she isn't disturbingly thin. She has wider hips giving her a more firm base and shoulders within the same range. Her hair is long falling to her mid back and is black, her eyes aren't their usual color since coming off the medication they have been slowly becoming reddened, the color they were intended to be, but as of now they are a mix between red and blue. As far as attire is concerned Kurai prefers something more along the casual lines. Which means her faithful black trench coat (Or occasionally just a black jacket.), black pants, a short sleeved shirt, her boots and her gloves.

When more formal occasions come across though she will wear a dress or her black with red pinstriped suit.

Kurai was created to thrive off pain and the moment and it can almost send her into a berserker mode. This wasn't as much of a problem before she quit taking her medication, but now it is a lot easier to set her into this mode.

Preferred Weapon
A set of ornately decorated Kodachis that she received as a gift from her mentor, he lovingly named them 'The Twins'.

Kurai was the product of genetic experimentation. The government was out to make a new warrior one that wasn't as weak as humans are, and that could be treated harshly because of their inhumanness. Thus she has many abilities that the older vampires would possess along with some of their weaknesses as well. She can separate herself into an almost fog like state, she likes to call this her Shadow Form. In this form she cannot attack, but she also cannot be harmed easily.
Another ability that she has is 'Speed Steps', these are accelerated steps that are much like a sprint, but extremely quick. The only problem with these is that she can't use them in for long periods of time. Kurai also possesses above average strength and agility, though she is much more agile than strong.
Kurai can also turn any victim of hers into a ghoul. A weak servent that will serve any purpose that she so wishes.
Then there is the new found sense of things that lay on the otherside. She can clearly see spirits as well as, Shinigami or things of that sort.

There is also her berserker side whose powers haven't been completely figured out. The only thing that Kurai really knows about it is that she thrives off pain and goes into an almost uncontrollable blood lust, not stopping until everyone around her, ally or foe, is dead.

Effective Short-Biography:
Life is an interesting journey, one that I have been on for what seems like ages. My life is best explained in eras, all of which aren't the prettiest, and in all of them I have done things that I would take back if possible, unfortunately there is no way to take back our mistakes.

The Human Era: I was born a normal person and I lived my life out as such until I was almost 17 years old. This was my era of innocence and naiveness. I took a lot for granted, part of me thinks that is why I am in my current condition. That is when I took a job to be a lab intern for my father, the scientist. Little did I know what he was doing, and what he was planning on doing to me. Dr. Skyye was contracted by the government to make a weapon, a human that had been genetically altered using vampiric DNA. His first experiment had been my older brother, who I didn't know I had at the time. Marcus had undergone the full transformation before their deadline, but he was unwilling to be put in front of the pentagon and to be used as a government so he broke out of the facility. Under pressure of the deadline my father turned to me, it wouldn't take long to transform me since I had the same general make up of my brother. Two weeks into my internship my Human Era ended and I started to undergo the transformation into a monster.

The Era of the Beast: The first two years after that were almost blurs but I do remember several very important things. Firstly I remember the day of my escape in detail. I remember awaking on my table and looking to my door to see it open, I took full advantage of this and got into the main halls. For two hours I tore apart everyone in the building. In those hours I came across a cell with a lonely looking silver haired vampire, I remember calming for a second before releasing him. He thanked me and told me that he would find me, then he was gone. After I was done murdering those in the building I burned it to the ground. After I returned to as close to my senses I could I wandered, until I came across someone who looked vaguely familiar. He was someone from my Human era and he immediately recognized me and took me in. I don't know how long I lived with Joshua Cole (or Cole as I called him), but I do remember the day I killed him. Something triggered my other side and I snapped murdering the man. He had been my whole world since I left the laboratory and I was horribly distraught, I began to wander again and found the vampire that I had released. That was when the beast died and something else rose.

The Era of the Assassin: Seto, the vampire I set free, had been the one that my father had drawn genetics and such from to create me. He took me in and showed me how to survive and how to suppress my other side, though it was mostly with medication. He showed me everything I know now and taught me that everyone in the world was a potential enemy that if I wasn't assertive I was going to get taken advantage of again. He gave birth to the assassin side of me. I have trouble keeping track of years so I am not sure how long I was the assassin. All I know is that a slow change started in my life after I met a girl on Christmas. I will always carry her words with me. Several months after that I met Jer, he treated me like I was human, something I wasn't used to. He also urged me to change my ways. And I wasn't willing to until recently.

The Final Era: I had killed for money for so long I had forgotten what it was like to see a person as a living thing and had forgotten how precious life was. After all my freedom was stripped from me and I was forced to retreat to Italy I decided when I returned there would be a change. After a few close friends assisted me in regaining some of my freedom I dropped off the map to deal with my personal issues. I went to the only man who had escaped my wrath so long ago, my intention was killing him, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. That was the day I gave up killing, from then on I would get back what I lost by means other than death. I was going to defeat my demons on my own terms now and no one was going to change that. Thus I ended up here.

Former Assassin; Currently Professional 'information gatherer'.

Involvement in C/G
Former member of Eternal. Current member of The Fallen.

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Name] Eric Dennian.
Age] Two hundred and fifty one years.
Race] Half human, half angel.
Nationality] New Zealand.
Date of Birth] December 12, 1756.
Place of Birth] Wellington, New Zealand.
Current Home] Christchurch, New Zealand.

Height] Six feet and ten inches.
Weight] Three hundred and ten pounds.
Build] Big. Tall. Not extremely wide. But he has broad shoulders. And he can reach his nose.
Hair] Thin and chestnut brown. Hasn't fallen out yet.
Eyes] Chestnut brown.

Normal abilities] Eric has trained in weaponry and wrestling/fighting since he was old enough to walk. He is capable of flying with his angelic wings which he recieved from his father, who was an angel who entered earth, and then fell in love with a human. His wings are very much natural to him, aren't genetically enhanced in any ways. They appear much like large bird wings on his back, have a ten foot span and are capable of over powering a well built, fully grown person. They are a pure snow white, and have a pearl-like shine to them. They are very powerful and could stand quite a few bullets before they weren't useful to him anymore. The feathers themselves have a resistance of a one-inch thick piece of glass (though they look nothing different from the common bird feather), meaning most thrown blades would only make it through the first few layers of feathers. If anyone wanted to harm his wings badly, they would have to get to the inner part of his wings, in which they would have to be capable of going through Eric himself, first. His normal flight speed is near 70 miles an hour, and when he flies as fast as possible he tips near 100 to 110 miles an hour, but that will tire him out quickly, plus bugs in the eyes and all that crap to deal with.

Paranormal abilities] Eric is capable of controlling a divine angelic fire, allowing it to engulf his weapon, regardless of what it is. The angelic fire, much hotter than any fire of earth, would be capable of melting or burning nearly any substance on the planet if given the time. Something like iron would be broken with ease, and steel would turn to goo in a matter of seconds. If Eric were wielding a sword, and activated the fire, the blade would be engulfed from tip to hand guard, giving him an upperhand in battle. If Eric were wielding a bow and arrow or spear, the head of the spear or arrow would burn as if it were soaked in oil. If he were to wield simple brass knuckles or cat-claws, his entire fist would be a ball of bright yellow and white, roaring fire. Never scarring a bit of his skin, and never burning a piece of his clothing. He is also capable of using this fire to engulf his body, allowing him to fly at a speed of around 300 miles an hour. His body will be engulfed with yellow and orange as he flies, and most flammable things nearby him will be incinerated.

He is also capable of deactivating one of his five primary senses (smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight) to prevent permanent damage. Such as a person setting off a concussion grenade nearby, he could deactivate his hearing and sight to prevent him from being temporarily blinded and deafened. Then he could re-activate them when needed. If he deactivates one for enough time, he can almost instantly compensate for his loss (deactivate taste and smell to revamp sight and or hearing, depending on the situation). It does give him a bit of a headache to do it a lot, though. I mean really.

Appearance] Tan skin, tall and built like a tank. His hair is cut to dangle just above his eyebrows. His eyes and white teeth smile give him a friendly look, plus his slight pacifism that makes him not want to fight at the drop of a hat. He is a fine example of rugged, masculine beauty.
Likes] The bible, reading, weapons, historic battles, being appreciated, children.
Dislikes] Arrogance, ignorance, people who choose to fight before negotiating, bigshots, and backstabbers.
Personality] Friendly and chivalrous, letting a lady take his place in line and stuff like that. He can be a bit too friendly and seem like a slight pushover, but when he senses trouble he catches on quickly enough to keep bad things from happening. His temper is a bit short, and sometimes he can be a bit moody, he also suffers from some psychological trauma. Things that he'd rather not talk about.

03-25-2007, 11:59 PM


Zweihänder. German greatsword wielded in two hands. The blade measures six feet long and four inches wide. The hand guard is six inches long to ensure his hands are protected, and the hilt of the sword is ten inches long to give him a good two handed grip. The sword is razor sharp and has a squared top rather than a point, to make it look like a sharpened steel paddle, and to allow Eric to chop if he stabbed with it, giving a longer, albeit more shallow cut. The top corners of the blade are also pointed out about three inches to allow him to slice when he pulls it back or jabbed it forward quickly. Also allowing him to deal stab wounds as if he wielded a pickaxe type weapon. This blade was forged by him many years ago, and his father blessed it to be unbreakable by all means. But the blade can only cut what a normal steel blade is capable of.

Stiletto daggers. He owns two stiletto daggers. The stiletto daggers are with needle like points rather than being bladed like most daggers are. The points extend ten inches with six inch long grips and small hand guards that don't seem to be of much use. Eric will more than usually grip them by the hand guard and stick the point through his fists to give his opponents something to worry about when they box against him. The weapon is commonly used for quick assassinations and giving devastating puncture wounds to unsuspecting people. He is capable of throwing them and using them as semi-long range weapons if need be. These were also blessed by his father to be unbreakable.

These items are stored in a capsule similar to the capsules on Dragon Ball Z. Eric invented them himself, though he can't create any more due to not being employed in Zauberei. Rather than being fitted on his belt and carried over his back, so he is capable of getting around in public.

Knuckle studs: Eric recieved these knuckles from a weapons dealer while traveling through Europe. He found the gloves with the octagon shaped studs, and his eyes were oddly attracted to them. He bought them without thinking twice and quickly slipped the leather fingerless gloves on. He later realized that the knuckles were apparently cursed with the power to feel as if they were white hot pieces of iron when pressed against human skin. What was strange about them was that they would only burn the skin of humans, and not any type of animal or any other material that would burn. He has yet to study them more and find out why they do what they do.

Earpiece: This earpiece is one of his inventions while working at the Zauberei weapons company. The earpiece is designed not to strengthen his hearing, but to give him what could be considered an "artificial telepathy". Giving him the ability to speak with individuals with his mind, though he is still not very good at it. The earpiece also gives out waves similar to a scrambler to his brain, making it more difficult for telepaths and telekinetics to harm him mentally with mind attacks of sorts. Also, though it hasn't been confirmed, Eric believes that telekinetic waves won't do as well against him unless they are a more powerful attack.

At his home in christchurch he has a plethora of different weapons, all in a secret basement. They are simple melee weapons along with a few different guns of sorts. And in the Zauberei weapons lab's storage room there are a few of his inventions. Though his employment was short-lived, there are a quite a few of them there.

Past affiliations] Started off as the weapons specialist with the weapons company "Zauberei X-Sphäre Technologies". Left the company when the leader seemed to go AWOL. Then joined the short-lived Iron Fist as a primary offense.
Biography] Mom died when he was twelve, dad dissapeared when he was around eighteen. Studied weaponry and blacksmithing his entire life from then on. Traveled a bit, learned how to fly and the like. Had a job at Zauberei that was somewhat short lived. During a weapons convention with that group, the supposed offensive leader, JB, had been planning a terrorist attack on the building. From there on he was attacked by them and a few others. One being Saoi, the so-called "pink ronin". He never learned much about her. But he has a hard time forgetting faces. Luckily he wasn't defeated there. Eric had joined the short lived clan known as "Iron Fist" as a primary offensive, but sadly the clan did very little before it folded. Later, he found out that the leader of Zauberei, Lina Haeden (whom he had a slight crush on when he met her) was said to be a demon when he spoke with his friend and co-leader Jack Hikok. She had apparently stolen a certain gem or something from Jack Hikok's arcane eye. Eric had a hard time dealing with the news he had been given, and decided to pretend he wasn't told about it and go about his day. He hadn't spoken to Jack since.

Eric, when in South Dakota shortly after meeting with Jack, was attempting to create a hand-held teleportation device, to get from one place to another when he was in a pinch during a fight. Though when he tested it for the first time, instead of going to where he wanted, he was transported to paris, france. There he met a priest known as Vicious Catanuma inside a weapons shop. Eric looked at the weapons in the shop and noticed serious flaws with the makes of the swords and such, seeing that they were display weapons in the combat-ready section. Vicious Catanuma had noticed Eric's knowledge with weapons and asked him for help with getting a high-quality sword. Eric then accepted the job of smithing his own custom sword for the priest. Eric wasn't actually asked to make the weapon, but rather he made the weapon anyways, because Eric had a slight of jealousy go over him because of the people that Vicious had trusted to make the weapon instead. Eric created the sword and delivered it to Vicious atop the eiffel tower. Where he supposedly battled someone, but Eric didn't care to find out.

Soon after, Eric recieved a phone call on his cellular phone. It was, of all people, his father. The man who had fallen from heaven, created Eric, and then dissapeared for unexplained reasons. He told Eric why he left, and what was going to happen. Ever since Eric's father had dissapeared, Eric had trouble coping, and strayed from the path of his baptist faith. His father told him to repent and become right with God once more, so he could recieve his "fully angelic body". In which, his father died. What the cause was, Eric wasn't told.

Kurai Megami
03-30-2007, 04:27 AM
Name: Kita Skrye
Alias: Kira Solace
Age: In earth years around 36
Race: Cerian
Origin: One of the Thirteen Realms that Border our own.
Gender: female
Appearance: Kita stands at about 5'8" and she has a strong build. She is lean but not thin, she has a good amount of muscle from head to toe. Though she still very feminine, instead of having a muscular look she has a very finished look. Her long hair helps contribute to this, it falls to her lower back and is light brown in color. Her eyes are a deep hazel and she has rather long lashes, which also pull to her feminine look. Though this is all thrown off a bit by the large scar that runs down over her right eye, it is healed nicely and is just a slight skin discoloration now, but it is obvious that it is a scar.

Marks or Tattoos: Kita is covered in scars though most of them are fading, they appear on her arms, legs, torso and back, and thus she keeps them covered. Also she has six "seals" which appear on her body. They are tattoos of a circle with a red eyed black dragon. They appear as follows: One is on her left shoulder blade, The second is on her left bicep, the third is on her right hip, the fourth on her left thigh, the fifth on her right wrist, and the sixth is on the back of her neck.

Place of residence: In an apartment in Hong Kong owned by Kurogiri Jin.

Attire: Kita in person isn't exactly what people would consider a spectacle. She doesn't draw the attention of the room, mostly because she doesn't want it. And her attire reflects it. She is usually seen in black slacks or a pair of jeans with this she usually pairs a T-shirt covered by a jacket or a long sleeved shirt. With this a simple pair of boots or tennis shoes usually finishes the attire. Around her neck she wears a dragon pendant and a ring on a simple chain.

Personality: Kita is a cold, stoic and distant. This is in a major part due to her past. She dislikes speaking to people and when she does is rather snippy or mean. Unless that person is a comrade. Then she can spare them a tone that is almost kind, but that is shrouded in distrust and unsurness. As far as enemies are concerned she shows them nothing less than a powerful rage, though she can remain calm in a battle situation, she is easily set off into fits of anger. This also applies to normal situations, people must watch what they say otherwise they might get an earful of anger. She dislikes people asking questions about the scar on her face, it brings back bad memories. Thus she will snap off at those who ask. Also she is well know for her sarcasm and will dish it out to just about any one. It is rare that she enters into a conversation but when she does she will do so with sarcasm.

For those who are lucky enough to get close to her and gain her undying trust she shows a little bit of kindness or as close as possible for her. She will leave out the sarcasm in their conversations and actually show some interest in them and their well being. When in battle she will stick up for people though, part of her old character showing through. After words she will give no reason or explanation for protecting the person, she will just bite their heads off for being stupid. But despite all of this, there is a glimmer of something kind and innocent in her eyes, something that has long been locked away due to cruelty and death. She has somewhat of a fear of getting close to people so she keeps her distance even to those she does trust.

Abilities and Powers: Kita follows a style that isn't known on this side, it is one that was passed down for generations in her family. The "Skrye Girtah Mvieleha Tsukarhe." or "Skrye Style of the Shadow Dragon" is her main style. This mostly consists of fluent movements creating combos of kicks and punches some what reminiscent of a hybrid between Xingyiquan and Taijutsu. In some of the forms it holds the same premise as Xingyiquan in that "The goal of the fighter is to reach the opponent quickly and drive powerfully through them in a single burst—", these forms come in handy when using a weapon such as a spear. And many of her offensive forms sprout from this side of the Skrye style. The defensive though takes a route very similar to the Taijutsu route in that it uses the body for defense. Though it does go much deeper than this, the body must become one fluid piece in these forms and one must have an intricate knowledge on how the spirit and the body are connected. Proper energy flow is essential to these forms as well as the rest of the style.

The big 'secret' of the Skrye Shadow Dragon style is the powers that come with it. These powers are derived from the seals and each of the powers that they unlock and what they represent. Thus a list of the seals and their function would be most effective before the powers can be fully understood.

Seal 1: (Left shoulder Blade) The eyes of the Dragon. This seal is essential to any combat and is a major reason why the left side of the body is so important in this style. When a dragon cannot see then they will just direct blind fury. When the eyes of the dragon are opened they can attack accurately.
Seal 2: (left bicep) This is the Strength of the Dragon. This is one the main reason that the left side is the more prominent side in her fighting style for this is where the dragon's strength lies. With out strength a dragon is an open target.
Seal 3: (Right Hip) This is the heart of the dragon. This is what keeps the dragon calm and gives it strength. For desires of the heart are always the strongest and the hardest to ignore.
Seal 4: (Left thigh): The Jaws of the Dragon. This is one of the main destructive tools of the dragon. The jaws can tear through any thing.
Seal 5: (Right wrist) The claws of the Dragon. This is another destructive tool of the dragon, they are made for scraping tearing and killing the enemy.
Seal 6: (The back of the neck) The Mind of the Dragon: This is the most important part, if the dragon has no brain who will it know who is friend or foe with out it? The mind unites all parts of the body turning it into a fluid killing machine.

The seals are the key to all of the power that Kita possesses. By unlocking a seal she can access more and more of the power, and the more seals that she unlocks the more danger she becomes to the enemy. For when the final seal is unlocked the dragon comes out.
As each of the seals is unlocked more of the dragon can be seen. Example when she Eyes of the Dragon is unlocked two red glowing eyes can be seen hovering in the shadows behind Kita.
As she uses more power more of a shadow appears around her. In general the area will start to darken before the beast appears and consumes the summoner turning it into it's weapon. When the Dragon comes out people will notice that their shadow becomes rebellious and breaks free joining the best.
Now when the mind gate along with the heart gate are opened shadows can be loosely controlled though with out destructive abilities. Now when those two gates are combined with the jaws or the claws of the dragon they gain destructive abilities. Meaning they can cause physical damage to people.
Now when the strength of the dragon is unlocked Kita is given a boost of strength and when this is combines with Jaws of the dragon she is able to summon a dark flame that is effective against most targets.

Kurai Megami
03-30-2007, 04:29 AM
Possessions: Kita possesses very little just her pendant and gauntlets that were given to her by her older brother. When used correctly shadow energy can be channeled through them and blades will be formed coming off the side curving slightly towards the outside of her arms.

Bio:((I am Summarizing a lot of info up very quickly so it won't sound GREAT but if I put up the full bio it will take up two to three posts. XD))
Kita Hails from a family that once protected the realm from other realmly invaders. Though one of her Fore-fathers decided to leave the business of protection and adbandon his style and teachings for a more simple life. Thus he moved to the country and started a family. A village (Kihacour) sprouted around him as well as an Orchard, giving birth to the place that Kita would born in. Though even before her birth Omens of her place in history were showing, her family's first born son Mihare disappeared into the night with a 'distant cousin'. Her parents though devistated did have more children, in fact two came before Kita.

When Kita was four a man from another realm appeared and with strange powers began a reign of terror on the land. Though for four years this terror was mere rumors saying that the man was going to wipe out all Cerians. but that all changed when soldiers came into the town and ordered all men out into the street. Kita's father and her eldest brother Akiel were herded into the street, then killed for conspiring against the new ruler, though that wasn't true. Kita, her mother and her two brothers were scarred and scared though they had no where else to go so were forced to stay in the village.

When Kita was ten her brother Mihare returned to the village only to convince his mother to allow him to take Kita away. When the woman agreed she gave Kita a pendant that had belonged to her father, then kissed the girl goodbye. Kita lived the next six years in daily training, in the mountains with her brother and "a distant cousin." After her training was considered complete she went to see her family, only to find her village destroyed. Vowing revenge she joined the rebellion. After three long years of fighting in the Rebellion the man from the other realm was dispelled into the void. But instead of being a celebrated Hero Kita was cast out with the other Cerians she had fought with.

They were exiled to a town, where Kita lived in a looming tower with her comrades. In the coming years she became lovers with one of them Ginji Sehaver, and they lived a blissful eight years together until Ginji was killed in an attack while he was out getting food. Being dealt the last blow she could handle Kita began to wander the land trying to find a place that she belonged only to be cast out left and right. Finally she came to the ancient Realm port, the that her ancestors protected. After months of trying she activated it and ended up on Earth. She was taken in by a kind woman, and was slowly taught English. After she fully grasped the knowledge Kita went out to live on her own, and hopefully make a new life for herself in this Realm.

Current Threads: None yet but I will make an intro thread soon.

C/G Involvement: The leader of the VII (VII of VII)

04-03-2007, 03:30 PM
Name: Arthur Oliver Podd
Alias: Pest
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 145 Pounds

History: Not much is known of Pest before his powers awoke. He grew up Arthur Oliver Podd, the son of a world renowned Entomologist and spent a majority of his young life traveling around the world with his father. It was on one of these trips abroad that Arthur’s powers emerged. Arthur’s father had journeyed into the dense African jungles in search of a rare insect, leaving Arthur at the camp to entertain himself. Near nightfall, Arthur was sitting around a small campfire and noticed a rather odd looking insect creeping towards the warmth. Wanting to impress his father, Arthur tried to scoop the bug into a jar; however, the insect bit Arthur and leapt away. Within seconds, Arthur’s skin became pallid and clammy and the boy began to sweat profusely. After a few minutes of gasping for air, Arthur passed out.

Upon waking, the area where the insect had bitten Arthur had hardened into a rigid onyx surface. The venom of the insect that bit Arthur had been expelled from the boy’s flesh. Spontaneous emergence of Arthur’s intrinsic mutant abilities had saved the boy from the fatal bite. However, his father never returned from the African jungles. Is father’s guide was brought back to the camp, held captive by a group of African rebels. The rebels pillaged the research camp and took the guide and Arthur as prisoners.

Details became sketchy at this point, as the next account of the man formerly known as Arthur is picked up in his early twenties. He now worked as a mercenary in eastern Africa by the moniker “Pest”, profiteering off the bloody wars in the region. Allied presence and international agencies eventually pushed Pest out of Africa. He assumed a fake identity and moved to the United States where he would find work as a drug runner and assassin for hire. Pest’s work has created distinct connections within the black market and world of clans and guilds. As his thirst for material goods increases, so does the level of infamy he would commit himself to.

Physical Description: Pest is somewhat short and possesses a slender build; ideal for agility and acrobatic maneuvers. One would never suspect Pest to be a mutant if he were to be seen in public as he dressed in simple civilian clothes and kept his medium hair at a medium length. The only thing suspicious about Pest is his wary eyes, always flickering to and fro in search of danger.

Weapons: Pest carries an assortment of throwing knifes within his jacket.

Special Abilities: Pest has the unique ability to cover all or part of his body in a thick and durable exoskeleton. To do so, Pest secretes droplets of a green liquid from the pores of his skin which quickly hardens into a brownish-green armor of high-strength chitin. Pest's strange mutation gave him the preternatural strength and senses; particularly the ability to switch between normal vision and what Pest calls "Bug Vision", which is actually a complicated compound eye that can detect minute movements, variations in heat, and visible light waves.

In addition, Pest can sprout appendages that one would only find on an insect or arachnid. For example, Pest can transform his normal arms into scorpion-like pincers or sprout a pair of insectoid wings from his shoulder blades. Pest is able to create these body parts either externally or internally (such as creating a spider-like venom sack within his body) and can these body parts are created in a relatively short amount of time depending on the complexity of the creation. This ability comes in handy for getting around undetected and tracking down victims.

Current Threads:
-None; Message me to get something started.-

04-05-2007, 11:55 AM
Name: Dianne Wilburn.
Age: 54.
Gender: Female.

Appearance: Tall, slender, dyed brown hair.

Link to a thread s/he is in: The Longevity Vaccine: First Public Release (open)

Anything major spark the idea for said character?: Wife of Tom Wilburn, one of the researchers.

Basic storyline, if any: They made a 'magic potion' to make people younger.

Brief bio: Wife of Tom Wilburn, they have one son- 29 years old, named Josh.
She loves her husband very much.

04-05-2007, 03:05 PM


{DOB: APR.23}


{Height: 5'9"}

{Weight: 120.5 LBS.}



{Eye Color: TOPAZ}

{Blood Type: AB}


{Place of Residence: WASHINGTON, D.C.}

{Brief History: ` Fascination with necromancy bloomed while walking through cemetaries on the way home.

` No influence from parents.

` Buried herself in volumes of the undead and animating texts.

` As she grew older, she began applying what she taught herself.

` Bitten at age 19.

` Peculiarly, her change from human to vampire had no affect on her animating abilities.

` Started Animators, Inc. on her own as a private business.}

{Skills: ` DIPLOMACY





{Weapons: ` TWO 9 x 13 MM. HI-POWER BROWNINGS





{Participating In: PANDORA'S BOX (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=67533),
THIRD ANNUAL ST. VALENTINE'S DAY MASQUERADE (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=67575),WELCOME TO ANIMATORS, INC. PLEASE KEEP OFF THE GRASS (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=66069)}

04-12-2007, 11:46 PM
General Info-

Name: Venice Privette.
Alias: Vinny.
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human-esque.
Nationality: Sicilian.

Hair: Peroxide silver.
Eyes: Brown.
Physique: Petite (5'2")
Build: Slender (104 lbs)

Quirks? Napoleonic complex.
Worst trait: Pride.
Drive: Self-discovery. (Not really, but it sounds nice and liberal, doesn't it?)

Special power(s): Unnaturally sharp eyesight. Annoying Calcutta.
Acquired skills: Basic med training, limited bio-warfare expertise.
Weaknesses: Sensitive to temperature.

04-13-2007, 12:27 AM
Character Name: Typheus Orikoma

Age: 45, but has appearance of 21

Link to a thread he is in: http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=68907

Basic storyline: After acquiring his true body within his own universe, he went out in a rage against the Darklings, those composed of those who are hateful spiteful beings, and unleashed an explosion that destroyed all of the Darklings, however, he opened up a rift through his large energy emissions and was sucked into it. As he fell, he could see the face of a man who looked just like him, except seemed more of a Darkling than anything else.

He powers were lost to him and only a small fraction remained over the power of light. He now travels to multiple universes, trying to find a way to get back to his own universe and destroy the evil him.

Brief Description: Has black medium length spiky hair like Goku's except not nearly as pronounced. His face looks solid and slightly gaunt and full of experience in war. His clothes are all silvery white, such as his pants, shirt, shoes, and even his trench coat. He dawned these garments when he acquired his true body as an icon of his motives to restore light.

He is 6'2" and has a medium muscular build.

04-13-2007, 07:29 PM
General Info-

Name: cal (...cutta) privette.
Alias: shut up. :[. cut, cutter, calculator...
Age: 22
Gender: female
Race: homo sapien.
Nationality: who the hell knows.


Hair: black.
Eyes: brown, light.
Physique: petite (5'2")
Build: skinny/skips meals when she's tired, or can't afford anything (99 lbs)


Quirks? shamelessness.
Worst trait: anger.
Drive: she's just there to make Venice's life hell.


Special power(s): nothing, really. just a crazy kind of instinct.
Acquired skills: she can dish out some hand-to-hand. she can pull triggers. she can drive hippie vans. she can down vodka like nobody's business.
Weaknesses: wtf @ magical powarz.

04-17-2007, 08:06 PM
Name: Hector Valmont

Clan Affiliation: N/A , but subject to change

Alias: Wild Arm Valmont
Age: 18
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
hair color/style: Brown, cut average-medium length
Eyes: Green
Build: medium, but wiry.

Weapons: Relies mostly on his martial arts abilities and the tremendous yet whimsical powers of the “Wild Arm” however unreliable it currently is.

Distinguishing features: Has a Strange series of yellow “Markings” along his Right Arm that travel all the way up to his shoulder. Also has a strange, circular birthmark on the back of his left hand, almost like that of a rune.

Description: Hector, in person, is rather unremarkable in most aspects. His simple haircut, Wiry build and monotonous black school uniform make Hector rather unremarkable in most aspects. The only thing that really sticks out about him is his rectangular-framed glasses, which are about the only stylish thing about

All in all, Hector seems like someone who might blend into a group quite easily, and is somewhat of a social ghost.

Personality: Hector is a very shy and cautious individual, who doesn’t often go out of his way to meet new people. Somewhat self-centered, Lacking confidence and is chronically under the belief that he cannot win, Hector is prone to brooding on a regular basis.

Hector has somewhat of a grudge against society in general. He perceives the general populace as “Self-serving, greedy, hypocrites who’s behavior reflects savage animals more then intellectual beings”. Because of this, he tends to shy away from helping others on a regular basis, instead preferring to assist only if he sees a tangible benefit to him, or for some other more personal reason (such as an infatuation, of sorts, in the case of a woman).

However; below this dark exterior is an individual capable of a great many things, blessed with natural talent (and decent looks). Because of this, on rare occasions Hectors depressed exterior may give way to a more confident, braver person ready to fight for what he believes is right, no matter how idealistic it is (though, at the moment, he hasn’t quite found out why he even needs to fight in the first place).

Hectors major weakness is also, however, that he is prone to be rather fickle, and prone to "flights of fancy". Hector also is VERY easily persuaded by the opposite sex, and can be manipulated easily if you can get past his shyness and gain his trust.

The advantage to his shyness and quite nature, however, is that he is blessed with an almost sixth-sense nature of danger. While this makes Hector able to react much quicker to attacks in some cases, it also makes him very easy to startle when his sixth-sense of danger is not working up to par.

Abilities and Powers: Hector is gifted with a large array of abilities and gifts that he has barely any understanding of beyond knowing its source: a powerful entity inside his body known as the Wild Arm, a powerful spiritual and dimensional entity.

That being said, the powers of the Wild Arm are, even in Hectors untrained and unrefined state, Remarkable to say the least.

Hector is much more powerful then his age and appearance would suggest. His speed, power, strength, stamina make him able to fight with tremendous power and ability, despite his wavering confidence and synchronization with the Wild Arm. Although he is inherently strong, Hector seems to only be able to tap into his true talents and abilities when really pushed, almost as if he and the wild arm have such poor synchronization due to his lack of focus that he can’t even use it effectively.

Perhaps Hector’s most surprising talent lies in his hand-to-hand skill. Although he has never taken any form of martial art, his combat ability in this area seems to be extraordinary, his reflexes and abilities far exceeding that of most humans.

Possessions: Hectors most valuable possession (and perhaps a source of power in the future) is a small, strange book known only as "Alf Layla wa-Layla". it is a mysterious book left to him by his dead mother that seemingly has an infinite number of pages, as, from start to finish, every time he turns the page he is on a different numbered page (the lowest page number digits that Hector has witnessed is three digits, while the highest is up to ten digits long...) this seemingly infinite book seems to never stop having the ability to flip the page unless you snap the book shut. Also, every page seems to be written in various languages backwards. Oddly enough, Hector seems to be able to translate these pages perfectly...yet all the words inside the book are even out of order, lacking meaning and reason.

What is the dark and sinister nature of this book, and what secrets and power does it hold?

Bio: Hectors past is somewhat of an enigma, as it is something he very rarely speaks of. Born into a family that consisted of him, his mother, and his older brother, he has no knowledge of having a father (not that it mattered to him, as he believes that his father was "A worthless drunk.).At the age of 9, however, his life completely changed when his mother was murdered by what is believed to be a gang murder.

The past nine years of hectors life, however, are not clearly elaborated in any record or account, though it is believed that he was raised by his older brother for some time before his life, too, was snuffed out by what appeared to be another "gang" hit.

since then, however, hector has somehow managed to make it through life (and school) on his own, existing as a sort of "emancipated" child that lives in his own apartment somewhere in Asia, though Hector is rumored to travel on his own all over the world.

His job aside from school is a very different experience to speak of: he is known to be a computer genius, and spends a great deal of his free time making money through one of those "work at home" jobs. some say he is lazy, though the truth is he is extremely anti-social and rarely leaves his apartment complex to do little more then shop, exercise, and do various other essential tasks.

When it comes to combat Hector, while powerful, is nonetheless extremely inexperienced and unrefined in his abilities. This can most likely be explained by the fact that he has chosen to neglect in raising these abilities and instead only uses them to his own benefit. (IE: the occasional beating up of a bully or someone stupid enough to try to mug him.) Hector is mostly self-serving, as he has never really had an effective relationship or reason to help others beyond a simple instinct to do so.

In a sense, one could view Hector as a sort of “Diamond in the rough”. While he does have the potential to become a brave-hearted hero one day, he has the equal potential to become black-hearted evil as well due to his solitary, unfulfilled and somewhat sour disposition. What he will become may not be just his decision, but the decision of others who choose to interact with him and offer him paths down what they see fit.

04-24-2007, 03:45 PM
Name: Allen Mercury
Age: 18
Physical Description: A tall and slender youth of massive maxillary muscles. His eyes are keen and full of mischief, and coupled with his physique, equals an adventurer for whatever destiny. If presented in a tome, this teenage who is not yet an adult yet too large for a boy, would be a young Don Quixote.

Mental: Very idealistic and believes in the values of heroism + chivalry, independent of already existing honor codes. On the flip side, his mind is buttressed with offensive humor and a very active liking towards women folk. It isn't sexual lust but instead a simple puppy love - though deep down he hides the longing for a faraway childhood sweetheart.

Weapons/Abilities: Like Aramis, he had one sword fighting lesson every Sunday for the last ten years of his life under an elderly uncle. Secondly, he's a soldier and adventurer, designed to survive the world's perils with a laugh afterwards.

His two gear includes:

-An Eyetap Heads Up Display. Allows him to communicate with anyone who can receive his electronic communiques. It also presents to him an animate map of life signals in relative distance to himself, allowing him to capitalize on this extra dimension of information for tactical advantage.

-A Gunblade. From FF8. 'Cause it looks awesome.

OOC trivial info:

Allen Mercury is based on two people - an intelligent girl I knew in highschool (named Allyn) and Freddy Mercury, the singer for Queen.

I still don't know what a Gunblade does other than it's function as a vibro sword. I have never really finished playing FF8...

04-25-2007, 08:54 PM
Character Name: Kylr Avery
Link to a thread he is in: The Guardian Hall (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=69229)

Anything major spark the idea for said character?: When all of my friends were playing with toy swords, I got a magical wooden stick of doom and shot fireballs at them. After awhile I turned that into a character for roleplay.

Bio: Kylr lived in a small village for most of his childhood. At about the age of 11, he met an old hermit. He started to visit this hermit (whose name was Xion) every day. Xion new all sorts of magic and such, even teaching Kylr a few things. Kylr did not tell his parents, as they disapproved of anything they did not understand. One morning Kylr's father found out about their meetings, and ordered Kylr never to see the hermit again. He obeyed.

Then the bandits came. They killed his father and mother, stealing all of their belongings. Just as they were to escape, Xion stood in there way. Xion used his magic to defeat the bandits, and Kylr has been his apprentice ever since. He has recently become a full wizard.

04-25-2007, 11:38 PM
Name: Drak Lorithilia (Draconic for "Dragon Mage")

Age: 1800 (18 in dragon years)

Gender: Male

Special Abilities: There are four spirits of acient dragons that dweel inside of him. He can summon them at will to take control of his body. He can speak to them and does so frequently.

Appearance: Drak has dark-red skin. He has long black hair that falls messily over his shoulders. He has blood-red eyes. He has ears like an Elf's. He has fangs, though they are not as prominent as a Vampyres. He has two draconic wings that are the same colour as his skin. His wingspan is 15 feet. He has clawed hands and feet.

Bio: Drak has dwelled in the Dragon Realm for over 1700 years. He was born there as a Dragoran and has been sent by the great dragon queen to survey the lands west of their territory.

Link to thread he is in: The Guardian Hall (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=69229)

Anything major spark the idea for said character?: I have always been fascinated by Dragons. I am a fantasy author and have created my own race, the Dragorans, and decided I would roleplay them. I like how this one worked out.

K´ Dash
04-27-2007, 01:03 AM
LANDmate Specs:
Model Name: Raion
Model Type: GUGES-D
Manufacturer: NERV
Pilot: K’ Dash
Accommodation: Pilot only
Head Height: 3.5 feet
Body Height: 6.8 feet
Leg Height: 9.2 feet
Apprx. Weight: 4.17 metric tons
Color: Varies
Construct Purpose: Extraction/Combat
Propulsion: Concentrated Fusion
Mounted Armament: L shoulder 240mm grenade launcher
Pilot System: Mental-feed
Thrusters: Anti-Gravity conductor
Core Generator: ???
Input & Visual Specs: Computer Link, Broad Spectrum, Thermal Optics, Light Amp, Weapons Link, Magnification, Camera, Radar, Optical Extension, Pilot sensory Seat
Modifications: Pius-R3700 “AT Field” transferor
Ground Speed: 80mph
Flight Speed: 250mph

Fixed Utilities:
Left shoulder, Radar Antenna
Effective Range: 700 meters

Left shoulder, Grenade Launcher
Type: High Velocity
Caliber: 240mm
Capacity: 15 rounds

Right shoulder, Radar Antenna
Effective Range: 700 meters

Hand-held Armament:
S-Carbine Machinegun: Conventional squad-level machine-gun used to mow down infantry.
Slug: Slug
Caliber: 17.5mm
Rate of fire: 700 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity: 500 ammo cartridge
Effective range: 40 meters

XM80 Rifle: Extremely effective long range rifle, efficient against high armor.
Type: Slug
Caliber: 30.7mm
Rate of fire: 10 rounds per minute
Effective Range: 800 meters
Attributes: Armor Piercing, Impact Detonation

04-28-2007, 02:43 PM
Name: Gao-Sung
Age: 70 yrs old/23 yrs old
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: Sharp angular features adores his old yet vital face which is often found having a brooding expression. He looks more or less to be in his 70s. Along with that he has long white beard(but no mustache) that goes down to the upper area of his chest but other than that he is bald. His clothing consists of a long red oriental but pattern-less robe that goes down to his shin where it is evident that he wears a pair of white shaolin pants underneath the robe. His built is what one would expect from an old man, lanky. Yet he emits a sense of vitality.

In his young form the beard is gone as well as the rinkles. His straight black hair in this form is ear-length. His built becomes slightly larger due to the natural physical differences between young and old people.

Item: An amulet that allows him to collect the souls of dead warriors and store it in the amulet. But the most useful thing about this amulet which is well hidden under his clothes, in the chest area, is that it allows him to shift between his old and young form. However he can only shift 3 times a day. It has granted him immortality as in that he lives forever, unless he's killed. But as long as he's not killed he lives forever.


Old form

Fuurai Jukkyoku Ken

An ancient technique he has spent nearly all his life cultivating is the ability to hurl out cutting winds that visually manifests itself as thin red beams sprouting from his fingers. But the visibility of the thin red beams only lasts for a few milliseconds. One who gets cut by one of Ku's cutting wind attack would experience the aproximately the same effects as a shallow knife cut. But imagine a barrage of of these cutting winds. It would peel away at the skin. Repeated exposure to a barrage of this ability would eventually render the skin and flesh apart. When it comes to non-organic materials there's not much difference, he can render armors to shreds in the same way.

Groundward levitation is his second and more passive capability. He can levitate about 10 cm above the ground and basically move without having to use his feet. Often giving him little reason to worry about the terrain.

In regards to his physical state, he still retains the passive Suichou ken ability and his quickness although that's about the only thing. Otherwise, his physical defense and strength is greatly inferior to his young form.

Young form

Being physically stronger and more vital in this form he is able to utilize his complete mastery of the the deadly art of Nanto Seiken that allows him to to cut with his hands as sharply as knives. It involves Sun being able to wield his hands like sharp knives. With his Nanto Seiken style, he can slash, slice and stab with his hands and legs as if they were sharp blades. He can move swift like a wind in his young form.

Brief description of the 5 strongest branches of the Nanto-Seiken that Gao uses.

Nanto Koshu Ken (South Dipper Lone Eagle Fist)

The most basic style of the martial art. It involves him cutting and stabbing with his hands like they were sharp knives, as described above.

Nanto Suichō Ken (South Dipper Swan Fist)

This one is more of a passive ability. As Gao trained to master this style he quickly realized that the offensive aspects were of no use in a real fight. What he discovered however was the focus it had on smooth graceful movements like a Swan. He discovered that it was very useful for evasive maneuvers and thus incorporated it as a basic pillar of his fighting style. Using the skills he had gained from this style he is very adept at dodging and evading various threats.

Nanto Kokaku Ken (South Dipper Crimson Crane Fist)

It focuses mainly on vertical attacks that attacks from across a distance. He can lash forth groundward gusts of cutting winds when using this style.

Nanto Hakuro Ken (South Dipper White Heron Fist)

This is largely a kick-based style where he makes use of his legs and feet to slash at his opponent.

Nanto Ho'o Ken (South Dipper Phoenix Fist)

In terms of offense this one is the most powerful of them all and Gao-Sung rarely uses this style of the Nanto seiken. This does not involve any defense whatsoever, this is based 100% on offensive power and does not use any stance. Because of this fact, he is 60 % more vulnerable to physical traumas as in, he is more frail in return when activating this style. Any attacks that connect against him does alot more damage than it'd usually do. This style is something that has to be activated where Gao is in some sort of mode due to the alteration that comes with it. Basically, cuts caused by Sung in this state causes nearly instant and heavy bloodloss which considerably weakens the victim. In this state Gao can easily cut through armors and other durable materials.

To draw an analogy here, the other Nanto styles are like razor blades whilst this one is like a razor meat cleaver.

I got the story in my head, hopefully I'll find the time and energy to type it up.

04-30-2007, 01:16 PM
Name: Mr. Crowley.
Aliases: Crow.
Age: Late thirties.
Height: 5’12”
Profession: Unknown.
Connections: FBI, CIA, redundant PC cells, various private organizations.
Weapon of Choice: Beretta 92, standard model.

Personality: Getting to know him is like trying to catch smoke.

- Average build, perhaps a little thin.
- Neat, clear-cut black hair of moderate length.
- Defined, rectangular features.
- Never without a suit.
- Wears a wiry pair of rectangular glasses.
- Has the formless, interchangeable air of a man who is easily forgotten, only enhanced by the shape-clouding clothing he wears.

- Mr. Crowley is a phasic posthuman, capable of altering his own tangibility to suit his immediate needs. He is competent enough to achieve selective phasing, allowing him to manipulate physical objects whilst partially intangible.
- When ‘phasing’ through sentient creatures, he causes disorientation and sickness, often resulting in a blackout if the intrusion is anywhere above the abdomen. This phasic touch also seems to temporarily jar a posthuman’s ability to synchronize with their abilities, rendering them momentarily powerless.

04-30-2007, 06:13 PM

username: rpgchat _
password: ●●●●●●●● _


Personal Information

Name: Chayot Hakodeh
Known Alias: ‘Chai’, ‘Hako’
Age: 2o
Height: 6’o’’
Weight: 175 Lbs
Nationality: NERV
Profession: Pilot
SS #: ***-**-3359

Registered Machinery

Model Name: Chaioth Ha Qadesh
Model Type: KRSK – Hybrid
Manufacturer: NERV
Pilot: Chayot Hakodeh
Accommodations: Pilot + 2
Head Height: 7”
Body Height: 13.6”
Leg Height: 18.4”
Apprx. Weight: 1o metric tons
Color: Varies – standard is white
Construct Purpose: Mid-range, anti- air & missile, combat
Propulsion: Magnetic-Plasma Fusion
Mounted Armament: L shoulder E-based flak cannon, R shoulder E-based shield
Pilot System: Full Manual
Thrusters: Plasma-based conducts
Core Generator: IMPERALIS i36
Input & Visual Specs: Computer link, SYNC dividers, Manual override, Magnification, Cross-com, Radar, Camera, MP3 player
Modifications: BULNOS exhaust system located on L & R forearms, EXT booster chassis, limiter removal switch.

Ground speed: 75 mph
Flight speed: 25o mph
Impulse boost: 75o mph
Over boost w/o extensions: 1o1omph
Over boost w/ extensions: 2ooomph
MAX Over boost time: 12o mins (following cool down rate of 3o mins)
Fixed Utilities:

L shoulder, Flak Cannon
Type: Energy-based
Temperature: exceeding 3ooo degrees
Pressure: 1 ton
E-Consumption: 35% of available reserves
Rate of fire: 2rds/min
Cool down rate: 15 mins

R shoulder, E-Shield
Type: Energy-based
Effectiveness against:

Energy-based: 80-100%
Shell –based (dependant on velocity) AVG: 46.5-77%
E-Consumption: 40% of available reserves/minute

Hand-held Armaments:

JYMX-4 prototype: A tri-barreled rifle hosting congruent firing modes: single, burst and full-auto. Each barrel is catered to the needs of it’s respective firing mode, to reduce wear and margin of error on the gun’s behalf.
Caliber: 19.5mm
Rate of fire: 1200 rounds per min on full auto
Capacity: 700 rounds
Effective range: 120 meters on single

COCOA: A disposable amplifier often used in refining mako and other volatile energies into usable sources. This tool, is used to not only aim, but magnify the machines produced energy into a ghastly beam.
Type: Energy-based
Rate of fire: 1 per 60 mins
Cool down rate: 90 mins
Capacity: infinite
Effective Range: 80 meters

Holland Novak
05-05-2007, 06:12 PM
The Keeper.

Demeanor: CELEBRANT.
Generation: TENTH.

Physical: AVERAGE.



05-12-2007, 01:22 AM

Atlant - NESTS Orbital Headquarters (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=56326)
Meeting - Ixchel and Reno (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=56510)

Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Previous experience in field: N.E.S.T.S Only.
Blood Type: O Negative


Having known Igniz for years, Ixchel fought alongside the man during the assasination of the former N.E.S.T.S president. Previously Igniz's PA and rumoured to be his lover, he is the only one who is informed of her past. When it comes to public knowledge, virtually nothing about her is known, information so scarce that it leaves far-fetched theories. Some have actually deemed her an android; others, a woman beneath Igniz's brainwashing.

In terms of abilities, Ixchel not only provides another member for the offense, but she is also a healer. Like her past, not much information can be found pertaining to her healing skills.

Her personality leaves much room for speculation. While she appears both polite and intelligent, she is also extremely quiet and cold. She is both frank and cruel, skeptical yet able to take orders, ruthless yet willing to give her life. Her undying loyalty to Igniz seems to clash with her personal philosophies at times, but Ixchel somehow manages to make sense of her contradictions.


As the Atlant fell, so did Igniz and Ixchel. The two remain seperated, Ixchel uncertain of whether or not Igniz is dead. Ixchel herself remains in an undisclosed location on planet Earth.

Her history from the fall of the Atlant is a mystery. There were speculations among the crew that she had given birth to a male child, however nothing is certain, and files about her are still void. The only male child associated with her was affirmed to be a non-human creation of the Atlant Lab. Presently, she seeks Igniz and this child.

Johnny Phoenix
05-24-2007, 07:34 PM
Johnny Phoenix, Alias: Phoenix

ALOT (jk, Male)

1 month old (AFTER DEATH), 27 Years and 1 Month


257 lbs

Physical Attributes:
Same clothing, Hair Length, and Hair Colour as my profile. Johnny does, however look like someone who had just woken up from a long sleep. He has hollowed cheeks, and a pointed chin. A red outline surrounded his hazel eyes. However this red outline had depth and was very dark. He is also very uber hot.

Primary Weapons:
Same design as the sword in my profile picture. It is made out of metal alloys that were able to pierce through other metals, and things like diamonds. It was very durable, and it never rusts. He always carries a Phobos Gun, and uses its primary bullets, known as the Phobos bullets. The Phobos gun is similar to the gun Hellsing started off with. The difference was that it was selective, meaning that it could be full auto, semi auto, or burst. The bullets would explode upon impact with bones, leaving craters in ones body. It was sufficient enough for massive blood loss, and destroying some vital organs.

Phoenix is abnormally strong and speedy. His top speed is currently not known, but it would be around 50 km/h. That is with constant acceleration. He has amazingly quick reflexes, and thus was able to think effectively on his feet.

Phoenix Flame:
A flame which he had not been able to achieve until after his death. This flame was primarily a use to heal heavy wounds effectively, but do to the change in status, the flame is now a high-level flame used for offensive moves.

Divine Protection:
As a Knight of the Void, Phoenix has now a defense which nullifies anything that would harm him without physical contact. This meant that others could only kill him through physical means.


05-28-2007, 10:30 AM
MJOLNIR Mark VI – Beta

Building off the monumental advancements of the Mark IV and Mark V, the Mark VI now includes a multitude of auxillary attachments, including (but not limited to): Closed circuit to live video feeds, the revolutionary cross-com technology and better self sustaining nano-based technology. The Mark VI is also cost effective—the armor simply consisting of tempered ceramics and Kevlar, with metallic plates along the sensitive joints. This sudden change in composition leaves the armor better suited for confrontations in high gravity situations. There is an optional full metal style, as well.


Additional Height—1 ½ feet
Additional Weight—120 lbs
Shield MAX recharge (from critical)—105 seconds
SMARTLINK accuracy—96.3%
Radar accuracy— 100%/2 second lag
MAX dead lift—728 lbs

Results of SPARTAN-II Project:

Active Duty—

*[All statistics beyond this bracket are without the MJOLNIR Mark VI – Beta]

Height —6’1’’
Weight—205 lbs

Alexis Mikhail
05-29-2007, 01:54 PM
Name: Alexis Mikhailovna
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Nationality: Russian
Clan: The Sleepers
Role: Sniper
Gun: Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova (SVD)
Cartridge: 7.62 x 54 mm R
Action: Gas Operated
Effective Range: 600 m standard, 1300 m 7N1 ammunition, 3000 m max
Abilities: Supernatural sense of hearing and vision
Biography: Little is known about Alexis, other than her parents being direct descendants of Lyudmila Pavlichenko, one of the greatest female snipers of World War II.

06-09-2007, 07:41 PM
Ray Lanark

-is 21

-has pale skin, dim freckles, bright blue eyes, short black hair
-and is often found shirtless, with nothing but long, beige cargo shorts and black sandals

-he's equipped with a couple knives, and his own two fists

-and can use cytokenisis at different intensities, and everywhere on his body

-he just happens to be entirely comprised of stem cells
-and, in fact, his stem cells are free to be used however he sees fit

06-12-2007, 05:44 PM
Name: Dinet Twilight
Age: Unknown (last figured around 5,920)
Race: Unseelie Faerie
Class: Necroscope (person who befriends the dead and uses necromaner style powers and abilities)
Height: 7ft5
Weight: 340 lbs (80 percent muscle:
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Orange
Alignment: Chaotic Good (has his own perception of what good and evil is and does good by his own beliefs.)
Nationality: Celtic Underworld
Blood Type: O-
Gender: Male
Theme Song: World through my fateless eyes by Lost Horizon
Motto: May my friends always be blessed while my enemies always be cursed.
God(s): Morrigan
Apperance: Dinet is seven foot five with raven black hair that flows down his back and over his shoulders to his waist, which he wears in a loose pony-tail. Bright orange eyes pierce all that they come in contact with. And snow-white skin. Black faerie wings extend out of his back to about fifteen feet long. He wears black combat boots made of black dragon hide with black diamond forged body armor that covers all his body except for wings and head with dragon hid gloves.

Biography: Dinet was a Dark Knight that served dark Gods in the underworld. He left upon falling in love with Silvia who was one of the co-leaders of the Rebellious Uprising. Due to the death of his best friend (who was the other co-leader) Dinet left the group to go his own way and to find himself. After fighting in three wars in the Spectral Planes, Dinet finds himself back where he started.

Main Weapon: Strife: A nine and a half foot long gothic broadsword that curves like a katana. The handle is made of onyx while the blade is made of a dark crimson ruby. At the end of the handle is a skull of an archangel during his service in the underworld.
Secondary Weapon: Rebellion: a three and a half foot long katana given to him by Dinet’s best friend upon death. The handle is made of dark oak and has archaic runes on it while the blade is made of silver and has a black star painted on it.

Magic: Necromancy, elemental

Natural Abilities: Empathy, teleportation, talk to plants and animals, speak Gaelic, english and Dead Speak.

06-12-2007, 06:04 PM
[Name]: n/a.

[Alias]: Goes by "The holy ninja" or "no name".

[Age]: Unsure but by the look of his face he's 17-21

[Race]: Something more holy than a human but not as holy as an angel. But nobody is entirely sure.

[Class]: Ninja.

[Loyalty]: Nobody, but is looking for a holy order to place himself in.

[History]: A boy forced to be devout to killing. Taught ninjutsu at a young age, soon to become a master of espionage and assassination techniques, along with how to make explosives, use weapons and more. His mindset was always pacifist, but he couldn't control his destiny. Therefore he had to fight. He hated fighting ever since the first time he was the reason someone shed blood. He went through his life working as an assassin for various parties, only to earn money for home and food. He realized that he didn't have to kill whomever one wished to die though, so he attempted to join a team of people who fought for moral reasons rather than through revenge and anger. He has yet to find a place that he can accept.

This boy, though never owned by his actual parents (his parents disowned him, where he was later adopted by a band of mercenaries who taught him everything he knew), was really what is considered a "holy child". Born every one in one million children. Literally. Though not another Jesus, he himself is gifted with holy features. Such as extra sense of morality, and justice. He was always extremely unbiased and humble. With training, he could control his holiness to perform supernaturalities. Depending on how he was trained, determines what he can do.

[Description]: His appearance is that of a young, handsome japanese boy. Though he is not of japanese ethnicity. His eyes are brown and his hair is black. He has a poker face, but his smile is bright and radiant. Giving people a sense of comfort and security. He stands at a height of five feet and nine or ten inches. He has a very well-toned physique, with an athletic appearance, not overly bulky. He can do amazing feats, such as a running long jump going ten feet, and hopping ten feet into the air. He wears the normal black ninja outfit, covering all but his eyes. Along with soft-bottomed tabi boots to prevent him from being heard. Also, a ninja-ken is on his back at all times.

[Abilities]: Through expert training since a very young age he became an expert of the following:

Seishin-teki kyôyô (spiritual refinement)
Taijutsu (unarmed combat, using one's body as the only weapon)
Kenjutsu (sword fighting)
Bôjutsu (stick and staff fighting)
Shurikenjutsu (throwing blades)
Sôjutsu (spear fighting)
Naginatajutsu (naginata fighting)
Kusarigamajutsu (chain and sickle weapon)*
Kayakujutsu (pyrotechnics and explosives)
Hensôjutsu (disguise & impersonation)*
Shinobi-iri (stealth and entering methods)
Bajutsu (horsemanship)
Sui-ren (water training)
Bôryaku (military strategy)*
Chôhô (espionage)
Intonjutsu (escaping and concealment)
Tenmon (meteorology)*
Chi-mon (geography)*

* = Due to the fact that there are a lot of techniques listed here, and some of these abilities may be borderline powerplay/godmod, or because it would be extremely difficult to deal with at times, I will not be using them.

Thanks to him being a holy child, and the training recieved, he was capable of performing supernaturalities. Such as enveloping his weapons into a "spirit energy", an aura of deep blue, making them cut through steel like butter or through bones like paper. His shurikens and kunai can fly like hurricane winds, and be dreafully accurate. Since he was trained to fight, and kill in extremely vile ways, his holiness was somewhat tainted with a negative energy. Therefore, his abilities can become more powerful if he fights with anger in his heart, rather than his nobility alone.

[Personality]: Chivalrous as a knight. He will always attempt to be a friend to anyone, and has a great sense of what would be fair. He thinks extremely level-headedly. He extremely seldomly speaks down of anyone, but when he is forced to, he can be deadly.

06-13-2007, 02:21 PM
Personal Information:

Name: Xaintrix Riverrose
Nickname: Xain
Age: N/A (somewhere during the high point of Irish Celtic age)
Race: Werewolf
Class: Bard
Gender: Male
Hair Color: light brown
Eye color: grey blue
Height: 7ft
Weight: 269 (75% muscle)
Nationallity: Ireland
Religion: Druid
God(s): Morrigan, Lugh
Blood Type: O-
Theme Song: Fullmoon by Sonata Arctica

Apperance: Xaintrix is seven foot tall with waist length hair that falls down his back and over his shoulder like a river to his waist. His hair is light brown but in the light is possesses a natural offshoot of red highlights. Kind and compassionate grey blue eyes look out on the world around himself as he embraces the world in which he lives in. Xaintrix wears black leather boots that are knee length with a dark blue knee length kilt. A light blue sleeveless tunic conceals his torso and is concealed under a dark blue cloak.

In his cross breed form, Xaintrix keeps most of his human traits but takes on the ears, tail and human/wolf hands and feet in a claw like form.

In his werewolf form however he is an overgrown wolf standing on its hind legs. (think Underworld) and most of his body is lupine. In this form he can no longer talk but still possess all of his normal abilities. While in this form, pants of kilts are the only thing he can wear or otherwise they would be torn to pieces.

Personality: Xaintrix is a kind and compassionate person who believes in the natural good of other people but can still see the evil. He gives everyone respect until they do something to lose his respect. Xaintrix’s strongest trait is his sense of loyalty. He believes that once an alliance has been made, it can never be broken.

Biography: Xaintrix was born somewhere in Ireland to a Druid couple in the O’Connor clan. They gave birth to him during a full moon during Beltaine, a Druid fire festival. Growing up Xaintrix protected his clan and upon entering adulthood, he met and fell in love with a beautiful woman from a near by clan. On the night of their wedding, Barbarians attacked the area and his beloved wife to be was killed.

Heartbroken, Xaintrix made a vow to protect the innocent and to one day avenge her death. As a small child Xaintrix possessed the talent of song and storytelling and after the tragedy, he enlisted himself to become a bard. Over many years until he became the bard he wanted to be.

At the age of thirty, Xaintrix headed out on his own to travel the world and to find peace within himself. Over time he earned the title Riverrose because of his ability as a bard.

Main Weapon: Twilight. A nine foot long spear whose shaft is six foot long and made of oak while the blade is three foot long and shaped in a crescent moon shape. Runes are carved into the shaft of the spear.

Secondary Weapon: Redeemer. Although this is not an actual weapon, it is an outlit of Xaintrix’s power. Redeemer is a fourt foot long lute made of ash. The body has an oval shape while the neck is long and narrow.

Magic and Other Abilities:
Magic: Xaintrix can cast various types of spells by either singing or playing his lute. Bard lore has taught him a vast amount of spells from all wells of magic. However since his power comes from his music, unless he is singing, playing the lute or reciting poetry, no magic can be cast.

Natural Abilities: Empathy, Transformation to wolf forms. Singing, poetry, Lute, piano,violin, Guitar, Harp playing. Sensesing magical energy,
Tongues Spoken: Gaelic, English, Talk to Plants and Animals, Elvish and other Faerie dialects.

Special Notes: Since Xaintrix is an old werewolf, he can only be killed by either being beheaded or having his heart pierced with a melee weapon. Drinking blood is the only way he can survive(he only takes from either the evil doers or in small amounts so not to kill) Blood and in time restore his wounds

06-14-2007, 09:09 PM
Name: Mugetsu
Age: 22
Height: 6’1
Weight: 190 – 230 pounds

Known diseases:

Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis -
A rare inherited disorder of the nervous system which prevents the sensation of pain, heat, and cold. A person with CIPA cannot feel pain or differentiate extreme temperatures. "Anhidrosis" means the body does not sweat, and "congenital" means that the condition is present from birth.
LINK - [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congenital_insensitivity_to_pain_with_anhidrosis]

Addition to controlled substances –
a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity. The term is often reserved for drug addictions but it is sometimes applied to other scenarios, such as problem gambling and compulsive overeating. Factors that have been implicated in precipitating an addiction include: genetic, biological/pharmacological and social factors.
LINK - [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Addiction ]

*Said substances:

-- Valkyr V; Opiate
-- Cazler; Methamphetamine
-- Ghurlen; Stimulant

Any combination of those three drugs can be found in his system at all time – each has their own physiological effect on his malleable body. Valkyr V promotes nearly pre-cognitive actions. Cazler enhances hand-eye coordination. Ghurlen increases speed, taking his already berserk motions to a new…high.

*information from this point on is wholly fictional.

Eznorb Yar
06-16-2007, 05:52 AM

Age: 4
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable

Twelve is genetically engineered to regenerate, form other shapes (usually weapons) out of his body, and copy a person's appearance. The "G-Project", the secret project that resulted in Twelve's birth, was executed by Dr. Kure, and overseen by Urien. Twelve is also being mass produced by the organization to create an army of Twelve-like creatures. Twelve considers Urien to be his father because of his involvement with his creation.

Twelve is a milky-white being with no form of skin or tissue. He has very thin eyes resting on his oddly-shaped head. He wears no form of clothing and is humanoid in body shape, but can change his physical shape as the situation demands as well as mimic another person. (SEE AVATAR)

Twelve carries no weapons, but due to his ability to change physical shape, often transforms parts of himself into things like Axes, Picks, Drills, Scythes, Spikes, and Blades. He has no projectile weapons, except for stretching himself into very thin needles which can travel through the ground and catch an unaware foe from below.

Thamalon II
06-19-2007, 09:00 AM
Name: Mikal Kevrig

Age: 32

Nationality: Russian

Inspiration: I blended his storyline compared to mine, so many things that happend to Mikals life actually happend to me. I also wanted to make a business man that knew how to fight and was more then what he looked like.

Career: Business

Apperance: Almost always clad in a black suit, he has short brown hair and dull brown eyes. At a medium height of 5'9, he looks like your average business guy.

Weapons, Gadgets, ETC: Beneath his business suit, strapped to his body, is a large 44. Shepard pistol. He usually uses this as his main weapon. However, it is known that he carries more weapons at his house, in a vault he keeps in his bedroom. Mikal also has a array of gadgets, from Watches to PDA's, he has them all. And most of them he has on him when his traveling.

Storyline: I just made Mikal, so he has no storyline yet. I will update once I get him into a post.

Brief Bio: Born into Russia, Mikal was raised without the aid of a father figure. His mother, feeling it was his fault his father left, constantly abused him. However, at the age of nine, his mother finally commited suicide, and Mikal was left. Foster care took him in, but put him in a worse scenario then before. Bounced from home to home, no family could ever get used to Mikal. He was too shy. Too withdrawn. Too creepy. Every family had a complaint. At the age of fourteen however, Mikal was shoved into the Kevrig family. The Kevrig's were rich, as the parents both had large businesses that gave them alot of cash flow. And because of their jobs, they rarely ever had anything to do with Mikal. They only fostered him because there child wanted someone to have fun with.

Enduring the hardships of work, no parental support, and a dull family, Mikal went on to live with the Kevrigs till he was 16. At 16, two years before he'd to be able to go out on his own, Mikal was taken from the Kevrigs and placed in one last home. The home belonged to two parents, and two children. Apparently, the family wanted Mikal for their son, much like the Kevrigs. Sadly however, the father became abusive, much like Mikals own mother. And because of this abuse, Mikal refuses to use that family name, or say it out loud.

When Mikal was 16, one of his foster brothers started hunting with him. Everyday they would go out and hunt. And if they couldnt find anything, Mikal would then be taught how to use firearms. His foster brother taught him with rifles, shotguns and other firearms. Also, when he was back at the Kevrigs, when the Kevrigs did have time off, they would teach him business knowledge, so that Mikal might one day become a sucessful business partner. At the age of 18, Mikal was thrust onto the world alone. Happy to be by himself, Mikal disappeared from Russia, and then diappeared from the qorld itself. For over twenty years, no one could contact him or reach him. What he was doing at this time is relatively unknown. Reappearing back into America, Mikal looks more tough and more rugged then he ever has before. He now looks for a job to pursue.

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Name: Dinet Darc
Age: N/A (Forgotten his actual age, probably around two thousand)
Gender: Male
Race: Devil
Class: Blackguard (think of paladin but uses dark magic and powers instead of light)
Appearance: Dinet is seven foot five with waist length raven black hair that falls down his back and is tied in a loose ponytail. Crimson eyes watch the world around him as he travels around the world. Wears black leather boots that contain the leggings of his black leather pants. He wears a black sleeveless vest that clings to his body. Over all of this he wears black armor that conceals all of his body except for his head and wings that are black and bat like and extends out to fourteen feet in wingspand. On his forehead he possesses black horns that curve upwards for one inch. His black armor matches his black leathery skin. His hands and feet are clawed. He weighs four hundred and seventy pounds which seventy-five percent of this weight is muscle.
Personality: Kind and compassionate with unfaltering loyalty. Once he befriends someone he will stay loyal to them for eternity. He will only fight those who are not innocent and follows his own honor code.
Biography: Dinet was once a high knight for the underworld, which he served for an age until he fell in love with a human woman. Feeling love for the first time, Dinet forsook his people to help the innocent in the realms above the underworld. In a battle however, his lady was killed by another devil. Swearing an oath to avenge her death, Dinet joined the Rebellious Uprising, a group that was led by his best friend and a woman whom Dinet fell in love with. He stayed with this group until his best friend died. Blaming himself for his friend’s death, Dinet left the group and the world for a few years. Now he has return to reclaim his life now that his oath is done and his life now his own. He now seeks to keep defending the innocent and slay the fiendish.
Theme Song: World through my fateless eyes by Lost Horizon
Nationality: Underworld

Main Weapon: Strife: A nine foot long gothic broad sword that possesses a handle made of onyx and a blade made of black diamond. Runes are carved down the side of the blade.
Weapon’s Abilities: When it does damnage, it feeds life force to Dinet. Can summon a thick cloud of shadow that only high powered light can pierce.

Secondary Weapon: Loyalty: A four and a half foot long katana given to him by his best friend before dying. The handle is made of oak while the blade is made of a rare fusion alloy that care tare through most objects. The handle is shaped so the blade is sticking out of a dragon’s mouth.
Weapon”s Abilities: Oath of Loyalty: When fighting beside someone that Dinet has claim loyalty to, Dinet’s strength and power is strengthened two fold. Redeemer: Can heal someone as long as they are not guilty, can heal as long as the person is not dead.

Magic: Necromancy, light healing and light elemental
Abilities: Heightened senses, Dead Speak, can read events from looking at the area around him, Minor Medical skills, Can hide in shadows, can transform into shadows. Can speak Infernal (Underworld speak) and English.

Thamalon II
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Name: Kyle LeBourne

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Apperance: A rather short man, Kyle has short black hair that he usually combs up. He usually wears regular civilian clothes, but will sometimes suit up in a battle suit he built himself. Kyle has a scar that runs from the top of his left eye down to the bottom. With striking blue eyes, he is generally attractive.

Short Bio: Much of Kyles history is rather shrouded. Many people cant get even close enough to him to even learn anything from his past. Its been said he grew up in a rather chaotic house, with an abusive father. Some say when his sister finally died from his overly-abusive father, Kyle went generally crazy, murdered his father, and disappeared. However, this is just a rumor.

Weapons: Kyle keeps two Desert Eage pistols on him at all times. A long sword is also strapped to his back, when fighting against melee fighters.

Powers: None really know how Kyle recieved his post-human abilities. He is generally stronger, faster, and more built then a regular human. With the ability to leap tall buildings and other stuff, the ability to carry rather large stuff with both hands, and the ability to run pretty fast, some speculate he is the next evolution of human. This is just speculation however.

06-23-2007, 04:43 PM
Shade Sovient


Thousands of years.



Brief Biography:
As a boy, Shade began to uncover a power that he had. It was something that nobody else had; as far as he knew. It was the use of flora and fauna. The ability to control plants and animals. He was also amused by his newly found power, but didn't use fauna too much. He was mostly obsessed with the flora power, the power to control plants.

Once he got to the age of 23 he was asked to join the forces of military. He thought he could help out and decided to. He used his powers to build weapons and do things never thought of. Eventually, he was killed by an accidental experiment. Not long after, he had become an arch-angel, set on doing good deeds. Years have passed since then and now he's not set on any typical type - good or evil. He does what he feels like doing.

The ability to control Flora and Fauna.

American-Native American.

He has bright white wings that shine along with the light. His eyes are a deep aquatic blue. He has brown hair that falls over the left side of his face, covering his left eye a bit. He has a slight muscular build from being in the forces. He's a bit tan, from both, his Native American culture and from being in the sun a bit too much. He stands at about 6' exactly. His body is a bit weird when compared to most people. Instead of having bones inside of his skin, he's got vines. The vines are together as one, just like bones would be. They're linked. They can be broken, but with what he controls, he could easily fix them

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The Forbidden One.

Name: Lyra Ayane.
Alias: Lilith.
Age: Lower twenties, possibly upper teens.

Weight: 136 lbs.
Height: 5'3''
Gender: Female
Body Type: Athletic/Thin
Eye Color: Scarlet/White/Pink
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Royal Blue
Race: Human Angel - Not to be confused with the messengers of God nor is she a hybrid.

Abilities: Should be noted that most of her abilities are latent or aren't under her control for one reason or another. Lyra has the ability to erect an Anti-AT Field which can null-n-void all others. It isn't nearly as strong as the one created by the Rei/Lilith hybrid, which turns humans back into their primordial form. Unlike the superpower created by the Hybrid, her field can only destroy it's protectives and "No Entry Law". It has currently not been tested, though it is expected to be 100% efficient. She herself has a strong AT field, but it has never been tested upon to see how 'strong' it actually is. She has mild psycho-kinetic abilities, but like the Anti-Field, this hasn't been tested. Similar to Kaworu Nagisa, her own AT-Field has the latent ability to recognize, analyze, and absorb the abilities used on it by post-humans or being in a human body. Her final ability is called Spawn. In the bible, Lilith was known as the mother of all demons, and by combing her 'blood' with another substance, that substance gains demonic properties. Possibly can be used on humans and it is theorized to have an effect similar to giving them an S2 engine though more devilish.

Brief Biography: After Shinji Ikari rejected the instrumentality project, the unison form of Rei and Lilith died and both of their souls were returned to Gaia (the spirit of the earth) or in other religions, they call it Heaven/the Astral Line/etc. It was here the the fused souls found sanctity within the spirit of a girl. They formed a trinity and once the girl was created, her body took in both her and the spirits of Rei and Lilith, becoming united. Currently the spirits of Rei and Lilith, who are essential one, are dormant which causes her abilities to be dormant as well. It is currently unknown as to how, exactly, she will awaken of become the angel known as Lilith once more.


06-25-2007, 10:39 PM
Name: Sakamoto Yoritsune

Age Before Death: 23

Age After Death: 845

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Rank: Captain, 9th Division.

Personality: In 800 years, Yoritsune has changed little since his former life. A man accustomed to high-class living and the privileges of nobility, he is proud and ostentatious, but at the same time, abhors duties and responsibility. Yoritsune could be classified as a man of many gifts but little charity; his intelligence, charisma, natural leadership qualities and courage are all above par, and if he can be bothered to, at any given time he will demonstrate said qualities to everyone around him, with predictable panache. But he much prefers to shirk his responsibilities and submerge himself in the things that give him pleasure, namely drink, games and women, or combinations of all three. The manner in which he lives is the opulent lifestyle of the Japanese Heian nobles.

Yoritsune prefers not to be bothered, especially at his residence, but is hardly reticent about talking. He will often speak eloquently and at length about a subject only to come to a thoroughly mundane conclusion at the end, suggesting that he had initiated the lengthy verse simply to waste time and amuse himself. If taken to appointment or meeting, Yoritsune is almost guaranteed not to arrive on time, if at all, and he will usually arrive drunk and/or disheveled/in varying states of undress. Though he does eventually get to even his least-favorite duties, it is often ludicrous amounts of time after they are expected to be completed.

Much to the chagrin of his underlings and associates, he also has a malicious sense of humor that involves vicious, perplexingly convoluted pranks. Many other inhabitants of Soul Society resent him or avoid him for fear of being humiliated in public by one of his practical jokes.

Despite his decadent lifestyle, within Yoritsune burns the soul of a man who ultimately upholds not the oft-corrupted and misused code of samurai of his age, but the basic sense of justice, honor, and righteousness that ideally comprised the heroic warrior's credo. One would assume that his lifestyle would make him soft and unskilled in the ways of warfare, and it is infuriating to many to witness that this is not the case: Yoritsune has a prodigy's mind and there are few things that he cannot master once he attempts them, but few things that he actually does master due to his propensity for taking hobbies and dropping them abruptly.
When challenged or threatened, Yoritsune summons up a daredevil thirst for battle, combining his sense of justice with his desire for stimulation to create an intense drive that makes him difficult to beat in fighting spirit. In truth, his desire to avoid his responsibilities as a Shinigami stems from a deep-seated nihilism born of his human life.

He hates those who prey upon the weak, and is charitable with his easily gained riches. Though his altruism and romantic tendencies are hidden behind a veneer of arrogance, claiming it's just his duty as a noble, his relaxed and casual manner of dealing with regular spirits in the city make him popular at least in a law-enforcement capacity. He is fond of children and respectful towards the elderly, surprisingly enough.

Yoritsune is also an infamous flirt and philanderer, and very proud of his numerous conquests.

Appearance: Similar to the normal Shinigami black uniform, Yoritsune took it upon himself to modify his "plain" outfit to his liking. (More specifically, his concubines did while he advised them from his floor mattress.) A carefully dyed pattern resembling the butterfly (http://www.nikonians.org/html/about/awards/cho_crest.gif) of the Taira clan adorns the lower right side of his haori (kimono jacket,) in a slightly yellow-shaded white. He often leaves the left side of his haori hanging at his side, which leaves his left shoulder/half of his chest and his arm exposed, with nothing but bandages wrapped around his lower chest to serve for an undershirt. (He also tends to wrap bandages around his forearms and hands.) Although he often wears the large, unseperated black Hakama of the Shinigami uniform, he also wears his kimono in a yukata style for a more relaxed appearance; rather than the hakama, his kimono's haori simply has a longer hanging edge down to his ankles. Yoritsune usually wears normal sandals and no tabi to cover his feet.

In physical appearances, Yoritsune is 6 ft tall even, and gifted with a prince's looks, a charming smile, (That may go to waste once he opens his mouth.) a moderately strong physique and a distinctive sidelong glance. His eye color is a dusky brown with a slight hint of red suggesting varnished cherry wood. Yoritsune's substantial, dark brown hair is bound by a small golden circular band at the back (To keep it hanging forward, over his head rather than back and over his shoulders) and mysteriously manages to hang upwards and outwards over his face in a jagged, jutting manner. Usually, when seen from the front, it appears to cover his left eye. It is a common gesture for him to think with one hand cupping the bottom of his chin and his other arm folded within the interior of his haori jacket, (Not through the sleeve) crossing his stomach.

(He strongly resembles Yosh!tora Tokugawa (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v414/Cascade_101z/NeoArcadiaMook.jpg), upon whom this character is based.)

Biography. Yoritsune's actual surname was Taira. As the name and his year of birth (1172) would suggest, he is a former member of the great Taira family that rose to supremacy at the trailing end of the Heian period in ancient Japan, and originally established the tradition of a samurai-dominated imperial court. As a member of this family, he was provided from birth with many of the natural privileges of his class as he matured to adulthood, ranging from his own mansion to numerous concubines, of whom 6 were his favorites. Yoritsune grew into an immature and irresponsible young man who was largely ignored and allowed to do as he pleased. He ignored his duties and management of his fief/riches, leaving those mundane tasks to his siblings. His reasoning was that as he had no claim to any reasonable office in the court, his life was therefore useless, so he should be allowed to enjoy it as much as he could. Thus the young Taira noble continued to distract himself in any form of entertainment he could afford, ignorant of the political tensions forming between his family and the other ruling clans of the nobility, discontent with their treatment by the family head, Daijo Daijin (Head Minister) Taira no Kiyomori.
Yoritsune had the unique fortune/misfortune to be born into an ultimately minor branch of the family in the lower levels of the ruling court. Those who held the name, no matter how minor, were threatened as the Minamoto clan, rivals of Yoritsune's family, supported a different choice for ascension to the Imperial throne and began a campaign along with many of the other noble clans against the Taira: the Genpei War. They were ultimately victorious, and Yoritsune was captured and slain (Having not opted to commit suicide as many of his clansmen had.), along with most of his servants and his concubines.
Unfortunately for many of the casualties of the Genpei War between the Taira and the Minamoto, the immense outpouring of Pluses proved to be an immense feast to the malevolent Hollows. Yoritsune and all 6 of his wives were killed on the same day and the young man displayed bravery for the first time, though it would have proven to be a useless display as he was confronted by one of the soul devourers almost immediately upon dying. It was the first time Yoritsune had ever felt responsible to people other than himself.
A mysterious squad of black robed warriors who easily defeated the monster narrowly rescued him. Unfortunately, his Soul Burial, and the Burials of his concubines, was a partial failure due to the haste at which the overtaxed squadron had to perform repeated burials as the war went on. Yoritsune moved on to Soul Society, but without his companions and lovers, and completely devoid of the riches he had enjoyed in his previous life. What injured him most was the thought that his death had been useless, and that nothing within his hedonistic life had amounted to anything; he did not have the insight to see his impending doom or the strength to protect his friends. This attitude eventually came to strengthen Yoritsune's personal character somewhat through guilt, and matured him in largely imperceptible ways.

It came to be known to him, during his new "life," that through some bizarre mix-up, the spirits of his harem had been somehow implanted within his own ectoplasmic body. In effect, Yoritsune had become a plural existence, simultaneously being himself and 6 other people whose presence in Soul Society were constantly sublimated beneath his. They could only be materialized through Kidou, which Yoritsune had no talent for, or incarnated through his own spirit: the Zanpakuto. Thus for Yoritsune, who only desired to retain his comfortable existence, becoming a Shinigami was the natural decision. Not surprisingly, his mentors noted that his compatibility with his Zanpakuto was mysteriously high, being able to communicate with its materialized spirit abnormally early.
It wasn't long before Yoritsune had established himself as a Shinigami of some skill within the Academy. But after achieving his current rank, Yoritsune quickly returned to his old lackadaisical ways, slowly accumulating “girlfriends” and servants and falling into familiar habits.
He is alternatingly maligned and respected for his remarkable combination of laziness and pure talent, spending most of his days viewing blossoms, enjoying sake and baths, and chatting with the spirits of his Zanpakuto; Yoritsune's "incomplete" harem.

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Zanpakuto Name: Kaen no Yoritsune

This is a pun. Kaen both means "blaze" and "flower garden," as each of his weapons has a female name derived from a flowering plant. So it can mean "Blaze of Yoritsune" or "Flower Garden of Yoritsune."

Release Phrase: "Kaen, moyoushi ni hajimashouka?" ("Kaen, shall we begin the festivities?" I think...)

Class: Other

Type: Dual (Melee/Illusion)

Sealed Form Appearance: A long katana with a slightly less pronounced curve compared to others of its kind. It’s sheathed in a finely polished, lacquered black case, upon the surface of which are many faint Taira butterfly engravings. The hilt is wrapped in golden-colored silk cord. The small hand guard, too, is engraved with this same pattern across its flat surface on the blade side, so that the blade “pierces” the butterfly cleanly through the center of its wing.

Shikai: Raising the sword in its place, Yoritsune draws Kaen, but then immediately places it back in the scabbard, pushing it around his waist sash to immediately behind the curvature of his back. The weapon appears to “fold” open like a fan into seven individual swords that rise up his back in a diagonal fashion, and the original Kaen expands greatly in size until it is almost the length and diameter of a nodachi, the Japanese great sword. Kaen “scatters” into 7 blades: 1 nodachi, 1 katana, 1 wakizashi, and four kodachi, in order of length, largest to smallest. The katana and wakizashi are mounted on the opposite side at his waist like normal swords.

Kodachi 1: Nadeshiko
A short blade with a plain black scabbard and an equally minimalist hilt, appearing to be one single piece when sheathed; it is mounted directly above the nodachi on Yoritsune’s back. Nadeshiko is the name of a Japanese flower taken to represent the ideal wife. It draws reiatsu from Yoritsune depending on his emotions; when motivated, the blade is heated up until it is literally melting its way through its targets, but when he is uninterested in fighting, it is virtually dull. It releases an energy projection of the five-petal pink flower of its namesake along with the blood of his opponent.

Kodachi 2: Shirayuri
Looks identical to Nadeshiko, but it is mounted one spot above. Yoritsune uses this weapon more like it was intended to be used; i.e. for defense. The trails left behind in the air when Shirayuri slices through it leave a mirror-like projection in their wake, half-hidden in a cloud of mist, in which the distracting image of the white lily can be seen. In actuality, this blade’s effect is “cutting” out the space where the sword slashes, creating a vacuum wave effect that draws attacking weapons towards the blade and causing them to “stick” until the movement is complete, allowing for disarmament.

Kodachi 3: Botan
Botan is the Japanese Tree Peony. Mounted one space above Shirayuri, it is Yoritsune’s choice for guard-breaking and aerial attacks. Entirely offensive in nature, it overpowers ground-based techniques and from the moment it is drawn, it unleashes a torrent of scattering red petals in its wake. Despite being a cutting weapon, Botan also adds blunt trauma to the attack, as if the enemy is both cut and struck by an immense club at the same time. Guarding blows from the weapon can lead to discrete injuries from vibrations sent to one's bones and innards.

Kodachi 4: Yugao
The Moon Flower. Yugao’s specialty is piercing defenses and it is mounted highest on his back, its hilt directly behind his right shoulder. Thrusts from this weapon magnify in speed and power unnaturally and the blade’s shining surface creates a distorting optical illusion, which blurs the blade like the rippling reflection of the moon on the surface of water. This effect can cause discomfort and headaches when viewed, as well as being difficult to defend against. This weapon is also capable of penetrating spiritual barriers and shields with enough force applied. The sword is usually flipped in a crescent arc before being placed back in its high sheath, leaving a trail of energy and a flower image similar to the crescent moon.

Wakizashi: Tsubaki
Slightly longer than the four Kodachi, the Wakizashi’s adornment is more conventional in Japanese sword terms; having a wrapped hilt and hand guard, it resembles a miniature version of the sealed Kaen. Tsubaki is the Camellia, and when drawn, the red variant flickers into visibility with a pair of green leaves near the scabbard. A small gust of ripping air travels from the arcing slashes of the weapon that lacerates and shreds targets in its way. This technique has a distorting effect on its opponent’s flow of Reiatsu, or any kind of internal energy, disrupting attacks that require the use of internal energy by supplying less or more power than the user expects. But the effects last only a short amount of time until the afflicted’s body regains its natural energy flow.
Naturally, reiatsu/energy flying through the air has no body to be anchored to, and thus is easily disrupted/dissipated by this projectile attack, plus the wind-effect may sap the momentum of and misdirect small flying projectiles, depending on their size and weight.

Katana: Asagao
Named after the Japanese Morning Glory, this is a full-length katana that when sheathed resembles almost any sealed Zanpakuto. Both Asagao and Tsubaki are mounted together at Yoritsune’s waist in a typical daisho pair, cutting edges facing upwards. Asagao’s striking speed, despite its size, is by far the fastest of all of Yoritsune’s weapons. A cut, drawn from the scabbard, attains such a velocity that only the reflecting light from the katana’s polished surface, and a dark purple crescent of afterimages that appears after the attack has been performed, can be seen. In the rare occasion that this lightning-fast weapon misses, its speed effect is residual; meaning that any other one of the swords drawn immediately after it will increase in speed as well. With repeated uses, this effect magnifies. The purple morning glory is visible in the air around the scabbard where the sword separates from its sheath as Yoritsune draws.

Nodachi: Aoi
The Hollyhock. Aoi is Yoritsune’s prized weapon, and the centerpiece of Yoritsune’s most powerful techniques. It is a massive Nodachi blade, resembling a scaled-up Katana, with golden hilt-wrappings and a black metal hand-guard, hanging directly behind his waist below Nadeshiko. Its scabbard juts out so far that it may actually be used in some awkward melee attacks without being removed from its mounting. The most distinctive feature of Yoritsune’s final weapon is the peace knot: a small binding of thick string that travels through the sword’s hand guard and into a hole in the scabbard. Aoi is sealed until he has unsheathed every one of the proceeding six weapons in one battle.

Aoi is an immensely powerful weapon and can compete with many other equal-strength Shinigami’s Zanpakuto on its own, but it takes large amounts of stamina to wield when unsealed, and is slower than Yoritsune’s other weapons, though not as much as one would expect from a five-foot long sword; this is mostly due to his natural strength. If he must fight with it sealed, he can still use a sheathed Aoi as a surprisingly effective club. It has enough weight in it to drive back a struck opponent a substantial distance.

When unsealed, Aoi’s blade literally cuts a tear in space and projects its cutting edge through flashing crescent-shaped sparkles of light that dance through the air briefly where the slashing blow emerges. Not only is it possible for Yoritsune to teleport slashes by Aoi through these spatial tears, from any position at any angle, but he can also swing Aoi, create a tear, then slash through it with another weapon or technique. When cut by Aoi, the opponent’s blood sprays from them in a shape that visibly resembles the Hollyhock flower.

The immensely tiring nature of wielding Aoi fixes it firmly in the position of a last ditch weapon.

Note that unlike his previous 6 weapons, Aoi’s name does reflect a flower, but doesn’t share a name with any of Yoritsune’s concubines. It is supposed to represent their master…

Bankai: Yoritsune (Yes, his bankai is named after himself.)
A simple, yet effective Final Release. After declaring Bankai, the air surrounding Yoritsune for a good distance is filled with a dense cloud of petals from each of the flowers that his swords are named after. All but Yoritsune within the field have their senses clouded and their movements slowed by the overload of color, sound, and scent stimuli. On the other hand, Yoritsune’s speed, power, and endurance are all boosted. His swords gain a new special property: After striking once, the weapons return immediately to their scabbards with a golden flash, disappearing from his hands. This allows Yoritsune to attack with one sword and immediately draw the next without any pause in-between. It still takes him two hands to use Aoi.
The flower cloud can be destroyed through physical means or blown away, but it’s a largely useless chore, as more petals simply appear out of thin air to replace them, as long as Yoritsune’s Bankai is still generating enough reiatsu to fuel the attack.

Shinno Bankai: Yoritsune: Hyakka Ryouran (Yoritsune: Scattering of 100 Flowers.)
-Not Yet Obtained-

Kyoushou Bankai: Yoritsune Sanjou!: Hyakka Ryouran Urashiki (Yoritsune Appears!: Scattering of 100 Flowers Alternate Style.)
-Not Yet Obtained-

Yoritsune is also very skilled at managing his emotions and balancing his will to fight with intelligent decisions. He has a carefully honed danger sense, and will often notice potential threats from a long way off. In a related sense, he also has the Reiraku detecting ability.
His weakness is a lack of seriousness and virtually no Kidou usage.

06-25-2007, 10:42 PM
Hiken (“Hidden Sword.” Basically special techniques that are fueled with reiatsu.)

Ouka Jyuji (“Cherry Blossom Cross”):
Swords Used: Any combination of 1 old/1 new/2 old
A simple, cross-shaped slash from two swords, one previously drawn, and one newly drawn; a two step iaijutsu technique that fills in the weakness of the previously drawn sword with a slash coming from the opposite direction.

Yonban Keishou: (“Four Sceneries.”)
Swords Used: Asagao, any Kodachi
A combination technique involving rapid slashes from each of his Kodachi, increasing the speed of each round of blades with a sudden cut from Asagao. With his drawing side facing the opponent, he can sustain the flurry of horizontal, vertical slashes at high, low, and mid levels and occasionally up the speed to throw off the enemy with a longer-reaching blow from the Katana. Naturally, if it connects, a great deal of flower imagery will be seen.

Chouzan: (“Ruined Flowers,” or “Butterfly Cut.”)
Swords Used: Tsubaki, Asagao
Yoritsune raises both hands and violently bows forward over one knee, leaning on the other, before several waves of vertical razor sharp slashes emit from him in a wide, fan-like dispersion in his forward arc. Only a second after the waves of air cut upwards out of the ground can his two outstretched arms be seen holding the blades. Any target in front of him can expect vicious and potentially fatal injury unless heavily armored.

Chouzan Junsei: (“Ruined Flowers/Butterfly Cut Perfect.”)
Swords Used: Aoi, Tsubaki/Asagao
The “complete” form of Chouzan. Yoritsune slashes forward in a wide, horizontal arc and re-sheaths Aoi in one motion, then performs Chouzan in the same manner. Instead of flying straight towards the enemy from Yoritsune, the slashes actually emerge from the ground due to Aoi’s spatial distortion, in addition to the wide slash from Aoi, there is a “egg slicer”-like effect where the enemy cannot escape from some degree of injury simply by horizontal or vertical movement within the area of effect.

Yuchouka: (“Butterfly Flower”)
Swords Used: Aoi
Swinging the massive Nodachi in a huge vertical slice and leaving himself somewhat open, Yoritsune releases a tall crescent-shaped wave of Reiatsu that resembles a wing of a gigantic, golden butterfly. On its own, it can be easily dodged, but destroys most things in its path. However…

Tobi Yuchouka: (“Flying Butterfly Flower”)
Swords Used: Aoi
Yoritsune can also perform a horizontal variant of this technique. Both versions are simple to dodge, but provide a dangerous pressure on those who know how damaging one hit can possibly be. They can also be used repeatedly to make avoiding the attacks more difficult, as well as forcing the opponent to move to a less advantageous position.

Notes about Unsealed Kaen:
Its seven blades all share names with Japanese flowers, which not coincidentally share names with Yoritsune’s 6 most prized concubines. All weapons are mounted in solid, rock-hard sheaths that are arranged in a fan-like formation on his back, every sword hilt facing his uncovered left shoulder/side. This arrangement of weapons leaves the longest blade, a nodachi, hanging at his waist, which restricts Yoritsune’s movement in a cramped area, seeing as how it is extending out horizontally from his side for almost three feet. However, it also means that he essentially has unintentional "armor" on his back, which makes a surprise strike difficult. He takes advantage of this sometimes.

Aoi requires all six previous weapons to be used, but I will not likely allow myself to have Yoritsune draw more than one new sword in a turn, to make things more stylish. Therefore, in actual terms, Yoritsune cannot use Aoi unless it is a battle that drags on long enough for me to make at least 6 posts.

All of the swords are strapped together with some silk rope, so Yoritsune can chose to unfasten them individually, or unfasten the whole "harness" and drop it to the ground.

As Yoritsune’s Zanpakuto skill is self-admittedly “the unpolished talent of a natural,” his actual swordsmanship is slightly inferior to that of equally ranked captains because he refuses to practice. However his compatibility with his Zanpakuto is such that he can unconsciously complete the more simplistic tasks of a sword-drawing (Iaijutsu) based style and focus entirely on how he attacks and defends naturally. For example, when sheathing a weapon after dealing a blow with it, it is naturally attracted back into its scabbard, so Yoritsune simply needs to swing the weapon back behind him and he’ll re-sheath without even needing to concentrate. Thus, Yoritsune’s lack of sword-technique hardly hinders him in combat. It is highly probable that Yoritsune is not thinking about what each weapon does, and simply draws a sword randomly in his eagerness to fight, the Zanpakuto protecting him by making him chose the correct blade without even realizing it. Then again, he is a lot smarter than he looks, so that may be untrue.

Kidou: Yoritsune considers studying Kidou a bore, and has largely forgotten all but the most commonly used spells. This is his biggest weakness as a Shinigami.

Avatars of Kaen:
The original Zanpakuto's spirit, before being invaded with the fused pluses of Yoritsune's harem, took upon the shape of a kindly old man dressed in fairly typical peasant's garb, with a wispy white beard and a ragged, wide brimmed hat. He has a love of gardening, and is happy that his master enjoys flower viewing as any Japanese noble from the past would, but he is often frustrated with Yoritsune's "neglect" of him and disinterest of practicing. Normally this would be a bad relationship between Shinigami and a Zanpakuto.
Fortunately for Yoritsune, Kaen's spirit is also a lecher and is very happy that Yoritsune "introduced" him to 6 beautiful young girls. His irritation with the Shinigami can only go so far.

"Compressed" Pluses: Six spirits of Yoritsune's concubines, who were captured and executed along with him by the Taira's enemies in the past. Due to a bizarre slip-up in the Soul Burial, their spirits were merged with him in a dormant state, and can only be materialized in Soul Society through the Zanpakuto, since it is, in a sense, an external materialization of the Shinigami's own soul. To be introduced ICly.

06-27-2007, 06:19 AM


Name: Eva de la Rosa.
- Manolete [Manny]
Gender: Very Female.
Birthplace: Cabo Blanco, Tenerife, Canary Islands.
Ethinic Background: Spanish, Brazlian.
Languages: English, Spanish, Portugese.
Date of Birth: 20.09.84
Age: Twenty-three.
Maritial Status: Single. Men disapoint her.

Biological Parents: Deceased.
Mother; Gabriela, Citizen of Spain.
Father; José, Citizen of Brazil.

Siblings: None
Children: None.


Build: Toned and svelte, yet still attaining a very curvacious frame.
Complexion: Deeply tanned, caramel.
Height: 5'10".
Weight: 130 lbs.
Blood Type: O.
Eyes: Gun-Metal Grey.
Hair: Bust-length, rich chocolate brown, with the left side shaved.

Notable Accessories/Trait/Feature(s): A sight of tattoos and metal. The young woman possesses a tattoo of a rose behind her left ear along her neck aswell as a paw print beneath her right collarbone, a 50's pin-up girl on her right shoulder, a small heart on her left hand on the webbing between the index finger and thumb and a pink bow on each calf. Along her right arm, three bars have been pierced through the surface of her soft skin. Three metal studs sit on her face; two on the corner of her bottom lip and the other through her left side of her nose while the other side has been pierced with a small simple ring.

Oh, and that smile.


Skills/Abilities: Power absorbtion through touch
- Abilities absorbed: Photokinesis, sound conversion.
Weapon[s] of Choice: Hand to hand combat, or two large razor-sharp fans.
Utilization of Firearm[s]: Magnum, Colt.
Current Associated Affairs: -
Specialties: Seduction, assasination, torture, acrobatics, agility


-Sales from CD's, DVD's and shows.
-Clothing line.

- Chrysler 300i
-Permanent suite in luxury Las Vegas Hotel.


Color: Fuschia
Animal: Chameleon.
Food: Paella
Drink: Tequila
Number: One
Song: David Banner - Play
Season: Winter
Gem/Stone: Amethyst.
City: Rio De Janeiro
Flower: White rose.

Inspiration: A mix of Pussycat Dolls and Amy Winehouse.


06-27-2007, 11:34 PM
takeshi nomura.
our beloved psychic.

age: twenty-one.
gender: male.

special abilities:

A mind not quite on the level of the prodigious Onuki Saiga and far from the awe-inspiring phrenic might of Xavier Evans.

occupation: a free agent.

significant possessions:

+ a bag of marbles.
+ a katana given to him by Kiroshi Shigami.
+ four-hundred dollars.
+ four non-refundable tickets to Japan, sans three other people.

history within C/G:

It has been nearly two years since I've written as Takeshi, so I will attempt to compile some of his travels and the more important relationships our favorite Asian telekinetic has forged in the past. So without delay:

Takeshi Nomura (if remembered at all) adhered mostly to his circle of friends. He paired up with his close partner-in-crime Kiroshi Shigami to pour gasoline on many a heated conflict. They also did a number of odd-jobs together, most notably at an accounting firm on a hot day in Tokyo. Takeshi did not like that. He was seen fumbling around Echo-Net, Daigo Xudosai's multi-million dollar ISP service. The two occasionally drink at sake bars and play Halo non-competitively to sucker kids out of their money.

Takeshi had some affiliations with the old Rovers, led by Sihara and Terry Bogard. Sihara passed away some time ago, and Takeshi lost contact with Bogard soon after. She was their glue, but maybe her granddaughter could be the key to unlocking their old friendship?

Whit Westwind and Takeshi exchanged a few revolver rounds in the past, but the two recently put the past behind them and play drinking games from time to time. Last time the two met, they played drunken flaming tennis, which the Genome Soldier totally blew the Asian out of the water. Takeshi had to file his taxes the next day, as were the rules of the bet, but he still loves to call him Whitey.

Last but not least, one of Takeshi's best friends. Stella du Pont enrolled in a Japanese secondary school from the exciting Spanish Harlem, New York City. Takeshi's family was assigned to be her hosts in her four-year stay in the bustling Tokyo. The two grew up and became acquainted with the Japanese underground hip-hop scene. Stella has never lost her groove, and ripped Takeshi a new one in their most recent freestyle battle. For shizzle, nizzle. On a more serious note, Stella has retreated into a more civilian lifestyle in Osaka and still shares her passion for baseball with her best friend. Maybe someday the two would continue their antics with old schoolmate Clinton. But he was always extremely hard to find...

06-28-2007, 12:38 AM
Tagline: Coming soon.

Name: Johnny Mack

Age: 18

Description: A recent highschool graduate who was urged by his Ma to look for a job. With the world before him being into none other than the world of C/G, he looks inward half heartedly, not yet realizing how many

-Supernatural cosplayers adept at mimicking cartoon characters with magical powers
-One dimensional soldiers who compensate being incapable of doing anything else by being proficient at reciting the data on their weapons by heart
-Pilots trained in the realistically inefficient humanoid military machines
-Psychics who rival Miss Cleo with their psychic abilities
-Human flamethrowers who can oxidize a fiery combustion with their hands for combat purposes, from apparently no fuel, and yet still avoid cooking themselves
-Hero wannabes who pretend to be either be Musketeers or Knights, not realizing the latter are now exclusively musicians.
-People obsessed with a legend that their lives literally are put on hold if the respective legend takes a vacation

there are in the business. Still, to avoid the ire of his mom, Johnny actively seeks work, balancing his skeptical perspective on nearly everything with his desire for wages.


He had cooked up his own Kung Fu, based on years of watching anime, Jackie Chan films, and HBO. He calls it the art of “Anything Goes,” and considers it a grand philosophy on par with Descartes and whatnot. The fine points behind such an ideology simply states that “in life, **** happens. So anything goes. Adapt.” However, he lost a fight against a ballet practitioner once – which to this day he claims that he “restrained his goliath strength against the opposite gender that dark day.”

Little Johnny Mack also has basic knowledge of chemistry, physics, philosophy, economics, history, government, calculus, PE and lunch time.

Lastly, his cynical view of life and culture distances himself from being a victim of influence. In other words, his common sense trumps all peer pressure.

True Goal, held secret even from his Ma:

Wants to go live on a farm with his girlfriend, while growing marijuana, listening to funk music and smoking his crop. But it’s just a whimsical daydream – in the meantime, he’ll settle for interacting with the colorful characters thither in his work place.

06-28-2007, 03:47 PM
Name: Rebecca Fraga McRemitz
Sex: Female
Hair: Dark Magenta/Maroon (Red Wine)
Eyes: Magenta Red
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches.
Weight: Secret
Build: Physically fit
Place of Origin: Exeter, United Kingdom
Place of Residence: Variable
Date of Birth: July 15, 1982
Distinguishing Features: Irregular hair and eye color due to magic experimentation, small birthmark at outer corner of her right eye
Horoscope Sign/Element: Dog/Wood
Blood Type: B
Career: Bartender, Secretary
Languages Spoken: English, German, Latin (Limited)
Faction: Formerly “The Tower” Mages Association, England.
Description: A tall and attractive women with a business-like, short trimmed hairstyle with bangs that drape slightly lower over her right eye. Bound with a thin black hairclip at the back of her head is a small and flat ponytail. She has a youthful, yet normally serious and taciturn, face. Upon close examination the irregular pigmentation of her eyes and hair, which appear to be brown/black from a distance, become visible. In excellent physical shape, she maintains a feminine build without any extraneous weight.
Rebecca commonly wears suits and formal clothes fitting for the office. A dark reddish brown or charcoal grey jacket and slacks are her usual choices, completed with a crimson red tie and white undershirt. Other times, she wears a matching or black fabric vest rather than a coat. For reasons other than stylistic choice, she keeps her hands sheathed in unobtrusive brown/grey leather gloves. She dresses modestly, in a fashion that could be considered androgynous, even in her free time, and is never seen wearing skirts or explicitly womanly clothes.
Her most distinguishing facial feature is the small circular black birthmark next to her right eye.

Personality: She’s a workaholic type who is unable to separate her personal and “professional” lives; Her moods from her career affect her enjoyment of personal time. A casual drinker, she enjoys simple pleasures such as a good meal or an expensive glass of alcohol/making a distinguished cocktail. Although most of the time she is either relaxed or stressed, her temperament is explosive when pushed, and though she seems to accept disappointment gracefully, when worst comes to worst, she has the unflattering and embarrassing habit of turning to brute force. She doesn’t like to admit that her domestic skills are lacking, that she is a slob and can’t cook worth a damn, citing those things as being “unnecessary” and claiming her lack of distinguished personal skills is just a side effect of her dedication to her magical studies. Although attractive, responsible in business and personal life, she is unsuccessful with men and self-conscious, and nearly impossible to approach, mainly because she has a constant atmosphere of being “tense.” Unsurprisingly, this has helped her maintain her bartending side job and her professionalism in her workplace at a minor law firm. She often mopes in private over her supposed lack of femininity and inability to have a social life, even more so on the rare occasions that she does get drunk.
Rebecca has a strong sense of personal responsibility, a gifted ability to act autonomously on previous orders and exercise careful judgment, awareness of right and wrong, and an inclination to using force to enact justice. Even when she appears to be calm, she is akin to a dam ready to break and let loose a flood of emotional idealism, but even in the midst of such a disaster, she somehow miraculously manages to retain her reason and occasionally deadpan attitude. She can be surprisingly naïve at times despite her widespread practical experiences; as a child, she was extremely impressionable, and there are still traces of this in her character.
Rebecca has some very strange hobbies for a woman of her age, being a fan of Asian films and TV series. She especially likes “heroic bloodshed” genre of “Bullet Ballet” gun-fu films, like those of John Woo, and sometimes feels inclined to imitate the gun-slinging that takes place in said movies, though her own firearms skill is only average compared to her fist fighting skill. She also entertains a near obsessive hobby of watching all the latest and most famous Japanese costumed hero TV series whenever she can, being a big fan of the famous tokusatsu series Kamen Rider. She often attempts to imitate the superhuman moves of Kamen Rider too, which is more successful, considering that her physical parameters are very close to the fictional character’s. She strongly sympathizes with the gunslinger’s sense of brotherhood/family and the tokusatsu hero’s sense of justice.

{{{{Sealing Hunter}}}}
In England there exists one of the largest magical research and educational secret societies in the world, known as the Mage’s Association, or “The Tower.” It is a cutthroat establishment of “professors” attempting to make their own original innovations in thaumaturgy and practicing family-tradition magical doctrine rather than any widely taught discipline. Students are encouraged to enter their own atelier and begin independent study almost immediately upon entering the organization. Overall, a less than ideal learning environment.

Rebecca is a descendant of an old Irish line of magi that have a natural magic ability that is activated without formal training; leading to them having the appellation of “Traditional Carriers,” or “God’s Holders.” Although it is common for magi to retain generations of magical knowledge within a metaphysical “seal” containing the combined research of a bloodline within one’s spiritual body, it is used in a manner similar to a “training manual” or book of recipes. Though they pass down a seal as well, Rebecca’s family simply possesses the knowledge of how to use their superhuman abilities a priori, and thus it is impossible for them to infer these skills upon another magus in any way other than generating offspring.

The Mages Association looks down upon such families due to its focus entirely upon the pragmatic applications of magic. Family members including supposedly one of Rebecca’s relatives became Sealing Hunters; Magi who captured and confined other magi who had broken the secrecy of the Association, or reached a discovery in their studies that the Association wanted to usurp. Rebecca too became part of this division, though it was never originally her intention to do so. The entry to other forms of research was barred from her by her ridiculed bloodline and inferior skill with conventional magic.

As a Hunter, she had much success tracking down supernatural forces and artifacts and suppressing them from public view, as well as procuring such miracles for the use of the Association, in accordance with standard procedure. Unsurprisingly, she rose quickly within the ranks of their members. Sealing Hunters worked independently, so she spent years tracking down magic researchers ignorant of their groundbreaking discoveries and legendary creatures like minor vampires, all in complete and utter solitude. Without friends, and estranged from her family due to a rebellious spirit, she began to look to conventional careers for social interaction.

After a murky scandal and convoluted series of events, she was estranged from The Tower and the Sealing Hunters, and became one of her own prey.

Explanation of Reinforcement
In the common “Magic Circuit” theory of rating Odic potential, Rebecca is in the top A+ class due to her special bloodline. The magic used in modern times is a frail shadow of the “miracles” enacted in the ancient world, which is the origin of most legends from that period. The Fraga bloodline is gifted with power more similar in nature, though still inferior, to that of supernatural species (celestials, sprites, heroic spirits, demons) though remaining 100% human. The name “God’s Holder” originated from a supposed contract formed with an unspecified Gaelic deity thousands of years ago.
Much like her parents and ancestors, Rebecca’s magic potential is prodigy-level. However, conventional thaumaturgy can be easily canceled out in combat by other mages. Only a “fighter” can easily defeat “magic users.” In addition, the extraneous flash of offensive thaumaturgy and curses can be detrimental to the secrecy of mage organizations.
Not bothering to study offensive projections, curses, or natural manipulation, she instead focused entirely upon self-reinforcing and regenerative thaumaturgy. Reinforcement sorcery refers to a brand of sorcery that can analyze the composition of an object or creature and strengthen a trait or aspect of it by converting Od into the desired conceptual boost.
Her special heritage provides her with a nearly limitless pool of prana to draw from, but her limited number of only 20 circuits lowers the maximum amount of Od she can circulate efficiently. She withstands metaphysical attacks, whether from magic or psionic energies, easily, and her body naturally resists outside influences attempting to cause debilitation or drain Od/life energy from her. As such, she rarely grows sick and recovers from injuries quickly, almost twice as fast as a normal human being, though it is the same natural healing process requiring rest and nourishment.
Rebecca’s primary form of offense and defense revolves around her hand-to-hand fighting style inspired by boxing and fisticuffs. Using reinforcement sorcery, her body’s potential skyrockets beyond a normal human. Comparing her boxing ability to that of a champion prizefighter is not even a contest regardless of her lesser physical muscle mass and endurance; magically enhanced punches can, at their weakest, incapacitate or permanently cripple a normal human being with a single robust impact to any vital point, and at their strongest, reduce a human skull and all of its contents to a fine red mist in one blow. Needless to say, this sort of strength isn’t necessary, so Rebecca is more often than not un-Reinforced.

06-28-2007, 03:53 PM
However, the use of “performance enhancing” magic usually results in significant exhaustion and possibly even injury or trauma after extended periods of pushing one’s body beyond its human limits; usually this takes the form of muscle tearing, over-sensitive nerves and broken bones. She suffers from an addiction to her particular brand of alchemical potions, which were used to suppress some of the physical changes that occur from overused magic, such as darkening skin, irregular eye colors and whitening hair. She still shows some unnatural physical characteristics, though they’re subtle enough now to be written off as dyed hair or tinted contact lenses. Keeping herself healthy and well nourished is a constant ordeal for Rebecca, as her thaumaturgy seems to actually inhibit the body’s absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals.

Rebecca normally Reinforces herself prior to combat, rather than in the middle of the melee, which can be distracting and hazardous; however, having pre-cast these spells, she can redirect her body’s Odic flow to route more power to some and take away from others, and she can deactivate them at her own discretion. Very few of them have any visual indicators to alert enemies of their casting. She has not studied, nor shown any interest in, using Reinforcement on others. Note that because she has limited magic circuits, the more varied reinforcement she has cast, the less overall Od is distributed to each one. So she usually concentrates on one or a few of the reinforcements primarily and uses less Od for the others, resulting in strong and weaker points.
-Accelerator: A spell which, when cast, increases the velocity of circulated Odic energy within Rebecca’s body. Countering metaphysical attacks often simply involves circulating one’s life force at a greater speed, so that curses and outside influences cannot enact themselves on the constantly changing mass of energy. This has the added affect of magnifying Rebecca’s movement speed and metabolism; she can simply avoid ill-effects from magic by “going faster,” as overly simple as it seems. Magic disrupts the flow of prana within the human body for offensive purposes, most directly for a curse. Most other supernatural abilities simulate a similar effect through different principles. Therefore, any sort of metaphysical attack that would not take place through the creation of a scientifically explicable phenomenon, such as elemental forces or physical trauma, (A curse is the best example.) would be purged from her system if she simply exchanges her currently flowing Odic energy for new energy drawn directly from her source. Her resistance to supernatural attacks is boosted to near invulnerability with repeated uses in a short span of time, as even flowing water loses its momentum eventually.
-Dampener: Essentially the opposite of Accelerator. Rebecca can use this spell to effectively “cancel” out her momentum and normalize her state mid-attack. This is used almost every time she punches, as once she’s struck, Dampener takes effect and she can withdraw her arm almost immediately despite the fact that it had just been traveling at high speed towards an opponent’s body, and begin another strike literally as they’re getting hit. Naturally, a sudden, jarring shift in momentum can be injurious to the human body, unless it is strengthened somehow.
-Booster: Standard Reinforcement for all combat. Rebecca’s stamina begins to draw upon her internal Od, which allows her greater staying power. Her bones, muscle tissue, organs and skin, without changing their internal composition, begin resisting physical trauma (Mostly blunt injury) by way of absorbing sudden impacts with a subtle burst of Od, as well as the generally toughened body’s surface and interior. It can resist blows and protect her fists from injury when attacking. Even the body’s bioelectric field begins to act as a cushion that disperses force into the air. Although her skin maintains the same consistency, after repeated castings, it starts to shrug off injury like a shell of steel. Her heightened flow of energy also speeds up recovery from injuries, though it isn’t capable of fast regeneration in the midst of battle. The power behind her muscles intensifies to the point that Rebecca can lift heavier objects and survive greater injuries. For example, if most of her power was focused into Booster, she could bench press a small car, and survive an object of equal or similar weight falling on her at reasonable speed with recoverable injuries. (She couldn’t simply shrug it off, but her survivability would be drastically increased.) Combining Accelerator and Booster is what gives Rebecca her superhuman strength; it turns her fist from a thrusting limb into a 80km per hour-moving, 1000kg of pressure exerting, super-hard bludgeon.
-Internalizer: A Reinforcement spell that utilizes ambient Mana, the natural life force of the environment surrounding Rebecca, rather than her own Od. It is always used in tandem with another Reinforcement spell, using Mana rather than Od to achieve the same effects, but for a far more limited duration and less conversion efficiency. It also results in slightly weakened resistance to outside metaphysical influences due to the influx of mana.
-Visualizer: Enhanced perception. Normally, human adrenaline allows boosted reaction time, in which things seem to happen slightly slower than normal in order to accommodate a flight-or-flight decision. This Reinforcement boosts the effect to the point at which Rebecca can, almost presciently, visualize potential vectors of enemy attack as transparent shadow images as they begin to throw a physical strike, as well as slowing the actual movement down in her perception enough for a lightning-fast response to be formulated.

Basic Parameters when Reinforced:
Max Running Speed: 90 kph
Max Speed: 150 kph with Airburst
Max Jumping Height: 26 m with Escape Jump
Max Punching Power: 1300 kg
Max Kicking Power: 2600 kg

Rebecca has a small number of spells that do not qualify as Reinforcement, as they do not affect her physical body. Nevertheless, none of them directly affect anyone besides herself.

-Airburst: A Odic pulse emitted through any region of the body’s bioelectric field. The suddenly exhumed energy pushes air out of the way in the same manner as a ramjet engine, blasting Rebecca in the opposite direction for a short distance. It allows her to “airdash,” switching directions mid-flight, as many times as she wishes until she has used up all Od circulating in her 20 circuits. Situating the burst behind her accelerating shoulder and arm can speed up an already thrown punch and hit faster than expected, with even more force, but it may cause injury.
-Clock Up: Evasive movement. Taking advantage of the fact that Reinforced movement has the possibility of moving at slight nanoseconds faster than the average human reaction time, Rebecca can combine sudden direction and speed changes and fast movement to create optical illusions, distracting afterimages, and blurring, so that her actual position in combat is not readily apparent. Using her Purge ability, she can even leave heat and Od afterimages behind if she desires to make more convincing decoys.
-Purge: An extrapolation of the Accelerator. Rebecca focuses all Odic energy’s flow inward through intensely honed concentration, no easy feat, but rather than recycling it through her body, she jettisons it outwards in all directions with a blinding flash of blue energy. Her biological systems are briefly “jarred” and she suffers extreme discomfort and disrupted consciousness for a brief instant, but Purge expels all metaphysical and supernatural influences circulating within her body, at the price of having to recharge her magic energy back to 100%.
-Escape Jump: Simply an extra-powerful, upward-aimed Airburst. Rebecca only needs a flat surface to direct the released force against in order to perform a high jump, straight or angled, that allows for evasion of threats and scaling of some large obstacles.

Latant Ability:
God’s Carrier: Rebecca’s internal life force, Odic energy, and all related powers are completely sealed within her, and cannot be removed from the outside. Her resistance to magic and mental influences is extremely high. Lastly, she can use spells at a level of proficiency at an intuitively high level, comparable to the thaumaturgy of medieval and ancient times. Modern magic, being recovered and revised versions of “miracle enactment” common in the ancient world, is structurally inferior to the originating spells, like most copies.
The real nature of God’s Carrier is that the individual is capable of using weapons and “crystallized miracles” that a human being could not normally wield effectively. Thus Rebecca is somewhat better suited than most other human beings to use conceptual weapons. All of these effects are not powers but rather externalities of this “contract.”
Rebecca can be classified as being partially gifted with a “divine” nature, though this has no effect on her state as a human being; it only changes her classification when being struck with weapons designated to work only on divine beings.

Essential Skills:
The maintaining and use of firearms (Proficient but not skilled.), concealment, information gathering, interrogation, surveillance, vehicle operation, and a number of other, less important abilities. She has generations of experience as a Sealing Hunter available for her perusal within her family’s hereditary seal. (Previously mentioned in the background description.)
In addition to “professional” knowledge of magic spells, their countermeasures, relics and supernatural forces, Rebecca has been trained with combat skills somewhat similar though not equitable to the average British Special Air Service soldier.

Joeun Yi
06-28-2007, 10:50 PM
korea’s kayo kid

• name - Joeun Yi
• gender - female
• alias - Jun, Yi
• age - twenty-four
• ethnicity - Korean

• political affiliations - Haywire Inc., Shin-Ra
• social affiliations - Aurora Coville, Reno Sinclair, Rude, Kim Jaehyung
• history - too many DUIs to bother
• career of choice - enthusiast of the art of riding two-wheeled street-bound vehicles (and, in turn, racing them)

• abilities - mind-bendingly fast reflexes and a sharp-tongued wit to match
• now playing - every rap station’s latest grind
• addictions - illicit use of illegal paraphernalia, cigarettes and alcohol
• quote - “Of course it’ll work! I came up with that sh`t! …and, if not, we’ll just blow up the place.”

[haywireINC] partyUP; Would You Like Fries With That? [open/noncombat] (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=56190)
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i’mma buy you a drank.

06-30-2007, 02:15 PM
"Venus Power Transformation!"
Introducing the lovely Aino Minako, or otherwise known as:

"Sailor V!"

Gender: Female.
Height: Five feet, six inches.
Eye Color: Blue.

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan.
Spoken Languages: Japanese, English.

Birthday: October 22. Minako's birthday of October 22 makes her a Libra and her ruling planet Venus. Libras born in the third decan are suggested to be more independent and have a stronger sense of justice than other Libras. Friendships are said to be a priority.

Bloodtype: The Japanese believe that bloodtypes influence your personality. Minako's bloodtype is B which theoretically gives her an aggressive and noisy persona. She should be cheerful, optimistic, easy to get along with, and adventurous but also forgetful, disorganized, noisy, spontaneous, and prone to exaggeration.

She is.

Occupation: When our beloved Sailor Senshi isn't saving your ass from the Dark Agency she's hard at work in school, maintaining her B average.

Family Life: Minako is an only child. She lives with her two parents in a decent-sized apartment (for Japanese standards). Her mother is a busy housewife and her father works for the Japanese Government. Though she is an only child, they get along nicely.

Biography: When Artemis first appears to Minako, he reveals to her that she is an incarnation of the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. She's the soldier of love and justice sworn to protect the Earth, Sailor Venus. Or code name: Sailor V! With Artemis and "Boss" as her guide, she fought against the evils of the Dark Agency. Artemis soon discovered this reincarnated soldier was in fact a boy-crazy, ditzy girl with a low attention span and little respect for him. What a shame.

Significant Items:
Transformation Pen:

This item is used to transform Minako into Sailor V. It is also used to communicate with "Boss".


This item has many uses. It is used to disguise her as any type person she chooses, to help her see the enemy's true form, and it also helps her perform many of her attacks. It needs to be put in the full moon's light to charge.

Venus Katana:

She used it to slice an enemy one time. That guy died.

The Almighty Venus Microphone:

This item is used to create dangerous supersonic waves to kill you.

[More to come.]

Holland Novak
07-10-2007, 07:31 PM

Real Name: L Lawliet
Notable Aliases: L, Ryuuzaki, Ryuuga Hideki, Erald Coil, Danuve
DOB: 79.10.31
Gender: Male
Zodiac: Libra (Jyotisha)/Scorpio (Tropical)
Height: 179 cm (?)
Weight: 50 kg (?)
Occupation: Detective

“I, too am immature and hate to lose.”

07-11-2007, 06:36 PM
Name Ξ Abel McDougall
Age Ξ About 27

Height Ξ 6'0''
Weight Ξ 203 lbs

Eye Color Ξ Hazel (usually)
Hair Color Ξ Sandy Brown (usually)

Usual Items Found On Person Ξ

-wallet with about 50 bucks (give or take)
-cellular phone (red sidekick III)
Posthuman abilities Ξ

Favorite Sayings Ξ

- "God gave me these abilities and I will use them to kill all those who oppose him."
- "Interesting."
- "I see."

07-12-2007, 12:15 AM

Age: Fifty or so years of a human. Somewhere between 25-30 appearance-wise. For a demon, he's pretty young.

Height: Six feet tall.

Weight: 131lbs.

Apperance: Clean shaven face with hispanic features. Cheeks being full and skin being dark. His hair is black as black can get with deep brown, questionably crimson colored irises on his eyes. Most commonly, he has a white tuxedo on, complete with bow tie. Everything is slate white but his vest, his bow tie, the buttons on his under shirt and the walking stick that he has with him at all times. His body is slender and toned, with muscle build from rigorous exercise. Also, his hands are strangely large for his appearance.

Damian's demonic appearance:

Height: 6' flat.

Weight: 131lbs.

Appearance: Purple skin with two short horns on his bald head. Nothing but a cloth of leather covering his private areas. His body is uncovered and showing an extremely well toned physique. Outside of his human "shell" he has unbelievable strength and speed. His mouth has two rows of 40 extremely sharp pointed teeth, and his fingers all have 4 inch long claws. His toes become talons and he has a pair of 10 foot long purple-and-black bat wings on his back. His eyes glow a distinct crimson color, and become darker blood red as he gets more angry.

Weapons: On him at all times, unless asked otherwise, will be his walking stick. Or cane. Whichever you preffer. The cane is three feet long with six inches for the hilt, underneath his right hand. Though he has no difficulty walking, it makes him look more sophisticated. This cane is more than just a cane, but also known as a shirasaya katana. The katana blade is within the hollowed out tube of painted wood. There is no hand guard, but Damian needs it not. His skills with the generic, almost too commonly seen blade are up-to-par. Besides, his hands are awkwardly big, and the small tsuba wouldn't do enough for him anyways. Damian has little hand-to-hand experience, so he relies on his sword the most. And if he doesn't have his sword, his supernatural abilities are his primary weapons from then on.

Abilities: Damian is the cliché demon with a katana. Anything you think would go along with that, you're probably wrong. This demon does not wield fire, but wields earth and wind to his advantages. With a gleam of his eye, the grass immediately comes alive, grows two feet long and wraps around the legs of the unlucky opponent while the katana's blade meets with the opponents neck. Spontaneous generation would cause a branch of a tree to burst out of the trunk, impaling a man through the stomach. A dust devil could be caused at the most untimely moment of a fight, and Damian would then be nowhere to be seen, because he hid beneath the ground while everyone's eyes were blocked or irritated by the sand. Then Damian would emerge from beneath the soil and attack from behind when they least expected it. But the one problem with Damian is that he cannot create earth, but must be near something that can be classified as earth in order to use it to his advantage. No thorns will burst from his fingertips. He also has a slight sensor-type ability. When someone steps on the grass, it's almost like a "ding" in his head, which indicates that someone can be killed without him wielding his blade.

Personality: The most charming man you would ever lay eyes on. Entertained by operas, masquerade balls and books. Hardly ever would Damian enter a baseball stadium or basketball court. He would much rather talk about the book "A tale of two cities", or Violin concertos written by certain classical composers, and how they are superior to any song written on the violin today. He is a very sophisticated individual. And has no trouble with the women. Though since Damian is a demon with a human body, he has an undying bloodlust, and loves to kill for no reason. His main objective is to kill as much as possible before being killed himself.

Abnormalities: He's a demon. Oh yeah, and holy magic is a no-no. He can only be once-and-for-all vanquished by having his true demonic form unleashed, and then being banished back to hell by a holy-man of a sort. He drinks holy water, and those crucifixes look awesome on his mantel. So those tricks are old-news.

07-16-2007, 08:55 PM
Name: Innocentia
Sex: Female
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Height: 135cm (4’5”ish)
Weight: Unimportant
Build: Slim and small: fitting for a girl her size, superficially
Place of Origin: Dresden, Germany
Place of Residence: Hong Kong
Date of Birth: February 16th, 1930
Distinguishing Features: Her fairly rare coupling of white hair and red eyes, and her clothing lack sleeves despite seemingly of high class.
Horoscope Sign/Element: Snake, Earth/Mountain
Blood Type: Unknown
Occupation: Assistant to Kurogiri
Languages Spoken: Most fluent in German, Japanese and Chinese (most dialects). She is capable of many others (mainly European languages and English) to a good enough fluency for simple conversation, including their respective dialects.
Faction: N/A, but effectively whoever Kurogiri is with.

Description: Innocentia is a small girl, looking the part of someone around the age of perhaps 12 or so and is, surprisingly enough, modestly built as 12 year olds are wont to. A classical beauty of snowy white skin, only second to her even whiter hair, Innocentia's face is adorned with a pair of rubies for eyes and is usually wearing a black alice band, which has a small black bow, appearing to be made out of toyokalon, to one of its sides, running perpendicular to the hair band. The length of her hair, which flows fairly light, hangs down roughly to her waist. However, the length can very significantly as she pleases, as she can just have Kurogiri adjust it. As with her hair length, Innocentia's hairstyle is ever changing, but she does have a few staple fashions worn with more frequency than others: a pair of slim twintails, hair down with a fringe, and hair down with bangs just brushed over to the side, all fairly simple. In battle, her hair trails after her like wispy streamers.
For clothing, Innocentia wears a one piece, sleeveless, black dress, with purple as a secondary colour. Over her hands, she wears a pair of feminine black gloves that go beyond her wrists slightly. For footwear, she has a pair of black combat boots whose respective laces have been replaced with a long purple ribbon, usually tied in a pretty bow. Besides this outfit, she may occasionally wear different clothing for casual use and clothing that might fall in this category, vary greatly from the latest fashions to the clothing of a peasant boy.

Innocentia is a seemingly timid girl. In truth, however, she is usually straight forward and to the point, but restrains herself in the interest of being diplomatic. Excellent at suppressing facial emotions, she often maintains a dull, apathetic expression, appearing unmovable and cold. It is difficult to break this demenor, and Innocentia is not easily startled, but occasionally she allows herself, when permissable, a more varied palette of emotions. Not a girl to mind breaking her nails, she is very familiar with the sensation of pain and could even be described as ignorant of it, though not truely numb to it.

She is extremely polite, but rarely speaks for herself and will not be negotiated with; instead allowing Kurogiri and his verbosity to make up for her tacturn demenor. The girl accepts Kurogiri as her "master" and is only concerned with carrying out her directions and allowing him to make the important decisions so that she can return home and continue studying. It is often surprising how much her blank expression is capable of emoting.

When doing things unrelated to "business" or dealing with familiar persons whom she knows how to conduct herself around, she may express a happier, more energetic side of herself. The feminine, girly side accounts for the out of place clothing items that she wears. At other times, the scholarly side of her will emerge and she will express/explore her interests with dedication. Innocentia's hobbies include learning languages, doing "impossible bottles" (usually ship in a bottle), and playing instruments. The instruments that she plays are the piano and the baryton. When enjoying her hobbies, Innocentia adopts an honestly serious expression and is completely focused on it. This expression is arguably her truest expression.

{{{{A Lock of Hair}}}}
Innocentia was originally born sometime in the year of 1930. Her childhood was murky, even to her, but she lived a poor, harsh existence on the streets of Dresden. Eventually, the misfortunate girl had a fateful encounter with one Kurogiri Jin, who transmigrated her soul into the body of a supernaturally refined homunculus. At that point, the girl had forgotten the day and month she was born in and had already given up on her original name; thus, Kurogiri named her Innocentia (after the Bavarian nun Maria Innocentia Hummel, the namesake of her traditional artwork and derived porcelain figurines referred to as "Hummels.") and it was decided that the day and month that her soul was transferred, would become the day and month of her birthday.
Since then, Innocentia has carried out the role of a practical servant to Kurogiri, helping him with errands and any other tasks he might set her upon. Otherwise, Innocentia spends the bulk of her time living with Kurogiri and educating herself or occasionally tagging along with him when he deems necessary. She also assists with running the apartment complex (mostly when it is necessary to deal with the customers directly) and cleaning their abode, along with any maintenance that might need to be done.
Now only a decade or two short of being a century old, Innocentia is well educated and trained, being much worldlier than before. Though still acting somewhat subservient to him, it can be construed that they are now friends, or at least "comrades in eternity." For whatever reason, it does not seem that Innocentia resented being thrown into a different body by her strange and eccentric "benefactor."

07-16-2007, 08:57 PM
Power and Skills
A human soul put into the body of a homunculus. Innocentia’s body was designed for melee range combat and is naturally tough (tough enough to resist light damage completely. Light damage meaning any mundane injuries like scrapes, light cuts, damage from short falls, etc. Severe damage is impeded by extremely strong bones, tougher skin, and superior blood clotting). Though her body is not muscular nor does it look particularly strong, her body is especially engineered to give her incredible strength and limitless endurance (as in, her body is not subject to human inconveniences such as being physically tired).
When unarmed, she can manage a large amount of agility, despite all her strength. Acceleration is quick, and max speed of a full run (on good terrain, carrying nothing large, and with no significant turns) can reach up to 90km/h, nonstop. Carrying her usual equipment, she is as agile as any grown man using a halberd-like weapon, acceleration is slow but max speed of a full run (again, on good terrain, carrying nothing else, etc) is around still 60km/h, with no real stop unless she chooses to.
An important facet about her body is “necros rejection diathesis”. It is not so much the regeneration of damaged portions, but the ability, or natural bodily property, of reassembling the physical body to be able to continue living in a damaged state. In other words, Innocentia’s body is able to adapt to work around so called “fatal injuries” and continue functioning. However, should many of the absolute minimum parts required for living be missing, the body having the necrosis rejection property will die. For example, even if the region above the neck isn't damaged, if the base below is gone, that person will die. Though, with such an ability, heavy blood loss will not cause death, nor would the loss of the heart or any other typically fatal injury such as that. With this natural property, Innocentia is able to continue working and fighting at “peak” condition, even when missing a few vital organs. (It will allow her to continue breathing without lungs. Though, that is merely adapting and changing another organ to do the job instead. Does not allow creation of new organs beyond normal human ability, but rather takes what she has left and changing them so in addition to their old role, they will be able to take on the role of a lost organ.)
As she is a homunculus, any typically permanent damage (i.e. a lost limb) can be easily repaired/”fixed” by Kurogiri, but it is unlikely for it to be done in battle.
In terms of magical ability, her “max output” of prana (basically mana) is fairly low and insufficient for a Magus in most cases, but it is extremely efficient in that it can constantly produce it’s max out put without rest. So it is the difference between being able to produce 1000 “points” of prana for the duration of one moment and the ability to constantly produce 200 “points” of prana 24/7 (comfortably). For the most part, she is unable to perform powerful thaumaturgy (magic), but she can easily and efficiently manage simple things like passing prana through body parts or objects to activate abilities or triggers.

Mystic Eyes are similar to normal visual organs in that they interpret stimuli from the outside world, but are also capable of provoking the inverse, i.e. affecting it. Anything within their field of vision, once activated, is subjected to a distortion of the world's laws, similar to a magic spell, though the effects are largely limited to direct eye contact with organic/cognitive creatures.
Innocentia's eyes are capable of having an effect, though weakened, even if no direct eye contact is maintained. The Mystic Eyes of Idleness force a "law" upon the victim's body stating that their muscles and motor faculties will regress to an "inert" or "at rest" state.
This is not simply a state of hypnotic paralysis: the victim's muscles are actually in an unmoving state as long as the effect is active; for example, the command sent by the brain's motor centers "run" would not affect the individual's legs, at least not in the normal sense. That person must actively will him/herself to "manually" make the command take place. In a sense, the body's "muscle memory" is nullified; reflexes and trained physical abilities are negated. A person with a sharp will and having a deep understanding of all the actions necessary in their respective art, should be able to manage only slightly hampered.
Vital muscles will continue to function, and the target can still breathe normally, but only to that extent; it is difficult to increase one's heart rate under the Idleness effect unless the subject knows how to somehow speed it up or slow it down actively, and any sort of specialized breathing technique (Common in Eastern martial arts) would have to also be actively willed into effect.
Mystic Eyes of Idleness can cause greater and lesser effects depending on how much Prana Innocentia focuses through them. If the maximum amount is passed through right away, the effect is nearly instant and strong; but she can also slowly increase the flow and by proxy gradually intensify the Mystic Eyes' effect over time. Its initial effect inspires confusion and shock, unless predicted somehow through clairvoyance or superhuman perception.
However, when direct eye contact is not maintained, the Mystic Eyes are weaker, to the point of not impeding a normal human being's physical activities too much. Despite that, it can still be used to provoke a universal feeling of "restlessness" within the target's body, identical to the concepts of "murderous intent" commonly associated with a sixth sense or battle spirit in martial arts terminology.
In effect, one who is looked upon by Innocentia, even if she means no harm, constantly feels as if she is on the verge of attacking. The sensation is suffocating, inducing discomfort and nausea and it makes it difficult, if not impossible, to predict the moment Innocentia decides to attack for real. If submerged in this miasma of unease, it is difficult for the subject to sense even other individual's murderous intentions, as they constantly feel threatened or pressured by Innocentia.

Along with these abilities natural to her body, Innocentia has access to a few techniques.
"Prana Burst" is the act of raising stats by soaking one's weapon or body with prana and immediately expelling it. Basically, magic energy jet propulsion. It allows her to do “single actions” with far greater power and strength. Due to her great efficiency with creating usable prana, she can constantly “burst," and she can apply the technique to attacking (weapon attacks are much faster and more powerful and can easily break some weaker things that try to block them.), defending (able to block blows much more solidly and allows her small body to “stand its ground” against much larger foes, adjusting her immediate inertia.), and movement (when prana bursting during running, both her acceleration and max speed improve.) Unarmed, her acceleration is almost instant and tops 130km/h, while armed, acceleration is fairly good and gets as high as 100km/h. There are no real drawbacks to this technique, so it is almost always used by Innocentia unless prana is being spent elsewhere. Even then, though, she will usually regulate what prana she has remaining into Prana Burst
Innocentia’s second technique is a martial ability that she can apply to her halberd thrusts, “Steel Plate Effect”. It is a technique that was originally meant for spear-like weapons thrown at high speeds but has been adapted by Innocentia to work with her halberd thrust attacks. Rather than the weapon impaling the target, the weapon will blow the target back a fair distance upon contact, without exceptions. In all cases, it is a technique used to “make space” and push back the opponent when they don’t expect it. The technique will work whether or not the attack is blocked or taken directly. When used on human sized opponents, should send them tumbling at least 5-10 metres. Anything without an extremely low center of gravity will at least be knocked over, most of the time. The use of the technique requires a strong/fast thrust (as in, it’s impossible to do if there is not enough room to “wind up”, though she could easily wind up through any walls that might be in her way…).
Finally, Innocentia has been lightly trained in some forms of unarmed combat. Overall it is unrefined, but she makes up for it with the speed and power of her punches and kicks. Emphasis is on overwhelming strength over polished technique.

07-16-2007, 08:58 PM
Innocentia is only armed with one weapon: a halberd. This is a picture of what it looks like. For those who don’t understand, it is basically a long spear with an axe blade at the end of it. Halberd type weapons can be used for thrusting, slashing, and for striking, but performance is greatly inferior compared to lances, swords, and axes respectively. Suited for pulling down the stance of the opponent and then in primarily leading into a turn over. The main deal is to creating a situation to pull off a finishing blow. Depending on the shape of the blade, mounted enemies can also be dragged off. Because of their wide applications, halberds are easy to handle weapons.

However, the problem with this one in particular is that it's too heavy to be swung around by humans in melee combat. Better to fight with one's bare hands instead of using it. But, given that this is being used by a homunculus like Innocentia, this isn't a problem as she doesn't suffer from fatigue and has incredible muscle power. It may seem like it was designed after the type of antique that'd decorate castles, but this one probably makes use of the latest of cutting edge technology as well as various thaumaturgical characteristics.

Emphasis is placed on toughness instead of sharpness. In other words, it's forged with the intention of sustaining damage to win. An attacking defensive item, it is made of Rhenium, an even better type of metal than the tungsten steel used in tank armour plating. Far rarer and more valuable than tungsten and extremely heavy (density is 3 times that of iron or so). The entire weapon is made completely of rhenium, including the shaft.

The aforementioned thaumaturgical characteristic given to this weapon allows prana to be passed through it easier, allowing greater efficiency when using prana burst. On top of that, another characteristic added to it greatly increases its mana intensity, making it a complete weapon even on the spiritual level (meaning a completely spiritual being can interact and be damaged by it). All this makes the weapon usable against even spirits and supernatural creatures of that sort. Finally, thaumaturgy has been utilized to synthesize a grip on an otherwise smooth. However, this grip is only “there” when one is wearing a special pair of gloves: the gloves Innocentia wears (and keeps spares of). Basically, she is the only person who can properly grip this halberd.

As heavy as this weapon is, when it is used by Innocentia, she is able to wield it as if she were a grown man wielding a normal halberd. With the assistance of mana burst, she can wield it even better, allowing even less openings. A weapon to be feared if engaging at melee range, when in large, open spaces, it is less threatening when in small areas but Innocentia’s capable of “powering through” any walls or ceilings that may “get in her weapon’s way”. Of course, the obvious draw back of that is all the rubble falling onto her….

07-18-2007, 01:41 AM
First Name: Reve

Last Name: Aidenn

Bleached child
ex-Second Step
Flawless Theory
The Innocent
The Fourth Kulture
Little lover
Any other pet names others might find easy to remember and put to his face; feel free to make one.


Actual: Two-hundred and three years
Aesthetic: Nine to fifteen.

Sex: Male


Height: Around four foot nine to five foot two.
Hair color: Colorless, resulting in a whitened tone; due to nanomechanical injections. Skin color: Colorless, resulting in a whitened tone; due to nanomechanical injections. Eye color: Right eye is a gray tone; artificially colored to shield the eye from such things a natural iris would; Left eye is currently beneath a thin layer of skin; able to retract if needed, exposing the underlying eye, being a bright blue in color.
Clothing: Influenced by the nigh-transvestite/unisex attitude of the 'Tyrant', Sura DeCerna; typically a fur-lined vest of black and white alterations, along with some other nigh-inappropriate attire.

Unnamed Head of TALOS Light Industries
Unnamed Resource for Redwood Medical Facility.
Unnamed Head of Rome Incorporated.
Unnamed Head of Sunatory Incoporated.


Genetic research and engineering Paranormal research
Posthuman research
Nanomechanical applications
Limb-to-body prosthetics

Creating objects that others may find happiness in.
A multitude of research.
Meeting new people that, preferably, don't wish to either shoot him or his company/friends/affiliates.
New sources of information.
Adventures! Rawr!
Artificially Intelligent entities; near obssession with them.


Large animals, especially big cats.
Has macrophobia of living things, meaning he pretty much dislikes anything larger than him to a point of p!ssing his pants and panicking.
Tedious, repetitive office work.
Unprepared direct combat.
Losing things; the smaller and more insignificant, the worst the tantrum. Just lose the remote n' watch.
"Dressing up fancy."
People who disrespect his line of work; curiously, he's not at all bothered by the fact that he's not regarded as being capable of his line of work based on face-value alone.
If he liked rollercoasters, he'd probably hate n' pitch a fit if they wouldn't let him on because of his size. But he doesn't. So there.



Dream Theft


Liquid of Avarice



Poison Immunity

Body Modification

Information Network

Spiritual Surgery and Defense

Roughly Omni-Lingual


Kusanagi Flame
Phlegethonian Flame
Integral Flame/Remote Defense Initiative
Light Blue Flame [ Yet to be named ]
Tou Flame
Work in Progress


Long and boring; typical and as such will be minized as follows: He was originally employed by W.E.A.P.O.N. during the reign of a Miss Yukimaru; after a small time he was promoted to the head of the Research and Development Department. After the sudden disappearance of both leaders of the W.E.A.P.O.N. organization, he quickly acted as head; however, it was soon apparent that he was an unfit leader. Between the bouts of life the organization was granted, he came to be Mr. DeCerna's consort, a position he's held onto until recent, where the specifics are hazy even to himself with the Tyant's most recent disappearance.

Items of Note:

Odin's Eye (Literal.)







Head of Dita (Literal.)

Duodent of Hades (Literal.)

Island of Kings(Literal.)

Sui Generis (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showpost.php?p=1817700&postcount=156) (Literal.)
A violin gifted by a Miss Mariss.

(*) It should be noted that Reve's continuing paranoia has led to a near constant level of updating his programs, allowing for each to be continually reworked so as to void any and all attempts of the original creators to reclaim their possessions. This also allows for each to be top-of-the line in terms of recent advances in information warfare.

(**)Necrolicious' being included within this merely states he has taken residence within Reve for the time being.

[Undoubtedly going to be edited. I can only think of a handful of people that even know Reve is alive, much less he's male, so that should be enough to say most of this is OOC knowledge. Also, I shortened a bit of it because it was too big but not enough to make another post; I'll explain the abilities if anyone asks; yay for keeping the original copy ^ ^.]

Swordsman Eddie
07-22-2007, 01:13 AM
~Name: Eddie Allen Skelton
~Sex: Male
~Age: 22
~Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
~Spoken Languages: Japanese, English, Spanish
~Profession: Mercenary

~Height: 6'2
~Weight: 250 lbs. (Muscular)
~Eyes: Dark Blue
~Hair: Short, black
~Clothing: Dark colors. Dark red, dark blue, or black usually.

~Abilities: Able to create fire with his bare hands. Expert swordsman. Unbelievably fast reflexes and speed.
~Weapons: 500 S&W Magnum Pistol, Twin Japanese Katanas, Throwing Knives.

~Introduction (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?p=2007080#post2007080)

07-23-2007, 07:44 PM
Name: Geoffrey Leoric Godson.
Alias: Jehoel.
Age: Classified.
Ethnicity: Anglo-German.
Birthplace: Munich, Germany.
Astrological Sign: Aries.
Cardinal Virtue: Liberality (liberalitas).
Cardinal Sin: Pride (superbia).
Theme Song: All You Need is Love (http://media.putfile.com/All-You-Need-is-Love-62).

Geoffrey’s appearance is prone to changing each time his current body suffers a critical overload or infuses far too much radiation/residual creative force, as the growth-limits of his organs often vary and he isn’t picky enough to wait until just the right stretch of time is produced. Generally, throughout the different ages he appears at, he has ruffled black hair and an extremely lean form, as well as an instantly recognizable pair of scarlet eyes. His mode of dress also tends to change depending on his needs, and it isn’t uncommon for him to have hours of fun trying to correlate his clothes to his current apparent age.

Transhuman Notes:
- Minor perks of an artificial body.
- ‘Shield’ against projectiles.
- Very minor ‘telekinetics’.
- Extensive knowledge within various circles of mysticism and spellcasting, especially Kabbalism.
- Extensive, prodigy-level knowledge of impossible technologies, metaphysics and biological engineering.

Jehoel, as he prefers to be called, is the original founder of the [CLASSIFIED] organization and it’s mother corporation, IMPERIUM. Alongside Genevieve Edionette, it was he who envisioned and pioneered the first and second [CLASSIFIED] projects, making him the architect of the [CLASSIFIED] installation seen in caverns measureless to man and it’s sister establishment in Jerusalem. As such, he is the creator of [PROJECT #002: CODENAME APOCRYPHA] and considers himself to be it’s father – certainly, what parts of his body remain biological are certainly infused with so much of the same DNA that he could be considered a genuine relative, although this is a matter of perspective and personal opinion.

Jehoel is a charismatic figure, attracting people to his cause without effort, but simultaneously and sometimes fatally pushing them away with his obsessive and often quite ruthless devotion. His first and second marriages were arrangements in the interests of corporate harmony and favourable breeding. The ‘products’ of these arrangements are now either dead or estranged in some way from him – his first two sons were both killed by [PROJECT #005: CODENAME MERODACH] and his third and most talented child played an integral part in the awakening of [APOCRYPHA]’s self-awareness and it’s subsequent escape, dropping off the radar soon afterwards.

Recently, Jehoel has moved openly for the first time in several years, in response to the current situation of the world.

Forgotten Auron
07-23-2007, 09:34 PM
Full Name: Tyler Smith

Sex: Male

Age: TWenty-Two

Height: 6'3

Weight: 200 lbs.

Hair Color: Bald

Posthuman Abilities: Improved strength and agility (reflexes and speed mostly).

Specialty: Gunman and demolitions expert.

Boom. Boom. Boom. (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=70859)
Just Keep On Walking (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=70457)
What Happens In Vegas... (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=70286)

Theme Song:
They Only Send the Poor... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmYkY0CjYgo)

Storyline: Tyler Smith has been, and always will be, a terrorist. He started out trying to make a terrorist organization, but ended up joining the Tainted Angels, headed by Conrad. When Conrad was killed, Tyler continued on with his terrorist activities, blowing s**t up, and looks forward to participating in the attack AGAINST Eclipse in Japan.

07-26-2007, 08:16 PM
Name: Type Zero-Zero-One.

Alias: Black.

Sex: Cyborg (Male-Looking).

Age: No age, it was a creation.


---Clothing/Physical Appearance: His armor was still being developed when he went ape-s**t and manage to escape the labs (more in Bio). He was supposed to be developed into a super soldier for the American army so that he could lead the way into completely destroying other nation's if it came to war. His skin was built so that it was tough, able to stand up against dull blades and punches and kicks. His eyes were black, plain and simple as can be. He had no hair. He was built so that he was very muscular and tall, striking fear into the heart's of his enemies. He is usually wearing clothes that have places where he can fit weapons. Pants with big pockets, coats with large inside pockets, or just general holsters on his hips. He has a belt where he can put his explosives as well. All of his weapons have extra armor and everything he wears is extremely resistant to fire resistant. His own skin can protect him from minor burns. He wears boots and gloves, both in armor plating. Black's skin is like a regular human's, only much paler. You can tell he is not an actual Human by his skin and abnormally large size, but you wouldn't tell him that.

---Eyes: Black.

---Hair: None, bald.

---Weight: At least five-hundred pounds. Very muscular.

---Height: 6'6.

Armor/Defense: Hardened skin as well as armor plating (sometimes).

Weaponry: XM214 Mini-Gun. Dual MP5's. Beretta handgun, Desert Eagle Handgun, Glock Handgun. SMAW. Fists. Fragmentation, smoke, and incendiary grenades. All of his guns/fists have armor plating.

---Weight: 30 LBS.
---Ammunition Weight: 35 LBS per 1000 rounds.
---Caliber: .223 NATO.
---Magazine: 1000 Rounds.

---Weight: 5.5 LBS.
---Cartridge: 10mm Auto, .40S&W.
---Clip Size: Thirty Rounds.

SMAW: It is used for taking out bunkers, pillboxes, and battle tanks. It stands for shoulder-launcher multi-purpose assault weapon. Usually two people operate it, one firing while the other loads. The SMAW can use either HEDP or HEAA rockets.

Fragmentation Grenade: The most commonly used grenade which is meant to wound or kill the target using shrapnel.

Smoke Grenades: There are smoke grenades used as flares and there are the exploding ones that are used for anti-personnel situations, usually in tight spaces. Black carries the 'flare' ones so that he can make an attempt to blind his opponent temporarily. His eye-sight is probably his best sense of them all, able to see through thick things, like smoke and tear-gas.

Incideniary Grenades: White phosphorus is used to create temperatures of up to 5000 °F, burning any target nearby pretty

***Note: He doesn't carry all of these weapons at the same time.

Creation Place: A secret lab somewhere within North America.

Storyline: Coming Soon.

Bio: Black was supposed to be a super-human, the first one of his kind. He was going to open up technology able to create things like Spartans, but something went wrong. It took many, many years just to piece him together. Skin, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands, feet, legs, torso, chest, arms, hands, toes, fingers. There were so many resources that needed to be gathered. The organization that was creating him was very private; not even the government k1new what was REALLY going on, they just funded them because the military was promised this... thing. After his completion, tests were ran where he was actually mobile inside of a large room. If at any time he was thought to be a threat, lasers, rockets, and machineguns would put him down. There were two tests that needed to be done before he could be allowed to use any kind of a firearm or explosive. In one of those tests (records were destroyed and there was only one survivor, so which one it was is unknown), Black went crazy. He started to dream, to discover his own emotions, to think for himself. He broke out of the large room, finding a weak spot in his cell. He punched through the metallic-like substance and completely obliterated the labs. The only survivor was a guard who was able to escape. There was a weapon's floor and that was where he was able to acquire some guns, mainly the mini-gun that he currently uses. Even if these weapons were destroyed, he had his own physical attributes to make up for that, and finding these guns again would be a cinch to him. How he ever got the nickname of Black is still not known, but it is what he goes by. His original name was Zero-Zero-One, but what kind of a name was that, right?

Holland Novak
08-04-2007, 12:31 PM
ray = out Spotlight

For our final interview, we profile the child of the late Holland Novak.

Name = Holland Novak II
Age = Fourteen
Height = 5'1
Weight = 103 lbs.

Hobbies = REF Boarding, Mechanical Engineering, Drawing, Playing the Guitar

Likes = Spicy Foods, Video Games, Good Music
Dislikes = Homework, Posers, Bad Music

Novak Jr. seems to be a fun loving kid. Intuitive, loves life, and smart. You could see in his eyes that he takes after his father a great deal, in spite of the fact that he barely had a chance to know him. Every time you mention "Holland Novak" he always lights up -- the stories must be really hitting home with him.

After our discussion, he offered to maintain rights to the magazine in hopes of reviving it in the future. A true visionary.

We expect a lot from the young Novak, and hope that he'll thrive and continue to fight the unfairness of the system like his father did. God's speed, Holland Novak.

ray = out

08-08-2007, 06:38 PM
Joutei Ess

Alias: ---
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Neo-Angel
Birthplace: Munich, Germany

Age: Five
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 193 Lbs

Defining features:


Posthuman features:

--Unnatural Speed
--Unnatural Strength
--Unnatural Reflexes



Named after the fallen angel from Milton's Paradise Lost, the Rosier is a fully functional 'gunblade' produced through a synthesis of Jehoel's impossible technologies and mysticism. Most of the weapon, from hilt to blade, is made of synthesteel, with the exception of prized orichalcum cuneiform filigreed across its edges. The blade itself is 80cm long and in fact divided into a pair, leaving a gap of two inches between, serving as the channel for the 'gun' part of it's functions. Rosier can be loaded with six long but thin rounds, the divided blade functioning as an electromagnetic slingshot, essentially meaning that the sword doubles as a 'railgun'. At the speed it propels these positron-charged projectiles, the Rosier can make scrap metal out of several armoured vehicles in a single shot.

*Many thanks to Felly.

08-09-2007, 01:36 AM
Jack "Kid Twist" Tatum

An Excerpt from the Journal of Jack Tatum

June 18th, 2007,

My father always told me to roll with the punches, but Life has thrown one too many jabs my way—too many to simply roll with, at least. They say that complaining solves nothing. I find it to be a legitimate way to react to the world’s misfortunes. One might call me a cynic; nonetheless, I’d like to think of myself as a realist. The world is a dirty, gritty place and the only way to survive it is to accept the fact there is nothing better. These days, people are too afraid to say what they really believe. They don’t want to offend others and they don’t want to offend themselves. They’re too afraid to speak up and admit to themselves that there is no hope, no redemption, and no magic in this world. Bad things happen to all people. Those who depend on faith and fate to pull them through will perish. Those who can’t let go of the past are doomed to die with it. However, those who learn to take the shots like a man are the ones that will survive. That’s really the best you can hope for in life; to survive.

Well, I just started writing in this journal to organize my thoughts. Something about seeing these words in permanent ink seems to relieve some of the stress of living. I’ve never kept a journal before, so I don’t really know where I should start. I suppose I should start by introducing myself.

My name is Jack Tatum. In certain circles, I’ve been called Kid Twist. The nickname was apparently the name of a character in the movie The Sting. I’ve never seen the movie, but I hear it’s about gambling so I guess it’s a valid nickname for me. You see, I make my living through chance. Well, at least, I used to. These days, I don’t have to rely too heavily on luck, but I’ll get to that later. Without any formal education past high school, I couldn’t really find too much work that didn’t involve moving boxes or digging holes. When I turned 22, I found I had a knack for reading faces and thrived at the poker table. Like any professional gambler, I didn’t limit myself to one forum. Turns out I was pretty good at picking horses, too. It isn’t terribly surprising; my father was a casual gambler as well as my brothers. None of my family really took it as seriously as I did though. After generations of less-than-lawful members of my family, I could proudly say that I was the first full-time card shark. I’ve been to Vegas a few times, but I spent most of my adult life in Louisiana. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t stepped foot in Texas since the incident.

The year was 2000. I had just turned 21 a few weeks ago and the excitement of legal drinking was still very much so alive. I had drunk alcohol before turning 21, of course. When you grow up in a family that’s been producing moonshine in a family-owned distillery for the last 50 years, it doesn’t quite matter how young you are when you have that first burning drop of liquor. Morals weren’t exactly a family value in my lineage. Even so, being able to do so publicly warranted a good amount of irresponsibility and late nights at the tavern. One night, it was late June I believe, my older brothers and I were up to our knees in whiskey at some rural-route bar we had been frequenting all month.

A hundred pairs of blood-shot eyes turned towards the entrance of the place as the swinging doors of the pub flew open on its rusty hinges. The sheriff walked in, slow and somber, with his dusty hat held over his chest. His expression was one of nervousness and regret. The man didn’t say a word until he had made his way across the sawdust-covered floor to address my brothers and me. I remember his words exactly. It’s hard to forget them when they echo through your every dream—when they haunt your every shadow. He bowed his head and spoke through his finely combed mustache, “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but something terrible has happened, boys… Your father is dead.”

He had gone into the city for the day. A mugger attacked, but my dad was not the kind of man that would let himself be pushed around. The mugger pulled a gun and in a moment of panic, shot and killed him. For 67 dollars, my father lost his life. That’s the story the sheriff told, at least. I can remember how I felt as the officer gave us the details. My heart became frozen. It felt as if my guts were being forced into my throat. My brain felt like it was on fire and in an instant, I snapped.

“No! You’re lying!” I shouted as I leapt from my barstool and swung my fists at the sheriff’s wrinkled face. “How dare you ****ing lie to me?” At the time, my punches were too uncoordinated and frantic to land any serious damage. My brothers grabbed me by the shoulders and slammed me down onto the counter of the bar. My eldest brother, Tom’s, grip was firm and forceful. Over my desperate cries, he did his best to calm me and kept telling me to settle down.

Until now, I was uncertain about what happened next. My brothers and that sheriff and even the barkeeper were thrown away from me by some invisible force. Each had been launched in a different direction and they landed hard-- hard enough to put cracks in the walls—hard enough to send the barkeep through the back wall of the bar and out into the sultry darkness outside—hard enough to kill the four of them. Those that witnessed the event described it as unexplainable; just some invisible, dynamic squall that tore the bar to pieces. They claimed they didn’t hold me accountable for the death of the four men, but I could tell that they would never look at me the same way again.

After that, my mother refused to speak to me. The poor old woman must have been crushed when she found out that not only had three-fifths of her family been killed, but two of them were killed by her own flesh and blood. Her only remaining son was a murderer and her whole world was crashing down on her. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’s gone mad by now; I haven’t spoken to her since that night. I’ll probably never speak to her again. How could I? I am a monster and a murderer. Trying to fix things with her would only make the burden in her heart heavier.

The next morning I left home. I moved from that small-time town in southern Texas to neighboring Louisiana. For a year, I lived the life of a vagrant. I took on menial labor to make ends meet. Most of my money was spent on food and clothing, but the rest I frugally stashed away in savings. Every extra dollar I spent was accompanied by a prudent and necessary decision.

I was two months from turning 23 when I first sat at a poker table. The booth was set up in a run-down old tavern in the middle of butt-**** nowhere. The dealer was a seasoned conman who made his money by using unfair dealing and exploiting the redneck locals. I’d never tried my hand at cards, but I knew the game and figured I’d give it a shot. I was horrible. I lost nearly 300 dollars in the first ten minutes. My stubborn determination kept me glued to that chair, despite the fact that my hard-earned savings were burning away before my very eyes. Over the next few rounds of play, I began to notice some subtle things that a man wouldn’t notice unless he were really paying attention; the way the dealer held his mouth and the fashion in which he rearranged his cards and even the tell-tale twinkle in his eyes when he was confident in his hand. Two hours and 2500 dollars later, that whore known as Lady Luck was no match for my analyzing gaze. I read the dealer’s face like a textbook, folding when the signs were bad and betting when they were good. It was amazing how quickly I picked up the depths of strategy involved in the game. From bluffing to playing offensively, I quickly evolved into a slick, calculating card shark.

08-09-2007, 01:37 AM

Several years have passed since the rickety poker table and those soggy bayou bars. Now I’ve become a prolific and respected gambler. At my present age of 28, I live a life of a traveling high-roller. I attend high stakes poker games aboard midnight trains packed full of rich wannabes, tossing away their wealth purely for a few hours of entertainment. I’ve gone to Las Vegas and been thrown out of countless casinos for winning too much money. I’ve ambled across the decks of steam-powered riverboats with their bowels crammed full of yuppie suckers just lined up to give me their money. Luck and strategies have become an increasingly scarce asset to my gambling repertoire. There’s really no need to rely on such iffy tactics when you’ve got a gift like mine.

You see, the same strange force that killed my brothers is now used to help me cheat. Yes, I said it; I cheat. It took me five years to realize I wasn’t normal. One could say that I’m what you’d call a “post-human.” I just call it the next step in natural selection. I still don’t quite understand the depths of my abilities, but I’d like to believe I’m somewhat of a psychic. I still can’t come to grips with the thought that it was my own fault my brothers died, although I know, deep down, that it’s true. It was my own uncontrolled abilities that killed them. On an average day, I can manage to read a few unsuspecting minds or use my thoughts to lift a cup of coffee; however, the majority of my power is crude and unrefined.

One odd facet of my abilities has come to my attention. I’ve noticed, through a series of rather ugly events, that my psychic powers seem to increase proportionally to my inebriation. In essence, I get more powerful when I’m drunk. One theory that I’ve developed is that my mind naturally tries to suppress my psionic energies (and probably for good reason.) The chemicals in alcoholic beverages hinder the proper functioning of these parts of my brain and thus, more of this psionic energy is released. Of course, there’s no way for me to prove this theory.

I doubt that I will ever truly understand my abilities or who I am. The world is full of mysteries. Some things are better left unquestioned. Those who spend their lives looking for answers will never have the sensibility to appreciate the question. It is impossible to be certain whether there is anything awaiting us after death, so why waste your existence trying to figure it out? The odds that this life might be the only chance we get are rather substantial and as a man of cards and dice, I ask you; why gamble away your happiness on the off-chance that a God does exist?

That is all for this entry. I’ll continue to write down my thoughts and feelings as they come to me.

Jack Tatum.

08-14-2007, 03:07 AM

Kelly Blackwood

Name: Kelly Blackwood
Alias: The Dublin Knock-Out
Sex: Male
Weight: 156 pounds
Height: 6 feet

Age: 26
Nationality: Irish
Born: Dublin, Ireland
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel

Physique / Personality:

A slim build of wiry muscle and athletic dexterity forged from years of playing lacrosse in high school and college. He looks just a bit too thin for his height and very few expect him to be as strong or quick as he really is. Several years in college boxing and underground brawling leagues have kept his physique up, but it is slowly deteorating as he has graduated from college and is doing less physical activity these days.

He is cynical, sarcastic, and overly sure of himself, often to the point of failure. In contrary to his confidence, he is rarely successful in any of his endeavors and those who know him well wonder how it is that someone with luck as terrible as his could possibly be so self-assured. He is easily addicted and a noted creature of habit, often drinking until he can no longer stand, or keep his insides from being outsides.

Paranormal Qualities & Attributes:

Kelly is what is known to many as a "die hard". He is not immortal, certainly, but he is a stubborn pain in the ass who just refuses to die. On three accounts he has sustained phenomenal blows to the major life supporting areas (head, heart, lungs, kidneys) and has set the record for most broken bones at one time, as well as in any given life time. In all three occurrences he has risen to his feet to not only survive, but also defeat his opponent.

Many, including Kelly himself, attribute this to the Law of Attraction which states that people experience the corresponding manifestations of their predominant thoughts, feelings, words, and actions and that people therefore have direct control over their lives through thought alone. A person's thoughts (conscious and unconscious), emotions, beliefs and actions are said to attract corresponding positive and negative experiences "through the resonance of their energetic vibration."

This is not to say that Kelly controls reality, but rather that his indomitable will is enough to keep him alive. Death simply isn't ready to handle Kelly Blackwood.

A History of Kelly Blackwood

"The kid's a God damned freak is what he is, nay Heaven nor Hell will take his soul." That's what they whispered to each other in the dorm rooms of the University of Dublin, Ireland. It was back when Kelly was still new and everyone was unsure what to believe about him. Some people had seen him out at night, mobbing the local pubs and thought him an alcoholic. Others watched his first boxing match and were amazed to know that a man could take that many hits to the head and still some how have the stamina to deliver a one-hit knock out only minutes later. More still had had classes with him and thought that his quick mouth and cynical tone were going to earn him a quick whipping.

All three of these things were in fact true of Kelly Blackwood. He was a frequent drinker, an undefeated boxer, and spoke without thinking. And it was because of these special attributes of his that he was a big hit in the fight clubs. Five months into the fad, people started getting tired of street brawling, too many of them had been hurt too badly and even the champs were sick of the poor competition, but Kelly wasn't done yet. He wanted more; he wanted to keep that adrenaline he felt when he was in the ring. He later left Dublin all together to go looking for his next big addiction.

Experience with C/G as a role-player:

This is my first character here, but not my first RP, so I will do my best to merge my knowledge of standard roleplaying practices with that of the C/G world, rules, and players.

08-20-2007, 12:12 PM
And this Vanity.... overcomes us

Name : [Sura DeCerna]
Alias :
Gender : [Male]
Age : [35]
DOB : --
Birthplace : [Barcelona, Spain]
Nationality : [Spaniard]
Physical Description : [A man of beauty and unmatched grace. Eyes as cold as ice with nothing less then the serpent like quality which gives light to the rest of his angelic features. With a slender and curvaceous figure he prefers to wear scandalous and figure fitting attires, despite his change in vessel his signature violet mane tints his host’s platinum blonde hair.

When it comes to style in itself, the best description could be compared to a ‘Gothic-Lolita’. Though most ‘Lolita’ fashion followers prefer to look ‘cute’ rather than sexy, Sura tends to bend it to his liking in which he focuses on sensuality and beauty.]
Psychological Description: [ Narcissistic, ambitious, arrogant, sadistic, and always a nymphomaniac. Though his nature demands for supreme conquest, he sometimes contemplates his existence and tries to deviate from his ‘destined’ path .]
Skills/Abilities : [Above all, Sura’s most dangerous weapon… being his undeniable quality as a leader.

No longer able to use battojutsu with uncanny speed, do to the fact that his new host physique is not as focused on speed but rather balance, precision, and reflex. Now as the final pupil of the strongest Gung-Ho-Gun member, lost number thirteen… Elendira, the Crimson Nail; has Sura now mastered the use of the “Velvet Vixen”.

[B]Velvet Vixen_

Length: [48 inch]
Width: [12 inch]
Height: [24 inch]
Status: [Experimental Prototype]

Side arm: [Jericho 941]
Caliber : [9 mm Para, .40S&W, .45ACP, .41AE]
Weight :[920g]
Length :[192 mm]
Barrel length :[96 mm]
Capacity :[16 (9 mm), 12 (.40), 10 (.45) rounds]

Other Notable Abilities :
Close Quarter Combat:[Sura is also a master of CQC. His movements are well based at disarming an opponent and bending them to his will.

Other unique traits include his trademark body capable of excreting strong doses of aphrodisiac in the form of a violet mist. Though the mist itself has a potent influence, the stronger the dose depends on how close one is to Sura’s body; actual body fluids holding the most intense aphrodisiacs. Since his ‘rebirth’ has his body become specifically adept at making the mist a weapon.

The mind is a powerful force; the tyrant knows this well enough. Another parasitic trait of Sura’s memories aside from the ‘mist’, violet hair and cosmetics, is the particularly strong mental barrier. Trying to forcefully infiltrate Mr.DeCerna’s mind could result in a backlash of mental energy; the gift also allowing him to put a physical outline to psionic force.

Beloved’s last natural gift being that of a perfect immune system. Flawless in every form of the word has his body proven to deteriorate even outside intruders such as the ‘vampire gift’, venoms known to man, and even plagues. The only exception being the virus Beloved created himself, the ‘Daemon’ strand. The cure to man’s sickness resting in the hands of a malicious tyrant; Irony is a dish best served cold, no?]

Move List;

[B]Permanent Vacation_ Sura’s ultimate display of firepower as he releases Velvet Vixen’s payload onto the enemy in a series of ‘dances’. The max effectiveness of this attack settling when Vixen is at max capacity of thirty ‘nails’.

Serpent’s Kiss_ an underhanded attack in which Sura uses his extreme balance, precision, and reflex to shorten the distance between his opponents and penetrate their flesh in order to poison the enemy with Black Mamba venom, the coating of the venom residing on his inch long purple nails.

Lilac Impact_ effective when Sura has all four of the retractable rods in his arsenal. Dances much like ‘Permanent Vacation’; in this he wields all four rods and coordinates the blows given to the enemy by quickly swapping the rods between attacks.

Means of income:
-40% of WEAPON’s original income
-Transactions in the ‘import and export’ business
-Monopoly over the ‘Black Market’
-Various stations across the globe which house his affairs in narcotics
-loan sharking
-Weapons dealing
-10% of his own mercenary contacts
-Music Label ‘Fit ‘n Defiant’

Personal Information: <3 (Mwah Tika)
Color; Violet
Animal; Black Mamba
Food; Strawberry Pocky
Drink; Fine Wine
Number; Sixty-Nine
Music; Classical/Gothic
Season; Winter
Gem/Stone; Amethyst
City; New York
Hobby; Sex/Singing/Reve
Favorite Possession; Velvet Vixen, modified Yamaha.

Profession: [ Specialized Assassin/Masterful Tactician/Leadership ]
Involvement in C/G : [Infamous Leader/Founder of WEAPON. Business associate with various organizations. ]
Biography/Storyline : [A story best left untold… and best to remember that the dead tell no tales.]

One of my fave. (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=64468)

08-20-2007, 12:14 PM
And this Lust.... overcomes us

Name : [Harem ]
Alias : [69]
Gender : [Male]
Serial Number : 69
Birthplace : [Prima Vista]

Physical Description: [ Like a seven foot statue; an ancient model depicting Lylum beauty. His flesh holding a porcelain hue with the exception of the violet tinted veins running beneath the skin. Harem’s arms are bound behind a ribcage growth that protrudes from his spine and envelopes his figure. Naked, flawless as genitalia remains hidden beneath a thong-like bone structure similar to the ribcage growth that binds him.

The crown that this Daemon Queen holds nuzzled securely on his platinum blonde hair resembles the infamous thorn ring that was placed around Jesus’s forehead; a connection perhaps. The tail which normally is visible on Sura’s figure now is hairless and twice the length, curling over Harem’s lower half. On his right shoulder Needles pierce the statuesque flesh, a symbol resembling Beloved’s adoration for the weapon Velvet Vixen and his senbons.

A vision of what truly lies beneath Sura DeCerna’s visage. .]

Psychological Description: [ “I want to be close to him as a soul… is that a madness?”.]

Sanctus Espiritus: [ Holding Beloved’s powers twice fold Harem is a force unlike any other. Aphrodisiacs flow with a nauseating potency and Velvet Vixen has apparently fixated itself into Harem’s right shoulder. On a psionic level his surrounding atmosphere obscures; the onlooker would see Harem as if they would be viewing him through an 8mm film.

08-22-2007, 10:17 PM
Personal Data Uploading......

Name: Vincent James Taylor

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 29

Origin of Birth: Wisconsin

DOB: July 28

Wife: Sarah

Age: 32


Child 1: Zack Taylor

Age: 13

Child 2: James Taylor

Age: 6

Current Residence: Jackson, Mississippi

Current Address: 531 SW Laren Drive

Job: Unemployed Secret Service Officer


Uploading Picture..........

Upload Complete (http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g205/jack_rippers_soul/anime/boys/gun/clonecat_-_Fav_or_die_D.jpg)

Uploading History Database on Vincent Taylor.......

Please Wait........

Level 6 Password Required....


....Access Granted

Upload Complete

Missions Granted: 23
Missions Completed: 22
Missions Failed: 1

Search Mission Data 23


Mission Type: Rouge
Mission Location: Egypt
Mission Objective: Take out Prime Minister
Mission Time: February 13 1:30 am

Mission Operatives: Vincent Taylor/ Zack Mince/ Fred Williams

Mission Completion: Failed

Mission Report: July 19 - In my mission I was assigned to assassinate the prime minister of Egypt. However when arriving and after our escape helicopter left things went completely wrong. The Black Hawk was shot done in the air and crash landed in the middle of a town square a few miles away, we heard the crash as we approached the building. It was at this very moment we all realized that we had been set up as we hid behind buildings. Men where already outside searching for us, we did our best to hide from them and retreat, though it was not good enough. As making our way down a back alley out of the city we were confronted by four soldiers, two at the front of the alley and two in the back. We had a stand off and that is the moment we lost Fred Williams as he was shot in the head. Zack and me were shot only in the body armor while we killed the four soldiers. Knowing there was nothing more we could do for Fred we made our escape running as hard as we could. The enemy knew exactly where we were and were being shot at during our escape.

While making our hasty escape to the Nile River where African Military would assist us Zack Mince was shot in his right leg. I tried to talk him out of sacrificing himself for my escape, however I failed in my attempts knowing if he came there would be no hope. So leaving him behind I ran for the river. Hearing a loud explosion I knew that Zack had killed himself with most likely the grenades he carried upon him. As I reached the river I had to take off my Body armor and all weapons so I could swim to the boat out in the middle of the river. As I was making my way to the boat with cover fire I had gotten shot in the back. A man on the beach side had unloaded 19 rounds of AK-47 directly into my back and legs. I was pronounced dead but was revived six hours later, many thought it to be a miracle. However my body was so badly damaged that I would probably never be able to do anything on my own ever again. However the government decided to use me as a test subject for new technology that was being produced by King Corporations and many other corporations at this time.

End of Report.....

Search Cybernetic Experiments


1 Subject Found...

Vincent Taylor Experiment

With a new found technology bought from companies such as King Corporation, Eclipse, and many un-named corps. We were able to create a crystal that could materialize any item so desired before it with added help with exact number input to transportation devices. We needed a test subject that would willing to allows themselves to go through this first time operation. Knowing that Vincent Taylor would never be the same man ever again, they would use him for this experiment. Mr. Taylor gladly accepted this as he didn’t want to remain paralyzed for the rest of his life. So the operation would commence in two months time.

Finally the day came of the operation. We took three of our crystals and would implant them into three specific parts of his body. The largest crystal, which was roughly the size of a every day tennis ball, would be implanted into the upper regain of the back just below the area that the neck and back connect. This crystal primary use was to materialize clothing and back and body devices, such as body armor or high tech equipment such as jet packs or shoulder weapons. Two more crystals would be implanted in the middle of the palms of both hands. These two crystals were no larger than a marble, these crystals materialize any weapon that was stored in the storage facility. This facility is unknown to all even myself, very few know about it and all documents of this said facility have neither ever been saved or created for that matter. Only blue prints of certain devices within said facility exist.

Now to restore his body we would have to use cybernetics to restore damaged muscle, bone, and organs. After the experiment Vincent would only be 40% cybernetic, with the last 60% still human tissue and properties. Damaged muscle would be replaced with metallic wiring that will stretch like human muscle would but it will take less strain and increase body movement. It is also more durable so sudden changes in directions are less likely to rip and tare. Cracked or missing bone was replaced with light weight metallic substances that was as durable or more durable than the actual human bone that resides within a human body. As for organs, they would be replaced with rather organ donors or light weight metals that were very flexible that would help pump blood or help digest foods.

Now there was some extra improvements made within the body to help with the new device placed within his body. Wiring had to be attached from the crystals to the brain which had to also be added by technological matters. So certain parts of his brain that was damaged was replaced to help increase input and output of his brain waves. This would actual increase his reaction time and intellect of what was going on around him. Also his left eye was replaced by a cybernetic eye that would show all transfers that were taking place. It would also show different views known to man as of right now. Heat Vision just being one of this many visions he could see with, allowing him better tactical ability in battle. So the pluses to this was that he would now be faster and better adapted for battle and military actions. The greatest downfall to all of this is that he must remain dead to his family and everyone he ever knew. He is allowed to live his own life but anything that comes up that requires his immediate attention, Mr. Taylor must go to that right away no questions asked.

Writing by Dr. Don Monroy

Saving Information to disk........

Please wait.......

Save Complete. . .

08-23-2007, 12:42 AM
NAME: Billy Lee
AGE: 20's or 30's, not certain
ETHNICITY: Who knows?

HEIGHT: I'm going to say five feet and nine inches, just because it's not specified anywhere in the games that I know of.
WEIGHT: One hundred and fifty pounds, give or take. Mad muscular and the like.

SKILLS: Anything that a true martial artist can do, he can. Brave as a lion, gentle as a butterfly. Always level headed, can speak well, and has a good temper. When it comes to fighting, it gets pretty crazy pretty fast. Billy is good at avoiding the fight as much as possible, but can also end a fight before anyone thinks it starts. He's a little more on the calm side than Jimmy is. Though, Jimmy is a bit better at leading people, Billy tends to act a bit more rash when he gets exited. Billy can also cook decently if he needs to, and he's good at teaching little kids.

FIGHTING ABILITIES: Fighting. He can't do anything special like telekinesis, but he can get really pumped up if his opponents leave him alone for a little while. He can knock a guy's lights clean out with one punch, and do even more when he's using his nunchaku. He can throw knives decently, and knows how to hold a gun. Doesn't go for the guns too much though. And his bostaff skills are good, but he doesn't really like using them that much. He's much more into the nunchaku. And his brother is the other way around.

BIOGRAPHY: Billy has done a lot of things. Saved different people, sought a bit of revenge and got it, taught a few people the ways of his art known as Sousetsuken (fictional martial art, but fights similar to Jeet Kune Do). A lot of his life has revolved around protecting people. Currently he's looking for his brother who seemed to dissapear after their encounter with their old friend (Super Double Dragon).

08-23-2007, 12:43 AM
NAME: Abobo.
AGE: Unknown.

HEIGHT: Eight feet.
WEIGHT: Unknown. Extremely muscular.

SKILLS: Fighting. Literally, the only thing Abobo can do aside from speaking. And his speech is neanderthalesque.

ABILITIES: Nothing but fighting, really. He's a monster.

08-23-2007, 04:51 PM
This character has been used in threads long-dead, I see no reason to link them now. Tell me what you think, he's one of very few that I use and probably the oldest.

Name: Eric Aerendale of House Aerendale

Bio.: The Aerendale family has a long and distinguished history that reaches far back into the dawn of his nation's civilization. Long ago the first of the One Aerendale was born Damascus Auerelius Aerendale IV. His life was one of trials and tribulations administered and watched over by his own father Damascus Salsirrisius Aerendale III. As with all Aerendale, Damascus worked long and hard to perfect his understanding of the Six Paths of Man. These paths, as taught, were the Major Paths of Mind, Body and Soul along with the Minor Paths of Will, Passion and Nobility. Though six paths were taught, and Damascus mastered them all, he felt as though there was a void left between them, a space wherein an entirely new art lay hidden. As years passed he rose to prominence amongst his peers, feared by colleagues and despised by rivals; his was an understanding that surpassed the barest comprehension of those who surrounded him.

Years of fevered study brought him to seek a seventh path, what he called the Path of Divinity. This seventh path, if mastered, would bestow immortality upon it's student and raise them to a new pattern of paths that would reveal the secrets of the gods themselves. His friends and family begged him to forsake the study of this new path as enemies forged alliances to bring down the man who became known as Damascus the Heretic. Damascus would not falter. Deep in his labyrinthine laboratory Damascus played with the fabric of life and developed many wonders that were eventually incinerated by his detractors. One such wonder was that of his own child. Damascus had understanding of such necromantic arts as to create what was then thought to be a golem, but in truth to clone his living tissue and watch it grow into himself. This creature was tutored by Damascus in the most stringent and painful lessons the Six Paths had to offer but his training fell short.

One day, while studying the Path of Body in a private courtyard, the creature was taken by Damascus to a wonderous room which had never before been revealed to him. The room was engraved and tiled with such mysteries as would break the minds of those ignorant in the Six Paths. The masses had risen and the nobles were at his door with armies to back them; the House of Aerendale was falling. It was here that Damascus revealed his final ploy to cheat death for another lifetime and continue to seek out the Seventh Path. During a bloody ritual in which he sacraficed mother, wife and natural-born daughter, Damascus delivered his soul into the body of the creature, this creation that was himself.

With renewed strength and vitality Damascus the Heretic fled the estate and sought refuge in the deserts of his homeland. It was here that he discovered a fatal flaw in his assault against nature. This creature was, in essence, himself and he could not destroy it's consciouness without damaging the soul that had merged with his own and now gave him life. The two found themselves trapped after their souls merged but their disparate personalities remained. The two entities eventually reached an understanding and began their quest for mastery of the Seventh Path and eventual seperation. Thus was the first of the One Aerendale born.

Centuries have seen new bodies and minds and immense accumulation of knowledge but mastery has forever eluded these souls bound by greed and self-loathing. Now it comes to a new generation of Aerendale and Eric finds himself waging war against enemies both without and within as he seeks to break the Curse of House Aerendale and find his brother Lorath, banished by his father-creator into the Garden of Eternity...

In a first for any of the Aerendale line, Eric has no faith in, and sees little reason to continue, his family's quest and now seeks the company of others for goals that do not reflect his own. The only tie to his family now rests with his lost brother, Lorath and the only soul not yet bound to his body, that of his father.

Powers: Eric uses a highly advanced form of psionics (The Six Paths) that has permanently enhanced all aspects of his being. Unfortunately the number of conscious entities residing in his body require immense energies to sustain them and makes it unreasonably difficult to manifest energy attack forms. Eric can use telekenetics and does employ some advanced forms of telekenetic defenses. Most of his commonly used powers involve advanced transfiguration of the body or less costly information gathering powers. Tough opponents may face more deadly abilities.

Age: For obvious reasons age is irrelevant to most Aerendale. Eric appears to be in his early 30's but has actually spent nearly 80 years in this body.

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Sorry Ace for seemingly having coppied your format...just been waiting for the right time to implament this character and storyline and I've had this typed up for a while.

Welcome to the Corbanian Military Mainframe.
Please specify search perimeters…

Kray Saytor.

File Found…

Officer File 20052419

Name: Kray Saytor Age: 28
Rank: Captain Code: K897B42S
Clearance Level: Level 10
Missions Flown: 25
Current Assignment: Cortex Laboratory
On Mission: Yes Status: Unknown

Does user wish to access expanded file?…


Opening expanded file…

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 200lbs, muscular.
Eye Color: Vibrant Blue, almost a royal blue.
Hair Color: N/A

Personal Items of Possession: None.

Known Enhancements: The Alpha Project, Precognition

Mental Capacity: Corbanians have 95% brain capacity.

Physical Capacity: 90% percent muscular. Corbanians are naturally more physically stronger and faster than humans, and have a higher endurance. Their immune systems are the same though.

Open The Alpha Project file.

Password Required….


Clearance level 8 confirmed for access…

The Alpha Project

Four years ago the ground forces of the Corbanian Military issued an order for a personal cloaking device to be created by the Cortex Labs. After fours years of research and development they came up with a biomechanical solution that is still in the process of being developed. The device, which is implanted into the bio system of the user and controlled with a panel that is flat against the shoulder skin, has not been very applicable. The only stable cloaking field the researchers have been able to produce is when the subject is not moving a single muscle or moving extremely slow in fact the speed at which one would have to move to maintain the cloaking field is an impossibility for the Corbanian physic. The first known field tested applicant was Kray Saytor due to the uncertainty of what he would be required to do during his time on the recent mission: Project Dragonfly Retriever.

Open Precognition Kray Saytor Files

Locating files…
Loading files…

The Precognitive Kray Saytor was sent on a recent mission to the world known as Gaia. The others are waiting to see what effect the planets ecosystem will have on his limited abilities…many believe that they will no longer function.

Open Project Dragonfly Retriever.

Locating File….
Loading file…

Project Dragonfly Retriever-

Three years ago Kray Saytor was assigned to the Cortex Laboratories to head up a team of developers to design a planetary defense space fighter. Once the project was complete and ready for mass production it was discovered that in the year 1947 two craft, one from Corbane, and the other from Kaymar, crash-landed on the planet Gaia. Using the Linear Space Lines Captain Saytor will travel the several billion light years to Gaia in approximately two days. Once there he will use whatever means necessary to locate the crashed space craft and retrieve whatever information they might hold and get back to Corbane so that peace can be brought between the rebellious Kaymar and Corbane to insure the Corbane Galactic Democracy can combat the larger enemy with full effectiveness.

Locate other projects linked to Kray Saytor.

Items located…
Formulating list…

1. PD-40, dubbed the Dragonfly
2. PW-18dc, eighteenth in a line of weapons made for pilots, plasma phaser weapon
3. P-18 Plasma Pistol
4. R-18 Long Rang Plasma Rifle
5. Bio Suite
6. K2 visor

Please indicate which file to open…



PD-40 Dragonfly

Length: 18 meters
Height: 4 ½ meters
Weight: 54,618 kg
Weapons Plasma Lasers, Rockets
Engine: Plasma Sub light, 252 hours fly time. Maneuvering compressed air thrusters.
Haul: Cortex
Shields: None
Launch Type: Ground.
Class: PD-40 “Dragonfly”

Blue Prints: Top and side view (http://s107.photobucket.com/albums/m301/Glorifindell/?action=view&current=DragonFly-Top_Side.jpg)(some minor changes have been made to specs refer to above references if desire corrections.)
Front and back view (http://s107.photobucket.com/albums/m301/Glorifindell/?action=view&current=DragonFly-Front_Back.jpg)


1 million candlepower spotlights used when in dark environments that require brightening up a little.


It consists of two seats the front seat is the pilot’s char having access to the control yoke and panels. It’s covered with an environmental bubble to establish a suitable environment for the pilot and passenger. The rear seat can be used for either storage of equipment or a passenger. The bubble is made out of an opaque cortex.

-Stabilizing Fin-
Do to the high speeds at which the PD-40 travels a stabilizing fin was required to allow the craft to travel in a stable trajectory even in space.

-Sensor Array-

The sensor array is far more than radar. It locks onto heat signatures and energy signatures sending information back to the man computer to create a 3D image on the HUD as well a tactical readout based on the information in the main computer. It takes cloaking devices that can mask both the heat and energy out put the vessel as well as the visual aspects of it to fool the PD-40’s sensors.

-Plasma based sub light Engines-

The PBSEs are capable of propelling the PD-40 through space/sky at just below the speed of light. The lower power plasma stream that causes propulsion is emitted through a turbine like device located on the rear of the craft. The duel engines and the aerodynamics of the PD-40 are what make it capable of the speeds it can reach.

-Maneuvering thrusters-

When in space and in the atmosphere of the planets the PD-40 can fire short bursts from small maneuvering thrusters mounted in various locations across the surface of the craft. These thrusters allow for quick side to side rolls and flips of insane proportions that can often save the pilots life when the already extraordinarily agile craft can not. The thrusters are powered by ionized gas stored in the main engine and routed through out the craft to the different ports.

-Plasma Vent-

Only about half of the stored plasma is used to power the engines. The remainder is sent to the plasma venting chamber were it is split into to three categories and redirected accordingly. The first category is stuff that can be used to for the maneuvering thrusters and is redirected to that storage tank. The second is weapons grade stuff and is redirected to the plasma cannons. The last is unusable by any system and is then vented much like exhaust on a car. Before the plasma can be ejected though it is cooled and broken down so that it won’t be ignited by the plasma trail of the engines.

-Plasma Laser-

The plasma required to operate the lasers is rerouted from the plasma vent and into holding containers located on either side of the engine block. When triggered the plasma is routed to the second chamber here it is super heated and fused with high intensity light to create a focused laser. This laser is then channeled through a protex, laser proof metal, coated channel on the outside of each wing. When it reaches the end of the cavity and the tip of the wing a steady stable laser beam is emitted. In theory the laser can be emitted continuously for thirty minutes (upon which all available plasma would be exhausted), however in practice it was found that after eight seconds the system over heats and the safety protocols shut it down. To avoid this system was modified to only produce a three second blast. When this blast leaves the end of the wing a six foot laser “blot is produced, the width of it being no grater than an M-16 round. It can puncture a hole through really thick titanium but it won’t blow a chunk out of the earth. If it were to hit a person they would have a nice neat, cauterized (though if it bone or an organ it would still hurt like heck), wound no more than an inch wide all the way through.

-Cortex haul plating-

Cortex, CX3 on the periodic tables, is a natural metal only found on Corbane. It produces a unique property that allows it pass through shielding of almost any nature. When it was first discovered ages ago there were races on Corbane capable of producing a personal metaphysical shield. Their cortex swords were capable of passing through them with resistance. Whether the cortex ballistic weapons of today could do the same will never be discovered. Cortex also absorbs radar signals making it only possible to track the PD-40 through energy signatures and heat signatures.

-Rocket Launcher (max capacity is 6)-
The rocket launchers are loaded with the equivalent of laser guided stinger missiles. They’re propelled with plasma engines and are launched from a protex coated launch tube.

End of File…

Please indicate next step…

1. Return to main screen
2. Open another file


Please indicate which file…



K2 Visor- it provides a mental link to whatever computer it is attached. In the case of the K2 Visor linked with the PD-40 it allows for instant target locks, switching of screens, it allows for control of all systems, expect piloting, with mere mental thought. To use the K2 Visor a being must have at least 85 % brain capacity.

Close program.

Exiting Mainframe…


08-28-2007, 07:57 AM
Name: Evan O'Brian

Alias: The Ghost Rider

Age: 36 years

Height/Weight: 5'10"/200 lbs.

Eyes/Hair: Green/Dark Brown, Short, and Curly

Notable Marks: Scar on upper-left breast, near shoulder; tattoo on left shoulder, flaming skull

Brief History: Born in Manhattan, raised in Manhattan, joined the Marines upon graduation, immediately sent to the Gulf after basic training as part of Dessert Shield, wounded in the shoulder and leg later during Dessert Storm, sent home with purple heart, went to college, became a teacher, got married, wife became pregnant, miscarrage, parents died, wife died, became a priest at age 30, met little Sarah, became much like a father figure for little Sarah, died at age 36 trying to protect Sarah from thugs, made a deal with the devil to serve all eternity as a spirit of vengeance, came back to life, killed the thugs, saved Sarah, current whereabouts unknown.

Skills: Trained in the use of assault weapons and handguns, trained in close-combat, trained in arabic, trained in educating young children, trained in riding a motorcycle, trained in rituals and theology of the Roman Catholic church. Also, can sew.

Powers: Can turn into the Ghost Rider, giving him access to the following powers: a blaze of hellfire (fire which can burn either the soul and/or the body) surrounding his body; superhuman strength; superhuman durability; any knowledge the ancient demon that shares his body has that it chooses to bestow to him; the ability to blast hellfire from his hands; the ability to draw a lick of hellfire from his chest in the form of a bike chain, which he can then extend and mould to his desire; the ability to form hellfire in order to modify a motorcycle to be able to perform incredible feats (i.e. drive up vertical surfaces, across water, and -- using great exertion -- through the air itself); and his most powerful, dangerous, and very seldom used ability, the Penance Stare, through which he can make the victim experience any pain or suffering they have ever caused on another being, just by maintaining eye contact with and a firm grip on the victim.

Storyline Thread: The Tale of Evan O'Brian: The Ghost Rider (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=71722)

Shadow 99
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Name: BRYNN VEGA click ( http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o32/mycoolshots/Brynn.jpg)
Gender: Female
Age: 422 (but appears to be in her mid 20s) year born 1584
Date of Birth: February 29
Died: December 31, 1609
Zodiac Sign: Pisces (though carries none of the signs traditional traits)
Place of Birth: Nevaeh Valley (Heaven spelled backwards)
Blood Type: O
Height: 5'3" (well,almost)
Weight: 121
Body type: Tight, Athletic
Hair: shoulder length brown hair with sun-kissed streaks
Eyes: Violet
• Always sports a broad-band silver bracelet on her left wrist.
• An accomplished swords ‘woman’ with a passion for a particular sword crafted with only her in mind and a second with a more sinister twist to the same purpose.

Twentieth Century Persona – A free lance archeologist in search of world treasures buried by time and man; particular interest lies in a pearl, said to be the key to heaven.

Brynn hunts down artifacts that in truth she remembers existing from her centuries traversing the earth.

Autobiography: Up until her early twenties, her life was typical of most young women of her time, except that she was not someone’s wife. Coming home to her fathers’ house one day, she found that she was betrothed, though sold would be a better word, to a man from an affluent family. She loathed Gleis Taggart and staying true to herself, she refused to marry.

Feeling the embarrassment of being jilted, the bride-groom demanded death but her not-to-be father-in-law thought that too good for her; that her pain and suffering would be over before it had a chance to start, as they saw it for Gleis.

The senior Taggart enlisted the help of a dark wizard and instead of death, she was granted the burden to live forever. Run through with a hexed sword, she died instantly and still carries the scar just above her left hip. Within hours she was brought back to life by the evil that the sword held. With immortality, she would watch as her family and loved ones aged and dyed while she stayed young and continued to live.

The only way in which she can die, is to have her head leave her neck.

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Name: Dr. Jordon Kendall pic (http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h193/jordonkendall/jordon1-1.jpg). Avi words too.
Gender: Male
Age: 590 (but appears to be in his late 20s)
Date of Birth: June 23
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Place of Birth: An undersea kingdom, the name of which does not translate into the English language [Jordon is one of the merpeople]
Blood Type: A - Obedient, Careful, Sympathetic, Self-Sacrificing, Polite, Honest, Loyal, Emotional, Introverted
Personality: Reserved, calm and even tempered. Values relationships and loyalty. Hesitant to change. A nature lover with a dislike of crowds
Current Residence: A modern day castle ( http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h193/jordonkendall/castle.jpg) on a deserted (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b383/pending123/island1.jpg) island (http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b383/pending123/orkney_hoy_cliffs1.jpg) off the coast of Scotland, with a greenhouse (http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h193/jordonkendall/greenhouse-1.jpg) and garden. (http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h193/jordonkendall/pond3.jpg)

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175
Body type: Slender, Athletic
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Doesn’t care much for fashion and tends to wear whatever is handy and comfortable. His facial features would draw attention no matter what he wore. Mostly blue and olive colors with lace-up boots and a wool overcoat.

Twentieth Century Persona - Publicly: Dr. Jordon Kendall received his doctorate from Oxford in Botany. (He has a deeper background in biology and other education, but this is what he hangs his current reputation on). He specializes in creating plants that should not exist a series of hybrids that would not be compatible in nature. A recluse, few have seen him and therefore question his appearance or agelessness – his research is published under a number of various names to disguise his apparent immortality.

Over time he has explored biology and the meaning of life. Since his plants cannot reproduce on their own, he is currently experimenting with cloning. He is the creator of the blue rose for a company in Japan called Sunatory. In this new pursuit he explores the meaning and sustainability of life on earth.

Twentieth Century Persona – Privately: To collect information for his research, Jordon is a bit of a cyber terrorist. Fifty years ago, as computers emerged, Jordon learned of his skill in writing code and programming. He now has access to records at every university and most governments in his field of interest and routine monitors companies that he believes endanger the environment. Occasionally, he will launch “an attack” on organizations that work counter to his objectives to protect the world’s oceans as part of a secret organization known as T.E.N.O.N.

Autobiography (before C/G events): I am a mage, and have been since birth. Few of us have the blood line among the merpeople, and the evidence of my power was hidden by my mother for as long as possible. Not understanding the danger, I continued my childhood as though magic were a natural part of life, like breathing the water around me. I was terribly wrong.

At the age of six I was separated from my family and taken to live near the capital within the royal palace. I was not to be royal, but rather to learn the ways of the court and grow into the role of knight to serve the king. I found there were six others like me, and over time we formed friendships, but knew that the title bestowed on us only masked the life of servitude that was planned.

I was educated with my colleagues, and we added skill with sword and strategy to our arsenal. But the days were long, and resentment at being taken from my family grew within me. I longed for choice, and control and both were denied me.

My only solace was that in the end I would serve Kayla, the young woman who would one day be queen. We started a friendship when were still in our early teens. Our common interests were many. She in turn confided that she longed for freedom as much as I.

Kayla's wedding day was sudden. We had hoped that the event would be avoided, but politics waits for no-one. On a dark ocean day in 1436, she was wed to a man, named Charee, whom we both despised. Upon learning of her alliance with me, he broke my bonds of knighthood and imprisoned me. He asked me over and over what I wanted most in this world, hoping to hear me confess my love for Kayla. Ultimately, I begged for death as what I longed for. In return, he granted me eternal life.

My punishment for loving a woman was to serve my people as a guardian of the gate. I was transformed into a "mostly human" needing only water immersion once a month, rather than the typical three hour a day minimum for those who live on land for a limited time. I am to guard the earthen passage and protect the secrets of our culture.

Charee built a prison for me by raising the Island of Avalon from its resting place. In the garden of the castle is a pool. In time, legend of this Fountain of Youth, could not be completely contained. I am compelled to drink, and thus the cycle continues. For the last five hundred and seventy years, this secret I guard as well. Charee and Kayla live on through the magic they forced from me and other Mage Knights. At least, that is the rumor I am allowed to believe....

Strengths: Jordon is a positive person, this helps him cope well with adversity. He also has quick reflexes, is smart, and able to talk his way out of almost any situation. A Supernatural Mage Knight, he has the powers of a water elemental and the ability of molecular transformation. The water he drinks gaurds against traditional illness.
Weaknesses: He is not immortal and can be killed by conventional means. Every 30 days Jordon needs to immerse himself in salt water and drink from the "fountain of youth." If he does not he will die automatically. He can manage longer trips by transporting water and being near the sea but things can get complicated.
Likes: To be challenged intellectually and physically. He is a master swordsman, archer and strategist and routinely plays chess.
Dislikes: Interruptions and unwelcome visitors.
Family: None
Hobbies: Reading and collecting literature. He also plays a small hand harp called a lyre. All the ornate wood carving in his home is done by his hand
Theme Song: Nemo - Nightwish
Favorite Food: Strawberry Ice cream

El Tercer Ojo [Eye of Life]: First appearance in Goodbye Strawberry Days (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=64043)

continued (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showpost.php?p=2018700&postcount=355)

08-28-2007, 01:15 PM
Chronology of Relevant Events:
1880: Joins TEK Great Britian chapter as master librarian
1901: Opens McClain's an appraisal/curio shop that specializes in rare treasures. Buys and provides advice. Rarely sells. Storefront is located in Edinburg
1925: Learns that Kayla is dead, and starts looking for the Book of Lazarus
1928: Found 'The Pearl' and hid it
1964-8: Joined Umbrella Corporation as a biologist. The persona of Jordan Kendal "died" in 1968. After this affiliation, Jordon turned to the study of plants, getting a specific degree in botany (1990) and recreated himself using his original name.
1968: Pulls away from TEK affiliation reluctant to play 'god', and shocked by man's inhumanity to man.
1970-1990: Closely follows the evolution of computers and explores biotechnology curious on how machine and man will interact.
1991:Comes into possession of the sword CruelStriker which cursed Brynn Vega (above character sheet) by killing its prior owner
1993: Renews contact with TEK, but only advises. Forms T.E.N.O.N.
2004: Sells patent for Blue Rose (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showpost.php?p=1935023&postcount=11) accounting for large infusion of cash at his disposal.
Goodbye Strawberry Days (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=64043)
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Magic: Born a mage, Jordon can command water, or even become water. He has been known to allow ice or strong streams of water to emit from his hands. There are two documented incidents of tidal wave creation (50 feet high) and one of tsunami aversion.
Modern weapon typically carried: A semiautomatic pistol (Israel Military Industries - Desert Eagle - .50 cal. auto pistol, w/ spare barrel) and a knife strapped to his ankle.
Special Abilities: Exposed to salt water, Jordon has the power of molecular transformation into a merman form. This allows him to swim and dive, breathing the water for extended period of time.

Swords and Linkage to King Arthur/Sir Galahad

Sir Galahad was the illegitimate son of Sir Lancelot by Lady Elaine of Corbenic. Many believe that Lady Elaine was also Vivien of the Lake who bestowed Excalibur on King Arthur. Vivien was a mermaid.

Galahad became part of the quest for the Holy Grail. He had three swords. One, the Sword of David, has been passed down to Jordon.

It is believed that Galahad had one child, in his final year of life when he became King in Sarras and married. After his death, the child was born. It reflected Galahad's mythical heritage and was returned to the sea to live with the merpeople. Jordon descends from this daughter and as such claims Galahad's lineage.

Jordon was exiled to Avalon for his "crimes", the island that Excalibur was forged on. It is a rare weapon of fire that should be impossible for him to touch as a hydromancer, but since he does have some human blood (and was made human through magic as part of his punishment) he plans to reclaim it for his own purposes. (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showpost.php?p=1963564&postcount=1)


09-06-2007, 09:40 PM
| &&la verit&#224; lo liberer&#224; |_________________________________________________ _

Name: Janus
Surname: Geminus
Weight: 128.82kg
Height: 192.02cm
Alias: Iago Bifrons
Various Titles:
~ The Jealous - as dubbed by the Tyrant

Age: Classified
Nationality: Roman
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gold

Athletic in the extreme, 'Olympian' can be the only fitting description for a man who exists at the very pinnacle of human strength and beauty. He seems to be some majestic work of chiseled stone for all that he is merely flesh and blood; indeed, there is no aspect of his visage that fails to captivate the unwary beholder save for the unceasing disinterest harbored within his gilded gaze. The fine strands of his raven locks linger before those ever indifferent eyes, so black as to reflect the darkness of a sin-stained soul. Innately swarthy, the bronze of his skin is neither marred nor blemished by time.

Paranormal Qualities & Attributes:* One of the primary ancient Roman Gods, Janus maintains a fraction of the divine qualities inherent of such an illustrious position despite his fallen state:

~ Limited forms of aeromancy and geomancy - Line of Sight; 30m radius
~ Minor feats of telekinesis - Line of Sight; 10kg weight limit or 20 psi pressure limit, 20m radius
~ Moderate resistance to most toxins - complex and binary
~ Inhuman strength, speed, and resilience - limited by stamina * *
~ Enhanced night vision - Self-explanatory
~ Montego (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showpost.php?p=2021633&postcount=355) - The Id of Jealousy

~ English - Fluent
~ Italian - Fluent
~ Latin - Fluent *
~ French - Advanced
~ German - Intermediate
~ Spanish - Intermediate *

Noteworthy Assets:
~ An upgraded caravanserai in Africa - household staff of twenty-one, twelve decently trained for defense of the caravanserai, modern amenties
~ Ten and a half hectares of farmland surrounding the caravanserai - heavily irrigated, water obtained from unknown sources, necessary equipment stored seperate from the caravanserai
~ Two Ford F-350s, one Excursion - both trucks are light tan, SUV is black; interior lined with Kevlar, glass has been 'bullet-proofed'
~ A cache of weapons and munitions located at the caravanserai - mostly small-arms, two Rocket-Propelled Grenade launchers (RPG-7 and RPG-29), one M2 Browning machine gun
~ A ceasefire agreement with nearby villages and militant groups - renewed annually, goodwill exchanged in the form of goods and services
~ Three major bank accounts - each with no less than $1,000,000; One in North America, one in Europe, and one in Asia... funds generated through magnificent returns on various investments

Previous Professional Affiliations: Shin-Ra Inc., Seven Kultures

Current Professional Affiliations: N/A

Personal Acquaintances: Junko Nabetani, Aurora Coville

Thread History: * * *
1. +Formality (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=69899) - Shin-Ra Social Gathering feat. 0ne, Big Pun, Johnny Phoenix & Necrolicious
2. The Old Ways (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?p=1996946) - Shin-Ra Escort Operations feat. Junko Nabetani & Necrolicious
3. Moments like these (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=70804) - Shin-Ra Captivity Operations feat. Aurora Coville & D. Gaebel
4. 7.K - Nancy Whiskey [ Open ] (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=72009) - Seven Kultures Romp feat. Reve & Zyclin

Inspiration for the Character: Every single over-powered Godlike character on the face of C/G. Every gross misuse of physics and, indeed, good competition and common sense in the RPing community. All of that, toned down to reasonable standards.

"Nobody said life was fair."

* This information is known strictly OOC; so until it's used, nobody knows about it.
* * The stamina for speed is basically the same as an athlete; strength is constant. Resilience refers to the body's natural 'armor;' he isn't bullet-proof or anything, just thick-skinned.
* * * Threads in yellow are current, while threads in white are completed and threads in gray are 'unfinished' ie abandoned.


09-06-2007, 11:58 PM
"Wrath is cruel and greed overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy?" ___________

Name: Montego
Alias: Id
Gender: Androgenous
Weight: 128.82kg
Height: 192.02cm

The introduction of the Psyverrus caused a plethoric and grand reaction; acting upon the many dual-ended impulses buried deep within Geminus' consciousness, it seemed as if the form had taken on characteristics foreign. As if two complete yet different personas were in the process of expression at once, claiming section after section of the latent deity's fragile flesh. Leperous and sickly, borne upon the back of his skull as though it was some ghastly parasite, the physical manifestation of Jealousy is mirror-image of the pagan's soul writ bold upon the canvas that is a visage. The foul indigo blight presented itself as some twisted caricature, but only crept down Theater' body in a helix of decay. Tendrils of cancerous ichor wound down the tainted half, spreading fingers of death; as a result, a sickly miasma pervades the air about the strangely beautiful, yet sickeningly afflicted god.

Abilities: The Psyverrus merely enhances the Paranormal Qualities & Attributes of the Olympian by roughly 70&#37;


09-10-2007, 01:09 AM
18 years of age with long legs and long arms..longish curly brown hair, his name is Mangle, he has pale blue eyes he is 5'9" an archer by want. an alchemists assitant by profession...he is from the distant northern wastelands of Ragadash, altho now resides in the city of Landin in the Land of Durr

Vampire Wolf
09-10-2007, 06:11 PM

Page One
Full Name: Mary Danielle Rose
Alias: (The) Wolf
Age: 75 Years Old (Looks Twenty-One)
Sex: Female
Nationality: Canadian
Birthplace: Ottawa, Canada
Race: Vampire
Occupation/Profession: Nothing Stable, a few basic escorting missions.
Blood Type: AB+
Spoken Languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Latin; all fluently.

Eye Color: Dark Green
Hair: Long, brunette
Skin: Very pale
Weight: One-Hundred Fifty Pounds
Height: 5’10 Exactly
Build: Slender
Clothing: Varies. Usually very light clothing (such as cloth) so that she can move more freely and smoothly, adding to her remarkable speed.

M40, Sako TRG Sniper Rifles
Twin Desert Eagles
Twin Swords
Kunai with poison tips
Possibly sub-machineguns (HK UMP, MP5, UZI)
Possibly explosives (TNT, grenades)

Soldier Skills:
Mary’s accuracy has never missed once within the past five years. She mainly uses rifles, but when the situation grows to close-quarters she is usually forced to use sub-machineguns or handguns. Her skills with a blade are unsurpassable, no matter what the blade is. When dealing with hand-to-hand combat, Mary can bring down a person five times her size. Mary has the very odd ability to hold her body against the most gruesome forms of torture and pain.

Vampire Traits and Abilities:
• Claws
• Fangs
• Night Vision
• Super-Human speed, hearing, sense of smell, and strength
• VERY limited regeneration (mostly small wounds like blade wounds)
• ‘Frozen’ (completely still without even breathing)

Page 2
What some may call a curse, she calls a gift. What some may call a monster, she calls an angel. They make fun of her because she’s different, but she makes fun of them because they’re all the same. The art of the Rose.

Mary had always been quite a peculiar one. She tended to be very lonesome and do things as a lone wolf (eventually earning her that nickname). She had no friends in high school and had very few in college. She did very well for herself in school and got the best education that a girl could ask for, but she wanted more, she needed something to complete her unfulfilled life. One day she ran into somebody (the name was never given) and he offered her the deal of a Vampire. They may just be creatures of the darkness to those who are naïve of the world, but they are as real as ever to the post-humans of the universe.

Vampires gain power and abilities with age, and Mary got a lot of it. Her claws and fangs were extremely capable of pain. Her eyes were equipped with an automatic night vision and she could go for hours (possibly even days) without eating, drinking, or even breathing. No, she doesn’t have a coffin like other Vampires in books might, but she is rarely seen in the sun. It takes a lot out of here to do that. The skills that she certainly excels in are speed and strength, but her ears and nose are also enhanced greatly.

Over the years of traveling and doing… Well, not doing much of anything really, Mary learned many things that would benefit her in life. She learned a bunch of different languages from going to the countries themselves. She got paid for freelancing jobs (not always violent ones). She trained her body, especially her speed, so that she was able to undertake the most brutal of jobs. Her arsenal of weaponry can be vast, but it all depends on the mission she takes.

09-14-2007, 11:07 PM
Name: Arthur Thorton

Alias: Stalker

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Appearance: Porter stands 5’ 4” at the shoulders. His back is hunched and he walks with an almost feline gait. A thick head of dark golden hair pours down past his thick neck and across his broad powerful shoulders. He has a thick beard that falls from his face like water from Victoria Falls. His eyes, golden in color, taper to a point from his wide, flat nose. His lip, cleft, sets slightly open, revealing a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. As you look over his body it is clear that he has kept his body in beyond-perfect form, bulging with large knotted muscles. He is covered from head to toe in quarter inch fur. His arms end in four thick fingers all with their own sharp black claws. His feline-like legs end in broad padded feet.

Weapons: A great hunter he has quite the collection of guns, but his gun of choice is the Remington .30 caliber bolt-action hunting rifle.

Increased physical abilities: Includes speed, endurance, strength, reflexes, and athleticism. Not super just above average.
Translucency: Does not allow invisibility but can blend in with his background like a panther stalking its prey in the darkest of nights.
Crack Shot: Self-explanatory, He can shoot very well with any gun.

History: The son of an industrialist, he was in a horrible accident at a very young age. He was in critical condition, and recently a new technique had come into existence that could heal him. The stronger stem cells of a lion could be injected into his spinal cord and in a matter of years would fix him. After three years of treatment he had seen drastic physical changes. He was in amazing condition for his age, but had also begun to develop feline characteristics. With his formidable amount of money, the industrialist sent his child to live with his somewhat eccentric uncle. His uncle was the owner of a safari service in Kenya and would often take his nephew out on the hunt with the client. The boy was quickly identified as an amazing tracker and an even better shot. As the years grew on his appearance changed even more. He made a living as a tracker and exotic trophy animal merchant for years, until he was accused of being a poacher. He took great offense to this but has since sold his skills to different clients.

09-16-2007, 05:51 PM
Name: Ian Drash
Alias: Ian
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Height: 5'10"
Eye Color: Black
Hair: Short (ear length), messy, black
Skin Tone: A slightly toned white

Outfit: Ian's usual and favorite outfit consists of a black, unzipped long-sleeved sweater coupled with a white short-sleeved shirt featuring an abstract black eye on the center. He couples this with gray sweatpants and black shoes, with a black iPod and white earphones as an accessory, creating a full palette of dull shades of black and white. He always carries around 3 sleeping pills in his right pocket.


Dual Handgun Training
High Endurance
Surprisingly Acrobatic
Good Reactions
Good at Teamwork
Very Fast Movement
Very Knowledgeable About Chemistry
Invincible When Asleep


And Even More Lazy
Easily Distracted

Personality: Rarely seen without a sleepy sort of look in his eyes, Ian finds it hard to get motivated about anything, be it big or small. He has exercised and trained enough to gain skill sets that would be useful in combat; however, the times he shows this are far and few in between, due to just being too plain lazy.

This laziness may be attributed to his tendency to be distracted by things such as the ocean, the sky, or people walking around town while he is listening to music. He often phases out of reality when he looks at these things, as though his head was in the clouds.

He tends to approach life with a logical, though confused, outlook. This same confusion is present when he speaks, where he often pauses at the beginning, middle, or towards the end of his sentences, trying to figure out how to phrase certain things. When completely confused as to how to proceed or just plain annoyed, he sighs, closes his eyes and scratches his head, either separately or in one combined motion.

History & Relations: Ian doesn't speak much about his history; the full story, gathered from bits of info scattered here and there, is as follows:

His father is a lawyer who holds his office all the way up in North Dakota. Though not very well known, the townsfolk in Ian's hometown appreciated his father's services greatly on a number of occasions. His mother, on the other hand, holds a job as a chemist. The majority of Ian's chemistry knowledge was taught to him not by the school, but by his mother. Usually having chemistry as the first unit in Science through high-school Grades 9 and 10, Ian has gotten the teachers on his good side, soaring through Science as a whole with great marks...or at least he would have, if he just weren't so lazy.

Other family members include a brother and sister of 14, Karsh and Emily.

Ian desires to be a policeman when he grows up. He has spoken about these desires to others, yet never given any reasons for it. He could have been too lazy to, doesn't want to, or just doesn't have any reasons, period.

Growing up, Ian got fairly average grades in school; he was too lazy to excel any further. He grew up fairly normally, with friends, not too much popularity, and no big events, until he was 15. At this time, he and two others were dragged into a recluse's bizarre form of game, and was forced to adapt in order to survive and escape. It was here that he became friends with the female member of the group, with whom he still communicates to, as well as where he learned how to wield and successfully use two handguns at once with a significant amount of style and gained the mysterious power to be literally invincible when asleep. Despite the twisted nature of this event, Ian doesn't seem to have been affected by it at all, though he does still recall it from time to time with an unusual amount of fondness.

09-20-2007, 08:49 PM
“Not by wrath does one kill, but by laughter.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

The Id of the Wrathful

Name: Ire

Physique: The id can only manifest its physical form if Jared has already shifted into his werewolf form. This is due mostly to the fact that the id’s form is directly spawned from the lycanthropic characteristics already in place. When the transformation is complete, Ire still closely resembles a werewolf except that his already massive body becomes even larger. In addition, his arms are extremely long and with his slouching stature, the abominations knuckles nearly dangle to the ground. A pair of spike-like bones protrudes from the beast’s shoulder blades and his already dangerous claws extend into a set of wicked talons. Whereas Jared’s werewolf form grows a dark brown pelt, Ire’s fur is a bright auburn.

Personality: As clich&#233; as it sounds, Ire’s only true purpose is to strike down all human life and spread general disorder.

Abilities: In addition to further enhanced physical power, Ire possesses a special ability that is only active when transformed into his manifested form. The ability, called the Malice Field, takes effect when the beast howls. The sound, said to be the most eerie call imaginable, creates within its victim a blind, irrational rage. Anyone within earshot of the earsplitting roar- excluding those of especially strong will- is affected.

09-22-2007, 07:51 PM
Name: Gurimujo Halcyone Jeager

Race: Human

Nationality: German American/ Nipponese

Age: 19


Standing at 5’10 despite his age, the youngster’s body structure is very intricate. Starting at the top his hair was a disheartening black that touched down far past the lobes of his ears. Gurimujo’s broad shoulders branched out down into arms that would sum up his build as a whole, compressed. When flexed the muscles in his arms were more distinct, but that wasn’t to say when relaxed they held no definition; nay, whilst relaxed his arms were very distinguished, and defined. Each section was its own; from his biceps to the triceps, and even his forearms had some veins plopping up against the flesh like small mountain ranges on a map. However, although he didn’t have a barrel chest, his muscles did hold some sort of shape, density, and strength which could be shown when flexing.

Along with the rest of his upper torso, his abdominal region was more than impressive, and definite abs accompanied his lithe and compressed structure. Below the belt was no different, with a set of both powerful thighs and calves which, over the years, has become the epitome of balance, speed, and power to the young hunter. Gurimujo’s young face, appearing to not yet be riddled with the mars and scars of constant battle, which was quite the contrary due to his circumstance; angular jaw, not yet graced with stubble showed a sense of innocence, and naivety
True there were no noticeable physical aesthetics that could predict a wealth of power or threat, and he looked normal on the surface save for his unusually vibrant green optics.


Gurimujo: (noun) a disheartening, coward similar to the shadow that follows him around, a consistent source of apologetics and doubt; even when the situation isn’t his fault. Shying away from all possibilities of becoming great, or even attaining greatness in his personal sense of the word because of fearfulness. However, under all that cowardice, there is a festering part of him that could be called a spark, even dare I say-- a flame. With a strong sense of justice, and a keen eye for detail he has always muttered his dissatisfaction of the unjust in a voice barely higher than a whisper; and when confronted scuttling away back to his old ways of submitting to bullying, and being a push over.


Major Abilities:
Potential: When looked up the word has several definitions, and one that could be effectively applied to this situation:

“Capable of being but not yet in existence; latent.”

We all have potential, but some are just blessed with more of it than others. Ironicly enough, this access of potential probably handed down through common genetic traits, or even a fluke has been handed down to one of the few people who can actively harness it, and handle it effectively. Though potential isn’t really an ability in the sense that it can blow up buildings, or even make someone fly. However, it is an ability when you think of it as a learning tool one that can take in mass amounts of information, break it down, digest it, and then regurgitate it even if it was for a short period of time. That my friends is what we are dealing with, though this subject doesn’t have the ability to attain a god like ability, -he does have in crucial moments- mingled with his own hope, to change and excel beyond what people think of him. This potential in particular allows the mimicry of fighting styles or even magical ability under its own restrictions:

- To access the ability or fighting style of an opponent, Gurimujo is required to fight for an extended period of time to better understand the fighting style of his opponent.
- Accessibility of magical powers, are limited to non-racial requirements. Such as an elf’s extended sight, and its also limited to launched magical abilities. (Fireballs, Thunderbolts etc.)
- All abilities mimicked are forced into his subconscious and can be mimicked for a maximum of 5 posts, and then he will have to relearn from scratch basically.
- Though the abilities must be re-learned, the more times he is able to learn, the more likely it has a chance of becoming part of him and readily accessible.
On the plus side, the abilities learned even for an instant have a low probability of resurfacing on their own, given the proper circumstances. On impulse his potential also has the ability of changing his clothing. (Cloth only)

- Also, this ability has the uncanny reaction to other people with latent potential energy. Capable of drawing people to Gurimujo for reasons unknown to themselves, causing a sub-conscious belief in what Gurimujo can become. (Doesn't work on everyone, just some people)
Support abilities:

Acceleration: Due to his apparent cowardice, and fear of confrontation he has been given one thing that could be akin to being earned through hard work, which is his speed. Though even slightly above average he is able to “Burn” as the youngsters say even the most fine tuned, wide receivers or even track stars. Even still, it is only a slight boost.

Durability: With the physical punishment of bullies, pranks, and emotional crossfire yet another ability has surfaced. Though it isn’t much he is able to withstand crushing blows, and can produce a sliver of gumption through it all if given a moment to recover. This durability has also given him a substantial stamina pool to pull from, but pulling from the stamina pool also weakens the durability as a whole.

Overall Defensive Ability: C+ Decent

09-22-2007, 07:51 PM

“If they ever tell my story let them say that I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die.”- Odysseus

As with all great stories there is no predictable start but there is always one disaster or another that starts them off. Usually there is no warning one moment you are sitting in your rocking chair and there are blue skies with fair weather, and the next there is a horde of demons, or a plague busting down your front door. Assuming that all great stories are the same, this is where you would expect the explanation of the great misfortune, but to be completely honest, there wasn’t any. Well, that would be a lie, but you will just have to keep on reading.

A town not shrouded by mystery, but instead was read like an open book, there was a woman. Yes, a woman that walked a pre-destined path a wide path, not crooked or narrow. Even still, there was much room for error, many chances to change, but she took none. Pure and true was her way but not just her way it was the way of others as well. Borne the fruits of her family’s upbringing (love, tenderness, understanding, and patience) she was a diamond in the rough, a role-model, a leader.
However, in this period where all was well there were always visitors that became familiar faces, and familiar faces that turn into friends. As far back as she could remember, there was one person who had been visiting the town for years whom she had her heart set on for some estranged reason. Love at first sight as some say, he was a hunter who decided to stay, and from the moment he stepped into the town he had every intention of swooning this one woman in particular; with panpipes in hand he approached the situation carefully. With his song, he made her heart soar, and with his words he made her heart skip beats a good child from a good family, who divulged her secrets, and always bore her heart to him without question. And as time passed they grew closer to each other and more intimate, which was in concordance with fate’s plan. Times progression deepened their bond until wedding bells chimed in the distance where promises were made, and love.

After the fading jingle of wedding bells, they consummated the nuptials and Renée put up no objection; a magical night that ended with a sigh of pleasure and a promise to stay forever.

Fast Forward; nine months later

Screams filled the air, as the soon to be mother lay stretched out on the table. It was on this crude aged birthing table that the baby is born into this world, through much blood loss, and cursing an infant’s screams harmonized with its mothers. And as they say, you’d better come out kicking and screaming if you want to be noticed. Uniqueness radiated from the small child as she calmed in her mothers arms, and in her fathers eyes no daughter could have been any more beautiful. She had her father’s eyes, but her mothers razor sharp tongue which developed as she grew.

In years passed the situation would change from innocent girl, to a calculating soldier, she was the next in line for leadership position, but this isn’t her story so what can be said will be kept brief.

Three years later

The loving parents of one child that spawned yet another into this world, though the second one was quite different from the first, who was calm cool, collected, though not robbed of her own joys. The boy on the other hand was curious, shaken by most things, and fearful, but beyond that exterior he did exhibit large amounts of potential. The promise he held was always banked on, and through adopting the traits of kindness, affection, sensitivity, and a neediness -that kept him at his sister’s side- those possibilities quickly vanished. Over the years they spent together, they grew closer and closer while he was spoiled by his father, who also doubled as his teacher for many years. Learning that in times of trouble he would have to be his sister’s support when push came to shove. She was scolded by their mother, and eventually sent to her own personal training for an insurmountable length of time to prepare herself for the task fate assigned her.

Though what time they did spend together, most would find him cowered behind her while she dealt with the boys picking on him; which made situations worse for when she was sent away. The tales of his cowardice be it true, or just exacerbated embellishment encompassed his ability to grow in courage, and also made him a constant source of pranks, and physical abuse.
He missed her, and life was different without her there to console him when he made a mistake, or needed someone to look out for him. However, it was just as well serving as milestone in his development towards understanding what sort of person he was, and learning his personal path, and what justice meant to him; though personal ingenuity he always realized these things while he was running with his tail between his legs, or while receiving several punches to the face even the stomach.

All this built up to the singular moment where, well he wouldn’t be living such a normal life.

It was a cold day in May, the science institute had begun testing for methods of transportation from one point to another. As was the task of many college students, he was asked to go and view the device they were using, and take notes on it. With him were some of the kids he grew up with throughout middle school, and high school the same kids that spent most of their time picking on him and taunting him even now. This like most instances wasn’t much different, save for the fact that they were much older, and in a facility that could possibly physically augment either one of them if handled incorrectly but those factors aside pretty normal. The situation was basically ripped from the pages of your favorite sci-fi movie, or comic book. Boy gets taunted, experiment is going on, and boom he is pushed in the way and zapped into another place and time.

Up until that moment his potential laid dormant, up until that moment he was wearing a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie which was replaced by a white hakama and a black sash, his white jacket is ragged and consists of an upturned collar, with black inner lining, black socks and straw sandals the sleeves are rolled and worn open; chest revealed. And to a person that is scared of a lot of things, this would be the worse case scenario. Up until now he made the conscious decision to run, to hide, and never look back. What about now? Is the question he asks himself personally, but the only response he was given was the forward motion of his feet as he walked across the lush forest terrain.

09-25-2007, 02:55 AM

[Height] – 5’11”
[Weight] – 180lbs
[Gender] - Male

- - Carved from the finest oak tree Ava's body is of the highest quality wood; the attention to detail in his visage makes him (literarily) a master piece. Though heavier than his slender, curvaceous appearance gives off… the oak serves as a high defense for the botanic organs which gives life to his existence. Pink hued hair cascades from a high ponytail in forms of dreadlocks and it compliments the equaled hue of his lips.

- - [Architect]
Carved in 1790 during the French Revolution his designer was a European nobleman who modeled the puppet after his lover, Ava met his end under the guillotine during the Reign of Terror. Falling into depression the nobleman couldn’t stand the lifeless state of the puppet-lover and cast it aside in his luscious garden where it was long forgotten. Years flashed by with little recognition and the puppet soon was taken under the soil… where the garden itself installed a conscience in the marionette-boy. Planted organs found the rhythm of life as the unmarred Ava made its way out of the Earth. He would become an agent of Mother Nature… a slave to her will alone.

- - [Evolution]
Being a conjurer of nature itself Ava puppeteers a number of plant hybrids made for carnage. Summoning them with little to no effort and manipulating growth and will within each genus makes him a formidable opponent.

= -- Dollz - -=

M anticore Orchid

A feat of distinguished botanical undertaking, the Manticore receives its title not through appearance, but through shear tenacity when dealing with perceived prey. Poised and beautiful, it's ability to draw in those higher life forms attracted to such vivid and outstanding colors is remarkable, and upon finding that a food source is quick to react. During its first strike, the Manticore Orchid is prone to luring prey in with the vivid and floral limbs of one of three Venus flytrap-like appendages, whose opened maws resembled naturally occurring bouquets, and an assortment of other exotic flora. Once near, it lunges forward, clamping fragile looking 'teeth' about the desired portion; while thin and elongated, underestimation of the 'teeth’s endurance has proved fatal to many a target. Once securely fastened, the other two remaining limbs are drawn toward the location in order to help prepare for an inevitable struggle - however, not a case yet has been reported in which the singular herald blossom has not been adequate enough in downing live targets. In a moment of time simultaneous to the gathering urge within the organic masterpiece, the mobile gullet along with those bouche mortelle begin the production of copious amounts of some complex psychedelic enthrones, digestive juices, as well as anesthetic liquids, which upon contact with the skin, begin to delude the victim's response into, in most cases, a babbling mess of self-discovery and religious fervor, oblivious to it's own body being decomposed within the predatory plant. However, the Manticore Orchid, instead of remote digestion, only partially digests its prey within the Venus flytrap-like protrusions. For that feat, it carries the meal back to the main bulbous and vibrantly pigmented head, which has already prepared a more concentrated vat of digestive juices, quickly ending the unfortunate thing's life, and converting it into nutrition. Anything it is unable to digest -which is an uncommon though not entirely unheard of occurrence - is broken down as best as it is able, and eventually rejected as a type of mulch, mixed with the efficient thing's own worn-out, degraded or otherwise unneeded bodily features.

C orpse Vera

A strand of Rafflesia Arnoldii; enormous in proportion, making even Manticore Orchid’s considerable size small in comparison. In diameter alone it could be compared to a fair sized two story edifice; the five crimson leaves being the only part of the hybrid to show mobility… and even those movements are slow and barely notable. Now, what makes this particular genus of carnivorous vegetation dangerous is its overwhelming stench (like rotting corpses: hence its title) which Ava utilizes to paralyze or simply overwhelm an opponents sense of smell. Of course, the plant is not without its own offensive mechanism… from the center bud a singular tentacle protrudes, its shape has the face of a little girl huddled underneath a cloth; it’s what Ava calls… bait. Once centered, the bud piece releases an extreme odor; using the bait to wrap around the prey… tightening to its last breathes.

B aphomet Cell

A strand of Nepenthes rajah. Simply put, this Hybrid acts as a sort of pitfall-trap. Its size is equal to that of a human body and features a deep cavity within its main gland; the exterior of the ‘pitcher’ gland has a dense hide and not easily destroyed. The mechanism which keeps the prey within the trap is a series of elongated barbs which point inwards, allowing prey to fall in but not so easily climb out. Collected at the bottom in the form of thick digestive juices is a sleep inductive agent.

09-25-2007, 06:26 PM
Name: Alexi Istrianna
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Mato Grosso, Brazil
Heritage: Italian
Hair: Black, Curly
Eyes: Green
Age: 29
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 151 lbs.

- Portuguese
- Italian
- English
- Spanish

Alexi is relatively attractive, and is well proportioned save for his slightly thin body. His facial features are rather jagged, a thin salt and pepper beard granting his chin a smoother appearance, and his curly hair, cut at the tops of the ears, flaring upwards, suggests that there may be a wilder side to him that lies in contrast to an otherwise trim, relaxed and professional man. His hands are lithe and supple, as is required due to his profession, though they hold a more gnarled appearance than other people his age; this appearance is currently subsiding with proper treatment and a less rigorous professional schedule, though would likely return should he begin to play with the same vigor he did while in his early twenties. Alexi also has two unsightly scars: One is on his back, slightly up and to the right of his left shoulder blade, the other on his left knee, where replacement surgery was performed. He occaisionally walks with a cane due to pain in his knee, though he is loathe to do so.

Alexi is a very calculating man, following not his emotions and passions, but logic and reason. This does not prevent him, however, from portraying himself as a warm and caring man, as he allows himself a certain amount of space in which to be sensitive to his own needs and others. He oftentimes, however, feels too great of a need to please people around him and will suppress his own emotions if he feels that they are becoming too strong or involved in his current conversation to the point where they actively interfere. This, however, will occasionally result in Alexi becoming an emotional time bomb, which manifests either as a complete loss of control when he's with someone, or a breakdown when he's alone. He hates to share his problems with others, fearing they'll see it as weakness, and though he occasionally does, he never allows anyone to see him cry.

The man he portrays to those that he fears will judge him, however, is astoundingly different than the man he is when around those whose judgement he doesn't fear. Whenever there is a time, an hour, a day, when he is able to escape from his own life and from those who revere him for his public facade, Alexi falls into an irresitably strong habit of indulgence and vice, going where recognition is of no concern and the atmosphere is. He holds no compunction in toking up, drinking up, shooting up, or trying any new psychedelics that others are considerate enough to introduce to him, regardless of their legality; after all, for someone who finds himself faking his way through reality, surreality becomes not only a ride but an escape. He shows no signs of ceasing his habits, though he contracted both hepatitis C (currently asymptomatic) and hepatitis G in his early twenties. He has yet to find out.

- Alexi is a musician of the highest caliber, formerly having played piano professionally as well as bass (upright) and saxophone (and all variations thereof) for various jazz studios. He was forced out of work recently when his currently employing studio went under due to a double homicide that was committed by an artist during a recording session. Alexi himself received a shattered knee and a slashed rhomboid before the murderer was subdued, though has since fully recovered from the incident save for a replacement knee-cap and a large, unsightly scar on his back.
- He hears in perfect pitch.
- Alexi is a fantastic actor, and though he doesn't utilize this talent professionally, it's proven to be useful in his professional and personal dealings as a tool of persuasion. He can seem meek when he needs to seem meek, confident even when he's terrified, or even astoundingly stupid, should it please the viewer, taking it to the extent of faking surface thoughts so as to protect himself from even those who can detect his feelings or ideas in a supernatural manner. He doesn't follow his heart, and his emotions never get the best of him; insofar as it is required, he can hide what's inside.
- He reads at a rate of 850 words per minute.

- The music he creates goes far beyond being good; it is positively enchanting to listen to. Alexi can utilize any of the instruments he played professionally, those being the ones that he's most proficient with, in order to captivate and swoon an audience. Those who lack the sufficient will or mental protection find themselves unable to concentrate on anything but the music, and cannot perform any action that requires concentration or even conscious thought, as that would mean that they would have to diverge from their indulgence in the music. In addition, they do not react to any outside stimulus unless it is results in stress or shock, such as a drink being spilled on them, or some immediate risk to their physical well being. In order to utilize this ability, Alexi must have been performing for some variable amount of time, though no less than two and one-half minutes, as to establish the subtlety with which this ability must be performed.
-Upon entering a state of captivation, a person can then be manipulated by the playing of the music to feel any number of feelings through an incredible range of emotions. These can be as simple as instilling a vague aura of melancholy around a group to something as complex as an overwhelming sense of jealousy combined with tinges of frustration and hopelessness. These feelings continue once the performance has stopped. They cannot target single individuals, nor can the instill directions of any sort, no matter how related to one's emotions they are.

Significant Assets:
- A small abode in the Italian countryside, built under a hill.
- A flat in Manhattan that is currently being rented out to a spoiled kid with all too rich parents.
- An apartment in Copenhagen, which is kept empty of inhabitants and is used primarily as an escape when Alexi is feeling that he is experiencing excessive stress or emotional strife during a period in his life.
- $350,000 (American) cash at his disposal in a bank account.
- An impressive array of instruments, all of which are located in his Italian residence in a dry root cellar.

A note: I don't have any prior affiliations, so I'm currently pretty open as far as recruitment goes. Clearly, there are clans that are more suited to this character than others, but being kinda new to this particular system, feel free to pm me if you feel that I could satisfactorily and believably assist a clan and I haven't yet locked myself into some other agreement first.

09-26-2007, 05:09 AM

[Age] – Unknown
[Alias] Pride/Proud
[Gender] – Male
[Occupation] – Interrogation/Execution

- - Tzu Chun Gyashido, the only rebellious sibling known to the entire Neiyoko Empire is destined for the Seven Kultures. His Alter ID unknown currently to this world we love to call C/G is just as dangerous as he portrays it. Never too lax, this exotic sin is known to have come face to face with the worlds deadliest killers and stared their pathetic corpses to the ground.

- - [Creator]
The only idea known to C/G about Chun’s origins, derived from that of the Neiyoko family borne from the lifeblood of Mikhael Britva Neiyoko; the young sibling is a lost brother to the original Trinity that runs rampant through C/G famously creating such organizations as Rave Hipnotyk, the Airborne Newsletter, and Caedes Vesica.

- - [Evolution]
His progression is sure to stun and amaze as the trials and tribulations of normal day C/G life wreak havoc on the denizen’s morale and his abilities become skewed as they grow and matriculate into a life of their own. His signature specialties are directly influenced by the heritage passed down through the Neiyoko line.

P roud
5th Kulture

Legacy Shotgun
Though not currently revealed, this identifying move is partly what makes this combatant so dangerous in the heat of violence. While his abilities allow for a much wider variety of attacks this signature combination when coupled with his shielding capabilities releases an explosive wave of strained projectiles that strike out in every direction cutting through even the likes of stone like a hot knife through butter. While his fingers are spread he’ll shift the contours of his hand and grasp the knuckles with his thumb like a fist; this action signifies the finishing move of this combination yet to be described through more play.

Vampire Wolf
10-02-2007, 06:31 PM
Basic Information:
Name: Raven Faith Smith
Age: Unknown (Presumed to be very old, but there are no records for her).
Sex: Female.
Birthplace: Unknown (First spotted on record in England).
Race: Undead (‘Living Dead’ or whatever), Necromancer, Sorceress.
Spoken Languages: Here we go… English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Latin, German, Korean, Romanian.

Eye Color: Black.
Hair: Long, gray.
Skin: A deadly pale color.
Weight: 180 lbs.
Height: 6’0.
Build: Slender, muscular (not very muscular, but enough to defend herself).

Bone Spells:
Teeth (Sends up to ten bolts of pure energy, shaped to look like teeth, in the direction wished).
Bone Armor (Creates three separate plates of bone armor to protect herself for a short amount of time. The plates circle the caster and go, completely separate from the caster, to where they are needed).
Bone Wall (Creates a wall of bones up to twenty feet high, and twenty feet wide).
Bone Spear (Sends a magical bone at the target).
Bone Prison (A shell made up of bones sprouts from the ground, casing the target in it while squeezing their muscles until they die).

Lightning Abilities:
Nova (Creates an expanding ring of electricity).
Lightning (Casts a bolt of lightning at the target).
Chain Lightning (After the bolt of lightning hits one target, it is driven by its master to the next target. Can hit up to three different targets).
Telekinesis (Moving things through the mind. Not too much weight is able to be moved however).

Fire Abilities:
Fire Enchant (Temporarily enchants the target item with fire).
Warmth (Slowly restores energy and heals minor-medium wounds).
Inferno (A short blaze of fire is released from the wielder).
Blaze (A trail of fire is left from the wielder’s feet).
Fire Wall (A wall of fire is built wherever the wielder desires).

Lots of Kunai
One Japanese Long Sword
Fine-Spun Cloth Belt (Belt to keep items on).
Guardianship Lacquered Plate Body Armor (Full body armor).
Crest Death Mask (A mask that she wears to keep others from identifying her).
Lidless Eye Swirling Crystal Wand (A special wand, customly made, that helps her generate power).

Johnny Phoenix
10-03-2007, 06:12 PM
~> Character Sheet:


Jason Forte








Written by: Reve

It's the figure of Fortenbras that many are first to note; his stature is elevated to that peculiar height that's not of divine stature, and yet, at the same time, neither is it one to be overlooked. Standing at six feet and seven inches, the crowd becomes an audience. While a vague face meets those wary enough to chance a fleeting glance upwards, it's the ambiguous response that meets them that truly defines his figure as one of note: a vague set of relaxed muscles - neither smile nor frown, nor apathy abundant - is returned; however, the message is clear that the past is one thing, while the present is another. As if a nexus, it is the concept of the possible that exudes from him. The possibility of what may or may not occur while in that moment - if something of extravagance or of mourning will take place during those first few chanced moments.

The telling of one’s facial expression is usually followed by the telling of other notable details; the excerpt of Fortenbras is no different. A head of full hair would be noted by any passerby if they cared to count the brunettes in the world - and if it is in those details one is going to excruciatingly account for, then length of shoulder and full vitality would likewise be reflected in observations. Eyes of the anonymous intimidation are described as hazel. The left though appeals to those of the more graphically inclined, having the characteristics of an injury, as if capillaries burst to sew a deepened red about the eye.

While this in and of itself is of the curious -- for one should not confuse the impressive with that of the curious -- it is the underlying qualities that truly make him a specimen of attention undivided. Beneath the loose clothing that is worn ritualistically, lays an intricate working that may well be a prime example of posthuman complexity. Though the origins of such a body is obscure, the body in and of itself is indeed functional. What body? Indeed, what body. Sleek and smooth, a metallic substance akin to the tenacity of tungsten is found to be rippling and yet condensing in a simulacrum of human appearance beneath the chosen clothing. If there be organs laying in wait beneath the surface, or throbbing veins filled with ichors rich and stomach brimming with ambrosia divine, lays only to be seen if that chassis body be split asunder and queried by eye and hand. However, it’s theorized that a body is only a body when one accepts that it is, indeed, a body; past conflicts allude to such a shape to only be one of comfort. But who’s to say, and who alive is witness?

Special Factors:

Sickle-Cell Anemia, cured by treament with "steel-cells"
Adamantium covering vital organs such as the heart and what's around it.

Signature Weapon:

Phobos Gun

The Phobos Gun is a custom .454 Casull. It is made of the same composition of his skin, and it was equipped with selective firing; single, burst, automatic. The gun also has it's own type of bullets known as Phobos Rounds.


Refer to Timeline

Cathrin d`Lane
10-04-2007, 12:51 AM
Name: Francheska (Cathrin) d`Lane, M.D.
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Height: 5’4”

Profession: Surgeon

• Healer
• Ice Mage
• Water Mage

• Close Range: Sai Swords [21"]
• Ranged: Handgun
Other Skills:

• Marksmanship
• Herblore

Residence: Currently MIA
Status: Currently Inactive

Past Affiliations/Involvements/etc.:

• Neo Syndicate RED
• The Eternal Knights
• Puri-Combine
• Eclipse

I am Dr. Francheska d`Lane of the elusive and majestic Fae. I am human.

The Fae. How does one explain the use of such an unfamiliar term? It is a place, they say, of otherworldly magic, of delights both dark and enlightening, dangerous and euphoric. Others use it in reference to a civilization wrought not in flesh but in ether, beings of great power and varying shapes inexplicable to science and human logic. Some believe it only to be a state of enchantment, a step out of reality and into the most unexplored primitive recesses of one’s mind.

The Fae, my beloveds, encompasses all three; however, there is very little one can say to fully explain this concept to those who do not know it in the first place. In any case, this is not a fairy tale. So let me rephrase my beginning to something simpler:

Her name is Francheska/Cathrin, and she is half-Fae. It is from that mystical, often questionable branch of her bloodline that she inherited many of her innate talents, including her magical affinity towards water and ice, her ability to direct her own energy with the intent of healing injury, and her expertise in herblore. The specifics of how she came to be are hardly of any concern here. What matters the most, perhaps, is the fact that the other half, the more dominant one, is irrevocably and undeniably human, prone to mistakes and misinterpretations. This is the introduction to a story which should have ended years before, when Aeacus Nevanda learned of one of the many betrayals[Message Truncated]

* It should be noted that, even now, no clear evidence suggesting a physical distinction between Francheska and Cathrin has been uncovered. Although many sources believe them to be twins, one evil and one good, the epitome of opposite polarities, this is a meager theory which has yet to find concrete footing. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Dr. d`Lane is merely suffering from a controlled variation of schizophrenia or, at the very least, borderline personality disorder.

TBC. Maybe

10-11-2007, 01:33 AM
Simplified Character Sheet-

Name/Monikers: Allen Mercury. Is self styled “Porthos” for several reasons.

Age: 18

Description: A composite of several grand hyperboles, including exaggerations of my college activities, a few of my favorite side characters from literature, ideals, and a little bit of humor. Nonetheless, this proposed to be a serious character despite how much silly is carried in the writing.

Allen Mercury, figuratively speaking, is a youth of immense kinetic energy and alcohol tolerance. With endless balls, he does not harbor any inferiority complexes towards those self promoted persons who occupy the same universe as himself, unlike his weak minded neighbors. He does not show fear, with the exception towards a tall stack of paperwork that he is tasked to finish. A graduate of a futuristic military academy, he was for a period of time employed at Eclipse, before taking time off to continue traveling and adventuring.

Skills, abilities, “powers”:

-Can take 20 shots in under one hour.
-Has a rudimentary but practical grasp of logic, physics, biology, chemistry and psychology, for combat purposes. As a student, they manifested as textbook disciplines in a series called "Sciences of Fighting." He slept through those classes.
-Adept and nimble with a Gunblade, a homage to his Musketeer forefathers
-Seed/Ability to detect persons of destiny. Cannot foretell the future or anything, can only sense them, as fate is unwritten.

Weakness [Brand new feature in C/G?]: Constantly in conflict with Lady Luck. Females that are awesome (one alone inadvertently lured him into a short career with a clan!). His notoriety to downplay the most serious events of gravity earns him the ire of short tempered characters, ire that would hilariously cross into OOC. The handsome limbed teen also tends to get bored easily, which serves as fuel for the constant search for adventure.

Developments (as of 10-07):

-The essences of an ancient spirit, Diash, rubbing off on him - specifically giving him a metaphysical sense of vision that can detect destiny potential (recognizes NPCs from PCs in character).
-Met up with his twin sister, Ava...
-Has the spirit of the gallant but whimsical Porthos
-Expresses a preference for WU-TANG products, especially electronic.
-Composed a multiple legged thesis on Destiny:
*NPCs are fodder, regardless of their nature, due to a lack of destiny
*Average RPers, regardless of their character's prowess, have a mediocre destiny because they are mediocre and uncreative and weak in terms of OOC. Their destinies are so-so.
*Select RPers, regardless of their character's IC details, have amazing threads because they are excellent and fantastic writers. Their characters are destined to be great or significant, because there is OOC talent behind the scene.

King's Academy of the Paramilitary

Alumni, Current Students, and Projects:

1.) Isamu Kuzen (General Breadth.) Current occupation is adventurer.
2.) Allen Mercury (Gunblade Specialist.) Technically an employee of Eclipse.
3.) Johnny Tybalto (General Breadth.) Is actually a robot designed by a Professor, programmed to mimic humans down to the micro-manging
4.) Ben Lee (General Breadth.) Looking for a job.
4.) Rocky Pearson (Double Major: Intel Specialist + Metaphysical Sciences) Looking for a job.

10-25-2007, 06:06 PM
Name: Jericho (first name not revealed).
Gender: Male.
Age: Nineteen.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Nationality: American.
Ethnicity: Israeli-American.
Theme: Don’t Fear The Reaper.


Jericho has a slim, agile teenage frame. Despite his severe lacking of any truly interesting or athletic hobbies, he is not particularly scrawny, as one might expect from a teen of his pallid pigmentation (partially because of natural circumstances, and partially due to too much time indoors) – Jericho is quite well-built and actually somewhat acrobatic, although this has never gone beyond anything over than an innate knack. His facial hair didn’t really develop so dashingly, so he is generally clean-shaven. In light of recent events, however, Jericho has let his black hair grow out via disinterest, and he retains a messy fringe. His face has been described as ‘handsome, but nothing special’ by his classmates; only his eyes really appear at all striking, and are quite often raw and bloodshot. He appears to constantly sport a set of tired black bags beneath them, as well as giving off a general air of weariness.


Jericho’s ability to see ‘lines’, known as the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception is an incredibly powerful pseudo-magical effect. With these Mystic Eyes, Jericho is able to see the eventual fated destruction of an object or entity expressed as small points on the object or entity's body and as thin black lines that extend from those points and crawl over the body. Attendant with the perception is the ability to trace the lines without much exertion; doing so effectively realizes the fated destruction, and the victim is cut or cracked or broken along those lines. Because this destruction is destined, this method of injury ignores any of the victim's defences; armour, magical protection, and so forth are useless. While a line symbolizes "damage" along that part of the body, a dot symbolizes the totality of damage that body can sustain, and by extension, "existence". When a dot is pierced, the victim's concept is destroyed. This method of killing is apparently absolute; it bypasses even reincarnation, and can even be used against a collective entity. The only entities immune to this effect are those that don’t technically exist, such as Omega.

The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are not infallible. The human mind was not meant to perceive death in such a way, and using it is highly taxing on the human brain, causing intense headaches. In addition, there are multiple levels of perception; in the beginning, Jericho can only see the lines on people and objects, not the dots. Each step takes the mind further from natural perception, and each step is more damaging to the brain; eventually the stress leads the brain's blood vessels to burst and death for the user. In addition, there exist in nature entities and objects which have no fated destruction in particular circumstances. In these cases, no lines or dots can be seen. Lastly, the ability to perceive and trace lines or pierce dots does not give the user any capacity to perform the task from afar. Jericho must get in range, aim, and go through the appropriate slicing motions.


Even before Jericho’s ‘gift’ crippled his world-view, he was always a creature of rather questionable social ability – his Mystic Eyes only served to further ostracise him from the world. Through some quirk in the nature of his upbringing, he finds himself nigh incapable of mingling with those that he hasn’t known since his innocent years, resulting in a half-aloof-half-awkward demeanour that tends to isolate and push people away. He spent very little of his university years actually at university, staying in a small apartment paid for by his parents between classes – essentially, Jericho was on his way towards becoming what would be called a hikikomori in Japan. On the plus side, he has been going out more since the Mystic Eyes interrupted his life, but at the same time has found himself beginning to think of humans in terms of their ‘lines’ rather than their other attributes. Despite being relatively well built, Jericho isn’t actually that healthy, and lacks the stamina that many of C/G’s more active characters have (this is no doubt worsened by his condition).

10-26-2007, 10:58 AM

Monica Dei


94 years old




surprisingly 16 years old [like you haven’t heard of old hags appearing to be young]; emotionless; dark-haired; pale

rarely talks to anyone except for most trusted circle of people, or unless there is an immediate need to do so

♦special factors

She carries a wide array of curses and jinxes, her power to cause the probability plane to incline towards the negative side is extremely unpredictable. The intensity of her emotions control the effects of her ‘jinx waves’; weak negative emotions would result to minor ‘accidents’ while strong negative emotions would cause catastrophes equaling Vesuvius. The normal emotionless state is still capable of dealing harm.

♦primary weaponry

Two daggers engraved with "Tredecim maledictio eo per mei cruorem". Those who are wounded have intensely bad luck.


On her mother’s 13th birthday, an unfortunate event, regarding a couple of bottles of liquor and the supremely aggressive alpha male, created Monica inside the womb of her mother during that sad day of September 13, 1912, a Friday. And on the Friday the 13th of June 1913, the 13th year of the century, Monica’s parents died when she was born [her mother died of childbirth; her father was crushed by a run-away truck]. No one wanted to adopt the child. The few families that would dare to adopt her would either die or be killed in a horrifying away. But that was how Monica existed until she reached the ripe age of 94.

It does not happen to her, but the jinx happens to the people around her. Yes, she lived with different families, and eventually they died.

10-28-2007, 01:02 AM
Name: Kenneth Ride
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Appearance: Standing in at 5'11", 148 lb, this man at first looks imposing, due to his fiery red eyes and once steeled composure. He has tanned olive skin, cold blue eyes that turn red when the adrenaline pumps, and an attractive face. His hair color is black, and is quite thick at medium length. He currently wears a white T-shirt, a dark blue Combex-brand combat vest that takes force and redistributes it throughout the vest to minimize damage, along with a gauntlet that launches a grappling hook-like grip on his left hand and dark blue pants. He also wears a loose brown belt with all his necessary possessions on it, as well as Combex-brand shin guards and thigh guards.

A somewhat accurate illustration: (drawn by a close friend, disregard the sword)

History: Kenneth Ride is a relatively simple man. He's lived his life, his way, since the day he left home with enough money to last him until he found a way to support himself. Never a fan of living lavishly, like his insanely rich father, Ken simply wanted a life of excitement, and that led him off into the wilderness of the world. He made his way around the world, doing odd jobs. He joined the police force as soon as he was of age, and quickly revealed to be a major player in law enforcement. His efficiency on the field caught of the eye of many organizations, and he soon left his post to work for private companies, serving in many armed conflicts, until he found himself on the payroll of Red Eye. Red Eye was a mercenary establishment that was pioneering in the fields of cybernetic enhancement. Ken became an unwitting guinea pig for their operations, receiving robotic implants that boosted his combat capabilities. Heart functions, body processes, fatigue, communications were all controllable, increasing his potential. But each member of Red Eye was in a way, a unique case. Every soldier was given a new ability, in a way. Some backfire and the agents are erased out as 'defects'. Ken was lucky, in that regard. His hidden weapon is a system in his body that allows him to control electricity to a certain degree. He can store, drain, exert, and project electricity. Now a weapon himself, Ken operated under Red Eye orders for two years. He fought for them until a jarring event occurred during an African raid that filled him with disdain for the organization's tactics. Witnessing the brutality of his fellow agents using their inhuman powers to slaughter countless innocents, he began a plan to destroy Red Eye. With the help of a Dr. Ambellina Bell and fellow Red Eye dissident Vincent Gasteyer, he destroyed the chain of command, targeting key figures and breaking up the company. During the final conflict that destroyed the entire main compound of Red Eye, Ambellina and Vincent perished, giving a dark and bittersweet ending to the victory against his former unit. Several members escaped and now scour the earth, symbols of the people he loved most. In a quest of revenge and redemption, Kenneth Ride searches for these members, hoping to seek the catharsis he longs for.

* Able to feign death
* Able to last in combat-length operations without growing fatigued
* Able to hack communications signal using internal system and communicate without external device
* Very proficient in weapon, defense, and martial arts
* Can store, drain, exert, and project electricity

11-01-2007, 01:05 PM
Name: Aiden Miles Taggart

Age: 30

Appearance: Dark hair and blue eyes. Clean-shaven and well groomed with an air of British aristocracy. PIC ( http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h193/jordonkendall/Sean_Connery_Leo_Fuchs_A06_026.jpg)

Bio: Aiden has a familial legacy of adventurer and explorer to live up to. His own father searched the world as a renowned archeologist collecting 'items of historic importance'. Most of the items Cole Taggart found were put on display in famous museums, while others were sequestered in the family home. As such, Aiden has grown accustomed to beautiful things surrounding him and has a taste for the extravagant and expensive.

With the trappings of wealth he was able to fund his own education and acquired a Doctorate in Philosophy from Cambridge. Dragged around the world through most of his life, Aiden has a taste for adventure that he has tried to temper with knowledge and study. Unfortunately, his spirit and sense of humor tend to lead him to risk more than he should.

Aiden is the last surviving member of his family. The familial home is empty. The archeologist is in Ireland seldom, using the large estate simply for storage of the equipment to undertake covert archeology. Saul Taggart (killed by Jordon Kendall) owned the property prior.

At the moment he is intensely curious and excited by the possibility that a treasure exists underwater in the Arctic Circle. Hopefully past contacts that helped him discover the Staff of Ra and the Ring of Horus in other adventures will follow him once again.

First appearance in C/G: Book of Revelations ( http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=66222&page=3) (posts 57/58)

11-03-2007, 12:42 PM
Name: "Pythia"

Age: 53 (physical appearance around 30)

Appearance: Long black hair, grey eyes. Stands around 5'4" with a humble build that is neither thin, nor plump. Pretty in a simplistic and natural way; doesn't stand out in a crowd. If one should catch sight of her reflection in a mirror, it will appear as a child version of herself.

Bio: When she was a little girl "Pythia" underwent what could certainly be called a religious experience, however not the sort of experience that would probably come to most minds. As a result, she has developed uncanny abilites of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) and dreamwalking, though it all came at a cost.

Until recently she had been keeping a low profile in her hometown of Galway, Ireland - even severing ties with family and friends. She has started to come out of hiding now that various prospects have grown interesting to her, given her peculiar condition. It would seem she has an increased sense of curiosity, but her true motivations remain unknown at this point in time.

First appearance in C/G: Refill Me (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?p=2034567#post2034567)

11-04-2007, 08:00 PM
Maximillian J. Lutherson


Young and brave, Max has a peaceful and friendly atmosphere around him, set by his gentle smiles, his calm dark brown eyes, and his soft-spoken tone of voice. Neat and tidy groups of straight blond hair reach down to the bottom of his ears, and a few strands fall just above his eyes.

His basic outfit consists of a palette of mostly brown earth tones, with a light and dark sienna-colour checkered hat, a light, beige jacket with a white shirt underneath, a dark brown belt wrapped around black jeans, with dark brown, formal shoes adorned for footwear. Black socks can be seen poking out of this shoes.




ACT I: "Childhood"
Growing up with his parents, an older brother and a younger sister in a giant, hilltop mansion in America, Max enjoyed a nice, quaint, peaceful life, his family having no issues with money. As a child, he always had a love for Science, especially for mechanics, and would spend most of his free time building small devices and knick-knacks, such as wooden pendulums.

At the age of 8, the first significant event in Max's life occurred. His older brother, then 17, ran away from home. His parents seemed to know the reason why, but never divulged it with Max nor his sister. He has not seen his brother since.

The second significant event changed his life forever.

The day was November 15th, 2000. A Wednesday. Coincidentally, a Take Your Kid To Work day. As both of his parents worked for the government, Max and his younger sister tagged along with both of their parents to the same workplace. It was a perfect day, a sunny day, a peaceful day, and everything was going just fine.

And then half of the west wing on the first floor exploded.

For months now, people had been complaining about the system of government, saying the taxes were too high, the police and fire departments were too sloppy, education was too expensive...Someone had snapped, and planted a bomb.

Another coincidence, other than the Take Your Kid To Work day?

The west wing on the first floor was where Max’s parents worked.

In the explosion, Max’s mother was killed, and his father badly injured, so much so that when a man with a gun marched in, his father made no movement to stop him from pulling the trigger. Though his sister’s eyes were covered, Max witnessed every detail of his father’s death, and to this day, it haunts him still.

After that, he blacked out. How he and his sister survived, he still does not know.

He lived with his family’s butler for three long years of mourning, in which he and his sister stayed home and never attended school, rather choosing to gain knowledge through the many books in the Lutherson family Library. Finally, Max made a decision, and left the last thing of his parent’s that was rightfully his by will: the mansion he used to live in. With his sister in tow, and with a grand donation from his butler, Max set off at the age of 15, determined to pave his own path in life elsewhere. In his utility belt there now rested a semi-automatic pistol and a few clips. Maximillian J. Lutherson was never going to let a family member die ever again, and was fully prepared to kill lest a relative come into harm.

After 4 long years of hard work, sadness and happiness, poverty and success, and all the values in between, Max begins his C&G adventure at the age of 19, with his own business in a quaint, peaceful town as a mechanic, his sister still faithfully accompanying him. He is in good relations with the townsfolk, each and every one of which he socializes with frequently.

ACT II:"Clans & Guilds: Beginning"

First Thread
Shanghai Metro (cancelled)

11-13-2007, 07:03 PM
Name: Mikalel
Class: Assassin: Children of the Light
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 156 lbs.
Eyes: Vary from a Deep Blue to an Overcast Gray
Hair: Brown
Skin: Cream
Appearance: When not in company with the Children of the Light, or in the employ of the Council of the Annointed to whom he solely refers, Mikalel can be observed wearing common civilian drapery. When in assembly with the Children of the Light or Council of the Annointed he can be viewed wearing the customary hooded white cloak, pinned at the neck with a golden sun; it rests over white silk breeches clasped also with the golden sun, a white silk shirt and a pair of well-lacquered, tanned leather, knee-high riding boots. About his waist is what gathers the most attention, for Mikalel wields the most elaborate of swords, specially crafted for him alone. The hilt is of a lenth to where the sword could be brandished comfortably with either one or two hands; the pommel a flawlessly worked golden sun; the grip, bleached white shagreen wrapped about the hilt in a helix; the guard has several seperate curved golden rays outlined in silver. A showpiece most definately, and the Children's equivalent of the Heron Marked blade. Always with his left hand upon the hilt he is capable of expressing his vigilance even in his most relaxed state of mind. When in the employ of the Council of the Annointed, Mikalel can scarce be distinguished from that of his surroundings, for he shrouds himself to near completion with the same enchanted fabric Aes Sedai Warders don.
Background: At the age of five Mikalel underwent such horrors that no person would ever wish even their worst adversary to be subject to. A large band of Trollocs invaded his homeland; Mikalel watched from a distance, beneath an uprooted tree, as they massacred, tortured and devoured everyone he ever knew and loved. For days he lay beneath the tree until the rains came and the fires died down. Crawling out of his mud-soaked hole, he ventured out in search of any survivors... there were none. With tears run dry he took to the road, not knowing where he would go, what he would do, how he would live, knowing nothing more than what was occurring to him in the present and the sorrows of his past. Eventually sorrow turned to anger, and anger to rage. That was the night he was encountered by the Questioner, the night he saw the truth and the light and became a follower of the Children. He began his schooling immediately, he graduated with honors and a proficiency in weapons handling that he most certainly wouldn't have obtained otherwise. By the age of eighteen he was ranked higher than a Five Sunned General of the Children of the Light and answered solely to the Coincil of the Annointed. Now, at the age of twenty-three he is, secretly, the Children's most skilled assassin, the Council's most prized possession. He has credited to him the deaths of three Aes Sedai and two Warders.
Weapons Melee: Sword, Three Pronged Dagger
Weapons Ranged: Shortbow
One Powers Talents: Unknown
Ajah: N/A

11-18-2007, 04:53 PM
Name: John Maximillian Sven

Age: 24

Likes: Donuts, sparring, swords, and fish
Dislikes: Cherries, and failure

Problems: Anger management
Personality: John is a hot-headed and takes actions before thinking; although it is one of his greatest weakness’ it is his great strength as well as his determination and courage.
Physical Appearance (Build): He wears dark blue shirt with white trims the sleeves are ripped off for easy reach to his bracelet and he wears red fingerless gloves and wears dark brown pants. He is also quite handsome for his age, light skin, sky blue eyes and long silver hair with some touch of violet into his hair it comes down to his neck and a wavy cut in the front. It's actually his natural hair color for some really strange reasons.
Rider form: Overall color is black and red, rather than looking poisonous it tends to look like a deadly warrior in black, the visor is small rectangular black visor. John has golden shoulder plates on each side to protect him from minor attacks.

The armored hand gloves have stings on them for hand-to-hand combat purposes; they are quite effective when they are more extended; however it causes stun on his enemy for short amount of time.

His sword is pitch black steel blade, however at times it resembles a chainsaw than a sword since the blade rips the enemies apart than a clean slash. It has a cloth covered hilt, mortar

Armored form: John's armored form is pitch black none-trimmed armor plate that looks battle scarred, the chest plate has a scorpion's head, but more computer technologized scorpion head with red eyes in mid torso. The red eyes are capable of firing laser blasts for counter attacks and ranged attacks, it's an quick attack but quite effective in close and medium ranged combat.

Artillery: Shredder: A sword used for offensive purposes, a pitch black blade with mortar as a guard, and the hilt is wrapped around with white cloth for non-slippery purposes. Although it resembles a chainsaw rather than a sword it’s surprisingly light and made for offensive purposes; it is named shredder for this reason: it shreds his enemies apart with pull of a trigger on the mortar after the trigger is pulled the blade whirrs with life and longer the trigger is pulled the faster the blade spins making the attack much more effective and enough to cut and chop enemy in half.
Device: Primary Dark-red Scorpion bracelet
Secondary: Buckle
Color: Black and red
Cast off: By pushing the scorpion’s tail forward
Haste system: By twisting the scorpion’s tail in full circle

11-18-2007, 05:09 PM
First Name: Akai

Surname: Hiyuu

Initial: R

Weight: 185

Height: 5’11 ½

Age: 22 ½

Nationality: ½ Nipponese, ½ African American

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Amber Brown

Physique | Mental State| Personality

Today was the last day of the string of practice and training sessions we had in listed the subject in to help him transition and prepare his body for the tasks that were ahead of him. The sessions themselves were created by introducing exercise that could help in bringing him up to speed, broken into several stages of development to make cataloging progress easier. In the end training sessions paid off, the results were a lithe body, worked through rigorous exercises; testament to his hard work. When he first came to us he was young around 13 or so barely able to understand the trials he signed up for- which have aided in molding him; though mentally the subject has come to be nothing more than a black canvas.

Physical Performance| Fighting Style

With careful observation these notes have been taken, I can barely believe it myself that I am recording this information but every word here holds truth. The patient after being put through physical tests and simulations has shown adeptness for a unique fighting style which has yet to be classified though it seems to be a mix between boxing, martial arts, and acrobatics. He is extremely limber and flexible; his speed thus far has slightly surpassed any that I have seen produced by a normal human. In close range combat he is able to stop a fist before it reaches the apex of speed and force, his punches have been enough to break ribs, and his reaction time is slightly abnormal.


Requesting a mannequin, his combat style has become more calculated and intentional. Also he has become quite accustomed to stun maneuvers. His genius has been undermined until recently; angles and placement have been his main points of focus. The mannequin has become quite battered from his continuing practice of a fluent form of martial arts he has also grown accustomed to mimicking our style, adding his own personal touches.


Combat status | Update

His unique style of melee combat itself has no name, instead would seem it more of a mixture of styles which attributes to a wide range of techniques. Some of which were taken from our videos of a northern combat style that focuses more on harmony and fluidity, not only that but adaptation. Then you have the other side of the coin the fierce and deliberate strikes, which create a disharmony. Together he has trained his muscles for various intricate movements, of the acrobatic and grounded quality.

Mental State| Update

As we delve deeper into the mind of the Subject, we have learned that before coming here he never sought to become a soldier, though after spending time learning, training, and preparing himself all these years, he likes the idea. Coming to terms with the fact that he would be put in a very dangerous position, as well as being and enforcer; the only thing that keeps him going is knowing, in the end he will do some good It has been noted that he is highly tactical, which may be cause for the scribbles on his walls dealing with trajectory, numbers, and angles.

On another note, he has become friendlier, emotionally he has begun to open up no longer is his face a blank canvas, often it is covered in a light of joy, if not laughing, he is smiling. He seems to be the kind of person that would challenge anyone unflinchingly for the sake of a fight, or to learn, his mind is an open door inviting in all the knowledge it can contain. In fighting several of the other patients that have exhibited combat prowess, has impacted him to tweak certain aspects of his style. His eyes are often glossed over with the pains of a personal battle, a man against his nightmares so to speak. In light of this he often exhibits a strong moral stance, extreme arrogance, a sense of duty- but at other times he can be quite depressed, and slip into isolation trying to come to grips with this situation.


He has been introduced to the Verto system, up until this point his body was merely molded, and prepped for the technology. At this point it is to early to tell whether or not he is the prime candidate for Alpha. This could be his Christmas Present.


With the usage of the Alpha suit, he has memorized all the key functions of the HASTE system, Cast off, and has uncovered a slew of personal finisher’s dealing with his suit. At one point it seems that they have become partners, the small buckle that looks similar to a cell phone wordlessly communicates to him, often striking when called on before coming to his hand. It would seem we created sentient beings through this system.


His mastery of the put on system, as well as cast off are remarkable. Even in a bind he has managed to put on select parts of the Armored form for shielding. Deflecting bullets at a moments notice through combining Put on with the HASTE system. He has a unique-mind and it would hardly be suited to group him in the same category as most soldiers.

Final Notes


The subject- who is now referred to as Akai has developed a knack for espionage; his weapon knowledge, adaptability, cunning, and combat have all proved to be in a sort of balance. Taking to the training well amplifying his practices of martial arts by assimilating the two and he has shown signs of subtlety, his strikes have become tame, and sharply executed. The soldier has developed a unique skill of mimicry, body language, and habits, everything that can be grasped from spending a few hours with a target, though it is still very basic. He has been crafted into an enforcer, an infiltrator.


Device type: Terrigam Buckle (‘Henshin’ Belt)
Color: Black
Cast-Off/ Put On: [0][0][1] Then slides two fingers against the buckle
HASTE: Slapping the pads on the side of the belt after inputting [1][0][3]

Vampire Wolf
12-01-2007, 12:19 AM
Basic Information
Name: Hank.
Nickname: The Protagonist.
Sex: Male (or so thought).
Age: Early twenties (or so thought).
Nationality: Unknown.

Height: 6'0.
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Red.
Hair: None.
Clothing: Black shirt, black pants, black jacket, black cap.
Gear: Whatever is available (guns, explosives, swords, etc).
Other: Bandages around his torso and head.

Gunman Abilities
Bolt-Action Rifles.
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles.
Automatic Sniper Rifles.
Assault Rifles.
Sub-Machine Guns.
Machine Guns.

Melee Abilities
Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Post-Human Abilities
Increased strength, speed, and vision.
Endurance (able to withstand vast amounts of pain for long periods of time).

12-04-2007, 03:14 AM
Name[First] Johnathan

Name[Last] Thompson

Name[Middle] Allen

Age] Twenty three

Species] Human

Height] Seventy Two Inchs.

Weight] 200 - 210 Pounds

Hair[Color] Black, red accented and tipped.

Hair[Style] Shaggy length, cleanly trimmed.

Eyes[Color] Light gray, green star burst around pupil.

Eyes[Shape] The pupil is slightly odd shaped, being slightly snake like by being a bit longer and slitted. While the pupil is shaped differently it isn’t overly noticeable unless one takes a closer look.

Physical Condition] Built powerfully from his days in the military he keeps the same physique. His altered genetics however have forced his muscles larger, while fully clothed it wouldn’t be too noticeable.

Weapons Of Choice] John is trained highly in a number of fire arms. From submachine guns to high powered rifles. Recently though he has began to train in older weapons. Thus far John has found the Kama to be one of his favorite weapons, he has trained with this alone, with a twin, and even with a chain.

Fighting Style Of Choice] While not being a master of any one art, John likes to combine them to form his own. His list consisting of jujutsu, aikido, kajukenbo, and American Kenpo. While he will often switch from one art to another, John mostly likes to mix them all together at once.

Altered Genes]
Do to the experiments on his body, John has aquired a number of enhanced abilities.

*Extreme muscle growth
*Tooth replacement and change
*Venom Glands
*Increased reaction time
*Sight alteration
*Electro reception


Snake Eyes &
Shark Skin

Johnathan Thompson was never really popular, his name wasn’t ever in the papers. His income wasn’t gigantic, and his girlfriends weren’t the hottest around. Like an average teenager he caused some trouble and got into a little. He experimented with alcohol and marijuana, but at the age of eighteen he fell out of drugs. While he still drank it was less frequently and he held control over his cigarette intake. Like his father and his grandfather he enlisted in the military and after boot camp he was released into the ranks of the special forces. After he was deployed he served for two years before an attack hit their base camp. He was on patrol duty at the time and was shot three times, twice in the right lower abdomen and once in the right hip.

After his base camp was effectively raided the enemy forces took prisoners of war, only half of them were reported taken. The other half were sent to the forces medical experts and scientist to be treated as guinea pigs for the various experiments that they wished to preform. Johnathan Thompson was in this experimental group. The constant mental and physical strain they forced the subjects through effectively wore them to nothingness. This gave them a clean sheet of paper to write on. Their morales were effectively destroyed, and their bodies were kept in peek physical condition. At times they would starve them to make them fight for nourishment. Many died, and few who lived did not later take their own lives.

After they had achieved a clean slate of a body the scientists began. Though Johnny did not know what the others were put through, he does recall his own plight They began by giving him injections of several different things. From what he could catch of the conversations, he gathered that they were splicing his base core of body and mind with that of animals. They were also doing this with a few others of his group, but each were given different animals to be ‘mixed’ with. Johnny did not know which animals he was given, and at the moment he did not care. While he hoped, prayed, and wished for the military to break down these walls and rescue them... No such help arrived for a long number of weeks.

After a month Johnathan began to feel strange. Often he would look before him to witness a small spark from one of his fellows. He could not understand, as the man was doing no more then pacing back and forth. Another month passed, and his body changed more. While his brain, muscles and organs were able to adapt to the new genes being spliced with his own, a group of his comrades were not so lucky. Many of them changed greatly, two began to grow thick fur on their arms and chest. Another began to grow an insatiable hunger, resorting to cannibalism after a time and being killed by the guards. John suffered only terrible head and tooth aches, along with eyes sores and constant burn in his muscles from jaw to toe. Along with this he began to cough horribly and expel a thin strangely colored mucus.

Another month passed, and symptoms grew worse. Johnathan had lost the battle to the pain and had another test subject help him with his jaw problem. Telling the man to rid him of a tooth, the other agreed and bashed Johnny in the mouth. However, as the tooth fell from his mouth they noted the bottom looked strange, in that it was not torn or broken but rather whole. The next day another tooth had grown to replace the lost one. Its edges were serrated, and cut easily through his clothing and food. Before long these teeth had over taken his mouth, but the pain no longer slashed his mouth. His eyes now hurt horribly and he often awoke to strange sights. At times he saw a very very large ceiling tile, only after blinking and rubbing his eyes he found that it was a regular sized tile. At other times he would see the world dark, turning to find large masses of red and orange moving and groans from all around him.

Before the base was found and the remaining men were rescued, John counted the changes to his body. His muscles became extremely strong, noting his jaw was able to chomp a bite with one motion threw the tough food they were given, having to at times use the blankets they gave them to stop his jaw from carving up his mouth while he slept. Looking very closely he could barely make out ripples on the pads of his fingers, his palms and the same on both feet. They were grooved but soft, and if he tried to drag his fingers across the floor while flexing them, it was near impossible. Another inmate had recently located a punch into John’s face. These knuckles were merely grazed by his teeth. The wound was small, that night however the man fell as he tried to walk. Later spoken by their captors the mans muscles had deteriorated and his organs had began to dissolve.

This base was found and the men were rescued from their prison. After being debriefed they were released to the states doctors who had no answers for the soldiers. Telling them there was no more for them but to lead on as what they were. After this Johnathan became a gun for hire. His military past and new found strengths making him a more appealing resume then some of the other gun slingers. From his venoms which he has found can produce a wide number of affects. From paralyzation to the deterioration of muscle and organs. This is where the chapter ends, and a new one begins.

12-07-2007, 10:40 PM

Basic Information

~Shane Lemer




~Stevens Village: A small, secluded village in Alaska.


~6 feet even.

~160 lbs..

~Light-brown, medium length. Curls at the ends.

~Thin and wiry.


Distinguishing Features:
~Scar directly above his eyebrows, spanning from the middle of his right to the end of his left.

Special Abilities

Eis' most prominent ability is to create and manipulate ice. For reasons unknown, he is unable to directly create or control water, though he can transform it into ice. His powers are derived from a certain magical artifact which was depleted upon his absorption of its abilities. Besides this, he has two other artifacts which (though they serve seperate, undetermined purposes) he is able to use to amplify his own powers. So, his abilities are arranged in tiers, called "Waves".

First Wave: Frost
The first Wave is the one most frequently used by Eis, as it requires no additional energy; it is simply his own capabilities without amplification. Here, he can create small volumes of ice and shape them primitively (into cones or prisms, for instance). His ability to freeze is limited to water alone, and he must be in contact with water. Again, he can only freeze small volumes. These abilities, however, are with unlimited uses.

Second Wave: Snow
The second Wave takes advantage of the Alpherot Ring's power. Its true purpose is unknown to Eis; he uses it only for amplification. Here he is now able to create ice in larger volumes and create more intricate shapes. He is also capable of some distant freezing (no contact necessary) and can freeze solid objects (externally, not internally; most organic things survive). It is virtually unlimited, though extensive use will drain the Ring, requiring about twelve hours of "cooldown" time.

Third Wave: Blizzard
The third Wave (which must follow the second) taps into the Ga'tu Talisman as well as the Alpherot Ring to amplify his power many times. He is able to create large amounts in high volumes effortlessly, and shape them into all but the most complicated of designs. He can freeze at a greater distance, and though he still cannot freeze a living being solid, with concentration and a bit of time he can freeze internally, most notably blood; this is often deadly if not repaired immediately. Unfortunately, it has a kind of time limit; it can not be used for very long before both artifacts are temporarily drained and he is reverted to the first Wave.


"Winterfall" - Jō Staff
~Eis' weapon of choice. He is expertly trained in its use. It is made special for him; it contains a liquid core (primarily water) and several pores which are opened when the liquid is frozen, allowing the staff to be shaped into a wide variety of other weapons through Eis' abilities.

"Black Ice" - Chakram
~Black Ice was constructed after Winterfall on a similiar principle, but geared toweards ranged combat. The main function of its liquid core is to allow portrusions to be made; mainly, blades.


~Shane Lemer was born into a large family in the small locale of Stevens Village. Here he lived a relatively bland and mediocre life, until midway through his adolescence his father (and sole caretaker) passed away, leaving behind a particularly interesting inheritance: a bluish gemstone, and instructions on how to take advantage of it. Shane became the controller of a legendary ability to dominate the natural force of ice, and with training, learned to use it to its fullest capability. Following this discovery, he set out in the world in search of artifacts similar to that which gave him his powers, starting with Egypt. Extensive searching took him to a nameless tomb, housing the Alpherot Ring, and a set of cryptic instructions he has yet to decipher. Later, in a set of Ethiopian ruins, he located the Ga'tu talisman, a small piece of wood with unknown engravings. In Ethiopia, Shane was taught by a tribal shaman that he could use these magical artifacts for a different purpose; he could draw their power to amplify his own. Shane then travelled to Germany in (futile) search of a third artifact. His conflicts with the underground there earned him the nickname "Eis".

Today, he is still continuing his search for magic artifacts... particularly ones he can discover how to use properly.

12-11-2007, 05:16 PM
fire and ash

Nikolai Borshevsky.

Old enough to know better, young enough to not give a f___.

Homo Superior.

Almost definitely male.

[Sexual Orientation]
Very straight.


[Criminal Record]
Minor infractions only.

' extremely short hair, dyed orange.' sharp angular features, like those of a wolf.
' tall and toned physique, the result of years of intense combat training and combative experience.
' body in etched in several regions with crude tattoos identified as relating to the krasnaya mafiya
' typical wardrobe consists mainly of business casual outfits and expensive Italian suits.
' fond of fire-resistant Kevlar combat suits when engaged in close-quarters combat.

' connections to mafia arms-dealers allow him to obtain a wide variety of illegal heavy weaponry.
' fond of carrying AEK-971 assault rifles and a single Nagant M1895 revolver. also partial to incendiary weapons, flash grenades, and high explosives. never leaves home without a combat knife.

explosive psionic energy radiants throughout his body at all times. the young man is not only able to expel the energy in concentrated bursts, but project it through solid objects and focus it into a stable state.

[Psychological Evalutation]
boisterous; manipulative; intelligent. suffers from occasional bouts of hedonism and nymphomania. surprisingly poor leadership skills for an ex-military operative. his lack of dedication and recklessness is all that kept him from becoming a feared leader among the Russian Mafia's ranks. loyalty need not be questioned, but motivations rarely venture far from his own selfish enjoyment.

his own selfish enjoyment and satisfaction.

[Combative Skills]
a lethal combination of tactical hand-to-hand combat, official GRU techniques, and prison grappling styles. proficient with most forms of firearms and moderately skilled with high explosives. trained in the fields of general warfare, as well as infiltration, stealth, and guerrilla. questionable connections allow for acquirement of questionable weaponry.

[Brief Biography]
' 1983; Nikolai is born in Moscow.
' Childhood; Nikolai is indoctrinated into believing the supremacy of the Russian military.
' 1999; A teenaged Nikolai is loosely connected to several Industrial bombings outside of Moscow. Latent mutant abilities rumored to have emerged this year.
' 2001; Nikolai joins the Armed Forces of Russia. Nikolai's father and several of his uncles working for the Russian SVR are accused of Mafia ties and corruption.
' 2006; Nikolai attains the rank of Captain and is initiated into Russian Special Forces. Nikolai also rumored to be heavily involved with weapon-smuggling and the Russian Mafia at this time.
' 2007; Nikolai is dishonorably discharged from his position and goes into hiding after increased CIA presence in Moscow begins to severely deplete mafia influence in the region. Last seen in New York, NY and surrounding areas.

inspiration: a conglomeration of rip-offed concepts including the Russian Mafia and and psylocke from the X-men.

Cathrin d`Lane
12-12-2007, 08:02 AM
Page 1 of 277

Please provide all the required information.

Name: Kamilla Madrigal
Date of birth: 30th December 1898
Age: 108
Sex: Female
Occupation: Unemployed.
Social Status: Deceased (30th December 1924)
Spouse: N/A
No. of Children (Please write the names of all person/s financially dependent on the patient. If more space is needed, please ask for assistance.): _____
(1) N/A
(2) N/A
(3) N/A

Page 277 of 277

Countries Visited in the Last Six Months:
South Africa, Belgium, France, United States of America, Laos, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand

Food Ingested in the Last Forty-Eight (48) Hours:

…................................................. .......................
Do not write beyond this line.

Hair: Black, straight, waist-length
Eyes: Dull gray under normal fluorescent light, almost white in darkness
Complexion: Pale

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 49 kg

Vital Signs
RR: 12 breaths per min
PR: 45 bpm
BP: 70/40
Temp: 23°C
*The patient tested positive to vampiric antigens.

Attitude: The patient does not seem the least bit bothered or intimidated by the curiosity and questions directed to her. Although she openly converses with the core researchers, an observable withdrawal and a defensive show of indifference overcomes her when new individuals are introduced into the room or the conversation. Contrary to her more recluse late-20th century counterparts, the patient has adapted well, in terms of attire and language skills, to the changes in her surroundings over the decades. She can easily pass of as human, which, as gathered through the interviews, was something she often did.

The comfort she exhibits toward her condition, its restrictions as well as advantages, and the fact that she can withstand days without ingesting blood, suggest that she, as stated in her information sheet, has indeed been sired more than half a century ago, or perhaps even long before that.

Records confirm that a Kamilla Arienne Madrigal-Hudson, wife of oil tycoon Joseph Hudson, was reported to have died in a boating accident during her 26th birthday celebrations. According to our research and coinciding with the information the patient herself provided, the name Kamilla A. Madrigal resurfaced again about fifteen to twenty years later, appearing as an enlisted nurse during World War II.

Other variations of the name include:

• Camille Arian
• Kamilla Ariann
• Kamille Madrigal
• Marianne Kamil

The surname Hudson, however, was never again attached to the vampire’s records.

Cathrin d`Lane
12-22-2007, 04:21 AM
Name: Irina Haswell
Age: N/A

- Female.
- Chocolate brown eyes.
- 5'2"
- 42 Kg

Recent changes:

Hair: Bleached, cut to the chin.

Class: Energist

Specifically, Irina can control energy in the form of light (photons) and heat. She is also capable of 'seeing' an organism's energy components and emissions, both chemical and thermal, giving her the ability to discern differences in species, genera, etc.

Other skills:

- First Aid
- Culinary skills
- Archery
- Telepathy: the ability to send and perceive psychic messages, but only within a specific radius and only to those open to the message.*

Current Affiliation:


Rank: Head of Internal Affairs Division

First Appearance: ; Two hearts for destiny (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=72584)
*The distance limitation does not usually apply to characters of her species, with whom she naturally shares psychic bonds.

12-22-2007, 08:37 PM
Name: Deacon Rhime

Age: 37

Occupation: Opportunist

Place of Residence: London, England.

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 250 lbs.

Blood Type: A-

Hair Color: Brown when not shaved clean

Eye Color: Brown

Phys. Descrip.: Deacon is not especially tall, nor does he have a lot of weight to throw around. He is well toned, physically speaking. His hair is cropped close to his head, and the goatee he wears is carefully trimmed. Though his wardrobe is apt to change as the situation calls for it, he’s partial to urban camouflage, leather bomber jackets, short-sleeve button shirts, and steel-toed boots. With him wherever he goes is a battered, leather boonie hat.

Personality: Soft-spoken, more prone to listen than to speak. He doesn’t see himself as cocky, recognizing that there are many people in the world as strong—possibly stronger—than him. As such, Deacon is open to learn from other’s mistakes. He possesses an analytical mind, and is constantly weighing the pros and cons of action in his head. Aside from that, he believes firmly in hard work and endurance. He will not give up unless he is utterly beaten, or it’s more profitable to surrender. He won't stab an employer in the back, even for a higher offer than what he's making. He sees it as bad business sense to alienate on'e employer.

Background: Deacon worked for four years as a busboy in a greasy spoon cafeteria, where he learned that each workplace has a hierarchy, and man was destined to treadmill his way through life if he allowed fate to guide him. Unsatisfied with this realization, Deacon jumped from the treadmill and “created his own destiny”: in other words, he began to break the law. Working in the illegal animal/pelt trade for a year or two, then chop-shopping for awhile, than trying his hand at gunrunning: never staying with any particular job for long. In essence, he’s bummed around the world as a low-rent thug for crime bosses in illegal trades. His capacity for pain, physical prowess, and subservient mindset have made him ideally suited as a bodyguard, and many illicit sorts have sought after his services. He has no major nemeses, no depressing back-story, nothing of that sort.

Deacon currently works exclusively for one Michael Clement, CEO of Isodualis Inc., as head of security at L-9. He is looking for recruits to augment the fledgling security force.

Post human abilities: aside from increased strength, stamina, and durability, Deacon has no standout abilities. What strengths he does have have been honed in the field. In addition, Deacon had a high pain threshold, and incredible willpower.

Equipment: Colt Anaconda Revolver, AK-47, and Military-grade sniper rifles are some of the guns Deacon keeps handy and in good shape. Specialty weapons, such as RPG’s, etc., need to be provided by the employer. He keeps his Atlanta apartment stocked with canned goods and freeze-dried foodstuffs, a futon, a computer with Internet capabilities, and a ham radio. In the field, he carries a satellite phone, whatever guns he deemed most appropriate (usually the anaconda and the AK), and several days’ worth of food.

Vampire Wolf
12-24-2007, 03:06 AM
Name: Yakuta, Ryo.
Age: Twenty-Six.
Sex: Male.
Nationality: Canadian.
Occupation: Leader of Kuchiku.

Eyes: Dark green.
Hair: Messy, black.
Face: Mask. (http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mcellis/Eden/mobani.jpg)
Height: 5'10.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Complexion: Pale.
Gear: Four fans attached to his back, one sword in a sheath on his right hip.
Clothing: Robe (http://www.ravensmoon.com/images/catevilservant.jpg)(Something to this affect)
Other: These Wings, which are always visible unless folded back even in his Human form, and this form when in his demonic form. (http://inclusiveprice.com/world/images/dark_elf_demon.jpg)

Unique Traits: Cannibal. Darkness manipulator. Demon.
Weapons: Four Fans. One Great Sword.


Zero Visibility (Darkness Ability): Darkness completely consumes the area, making it impossible to see anything unless you can read energy signatures or can somehow see through the strange darkness.

Shadow Orb (Darkness Ability): A perfect sphere made completely of dark energy soars through the air. Upon impact with something it will twist and spin, tearing through concrete, brick, flesh, or even metal with ease. It travels very fast, but in the light it is easy to see.

Cloaking (Darkness Ability): Ryo sinks into the ground, traveling around as only a shadow on the ground. He can sprout up at any moment he wishes to do so.

Phase Out (Demonic Ability): This gives Ryo the ability to exit out of this world and into the demonic realm. If he is there for more than a minute he loses a considerable amount of energy. If he is there for more than two minutes then he is stuck there until somebody manages to get him out.

Hell Fire (Demonic Ability): From his fingertips and palms, Ryo emits a spray of fire that rises in temperature very quickly. It can sear flesh and, in its best state, burn bullets before they are able to touch Ryo.

One Thousand Needles (Weapon Ability): Ryo throws up all four of his fans and concentrates his energy. The fans spin and spin, releasing hundreds of needles at one time in a hundred yard radius. Ryo can direct the needles to go in whatever direction he wants so that his opponent doesn't have a very good chance of escaping. One thousand needles total.

Insanity Slasher (Weapon Ability): This technique is combined with Ryo's speed technique. He moves around his opponent with his sword sticking out to the side slightly, cutting the target up mainly at the arteries to force blood loss and eventual death.

Demonic Form (Demonic/Cannibal Ability): When in this form a horn sprouts from the middle of Ryo's head, his wings grow a few more inches, his fingernails grow, his teeth become more pointed and sharp, and he grows a tail. He can 'glide' (not flying but more like a hovering kind of thing), use all of his regular abilities, but his skin is hardened and his cannibal characteristics are activated. When going back to his normal form after being in this, however, he loses a lot of power and energy.

Speed: Ryo's speed increases. This is just something he has always had.

12-24-2007, 03:19 PM
Name: Jason D. Owens

Nationality: Irish

Place of Birth: South-East: Kilkenny

Eyes/Hair: Yellow/Dark Brown

Parent: Mrs. Owens (death from an unknown diease) when Jason was too young to remember. Mr. Owens, hanging from a life-support machine due to a car collision when Jason was 17.

Age: 19

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Doctor-Unlicenced

Personalities: A real gentlemen (only women). Jason seems like a hotheaded guy, is also very caring and doesn't give up easily.

Features: http://www.syl2sy.net/images/articles/hunter_x_hunter/Leolio-03.jpg Retangler glasses instead of the circlar one. He also wears a light brown cowboy hat. He wears the same color trousers with a black belt strapped with 20 small packs. Instead of shoes, he wears Air Trek (AT) like the anime in Air Gear, a present from his mentor.


Storm-rider (AT): Top speed unknown since it depends on the rider's determination. It allows the rider to fly over many obstacles and even allows Jason to does some neat air tricks since he customizes the motorblade.

Herbalist (Belt): Allows Jason to use herbs for healing and other kind of medicial use.

Poisonist (Belt): Allows Jason to infect organic using poison herbs or other way to infect the organic system, etc parlayzing(sp?).

Surgeon (Belt): Allows Jason to preform surgery if needs be as well as using them as weapon.

Background: An Irish-born lad with a very rough life happened to him, unable for Jason to finish his courses for doctor. But in order for him to continuing his practice as a doctor, he travelled to America. This is where he found a strange man who perform strange methods of healing that charges thousands of dollars. Later he found out that he was an unlicenced doctor, travelling many places.

With many efforts, Jason finally convinces the doctor to accept him as apprentice. Strangely, Jason's mentor disappears without a word, leaving Jason to find his own path.

First appearance: http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=34723&page=3&highlight=WEAPON+MADIEL (Before he met his mentor)

12-29-2007, 06:35 PM
Nebu Jevah Ahrè



Hair Color:
Subject to change.

Eye Color:
Subject to change.

Subject to change; borders incessantly on one-hundred and thirty to one-hundred and seventy-five pounds.

Subject to change; borders incessantly on five feet, four inches to six feet.


Chiba City,
Purple Light District


Drag Queen

Corner Worker

Informant on occasion

Ball (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_Culture) Coordinator

Currently looking into employment within a Clan

Rumored by some to be the Mother-Father of some underground House (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_Culture#Houses)

Physical Description:
There is no standard for Nebu apart from the fabulous, the glamorous, and the sybaritic; skin is in, and pigment, the new dye.

There is no history for Nebu; there never was, and attempting to begin now would be seen as gaudy, prideful -- something less than impeccable. Ey is the pinnacle of vagrant fashion and identity -- Nebu is quick to advise the watchers of the world to enjoy eir pretty face while they can, before it falls out of favor.

Nebu prides emself on the birthtrait ey was so fortunate to receive. Eir genetic structure is subject to an adaptibility clause, making eir both unique and yet anonymous -- that is, ey is able to alter eir ethnicity and gender at whim, though not without a taxing on eir faculties. Fatigue sets in quickly, and sets a standard for eir quality of things consumed -- sugar, protein, calcium, and a plethora of other nutrients are needed in large quantities in order to sustain eir body before, during, and after the transition. The speed of such a transition can be quick, or slow, prolonged, or immediate, in terms of race. But, in terms of full gender altering, it is much more complex and time-consuming. Secondary-sex characteristics are easier to adapt to while allowing the body to progressively adjust itself into the full identity of the wanted gender. However, Nebu also realizes that this gift may also be the source of the affliction ey is found to reside within eir body. Speculations lead to cancer, however, due to the poor social health in Chiba, no in-depth appraisal has been undergone.

A thing of extremes; apathetic and yet hedonistic - wordly and yet home-loving. Nebu feels as though ey is able to comprehend the transient nature of beauty, fashion, and all appreciable qualities in things.

12-31-2007, 12:26 AM
Dear C&G,

You may not know me, and probably have never heard of me, but I am Professor Harold Weiland from a small college south of France. I've been teaching there for over fifty years, but that won't give you a clue to how old I am. My years have been lost in time and it is simply my will to live—my will to teach that keeps me alive today. It is this will to teach that brings me here today, but I will get to that in a moment. For now, let me tell you a little about myself.

I am rather short, but it's not like that doesn't happen when you get to be my age. Small fractions in my vertebrae have caused me to lose a few inches as well as make me lean over more than I would wish. But life still progresses just as smoothly. My hair graying to the point of snow white, and this continues down onto my heavily grown beard and mustache. The hair atop my scalp drops down right below my shoulders. My eyes are a rather distant and cold gray-blue , matching the perpetual clammy coldness of my skin. At one point in my live I had a wonderful tan, but that slowly melted away revealing the pale, leathery skin below. If you ever see me, I will most likely be wearing a business casual suit of some sort and my trademark cane, though it more closely resembles a walking stick, made by my grandson shortly before his death. It is made of the finest piece of oak I have ever seen, and the dark stain finish only adds to the superb quality. Instead of a typical rounded handle, this one has a bulbous top carved in the shape of sphere with a strange eye in the center. In truth, this sphere can twist open a certain way, revealing the key to a bank in Paris holding 10,648,029.22 EUR, or for you non currency savvy people, that's 15.7 million USD. A lot, I know. But it wasn't easy. In any case, here's a bit about my past.

I grew up in a small, poor family, consisting of my two younger sisters, my mother, and my step-father. My biological father had left when I was only seven months old, so I never knew him well. Even now I don't know who he is. But no problem for me. If anything, it was this non-existent father that propelled me to eventually take care of my family, especially since my step-father couldn't hold a job for no more then a day. When I made enough money, I would immediately buy bonds so as to provide for them even in the future after I had left.

As the years went buy, I began to explore the world and see sights that no ordinary humans should have to see. In fact, it was some non ordinary humans who usually caused this. But I continued on, and continued viewing these oddities in nature. Eventually I found myself attending college somewhere in France, which has seemed to allude my memory. I was studying Psychology and Philosophy, eventually branching off into Metaphysics. The later of the three became my subject as a teacher several years later. It was during my greater education that I became diagnosed with Cancer, yet I decided to never receive any treatment. I felt it was against the path laid out for me.

This moves us into my sudden decision of breaking out into this "New World"

I believe my new, or perhaps my true, purpose in life is to expose the unexposed. For countless years, humans with special abilities have been moving around the world doing pretty much as they see fit. Granted this doesn't necessarily concern me, nor do I care for what they are doing. What urks this old geezer is the fact that every form of government has tried their best to cover all evidence of these 'post-humans' up. I believe I have been tasked with bringing to light this touchy subject to a world that has been cast in the shadows by their government. In doing so, I shall destroy the fundamental principles which govern this world. It seems that whoever is watching over me also believe this to be true, for he or she has given me a gift with which it will be possible. It allows me to create anything and make anyone's wish come true. Sadly, I am bound by the laws I wish to destroy, which limits what I can and cannot do. But besides that, I will use this to expose the world to the truth!

In closing, I leave you with a simple comment: do not think that these are the words of a loony old man. It is exactly as the Anthropic Principle states, if I believe it will happen, it will happen. I, Harold Weiland bid thee farewell as I prepare to open the eyes of and teach the billions of people on this sacred sphere of life.

Harold Van Weiland

01-05-2008, 03:24 AM
First Name: Reve

Last Name: Aidenn

Bleached child
ex-Second Step
ex-Flawless Theory
ex-The Innocent
ex-The Fourth Kulture
Little lover
Blood-splattered Angel
Any other pet names others might find easy to remember and put to his face; feel free to make one.

June 11, 1805


Actual: Two-hundred and three years
Aesthetic: Nine to fifteen.

Sex: Male


Height: Around four foot nine to five foot two.
Hair color: Colorless, resulting in a whitened tone; due to nanomechanical injections. Skin color: Colorless, resulting in a whitened tone; due to nanomechanical injections and gene therapy. Eye color: Right eye is a red tone; affected by recent gene therapy; Left eye is currently beneath a thin layer of skin; able to retract if needed, exposing the underlying eye, being a bright blue in color.
Clothing: Influenced by the nigh-transvestite/unisex attitude of the 'Tyrant', Sura DeCerna; typically a fur-lined vest of black and white alterations, along with some other nigh-inappropriate attire.

Unnamed Head of TALOS Light Industries
Unnamed Resource for Redwood Medical Facility.
Unnamed Head of Rome Incorporated.
Unnamed Head of Sunatory Incoporated.


Genetic research and engineering Paranormal research
Posthuman research
Nanomechanical applications
Limb-to-body prosthetics

Creating objects that others may find happiness in.
A multitude of research.
Meeting new people that, preferably, don't wish to either shoot him or his company/friends/affiliates.
New sources of information.
Adventures! Rawr!
Artificially Intelligent entities; near obssession with them.


Large animals, especially big cats.
Has macrophobia of living things, meaning he pretty much dislikes anything larger than him to a point of p!ssing his pants and panicking.
Tedious, repetitive office work.
Unprepared direct combat.
"Dressing up fancy."
People who disrespect his line of work; curiously, he's not at all bothered by the fact that he's not regarded as being capable of his line of work based on face-value alone.



Dream Theft


Liquid of Avarice



Poison Immunity

Body Modification

Information Network

Spiritual Surgery and Defense

Roughly Omni-Lingual


Kusanagi Flame
Phlegethonian Flame
Integral Flame/Remote Defense Initiative
Light Blue Flame [ Yet to be named ]
Tou Flame
Adamson Flame
Work in Progress


Long and boring; typical and as such will be minized as follows: He was originally employed by W.E.A.P.O.N. during the reign of a Miss Yukimaru; after a small time he was promoted to the head of the Research and Development Department. After the sudden disappearance of both leaders of the W.E.A.P.O.N. organization, he quickly acted as head; however, it was soon apparent that he was an unfit leader. Between the bouts of life the organization was granted, he came to be Mr. DeCerna's consort, a position he's held onto until recent, where the specifics are hazy even to himself with the Tyant's most recent disappearance.

Items of Note:

Odin's Eye (Literal.)

Nuada's Metal Arm(Literal) [ now in the posession of "Yuu". ]

Pain (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=72146) (Literal)








Head of Dita (Literal.)

ATLANT (Literal.)

Duodent of Hades (Literal.)

Island of Kings (Literal.)

Sui Generis (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showpost.php?p=1817700&postcount=156) (Literal.)

A violin gifted by a Miss Mariss.

Kar&#243;v Haēts (Island.)

Sk&#237;dbladnir (Literal.) [ now in the posession of "Yuu". ]

Bosoms, nose, and ears of Soorpanaka (Literal)


The Triplets: Arissa, Pollux, Castor(Literal.)

Trevian Rothschild (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=71957) (Literal.)

Jeremiah Sylverstine (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showpost.php?p=1626157&postcount=23) (Literal.)

(*) It should be noted that Reve's continuing paranoia has led to a near constant level of updating his programs, allowing for each to be continually reworked so as to void any and all attempts of the original creators to reclaim their possessions. This also allows for each to be top-of-the line in terms of recent advances in information warfare.

(**)Necrolicious' being included within this merely states he has taken residence within Reve for the time being.

[Undoubtedly going to be edited. I can only think of a handful of people that even know Reve is alive, much less he's male, so that should be enough to say most of this is OOC knowledge. Also, I shortened a bit of it because it was too big but not enough to make another post; I'll explain the abilities if anyone asks; yay for keeping the original copy ^ ^.]

Ambitione Ternal
01-05-2008, 04:09 AM
Character Name: Serrius Kusanagi
Gender: Male
Birthdate: May 23, 1980

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 151 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Clothing: Commonly dressed in a loose black and white T-shirt and khakis. Wears an unmatched glove on his right hand.

Current Occupation: Hermit
Former Occupation: Career fighter
Current Location: Siberia, Russia

Alexia Winters, wife. Lives with in Siberia.
Assorted Kusanagi family members, MIA or KIA.
Sergei Winters, brother in law. In hiding with PC remnants.
Psyche Eresa, sister in law. In hiding with PC remnants.
Alejandro Inez, sometime ally. MIA; last seen with FarSide.
Shinji Ikari, sometime ally. MIA.



The Kusanagi Flame

01-09-2008, 12:16 AM
Character name/alias: Maze

Link to a thread he’s in: None... yet?

Anything major spark the idea for said character?

Every character I’ve ever created is not only a way to creatively express myself but a way of expressing some part of myself as well. Maze is a big dreamer but could never follow through and is now just looking to redeem himself and prove failure is only a temporary set back. I’m sure everyone at some point has felt like that, I know I have and so the character was sparked to life.

Basic storyline:

As the former leader of Syndicate R.E.D. Maze wanted it all, got it all and then lost it all. Biting off more then he could chew and trying to balance his own life, clan life and faced with the haunting realization that he couldn’t protect those dear to him Maze suffered a mental breakdown. Behind closed doors and with the aid of a few clan members the man combined his own knowledge of biogenetics with his already nano enhanced being and limited arcane arts to become something more then human. Yet even with more power at his finger tips then he’d ever possessed in his entire life the results of his own self experimenting exacted a steep toll. Shortly after elevating himself beyond that of the mere human he once was Maze discovered that the forced genetic engineering he put himself through would also ultimately lead to his demise. Falling into a deep depression the man slowly began to distance himself from those he called friends and family and eventually disappeared. Now, having finally come to terms with the cruel fate he himself set in motion Maze seeks not the forgiveness of those he once called comrades but some way to show his life still has meaning and he can do good with what’s left of it. If only life was so simple.

Brief bio:

Age: 25
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 187
Body type: Athletic
Ethnicity: Japanese - American
Eye color: Lavender
Hair color: Just a shade darker then the eyes
Weapons of choice / Powers: Throwing knives, bullwhip and if necessary a firearm of some sorts or his Mimetic suit; a valuable and cherished gift from Aeacus he's held onto over the years. When conventional armaments fail Maze has access to a small cache of what could be deemed ‘magical’ devices and a handful of spells he picked up from his Brother. Telekinesis limited to an almost defensive role as the risk of using the ability offensively poses a significant threat to his well being. Enhanced strength and reflexes derived from nano technology and bio engineering. Maze also suffers from a disease he’s still unable to properly diagnose but has similar qualities to extra pulmonary tuberculosis; This combined with his unique physiology make him immune to most poisons / diseases seeing as what his body can’t now naturally fight off the disease that’s set on killing him eradicates or assimilates most foreign agents.

Ogre Mage
01-12-2008, 03:38 PM
Name: Peter Flaugher (pronounced “Flower”)

Aliases: Coviello

Nationality: American (b. Sacramento, Ca)

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Red

Age: 20

Height: 5 feet even

Weight: 120 lbs.

Gender: Male

Phys. Descrip.: Peter was born with Harlequin Icthyosis, a severe skin affliction in which fetal cells produce an overabundance of keratin within the skin. The result is that the victim is covered is hard, pinkish, diamond-like scales. While it could be an effective suit of armor, it’s also a debilitating curse: since the scales cover him evenly, and since scales tend to crack when pressure is applied, areas where skin ought to fold easily simply tears to expose raw flesh beneath. In addition to being covered in fish scales, Peter's face is also badly malformed: his nose is nothing more than a slight bump with two airholes, and his ears are absent completely. His lips have been pulled back to reveal a ceaseless grin, and his eyes have the size and color of plums.
It’s for this reason, and his personal taste in entertainment, that Peter dresses as he does. Depending on the situation, he can either be dressed well (baggy suit pants, loose-fitting shirt, double-breasted vest, and plumed hat), or shabbily (shorts, open Hawaiian shirt, and sandals. In either case, he’ll wear his mask, a custom-made china visage with a black face, cherry-red cheeks, and a nose resembling the beak of a wading bird. He also wears soft gloves; more as a necessity than a fetish, because otherwise he finds grasping items difficult.

Demeanor: Peter is intelligent, but he is also innocent and trusting to the point of naivet&#233;. Lacking true friends of any sort, he’ll go to the ends of the earth to help someone who shows him kindness. He’s very altruistic and philanthropic, giving aid where he can. He’s not aggressive, only choosing to fight when no other option is available or when someone he’s befriended is in danger. That said, he's also a bit arrogant and self-aggrandizing. He enjoyed proving his mettle as a youth, perhaps because he yearned to show his father that he wasn't just a closeted monster.Either academically or martially, he's always eager to demonstrate his skill.

Biography: Peter was born into a long line of government officials, in what is generally referred to as a “legacy” or “dynasty”. His father was a chairman for the California state government, and had dreams of making Peter a Senator. When he found out about Peter’s affliction, he resolved that no one else would know about it: he was unable to abort the child, but he could still make him a shut-in. Peter was eight before he even realized there was an ‘outside’.

Despite this, he was quite bright and somewhat gifted. To keep himself in top physical condition, he took up a regimen of tai chi and fencing, which made him very nimble (especially considering that his skin cracked and bled where it should’ve folded and bent). He had little else to do than study and exercise. One passion he and his father shared was opera music, particularly the older forerunner to modern opera, “La Commedia dell’Arte”. His favorite character was Coviello, a sly and manipulative rogue who served the miserly Vecchi. It’s the character Coviello that inspired Peter’s father to buy him the mask. It was also the character that ultimately inspired Peter to leave home. Taking a sizeable sum of paper money, his mask, and a change of clothes, he left to seek his fortune.

Unfortunately, he possessed no training for any sort of work, and most employers refused to hire him on grounds that he had no identification and that he was ass ugly. His exercise had made him very adroit and limber, giving him a talent for second-story work. It was this way he managed to sustain himself. It pains him much to do so, but it’s the only life he knows.

Abilities: Peter has no post-human abilities, but he is a skilled second-story artist and fencer. His true face is vomit inducing, so showing it to would-be attackers can buy him a few seconds to escape. He is very agile and nimble, if not fast or strong.

Personal belongings: Peter carries with him at any time a family-size bottle of St. Ives skin moisturizer and a box of energy bars. He also carries a 9mm. handgun and a foil for personal protection.

A diagram of a baby with Harlequin Icthyosis:
http://s194.photobucket.com/mediadetail/?media=http&#37;3A%2F%2Fi194.photobucket.com%2Falbums% 2Fz311%2Fnuardo%2FHARLEQUIN.jpg&searchTerm=harlequin%20baby&pageOffset=1
Wikipedia's take on Harlequin Icthyosis

01-13-2008, 10:23 PM
Julius Cromwell
'The last living remnant of Grissom Cromwell, the founder of Cromwell Freedoms Agency.'

Age: 42
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 198lbs
Eye Color: Gray


Familiar (Panther) - Purchased from TALOS.

Holland Novak
01-17-2008, 02:13 PM
Name: Shinjo
Aliases: none yet.

Shinjo is a conceptualized manifestation comprised of the collective intellectual, emotional and supernatural cesspool of Clans and Guilds. Rumor is there is multiple beings with properties like Shinjo, each relating to different universes. With such a high volume of ‘character’ within every inhabitant of the world, Shinjo has found a way to manifest himself in the material plane at will. The embodiment of everything that surrounds him – he is a constant reinvention of his environment, making him an incredibly unstable being.

Being, in actuality, a concept, Shinjo does not share any of the normal conventions or mortality – age, hunger, lust, exhaustion, depression, morality, so on, so forth. Shinjo survives through bastardization and replication of everything he comes into contact with using his Ultima Shift.

The Ultima Shift: A powerful manipulation and translation tool. The Ultima Shift is an inborn manifestation of Shinjo, making it impossible to ever replicate to such potential. Due to its constant evolution and fluctuation, the Ultima Shift includes, but is not limited to the enabling of:

- Transdimensional travel
- Superior doppelganger qualities
- Language and Speech analysis and translation
- Emotional translation
- Transmigration

Practical Use: The Ultima Shift is in all simplicity a much more advanced form of a doppelganger's ability to internalize abilities into him. Shinjo has to actually see a trait being used to be able to translate it to his own self -- i.e., if an individual possesses regenerative qualities, Shinjo would have to see it in action before he could start doing the same himself.

Acquired Traits:
None yet.

The ShinjoVerse: The ShinjoVerse (Or S-Verse) is a creation of Shinjo’s mind, rendering an entire alternate reality in his hands to mold and shape. It is his home dimension and his primary method of travel. Few have ever been brought into the S-Verse, and those that made it out fail to ever tell any coherent stories about it. It can be inferred that looking into this dimension is looking into the definition of madness.
Practical Use: Shinjo needs to lay his hands on a foe before trying to transport them. Depending on the emotional stability of the target, Shinjo may or may not have to take additional steps - such as make eye contact for a prolonged time.


Strength: ●●●●●
Speed: ●●
Intellect: ●●
Supernatural: ●●●●●
Willpower: ●●●●●
Charisma: ●

Rating: S


NOTE: This analysis is a rough sketch of the concept of Shinjo at best. Not to be taken lightly.

Shinjo <3’s j00...

01-18-2008, 06:28 PM
Pandora, a monster.

Gender: Female

+ Age: ?
+ Height: ?
+ Weight: ?

( Wait, so she has no characteristics? Well... )

+ Super-strength
+ Minor regeneration

+ Purse

~ $10.56
~ Hair Pins and Hair Ties
~ Plusle hand puppet
+ A really big sword.

Other Notable Things:

Pandora is unpredictable, and will probably ruin your threads.

01-23-2008, 07:36 AM

"... Enchant&#233;e ..."


[[ NAME ]]
Sasha Ren&#233;e Jovanovich

[[ AGE ]]

[[ D.O.B. ]]

Former Republic of Yugoslavia




∫ Rhoulette
∫ Calyber
∫ Psyche
∫ Winter


[[ HEIGHT ]]

[[ WEIGHT ]]
124.5 LBS.

[[ EYES ]]
Almond-shaped, Electric Emerald

[[ HAIR ]]
Long (falls to lower back in one length), Straight, Long bangs, Midnight Ebony

[[ BUILD ]]



∫ Related to and has stable connections with the Russian Mafia

∫ Aware of all the crooks and crannies of Eastern Europe including but not limited to::

∫ Escape and smuggling routes
∫ Espionage HQ’s
∫ Current and potential hideouts

∫ Fluent in::

∫ English
∫ French
∫ Serbian

Synthesis [ CAPITOL ]

Hiram Clark

I’m the hand up Mona Lisa’s skirt and the last person you’d suspect...


01-30-2008, 09:13 AM
| | [ Ф ] | |

SEARCH: DRACE GREY. (http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/47/dracegreyidwk4.jpg)


5-3-39 23:31:19 REC:Log.

RESULT 1 OF ABOUT 1 FOR DRACE GREY. (http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/47/dracegreyidwk4.jpg) (0.01 SECONDS).


02-09-2008, 01:05 PM
Name: Alexander Ivy

Description: Simply put, Alexander Ivy is a thief. The system is inherently clumsy, and he takes advantage of that. However, Alexander, or Alex, holds himself above the petty crimes of the common thief and runs his operations within the strict boundaries of an unstable code of conduct. The targeted entities are usually government agencies, the ridiculously wealthy, and, if his courage allows it, the Clans and Guilds that dominate the free world. He is a born genius, but a humble one to boot. The world has him outmatched in numbers, firepower, and experience, but Alex wields finesse.

Points of Interest: Alexander’s first and last attempt at ripping off a Clan went terribly awry. Tragically, he lost the dear presence of his left arm during escape. Due to lack of funds and connections, he could not afford a biomedically-engineered prosthetic and instead opted for a more primitive solution in the form of a robotic arm. Though the arm is anatomically identical to its flesh-wrought counterparts, it is made of a very durable metal alloy. Fortunately, the constructors of the arm were nice enough to implant a three foot double-edged blade within the machinations of the limb which can be extended forward from the underside of the wrist. Alexander has affectionately dubbed this the “Achilles Arm.”

In addition to his mechanical arm, Alexander also wields a limited arsenal of psionic and telekinetic gifts. These abilities are frequently used in useful maneuvers, one example being the expending of a sudden flare of telekinetic energy in one direction to create a momentary burst of speed or agility. Another such example would be the generic, yet often useful, ability to hover above the ground. While these telekinetic powers are occasionally used for offensive strikes, Alexander prefers to rely on his wit and good, old-fashioned hand-to-hand.

Current Interests: Having heard of recent conflict in Africa, Ivy resolved to investigate. His search turned up a rough outline of the situation; Stratagem and a few other private agencies are forcing undeveloped African countries to modernize while the larger national governments of the world are trying to impede their progress. Alexander operates under one mantra: when titans clash, they tend to leave their treasures vulnerable. There’s money to be made in Mother Africa.

02-23-2008, 10:54 PM
Name: Ishmael Akhtar
Alias: Ishmael
Sex: Male
Birthdate: March 4th, 1981
Species: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Semitic
Ethnicity: Arabic
Nationality: Egyptian.
Occupation: N/A
Body type:Muscular.

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Skin tone: Light Brown
Height: 5'11
Weight: 187 lbs
Clothing of Choice: A Kaftan (http://tssquare.tripod.com/kaftan.jpg)

Notable Abilities and Traits:
Fine Marksmen
Strong physically
Strong Sword user
Multilingualism- (Arabic, Farsi, English, Hebrew, Aramaic.)

Unique Weaponry:

A steel saber that was passed down through generations of Ishmael’s family. It has been said that his Ancestor used this blade to cut down crusaders during the time of Saladin. It is usually strapped to his waist.

Dragunov SVD
A Sniper rifle from the soviet era. Usually can be found strapped to Ishmael’s shoulder.

Weight- 5.02 kg/11.1 lbs
Length- 1125 mm/44.3 in
Barrel length- 620 mm/24.4 in
Cartridge- 7.62x54mmR
Action- Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Effective range- 100 to 1000 m/328 fps to 3200 fps sight adjustments for point targets
Maximum range- 1000 to 1300 m/3200 fps to 4300 fps sight markings for area targets
Feed system- 10-round detachable box magazine
Sights- PSO-1 telescopic sight and iron sights with a sliding rear tangent

Makarov PM
Ishmael’s Side arm, holstered at his hip.
Weight- 30g
Length- 161.5 mm (6.34 in)
Barrel length- 93.5 mm (3.83 in)
Cartridge- 9x18mm Makarov

Action- Blowback
Muzzle velocity- 315 m/s
Effective range- 50 m (54.7 yd)
Feed system- 8-round detachable box magazine
Sights- Blade front, notch rear (adjustable for drift)

Personal Information:

A devout Muslim and Scholar of History, Ishmael always romanticized about past figures. Obsessed with the glorified Saladin is always wanted to be like his hero. After graduating Cairo University, a student of Islam he couldn’t help but be offended by the western presence in his country. During his childhood he studied fencing and learned how to use a saber.

Already a huge supporter of Islamic groups, during the overthrow of Stratagem Ishmael’s university home was destroyed. Outraged by this, he quickly joined to an underground militant group in order to combat the overwhelming number of Westerns under the UFPA. Soon it was evident that Ishmael had strong marksmen ship skills and was sent to assassinate a number of people for his cause. A short time afterwards Ishmael found himself in a combat situation against the American forces and his militant group was almost whipped out. Fleeing with a number of fellow combatants he moved down south to the border of Sudan where he remains now.

02-26-2008, 04:33 PM
Name: Master (Issachar Remaeus; Alighieri)
Age: ~15,000 (~23; ~15,000)
Gender: Male (Male; Sexless)
Race: Human (Human; Fallen Construct)

As an immortal, Master is strong, silent, and solemn, driven by that which extends his life: the construct of the first fallen archangel. An unfortunate deviation from the "strong and silent" stereotype, he possesses strong leadership and oft aggressiveness, while otherwise silent and docile as if occupied with his own internal conflict. Medium-length red hair is accented by his red eyes, hinted towards icy darkness towards the outer edges of his irises. With muscles chiseled as if they were Michaelangelo's own, his massive frame overshadows those of normal human stature with a cool crisp bite, speaking for him in the absence of comments. He dons himself in dark garb, most often in the form of boots, pants, a tank-top, and a cloak, often covering his otherwise fiery hair. As for statements for which physique would not speak, his remarks place themselves as cold and concise.

Physical Description:
Master stands tall among men, with an overbearing body to exemplify his internal strength. His toned muscles ripple visibly under his skin with every movement he makes, whether it be taking his smooth and bounceless strides or turning his head to provide his attention to an associate. A smooth face with not a single stray facial hair is accentuated inversely to the lack of age shown by his flesh; a feature for which the vain would kill. With high cheekbones and eyes that rest softly atop, his jawline sweeps firmly into a blocked chin, ending so abruptly that the shadow cast across his face in any light is cut into a distinguished two-tone. His black eyebrows do nothing but quietly lay upon his unwrinkled brow as his eyes smoothly shift from focus to focus, as if guided by some silken maiden. His clothing is humble at best: a black tank-top resting tightly across his muscular shoulders, loosely fitting yet not baggy cloth pants, and a well used pair of black boots adorning his feet.

Equally dark and shadowed, an extraordinarily densely woven weighted cloak is never far behind, whether it be worn on his body, or simply tossed aside as some relic from a lost past, having long lost its purpose as a training item. His movements, though smooth, are strong and deliberate, causing simple movements such as adjusting his standing posture to appear as if they have some underlying purpose beyond comfort. Where he stands, his feet seem to take root into the ground, as his body remains as fluid steel, appearing completely immovable, whether by mortal or divine power. His gaze pierces beyond bone, straight through the heart and into the stomach, quite often paralyzing those weak of will. Rarely meeting a handshake or full bow, Master nearly always meets strangers with a shallow nod of the head, in a sort of mock bow. Never meaning disrespect, he replicates the procedure among friends, adding in the effect of his trustworthy gaze. Naturally at rest in a standing posture, he is in the habit of folding his arms before him by simply cupping his elbows with his worn hands, never disgraced to be found leaning with his back against some tree and his chin slightly down. Eyelids up to match his gaze towards the horizon at all times, he places a natural disadvantage upon the women by seemingly never sleeping.

Personality Description:
No longer willing to accept human emotions as reason for action, Master seeks his own outcome in each situation, and will equally clear a brand new path through the forest to achieve his goals. Power and money are of no value to him, as he has lived through thousands of years of corruption and scandal doled out by their existence. Understanding that neither are needed for survival, yet overtly maintaining the facade of having both, he uses them with the knowledge that those who he provides for may very well fall victim to the clutches of their corruption and invalidity. Valuing those who stand above the menially arduous drudgery of clawing their way to power, Master stands alone and in peace in the physical world, while inwardly seeking resolution to the conflict that drives his existence, that which pushes him to explore and to encounter.

He has lived for so many thousands of years seeing his friends fall before him just as supply as his enemies, that he has accompanied a certain invalue with each life brought before him. Alighieri pushing at all moments to break free from his prison, while Remaeus remains silent and otherwise lacking, Master has become a drifting being quite nearly unaware of his own struggle, detached and apathetic, as he wanders the world, seeking that which he does not know. He questions death's existence every moment of his nights, seeking to excoriate whatever it may be that pushes him to doubt, a cyclical redundancy that he remains caught up in after countless passings of nations and regimes. Pushing to purge that which sustains him, he must find a way to do so without purging it into freedom, whether it gracing him with his own passing or cursing him with the continuance of eternal life.

Character Equipment:
Forged by arcane magic, the Rune Sword is one of the most delicately crafted weapons ever produced by mortal hands, and would make most immortals jealous when speaking in terms of flawless construction. A four-handed hilt provides little practicality for any wielder of less than average strength, as a five foot blade extrudes in a two-tiered fashion, marked upon the first and wider of the tiers by a fuller, impressioned by arcane runes along the groove. Nearly as thick as some swords are wide at it's thickest point, the one inch thick blade made its mark as one of the heaviest weapons, though deceivingly wielded by a skilled owner as if it were a fifty pound feather being guided to it's target while falling under it's own weight, with loops and slashes intertwining themselves in a pendular motion, creating a superfluous assault upon any target that may be unfortunate to meet this blade at the hand of a skilled wielder. The runes in the fuller groove of the blade seem to be of Norse origin, yet somehow transcend the age and power of such a language, almost appearing to be of a more heavenly descent, occasionally exhibiting the characteristics of the Angelic alphabet, creating an altogether distinguished script that waves it's glorious serifs in an undecipherable manner.

These runes, while not at all enchanting or magical by themselves, merely provide a bond between the blessing of some arcane creature and the weapon, to the effect of causing wounds made by the blade to be unhealable by magic for a full year's time, with adverse affects if attempted, as well as what appears to be some time-bound blessing, allowing one with the appropriate permissions to shift time as if it were a slider between his fingers. Rounding off into an angular tip, the blade cuts a powerful silhouette as it's two sectioned blade widens halfway between the tip and the guard, allowing the fuller groove to slide along the wider section directly to the hilt, falling away on both sides to a swept guard that would be marked by an elbow as it sweeps out yet again to form a two winged shield from any blows careening off the greater blade looming above. Finally giving way to a finely tanned woven leather grip, either embossed with some exquisite pattern or skinned from some exotic animal, providing comfort upon an otherwise brutal weapon. All comes together as the grip breaks into a lengthened teardrop at the pommel, tapered upon the sides as it comes to a point yet again at the utmost extremity, inset firmly with a dark gem of varying color and unknown origin.

Character History:
Having been born into a time of trial, Remaeus was an orphan from an early age, having his parents brutally slaughtered by the Daoi-Sith during their conquest of Arda. Whisked away to an arcane monastery, he was raised and trained in the ways of Midian for many years. To become a master of his art, he was required to go through a rigorous series of trials and exams, before finally taking wing and shoved out into the open world, to live in solitude for five suns in the wilderness. Should he have returned, he would have been awarded his mastery and honored as one of the few survivors. Two years through this final solo trip, he was unwillingly shoved into contact with some dark form, and ultimately was forced to fuse with this creature that had so abruptly changed his outlook upon completing his task. A melding of mind, spirit, and body - a fusion - was a creation of a whole new being. Requiring massive amounts of energy, concentration, and willpower, and at the very least a verse of judgment from some higher form or power, the fusion would be the determining factor on allowing him to survive his trial, though in a great manner different than expected. Unbeknownst to Remaeus, his partner was the evil construct Alighieri, an הנּפלים of utmost power, creating some very serious and assumedly permanent changes...

(Full profile was cut and slimmed due to the oh-so-lame 10,000 character limit on posts. You are more than welcome to look at Master's full profile (http://www.roleplaygateway.com/master-t749.html) at your leisure. Feedback welcome.)

02-28-2008, 03:27 PM
+ Javarious Li.

+ Mid-twenties

+ Homo Superior.

+ ½ Black, ½ Chinese.

+ Almost definitely male.

Sexual Orientation
+ Very straight.

+ American.

- extremely wavy afro, dark brown, often tied back into a bushy pony tail.
- sinewy muscularity; the lithe physique of a Olympic-class sprinter.
- lightly bronzed skin, without a hint of scars or blemishes.
- handsome facial features. sharp, angular brown eyes. shaven save a thin, scraggily beard.

- intense espionage training, including demolitions, sabotage, programming,, rescue, straightforward assault, guerilla tactics, and reconnaissance.
- amplified psionic ability.
- highly advanced prototypical technology.

- Born in a small town in California. Latent genetic abnormalities suspected.
- Mutant ability of ‘psionic control’ identified at age 13. Informally disowned.
- Joined the US Armed Forces at 18, hides mutant status for six years.
- Mutant status revealed at age 25, honorably discharged. Secretly asked to join underground special forces branch of military.
- Neural operations are performed; psionic ability becomes controllable and increases in power.
- Becomes one of the best psionic-soldiers under the secret employ of the United States.
- Status, currently unknown.


Username: Fury, Nick
Password: ******

Access granted. Searching database.

S.H.I.E.L.D. FILE NUMBER 6973384-41DP

REAL NAME: Unknown.
ALIASES: Wade Winston Wilson. Deadpool. The Merc with the Mouth.
OCCUPATION: Professional criminal; mercenary; public nuisance.
PAST AFFILIATIONS: Classified. Level 10 security rank required.
CURRENT AFFILIATIONS: Classified. Level 10 security rank required.
LEGAL STATUS: Citizen of Canada with extensive criminal record
KNOWN ABILITIES: .Superhuman reflexes, strength, stamina, and agility.
.Superhuman regenerative ability.
.Immune to most psionic attacks.
.Expert in armed and unarmed combat.
.Personal teleportation device.
AGE: Late-twenties to early thirties.
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
WEIGHT: 210 lbs
EYES: Brown.
HAIR: Bald.
APPEARANCE: Usually donning and red-and-black costume, adorned with an assortment of lethal weaponry.
Remarkably athletic physique riddled with unseemly scars.
COMBATIVE ADVICE: Best to not try and attack him at all with anything lessthan a rocket launcher.
Whatever you do, DO NOT engage him in conversation.
HISTORY: Classified. Level 10 security rank required.
RECENT EVENTS: Classified. Level 10 security rank required.

Logging out.

02-29-2008, 02:05 PM
Name: Daniel Bondone

Goes by: DB

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Height: 5'11"

Hair color: Light brown

Eye color: Green

Build: Slender

Origin: Sicily



Physical: Social engineering expert

Post-human: Has the ability to generate up to two independent copies of himself. He is known to be quite the handful.

--Each of the two are physical extensions of a portion of his subconscious

--The sections of his subconscious to be manifested are chosen at random


:Personality / General overview:

He enjoys the outdoors. Woods, mostly.

DB choses to speak his mind. It sometimes gets him into hairy situations.

He was raised to not torture his body with poisons (drugs, unhealthy food)

Around the age of 16 DB realized his post-human qualities, a late bloom.

The following years were spent as a con artist, relying heavily on his ability

Since the age of 19 he has been floating freely about the world, living the dream as best he can.

He enjoys jazz.

Strong sense of family values. He phones out every few days to sicily

His favorite color is red

03-03-2008, 06:16 PM
Alice G Roule
21 [November 12th]
[Height] 5'7
[Weight/Body build] 124, slim.
[Eyes] Green
[Hair color/Style] Black (naturally brown), messy ponytail
[Clothing] White tank top, black zip-up hoodie, red camo shorts (shin length)
Notable Traits/Abilities:
Demon Thrall: Alice is the harbinger/minion of a powerful Demon. Being such, she is gifted with enormous power...though it can be taken away at will by said Demon. The details of these powers are sketchy, and unexplored, though it is clear that she can manipulate fire...and cause combustion by contact. Other powers have surfaced, though they come sporadically and cannot be controlled at the time.

Magic Bullet
03-03-2008, 10:57 PM
Character name: Madeleina Leya
Ethnicity: French
Nationality: Tibetan
Age: 42
Height: 5'6 ish. normal height.
Weight: I dunno... not much. who cares

Physical Appearance: Madeina's physical appearance is deceptive... though she sports a slim figure, a fine face with smooth skin and straight black hair down to her shoulder blades, she is in fact past the age of 40. Her eyes are brown, her nose is small and her cheeks slender- her face looks young in condition, but her countenance is that of a wise older lady. Her limbs are slender and her form fit from traversing the high Tibetan mountains, but she is not conditioned for hand to hand combat.

Her clothes consist of a buddhist monk's robe, only black instead of yellow, and a short red khata, or silk scarf, around her neck. On her feet she wears a simple pair of black cloth sandals

Background/Short History: Madeleina's mother was a French traveler who, for most of her adult life, dreamed only of living in Tibet. She learned many of the ways of Tibetan people and especially of the lamas, or magi, who resided within the nation.

Madeleina herself never knew her own father, as she was raised for her entire childhood within the confines of a temple, where she was trained in meditation, in buddhist doctrine, and most of all, trained and revered as a mystic of savant-like abilities.

When she was seventeen years old, she had lived her entire life to that point as a buddhist monk. However, at this time, her temple was burned down by the Chinese army, and she escaped and sought training and wisdom elsewhere

Madeleina became the apprentice of an old lama who told her that she was a Tulku- a person who, through mysticism and by great mental feat, has transferred their consciousness at the time of their death to a new vessel. Over the next few years, he taught her how to access past memories, how to read the intentions of others, how to go days on end without food or drink, how to eliminate all fear from her mind, and how to maintain complete control over her distractions, intentions, and ultimately, her whole consciousness. By the time she was 21, she was well on her way towards learning the powerful Siddhis, and the other paranormal powers of deep meditation and of yoga.

After her teacher's death, she became a member of a group of monks who rejected traditional tibetan buddhism, and claimed to have become aware of powers that threatened the cycle of rebirth, and even the gods themselves- powers that threatened the very nature of the universe. With them, she studied to become an agent, and learned many paranormal abilities and astounding mental feats that would later aid her as she would inevitably do battle with this darkness. For nearly twenty years she studied with them until finally she was ready to leave Tibet and help bring balance to the world.

(I was going to get into it more but I figure I'll explain through role-playing her, after all)

Now, she has been sent to Africa, where many different powers are culminating, and where the natural order is most being disturbed. Her purpose is to eliminate absolute evil where she finds it. Though the problems and the battles of the mortal world are of no consequence to a woman such as her, in this case, the battle is taking place on a much higher level- one which extends to all planes of the universe, and to all facets of natural order.

Notable Abilities:

Very difficult to explain... I'll go over a few:

Madeleina is a master of a number of Siddhi's, which are abilities that allow her to absolutely overcome hunger, cold, heat and physical discomfort, which allow her through meditation to visit faraway places in a trance, or even to physically transport her body, and also gives her extraordinary physical senses (smell, sight, hearing, and unconscious senses as well)

Her mind is also almost completely impervious to psychic assault- she has a number of methods of avoiding psychic intrusion, and some are penetrable in certain circumstances, while others are not

Her powers are mainly focused around non-combative feats, such as reading the intentions (even future intentions) of others, the ability to not return fear or blood lust and thus the ability to avoid combat in most scenarios, and the ability to witness faraway events and to subtly manipulate the actions of others.

For combat, she only has one power, and that is the power of Thags Yang.

Thags Yang is a Tiger Demon which, normally, only has power in certain situations, such as when one's mind leaves the physical plane, or when one invites certain circumstances upon themselves... however, Madeleina has trapped it in the tooth of a tiger, which she has embedded into the skull of a reincarnated man as a replacement for its original soul.

Thags Yang stands at six feet four inches with a gigantic muscular frame and a bald head, which reveals only the stumpy top of the tiger's tooth trepanned into his skull. He has no tongue, as the method through which he was reincarnated involves the biting off of the deceased man's tongue.

Thags Yang harbors supernatural strength, speed and endurance, and is invulnerable to the fatalities of normal men. His organs serve no purpose and his brain serves no purpose, so normal methods of extermination are only a deterrent to him. He has a number of other powers that stem from the fact that he is a creature of another plane, and he can thus 'bend' the laws of the natural world to a degree... most notably, he can jump higher than physically possible and can scale walls

03-06-2008, 03:44 PM
Relight the world, Taiyoukou...

Name: James 'Solar' Zero
Nick: Solar or Sol
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Nationality: American-Asian
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 183 lbs.
Hair color: Dark Blue
Eye color: Dark Red

Description: Just another face in the crowd, James looks like a normal out of school teenager with the only notable traits being the sword he keeps by his side, the gray gloves he wears along with the golden bands on his wrists, and the abnormal hairstyle for a male. Usually wears a pair of silver/gray jeans with a black shirt and green over jacket.

M.E.C.H.A. gloves - Name given to James gloves. The gloves are made out of a special fiber that can be manipulated by light photons and are laced with nanites of James' own creation. These nanites respond only to James voice and can manipulate the structure of the gloves into various forms such as the Saber Mode and the Bow mode.

Wristbands: - As abnormal as it sounds, James has combined all his knowledge into the two bands that are lay on his wrists, turning them into something like a miniature computer. The right band contains most of his current work and schedule while the other one is mainly used when used when hacking or analyzing. Both are a golden color and unbreakable by normal means. These bands also help James store sunlight energy so that his body does not overflow, as well as something else...

Wind Azoth - Not much is known about the orgins of this sword, though a small rumor has it that it contains mystical energies within its blade. The Azoth carries the power to actually cut wind, sending out an air current powerful enough to cut into sheet metal. With enough strikes it can even cut solid steel in two.

Hacking - James prides himself on his ability to create, replicate, and hack programs with little effort in short amounts of time. He is able to be introduced to a new virus and within 2 hours hack it down to nothing.

Mecha - A nicknamed term for James' obsessiveness over machines. Just like his hacking ability, given enough time he can build anything to the hearts desire as long as he has the tools and knowledge.
Known items created:
Air propulsion/Magnetic shoes (magnetic part is still WiP)
Miniature Solar panels for his shoes and wristcomps.(3 times as efficient as larger ones)

PhotoKenesis (Sunlight Manipulation) - James has the ability to absorb and release Sunlight photons and manipulate them. Doing so he is able to create beams, orbs, and even walls of light. Because of this, he is given the nickname or Solar by people he has met.

Demonic instinct - ???

Ellis Cooper
03-07-2008, 01:01 PM


forename: Atis

Surname: Neidra

Alias: Asinis

Age: Late twenties, early thirties. Exact age unknown

Birth place: Latvia, direct location unknown

Current quarters: Las Vegas, Nevada

Previous occupation: Government Operative/ Assassin/ experiment....CLASSIFIED

Current occupation: Leader Of The Family


Height: 6' 8"

Race: Disputable

Body type: Slender/ athletic

Eye colour: blue

Hair colour: Black

Complexion: Pale

Medical Report/ history:

Previous mention of schizophrenia, and some reports of split personality disorder but no evidence recieved.

Multiple bullet wounds, burns, and various broken bones. Some cases of dislocation.

Current mental state: Unknown


Abilities (special):

Hemokenisis- The ability to control, shape, and manipulate his own blood. Density can also be changed, and offerers mild regeneration.

"Blood rush"- His strength, agility and speed are increased beyond normal human boundaries, but not to a godlike state. This ability has rarely been used due to its energy draining and psychological effects.

Abilities (normal)

Proficient in many forms of CQC

Covert Opps training

Knowledge of various weapons

Infiltration, interrogation, and torture training

....Can make a damn good cocktail

03-11-2008, 10:36 PM
Name: Daniel Cross.

The Sorrow
03-16-2008, 07:19 PM
The red Lacquered Mask

- - -

Name: Martin
Surname: Delacroix
Height: 182.64cm
Weight: 69.85kg
Alias: "Martin de la Sangre," "Jacque Montebeau"

Age: A gentleman never asks, and a lady never tells
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Alluring. Slightly above average in height, and just below the norm in weight; Martin Delacroix can best be described as possessing the starved, greyhound look of an Olympic cross-country athlete. Although it may occasionally be obscured by the sleek, raven locks of his hair, Martin's slender face might be called handsome by some. A soft, almost delicate neck entices one's gaze towards the lean musculature of his chest. Like an entity of lace and steel, his strong, yet seemingly-vulnerable arms end in a set of slender, well-tended digits.

Armament: In addition to his arsenal of astounding wit, implacable will and mind-bending charm, Martin augments his already impressive repertoire with various 'tools.'

~ the barb - A matte-black, serrated push dagger
~ the will - A Raven Arms MP-25

Paranormal Qualities & Attributes:
~ Porphyric Hemophilia - The physical manifestation of a set of peculiar attributes often related to "Vampirism;" although, in most cases, the degree to which the afflicted individual is effected is a direct correlation to their consumption of human blood. Effects of the disease can include, but are not limited to: Increased metabolism, increased longevity, increased agility, increased speed, extreme sensitivity to Ultra-Violet (UV) Rays, and a decrease in melanin. The individual may also suffer a physical and psychological dependency on the consumption of blood, be it human or otherwise. Please note that hallowed ground, holy water, and whatnot only have as much effect on the afflicted individual as they would have on a normal person. The afflicted individual is not a true vampire; though they are often treated as such.

~ English - Fluent
~ French - Fluent
~ Italian - Fluent
~ Spanish - Fluent

Noteworthy Assets:
Information disclosed upon request.

Previous Professional Affiliations: None
Current Professional Affiliations: None
Thread History: None

Personal Quote: "There is no escaping the 'mob mentality.'"

Character Inspiration: Vamp from Metal Gear Solid 2

Magic Bullet
03-17-2008, 02:56 PM
I just wanted to interject for a moment to say one thing to everybody (that's why I didn't just do it in a PM, haha)

OK if you write your character sheet in that scribbly font, it becomes really difficult to read! and how can I appreciate your hard work if I can't understand it? haha, and if you don't want people to understand it, then why are you posting it here?

I am just saying that I will only be able to appreciate your character if you post the sheet in a font that I can read

03-19-2008, 02:54 PM
Name: Jeremiah Li.
Alias: Winter Fox.
Age: Mid-twenties.
Species: Homo Superior.
Race: ½ Black, ½ Chinese.
Gender: Almost definitely male.
Sexual Orientation: Very straight.
Nationality: American citizen with no criminal record.

Abilities/Talents: Received advanced espionage training, including demolition, sabotage, programming, hacking, rescue, straightforward assault, guerrilla tactics, and reconnaissance.

He also possessed advanced prototypical technology, far beyond that of what the general public knows exists. This includes a specialized high-tech combat suit and a fully customizable rifle.

Genetic abnormality has blessed Jeremiah with increased control of higher brain functions, leading to powerful psionics, which has been amplified by intense training and neural operations.

Background: Jeremiah was born in a small beachside town in California, where he spent the majority of his childhood carelessly playing in the sand and swimming. Unfortunately, shortly after the young boy reached puberty, a drastic change overcame his body. This genetic abnormality would far surpass that of acne or a squeaky voice, and would forever identify him as a “mutant”. His parents-his wonderfully normal parents-informally disowned their boy after unsuccessfully trying to cope with their son’s condition.

Jeremiah would survive on the streets due to a combination of will and luck, until he is able to enlist in the United States Armed Forced at 18. He excelled in the military, becoming disciplined and strong, and finally earning a decent living for himself outside of the streets. He managed to hide the fact that he was a mutant until he was 25, where in a fit of panic he managed to fry several enemy combatants with a psionic shockwave. Due to recent discrimination against mutants and other metahumans, he was honorably discharged.

While many in the military saw mutants as abominations and freaks, others viewed them as powerful weapons if controlled. Though discharged from regular service, Jeremiah was secretly asked to join an underground special-forces team of mutants. Jeremiah was thrilled to find that he was still under the employ of the United States, and received neural operations to finally help control and concentrate his psionic abilities. Dawning the alias, "Winter Fox", he'd perform several operations as a sniper and espionage agent with the underground team before going AWOL. Status currently unknown.

03-23-2008, 08:28 PM
The Sinner's Saint

Name: Othello
Surname: Heimann
Weight: 128.82kg
Height: 192.02cm
Alias: Der Panzer, The Saint
Ethnicity: African & Germanic
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
The grotesque caricature of a bodybuilder; truly massive muscles deform the gigantic man, permanently slouching his shoulders and twisting his appearance into something one might expect from a demented artist. Der Panzer might have once been beautiful, an awe-inspiring example of human strength; his stoic, chiseled features are flawed only by the overwhelming bulk of his musculature. His face had once been an immaculate, almost perfect portrait of the idolized Teuton, it appears to have been scalded in some sort of superheated steam. Where his eyes once were are fathomless pits of coal. This maiming is secreted by a well-polished eyeless mask of Brazilian Rosewood. His body, contorted and malformed by his preternatural might, is adorned with black Gothic plate armor. Archaic alabaster runes are etched around the trim, bastions of light in a sea of darkness. Impressed into the top of his skull and through his mask, a macabre crown of thorns, is a twisted halo of wrought iron.

~ Zungen des H&#246;llenfeuer - literally, Tongues of Hellfire. Two cylinders of jellied gasoline lay strapped to his massive back, a set of tubes lead from the base of each container lead to each bracer. A nozzle is set into the back of each gauntlet, the method of ignition lay just in front of his armored knuckles. The flow is triggered by pressure plates that lay against his forearms.

Paranormal Qualities & Attributes:
~ Blindes Sehverm&#246;gen - literally, blind vision; whereas eyes have been lost, Othello‘s spiritual sight replaces it. Sight that illuminates sources of life: Plants (green) and animals (Red) but leaves inanimate objects somewhat underemphasized.
~ Die Gewalt von Gott - literally, the might of God; superhuman strength and endurance at the expense of speed and agility. His rate of movement is, at best, a slow jog. However, his partial resilience to physical damage compensates for this flaw.

Inspiration for Character: Zyc

03-25-2008, 04:09 AM

Name: Igniz Grace
Alias’: Izzy, #000
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 111lbs

Build: Slender/Lithe
Hair Color: Dark Purple
Skin: Pale
Eye Color: Ice Blue

Race: Human/Clone
Occupation: N/A
Place of Birth: Unknown

Abilities: Although Izzy has no recorded use of his powers, his creators assume he takes traits from the original Igniz, although this is pure speculation. He is known to exhibit NESTS-style boxing proficiency via his genetic memories of the style.

Official NESTS Report on Subject #000: Classified.

Current Activities: Unknown. Just under two weeks ago the #000 project fell from the radar and has yet to surface.

Known Weaponry and Equipment: Stolen NESTS prototype handgun, code: Schrodinger. NESTS prototype Magnetic Shield Generator, code: Equilibrium.

03-28-2008, 11:53 AM
Name: Forgotten
Alias: The American
Ethnicity: White
Hair Style: Short, spiked and silver
Eye color: Dull gray
Physique: Slender, lean muscle
Notable Features: Glasses; koi tattoo on right shoulder blade
Weaponry: A custom forged Chinese straight sword.
Post-human Abilities: Through direct eye contact, the American can project images into the minds of others. The mental projections can range from pleasant, warm images to scenes of bloodshed and despair. This technique has proven itself useful on several occasions in both combat and non-combat situations. Once eye contact is established, it is very difficult for the victim to look away. How quickly they can break the link depends on two factors: the sheer strength their mind and how badly they actually want the images to stop. For example, the American has been paid on several occasions to use his techniques on others to recreate a virtual reality or hallucinogenic drug affect. Likewise, if a victim of the technique stays entrapped for too long, they may experience visual and audio hallucinations, begin feeling very dizzy, and perhaps pass out completely.

History in Brief: He was born in China to two white American tourists and shortly thereafter was orphaned in that foreign country. His parents were mugged and killed during a street festival in Beijing. Any relatives he may have had in the States were unaware of his birth and he was left under the care of an elderly Chinese couple. He grew up in poor conditions and was teased by his peers for being white. To defend himself from the other children, he taught himself to fight.

When he became older, he found himself working with a shady group of friends and eventually was working for small time criminal organizations. To make himself more marketable among criminal syndicates, he continued to teach himself fighting techniques and quickly became proficient with the sword. Due to his self-teaching, he developed a very unorthodox and unpredictable style of fighting. By combining his fighting prowess and his post-human abilities, he worked his way up to bigger criminal communities and was soon working as an enforcer and assassin for various Triads. Throughout his childhood and criminal career, he adopted the nickname “the American” and his given name was slowly forgotten. Now he’s ready to move on to bigger fish.

03-29-2008, 06:12 PM

An Isodualis Production.

Engineered by Dr. Yakub, Versus is a biological weapon masterpiece geared towards infiltration and assassination, through any means necessary.

Vital Statistics

Height: 6”
Weight: 182 lbs (Post configuration is 133 lbs)
Age: 22 (Upon configuration)

Blood type: O-
Nationality: Liberian
Heritage: African


Skeletal blade - Between the Radius and Ulna, an auxiliary bone comprised of carbon nanotubing and bone has been configured to push through the forearm and taper off into a deceptively sharp blade that stretches forward to the heel of the palm and beyond, if willed so.

LEVIATHAN - a collapsing multi-purpose tentacle that can be used as a rope for rappelling to a snake camera. The maximum length of the rope is 100 ft and the maximum thickness is 2 inches in diameter. As LEVIATHAN is lengthened the maximum diameter shrinks.

Stalker LiGHT ARMOR - Beside providing basic protection, the armor plays host nanomachines equipped with a finite amount of liquid crystal. The liquid crystal acts as a method of projection giving the armor the ability to display images around it- making the concept of invisibility all the more reachable.

04-11-2008, 04:23 PM
Codename: Garm
Name: Garrison Remus
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 171 lbs
Build: Lanky, Muscled
Place of Origin: Unknown
Place of Residence: Variable
Date of Birth: March 2, 1989
Distinguishing Features: Scarred body, a few thin scars on his face such as a scratch along the edge of his jaw and one over his right brow.
Horoscope Sign/Element: Ox/Wood
Blood Type: A
Career: Mercenary
Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Kurdish, many varieties of Arabic, Pharsi. Some more fluently than others…
Faction: None Yet
-Anti-Armor combat
-Armored vehicle/mecha mechanics and piloting
-Guerilla warfare
-Explosives use
-Harsh environment survival
-Marksmanship/practice and training with a variety of firearms
-CQB/Knife fighting (Though not a specialty.)
-Field medical training
-Driving most military vehicles with the exception of aircraft
Common Equipment:
-20mm Custom Anti-Material Rifle “Regis.”
-.50 BMG Anti-Armor Pistol “Regina.”
-Various small arms
-Heavy Pile Bunker (Explosive-driven spike, can attach to AM Rifle)
-Variety of explosives including C4 and other plastics, shaped charge grenades/mines, claymores, etc. Variety of triggering devices including tripwires, magnetic sensors, radio/electric wire detonation, pressure detonation, proximity sensors, etc.
-Variety of grenades: Usually carries 6 grenades, usually with stun gas, WP/smoke, fragmentation, EMP and incendiary charges.
-EVG (Electronic Visual-Enhancement Goggles, with integrated computer)
-Low visibility and heat-dispersing rough weather BDU.
-Combat knife
-Exceptional senses and danger-awareness.
-Peak human visual range, sharpness and depth perception.
-High degree of endurance and physical strength. Capable of firing anti-armor weapon while standing or even moving with minor difficulty, and moving quickly without tiring even carrying a large amount of combat gear. Can survive some serious injuries and go for long periods of time with minimal sustainence.
-Strange, paradoxical movement within smoke/visually obscured.

Background: He has been an inhabitant of battlefields even since his infancy. His simple motivation for becoming a mercenary was originally to attain the necessary skills to survive in a violent world populated with posthumans and dangerous high-tech weaponry. As a victim of the early age of mecha and armored-suit warfare, he took up the role of an Armor Hunter and metes out punishment upon those abusing the machines to thuggishly enhance their power beyond what normal people can achieve, generally hating those weapons. Beyond that, his desires are to simply fight, because his transformation into an armor-crushing tool was nearly complete. In many ways, a feral human being.

Daen Caedise
04-14-2008, 07:22 PM
Amir Khalim
Alias: Caterpillar
Sex: Male
Birthdate: April 01, 1981
Age: 27
Height: 5’ 10
Weight: 183 lbs

Build: Muscular if a bit compact, he is rather sleek in appearance.
Hair Color: Black
Skin: Bronzed
Eye Color: Dark brown
Ethnicity: Persian-American

Occupation: Leader of the Mad Hatters
Place of Birth: New York, USA
Felonies/ Misdemeanors:
Drug trafficking, arms smuggling, identity theft, theft, assault, multiple homicides, weapon possession

He can be alarmingly cold and unforgiving but has a kind heart few get to see if ever. He does not enjoy when things do not go according plan and for the lack of not wanting to put effort into things when they bring conflict to complicate his life more than it already is. Because of this he prefers to handle things diplomatically though he is never one to back down once challenged which has earned him fear and respect. Perhaps it can also account to his inability to fear and comprehend such trivial things like morals that tie down the rest of the populous.

04-14-2008, 09:39 PM
Madilyn March

Alias: Mad March Hare, Mad March,
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: August 4th 1988
Age: 19
Height: 5’5
Weight: 110

Build: Slender and lanky
Hair: Cut shaggy and to random lengths, the longest of which are just above her narrow shoulders. Naturally brown though she has it bleached and died a cotton candy pink.
Skin: Caucasian, usually sun kissed.
Eye Color: Bright green.

Occupation: Mascot? Torturer? Something cheerful along those lines.

Diagnosis: Dissociative Identity Disorder. At the moment Ms. March seems to have two alter personalities, each with their own mental disorders along with her root personality.


Dominant Personality: Most common of her personalities, Mad March Hare is cheerful and easily excited. She is always willing to talk though often lies without thought. She befriends upperclass family members and then follows them home where she drugs the family and then ties them up. March Hare calls this the Tea Party, neglecting her guests though she talks to them as she eats there food and plays with their things.

Diagnosis for March Hare- Psychotic, Narcissistic, Schizotypal (Ms. March suffers from deranged delusions and eccentric behavior, she does not seem to understand the crimes she has committed and fails to feel no remorse for the deceased.)

Alternative Personality #1: Mad Hatter, the aggressive one of her personalities. Hatta is the foul mouthed and wicked creature that often tortures and murders Madi’s guests. She is sinister in all ways, often speaking in riddles and easily angered. She has also been known to lick her fingers clean of blood and gore, sometimes even licking it from bodies.

Diagnosis for Mad Hatter- Sociopath, Antisocial Personality Disorders (It seems that this aspect of Ms. March has violent mood swings. She is the present personality that takes part in the murders and revels in the death. Not only is she unrepentant but she in fact enjoys the memories of her victims in their most brutal states.)

Alternative Personality #2: Dormouse, is the least common of the three. She is meek and frightened of everything, often bursting into dramatic wailing tears and hiding in corners.

Diagnosis for Dormouse- Anxiety and Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. (Though this personality is the least common to be exhibited by Ms. March, it has been theorized after much study that Dormouse is indeed her core personality. She does not seem to know about the other two and it disoriented when she arises. She has no known memory of her actions as March Hare of Mad Hatter.)

04-15-2008, 12:58 AM
The Cheshire Cat

Name: Andrea L'Beau
"You can call me Andy!"

Age: Twenty-something
"I'll tell you, but you have to keep it a secret. Okay?"

Weight: 119lb
"Don't tell anybody... please?"

Height: 5'6"
"I'm short!"

Alias: The Cheshire Cat
"I like Kitten... or Kitty..."

Ethnicity: Caucasian
"I'm white."

Hair Color: Copper
"New pennies."

Eye Color: Green
"Fresh-cut grass."

Physique: Petite
"I'm adorable!"

Personality: Bubbly

Quirks: A cannibal and a sadist
"Play with me!"

Occupation: Culinary technician
"I am... the cook!"

Tools of the Trade: Usually some sort of hacking or cutting implements.
"I like cleavers... and hammers... and mashers!"

[Prelude to Mad Men] (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?p=2074842#post2074842)
Characters // Alice, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, Mad March Hare
Thread status // Private, on-going
Summary // A looking glass into how they all met in the most unlikely of circumstances.


04-15-2008, 02:04 PM
Wandered on a rod of flesh
Watched a little boy undress
With fingers white
To aid the night
Marbles of meat of an old man got pressed so tight

Alice, who is claiming Alice?

Took a nibble and a taste
And one shy grew to one haste
Age of seventeen
Youngest ever seen
Marbles of meat of an old man wasted clean

Alice, who is feeding Alice?

In his pants, tucked in the back
A shooter comes alive, one crack
As far that you know
Boy-blue eyes aglow
Satisfied old man got sacked so slow

Alice, who is staining Alice?

Into pockets reach
And all gold be breached
For on Blondies' hand
A taste you understand
Could make up lives own beach of sand

Alice, who is calling Alice?

04-16-2008, 05:17 AM

Alias: ---
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: White
Birthplace: ???, Belgium
Age: ???
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 100lbs

Notable Features:

--- Ashen haired
--- Emerald eye’d
--- Wings
--- Fangs
--- Claws

Posthuman Abilities:

--- Enhanced strength
--- Enhanced speed
--- Enhanced reflexes
--- Enhanced regeneration
--- Enhanced stamina
--- Enhanced senses


--- Nirvana;
The blade given to Etlet by his creators, Nirvana functions as both an automatic handgun and a sizeable sword. Unknown it is where Nirvana was born, but it is said that Nirvana was a gift to Etlet’s creators from God himself for their efforts in the project from which Etlet was born. The blade functions for one purpose and one purpose only, to destroy life. Through a combination of lost technologies discovered during research into data on the ‘Spear of Destiny’, Nirvana exists to end life. The blade is not, however a gunblade, it is a combination gun-and-sword, switching between the two but never both at the same time. The blade itself is made from a lucid blue substance that appears incredibly durable and light weight. It is said the metal itself pre-dates Atlantis.

Story-->[x (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?p=2072531#post2072531)]

04-21-2008, 03:09 AM
Kade Blanc

Alias: The White Rabbit

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: May 31, 1980

Age: 27

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 84 kg

Build: Slim but decently built

Hair: Silver (if not a bit white)

Skin: Fair

Eye: Steel blue

Occupation: The smart ass time keeper

Personality: Reserved and smart mouthed. The man is constantly on a schedule and will probably go bald worrying about time all the time. (No pun intended.)

Obsessions: Time.

Other: May have Obsessive Compulsion Disorder.

04-22-2008, 03:49 AM
Name: Alestaire Grimsley
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Languages: English, German
Education: Computer Engineering/Minor in Math
Fighting Style: Evasive Gunfighting
Profession: Student
Primary Weapon (s): Baretta 9mm 45.
Secondary Weapon: Rhetoric
Ability: N/A
Loyalties: Øutlawz

Black; Hair. Brown; Eyes. 6'3"; Height. 143 pounds; Weight.
Alestaire's hair is left unkempt, and slightly on the shaggier side of things. It extends down to no further than his nose by the standards of his bangs and normally is kept parted to the left side. His ears can be scene as gauged at a double zero, and are currently filled with hollow black plugs. His expression doesn't change from its apathetic outlook on things, and his smile, if it happens is always accompanied by the quick movement of a his snakebite piercings. His shirt is that of a black colour, but is ever changing with the band being displayed upon the front. It is an adult small and so fits tightly to his skinny frame. His jeans, however, are a size 30/32 which are tight fitting around his legs. His shoes are black Osirus' because of the comfort, not necessarily because of anything else. He has an athletic build from working out. His left arm can be seen to bare the marks of a razor applied in two longs lines starting at the wrist and stopping two inches from the elbow. Between the fingers there lies several scars from needle work, and his habits...

Attributes: He has a very aloof personality that is shadowed by a great feeling of contempt for life, and those around him. He can be found to say things, if anything is said at all, that are very sarcastic or condescending. He doesn't like to be placed in leadership positions, and would much rather listen to what is going on than have any responsibilites at all. His devotion to his Christian god is uwavering, and is only paralleled to his loyalty to the Øutlawz.

Background: He was born, and grew up in the poorer area of the city, and never really had much money in the family to achieve much of anything college wise. His grades pushed him towards pulling off minor scholarships, and the fact that he desperately hated the place in which was called his home. His mother worked two jobs, one as a waitress during the day at a diner, and another as a stripper for one of the local night clubs. His father left them when he was young because of a long and violent court battle over a divorce, which ended in an alcoholic mother with a restraining order on his father.

He was raised with a great deal of responsibilities, and independentness because of the lack of parental leadership at home. He once had someone he could rely on and tell everything to about his life, his ups and downs. He loved her, he continued to breathe just to see her again the next day, but as the days grew on, she grew to be something he despised. He found out she was just a two faced liar who had been cheating on him, and only listened and pretended to care when it was convenient for her. She said she loved him though, did she not? or was that just another one of her lies. Still thinking about her, and trying to erase the memories of her, and her impassioned impressions, he left upon his arms his last apologies. His regrets and sorrows now being drowned in an addiction to a cocktail of drugs, but to be brief his choice drug is heroine. He slides in and out of every one of his classes unnoticed, unmotivated, and slipping further and further away into his own self misery, and extreme distrust of others.

The only reason he knows anything about handling a gun is because of his childhood, and how he had nothing better to do than shoot the key holes off of car doors in the junkyard. A hobby, a past time, never really had much use for it other than to slake his boredom.

[ Øutlawz ] What separates us from men (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=56865)
Convicted Palaver; Lockdown (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=57002)

05-04-2008, 09:29 PM
[Basic Statistics]

Name: Nocturnius Riddle
Alias: Sarah
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Native American
Marital status: Married
Birthday: March 31
Age: 20
Sign: Aries
Obsidian A “chain-blade” sword with an obsidian blade. The sword can be used as a whole, single blade, or can be separated into a long whip-like chain of blade fragments.
Exodus A bo-staff.
Likes: Classic literature, the sciences, being barefoot, naps
Dislikes: Shoes, telephones
Strengths: Intelligent, determined
Weaknesses: Cynical, stubborn, impatient
Fears: Puppets, especially marionettes and sock puppets; needles (medical)
Hobbies: Writing, reading
Sports: Archery, swimming and ballet
Favorite food: Salted tomatoes and devilled eggs
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite color: White

[Physical Statistics]

Height: 162.56 centimeters
Weight: 56.24 kilograms
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Physique: Athletic/slender
Identifying characteristics: Scars down left side of abdomen; scars on bottom of feet
Reference photos: Common siting (http://fc05.deviantart.com/fs27/f/2008/081/c/0/SDL__Nocturnius_Riddle_by_Telumindel.jpg)

[Extraneous Information]

Current Thread: None
Inspiration: None

[Character History]

Nocturnius Riddle was born into a family of famous alchemists; her family was very reclusive, living in a home far outside of the city limits. One night, she stumbled into town seeking help, disoriented with her side laid open and her feet maimed; when investigators arrived at her home, her parents were nowhere to be found. All that remained was the blood that bathed the master bedroom, stairwell and foyer. Suspicion immediately fell on Nocturnius, and when she overheard detectives discussing the case, she fled the hospital before her wounds had fully healed.
She carries the Obsidian and Exodus, each for their separate advantages in combat. She also specializes in hand-to-hand combat, with extensive knowledge of human anatomy to assist in specialized strikes.
She absolutely hates shoes and telephones, quirks no one is sure where they came from. Her fear of needles and syringes stems from a childhood experience with a European doctor, who administered a vaccination to which she had a violent allergic reaction; the fear of puppets, however, is of undetermined origin.
She is married to an alchemist, whose last name she did not adopt publicly for unspecified reasons. It is known they travel alongside each other, but they have never actually been seen together.
Nocturnius often wears a mask to hide her ethnic heritage in public and only a privileged few have seen her face. She has a series of erratic scars down her left side of undetermined origin.

05-19-2008, 02:13 AM

Marina Liteyears

Official Title:

Ultra-Intergalactic Cybot G.



Physical Description

Eye Color:

Cornflower Blue

Hair Color:

Islamic Green


135 lbNotable Physical Traits:

- Especially thin legs
- Ribbon-like Antenna (approximately 2.5 feet in length)
- Costume constant

_Marina is donned in a constant white-venetian red neo-housemaid attire, with baggy thigh-fabric constrained at the knees, going taut around the shin before meeting a rather rounded end where, anatomically, feet would lie; all dyed a specific red. About the waist, Marina is held with a pristine, sterile-white skirt, with a mid-riff above exposing an underlying layer of the same red. Above that, Marina's chest is held in a fabric-like chassis; a teeny-tank top, if one will -- though flimsy looking, it's quite durable and in most cases helps to divert excessive energy away from vital areas. It too, follows the sterile white motif. Her shoulders are encased in a rather flamboyant manner -- spherical structures that, while gaudy to some point, eases the stress of heavy lifting and increases overall limb-power output. Her hands, perhaps the most valuable asset of her person, are contained in a pair of excessively-sized gauntlets, bleached save for the circular, crystalline blue portion center-wise. Red-cloven digits extend from the white portion, and, in all honesty, are quite flexible. The only other oddity on her person would be the helmet-esque fixture adorning her crown, white, with the extended antenna-ribbons (white-tipped-red); it, too, has a crystalline portion, though toned red.

Biographic Description


_Marina's original purpose is one of humble note: the great and renowned Professor Theo's simple house maid. Taking that into account, one might be able to reconcile her attire with that of her intended occupation. However, a past venture into previously unknown territory soon exploited the benign cybot's faculties in other areas, typically those one would associate with body guards. Though unrelated to some extent, Marina seems quite happy with this placement.


_Though manufactured in every sense of the word (and perhaps, in ways nonsensical) Marina has been found to be quite capable of displaying every emotion under the sun. While it may or may not simply be a facade deployed by the great Theo's construction, Marina's healthy expression of the human emotional spectrum makes itself extremely known to those interacting with her; it has also been observed that she, too, may in fact let them get the better of her.

Hostile responses have been observed as commonplace when facing down a sexually-driven situation, placing Marina as the object of affection.

Cats are extremely curious to her, and seem to bring her a great deal of joy. As does any other thing that is shakable. Whether or not this is a malfunction is debatable.

Marina's moral capacity is rather astounding, in that she seems to have aligned herself with the arch typical Knight in Shining Armor; things that do harm, lie, or otherwise seem to act deceptively or outside of the honorable sphere are viewed as negative, and are either avoided, or met with parity.


- "Yahoo!"
- "Shake Shake!"
- "That's great!"
- "Yah!"

Tech Description

External Programs:

Systematic Transient Allocation Reflex [ S. T. A. R. ] -
_A red-zone initiative program that enables temporary displacement in times of extreme detrimental environmental exposure. The displacement typically uses sensory mappings previously documented to enable safe removal from the experienced extreme. If an adequate "safe zone" is not located, the initiative program makes a blind leap -- in order to ensure potential self-preservation, Marina is inclined not to induce a blind leap, as replacement may in fact align her with previously stationary matter. However, it may also be possible to use the otherwise reflexive and self-defensive program as a mode of transportation. However, adequate energy/fuel is needed, along with an assured destination point. Such leaps are not convenient, nor practical, and are thus have not left the scope of 'possible' -- it is an untested method.

Generating Limpid Obstructions Valued Excessively [ G. L. O. V. E. ] -
_Marina's dextrose phalanges and tempered palms are actually designed in a very unique way; they're enabled to crystallize potential and kinetic energy, which are then able to be absorbed easily into Marina's system through either conventional means ( eating ) or unconventional means ( direct contact with targeted gem ). These gems help fuel Marina's many black box systems and enable her to function normally. The gems produced are typically red, blue, green, or yellow, in an escalating amount of energy worth and also primitive monetarial worth. The gems are typically produced when Marina is in direct contact with an intended 'source of origin'. While grasping the s.o.o. Marina engages the program while simultaneously shaking the s.o.o. to relieve the s.o.o. of any fragmentary residue produced in the process. It's rather quick, but the artificial structure of the gems lowers their initial value; the size of each is variant upon the distinct amount of energy crystallized as well as the variety, and other unidentified factors.

Jovial/Jettisoning Escape Tactic [ J. E. T. ] -
_Marina's primary alternative mode of transportation; she is equipped with the rather striking feature of being capable of aerial maneuvers, using a compact, sleek, and otherwise unnoticeable jet-drive within her anterior side. Her internal retinue of balancing algorithms spark to life, and access a compiled store of crystalline fuel to process into the needed energy for flight. Seeing as it's a rather noticeable means of locomotion, Marina is reserved in opinion of it's use; only in times of crisis, or an extreme need for immediate movement with the program be consciously engaged. However, as the program may also be used in short bursts, it may be more casually integrated into everyday life, such as helping to clean the gutters or reach a cat stuck in a tree. Many, many cats. Stuck in many, many trees.

Generously Rebounding Acquired Brawn [ G. R. A. B. ]
_Marina, in the line of her foremost occupation, enacted this program in order to assist the Professor in moving larger, heavier cargo or experiments, along with the occasional dryer. However, it also allows her to go toe to toe with brawny baddies in terms of strength. Beyond her normally restricted 'vanilla' limits, Marina can tap into acquired gems and boost her overall energy output several fold. However, once they're gone, the strain of the weight/power/energy/etc. is set upon her, if she has failed to reconcile the abrasive matter before that time.

Counter Active Tactic Concerning Harm [ C. A. T. C. H. ]
_This particular program allows Marina to engage a sophisticated array of measuring and perception faculties innate within her being; by using this, it allows her to intercept incoming projectiles unfathomable at normal human capacity. The nature of the projectile, is, obviously a pertinent factor in terms of interception, however. In the case that interception and acquisition of the object is not possible, the program may be used as an impact avoidance system, allowing for seemingly precognitive actions to be enacted.

Objects of Note:

- A Clancerian Cat

05-19-2008, 10:42 PM
John S. Krieg.

Nickname: Krieg

Age: 31
Occupation: Mercenary

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dark brown

height: 6'1/2"
Weight: ???
build: Semi-muscular

- Scar across his right cheek.
- Kisses the silver cross before getting ready to fight.
- Tends to crack his knuckles often.

- Above average strength, but he cannot not lift a roadroller and drop it down on his opponents.
- Close combat specialist.
- Good with combat knives, hands, and shotguns.
- Above average stamina and endurance.
- He can take more wounds than normal humans can.

Personality: Jekyll and Hyde nuff' said. He has his bad mood, he has his good mood, sometimes he gets into his 'I want to kill you and put your face into boiling water' mood. John has multiple personality, if he feels like being nice sure he can be, but most of the times he isn't. In a simple explaination he's Mr. Nice and Mr. Crazy-a**-killer.

Weapon: -M4 Shotgun
- MP5 w./ 9mm.
- Glock 17 w./ .45 ACP
- Two homemade chainsaw swords. It usually runs out of gas if used for extentive periods of time, but it gets the job done right how John wants it. Thanks to his above average physical strength he wields two as close combat weapon.

- Up close and personal if you know what I mean.
- Good at front assaults, being the lead factor of front line assaults.
- He likes big boom. He's good at placing explosives, but lacks the skills to stop the fuse.
- Great siege warfare specialist.

The Sorrow
05-20-2008, 01:56 AM

. . . . . . . after this you’ll be begging for more

NAME: seraphine despreaux

AGE: -

GENDER: femme

CODENAME: lilith


APPEARANCE: white and red; the delicious alabaster of her skin is accentuated by a mane of crimson so deep, it might as well be blood. Her fiery eyes shine like rubies from her captivating face; a matching pair of blazing gems set in the most exquisite of frames. Her diminuitive body, while petite, is relatively well-proportioned.

& poison glands connected to her fingernails: a painful cocktail of capsaicin, oxalic acid, tartaric acid, and formic acids*
& exceptional speed
& immunity to a variety of common toxins

& Libros de Bestias - an attractive little book of spells

STYLE: defensive and relies heavily on evasion, favors scratches to actual blows due to her rather unique traits.

*Credit for the research of those delightful toxins goes to The Doctor, Thank you!!!.

Kyo Kusanagi
05-21-2008, 11:05 AM
Igniz - God among Men.

What holds a man together? Is it his HEART, or is it his MIND?
What if you have neither?

AGE: 56, retains youthful appearance - a result of extensive work done by NESTS genetics technicians.
LIKES: UFO watching, Godhood, Space food [Those little vacuum packs and ice cream - Neapolitan mmmm].


You can't take back the things you did before. But in your minds eye you can become the man you used to be.

Failure is a hard thing to come to terms with, especially when as a being you are proclaimed as bringing advent & revolution. Having believed in something so strongly, and having willed so passionately - sacrificing the love and adoration of your oldest and dearest friend [Ixchel] in the pursuit of your delusions of grandeur, to then fail? To fall at the final hurdle.


Contemplating failure isn't even an option, and dwelling on failure is pushed even further back. Even the most powerful men, have been condemned as being selfish & egotistical in their pursuit of power. Knowing what to do with that power once you have it is the hardest part! What men have finally attained power through force, only to lose it at the height of their success? Thrusting fear onto people is unsuccessful - one must earn fear as they would a medal from military bravery. One must be cunning and subtle, not brash and headstrong. Confidence must be based on physical ability and mental superiority!

Plans fell to ruin, Atlant fell into disrepair and eventually found a new inhabitant. NESTS found a new leader in the form of an experiment, he'd worked on personally - had poured his blood and sweat into.

The future for the man once said to have been, a God among men?

Well that's simple.

One needs a FORLORN HOPE

"I --- Can't be the man I was before! Because I am no longer just a man!"

05-22-2008, 07:18 AM
Ixchel – The Angel Unworthy

AGE: 33, retains youthful appearance - a result of extensive work done by NESTS genetics technicians.
BIRTHPLACE: The Republic of Maldives
AFFILIATION: Former Secretary of NESTS CEO.
LIKES: The ocean, silk, and the dark.


She endured.

There is a thin line between adoration and obsession, loyalty and slavery, sacrifice and despair. Somewhere, somehow, she had crossed that line. Multiple times. She had loved Igniz passionately – this passion had matured into a strong, boundless acceptance of who he was – all of who he was.

How does one love a monster?

She loved him fully, deeply, willing and forcing, at times, for herself to dissolve in him, for him to consume her and flood her with everything that was He, she loved him not with a blind eye but with an eye that would withstand too much for a human being to bear. She loved him despite knowing he was not completely human and she loved him to the exclusion of every other being that lived. And in loving him and hating herself for loving him, she lost a part of herself and could not leave.

In duty, she will obey, but her duty is enforced by her loyalty – by her slavery, and the pleasure she derives from it, and the shame she derives from the knowledge of her source of pleasure. In sacrifice – in despair, she will overlook his failures, not erasing them but taking them upon her own shoulders to carry, so he will not have to carry them alone. Her adoration – her obsession – will lead her to his bed every night, his arms every morning. Alone, she is mechanical, she is not whole. Her eyes are unbearable to gaze into for too long, they speak of a sadness beyond human comprehension.

This is the endurance of a mind that knows too much.

05-22-2008, 08:42 AM
NAME: withheld.

ALIAS: Deadpool.

AGE: He’s legal, baby!

GENDER: Dangly parts.


OCCUPATION: “Cleaner of the gene pool”, respectively.

LEGAL STATUS: Canadian citizen with extensive criminal record

MARITAL STATUS: Saving himself for Bea Arthur.

NATIONALITY: He’s a hoser!

APPEARANCE: 210 pounds of tall, dark, and "handsome". Remarkably athletic physique riddled with unseemly scars. Usually wearing a form-hugging black-and-red outfit pulled straight out of the pages of a poorly-conceived comic book. The outfit is usually bulging with a varied assortment of lethal weaponry, which he rarely makes any attempt to conceal.


HAIR: Bald.

PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION: Absolutely, undeniably insane. Thinks he is nothing but a poorly-written character on a popular roleplaying message board.

. Able to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure at an enhanced rate.
. Enhanced resistance to most poisons, drugs, and diseases.
. Telepathic immunity.
. Strength, agility, endurance, and reflexes are all at low posthuman levels.

. Expert hand-to-hand fighter.
. Exceptional marksman and swordsman.
. Teleportation device located in the belt of his ridiculous outfit.
. Is fluent in several languages and knowledgeable in many foreign assassination techniques.

BIOGRAPHY: I got this way by volunteering for the Weapon X program. They promised to cure my cancer. And they cured it all right, by giving me an outrageous healing factor. Then they labeled me psychotic and tossed me into a prison lab. So I escaped and became what some people might call a 'mercenary'. I prefer the title 'cleaner of the gene pool'.
COMBATIVE ADVICE: Just don’t listen to him. If he starts babbling inanely during a fight, try your best to ignore whatever he’s saying.

05-22-2008, 09:13 AM
Name: Jesse.
Age: 17 years. Date of birth unknown, but he thinks it's in april.
Gender: Male.
Place of Birth: His "inner voice" claims he was born in india, or possibly romania. He's not sure.
Ethnicity: Romanian, but no accent.

Appearance: A slender youth, right out of your local Hot Topic store. A long black trench coat that goes down to his feet, which are covered by a pair of black boots, like motorcycle boots with no buckles on them. Under his jacket is a black shirt and skinny, but not restraining black jeans. His skin is fair white, and his hair is cut and combed in the "emo (http://images-cdn01.associatedcontent.com/150_0000001627_0000107000.jpg)" style, though clean, the hair's natural color is black as night and always spiked in the back with gel. This gives the hair a slightly greasy look to it at times. His eyes are strange brownish gold color. His earlobes are gauged to the size of a nickel, with different rings inside them every day. His bottom lip has a ring pierced on each end, and his eyes always have "guyliner" and eye shadow on them. He stands at 5' 11" and weighs no more than 140 pounds. His hands were removed at the wrist and replaced with collapsable scythe-like blades. Around a foot and a half long. They are revolvable and can lock in place. He can also snap them in place by thrusting his arm (these blades appear similar to the praying mantis arms.

Abilities: His skill with telekinesis is phenominal. He can press buttons, lift guns and pull triggers, hold liquid and drink it in the air, and lift up to 1000 pounds with minimal strain. He is to the point where he can heat up his telekinetic energy up to 310 degrees farenheit and cool it to -32 degrees farenheit. Though they aren't great extremes, they are still damaging in many ways. He also can't bring out telekinetic fire or ice, he can only raise the temperature of his psywaves. Also, when he uses his telekinesis against another human directly, the energy field will show a light tinge of purple, just enough for someone to see. If he were to lift a person into the air by their arms, it would appear like thin purple ropes were wrapped around their arms. Strangely enough it will only show on humans, but no other object or living thing.

Other: He is extremely low in self esteem and has no sense of self worth. In his opinion, it wouldn't matter if he died. Which is why he fights. All his life he was picked on for more than one reason, and all the negative energy gave off feedback to the point of no return. He speaks no foreign languages, he has no connections to anyone on this earth as far as he knows, at least family wise. The only person who he knows to any end is the one who gave him his ability, and also his arm blades. A shaman from india, bestowed on him the ability of telekinesis for the small price of both of Jesse's hands. Sadly though, this gave people one more thing to scorn him about; not having hands. He has no moral values, and will kill anyone at the drop of a hat. He's a dull person, not many people like hanging out with him.

I got the idea from Edward Scissorhands.

05-25-2008, 01:11 AM

[B]Alias: [ Buckshot ]
Gender: [ Male ]
Age: [24 ]
Current Thread: [ Zilch]
Inspiration: [ Cyberpunk Anything ]

Basic Storyline: [ A man torn apart by his desire to be the best. A modern day warrior and a rebel without a cause. He continues to live in a life shrouded by the orthodox while he upgrades himself to the fringe of humanity. Genetic enhancement, cybernetic enhancements, AI, guns, cigarettes, and booze. These are the tools of his trade, and he uses them well.]

Physical Description: [ Not tall and not ruggedly cut from stone, Buck is a hair or two below the average height and wiry as all get out. His skin is a dusky tan color, his upper body moreso tanned from his tendency to leave it rather uncovered in his everyday choice of clothing. The man’s straight black hair is kept at a medium length just short of what some might consider a ‘mop top’—complete with sideburns running down to the point of his jaw on each side—and much more disheveled, reflecting his habit of running his hand through it constantly. The man’s eyes are a brilliantly light amber color that people tend to feel a bit uneasy when they find themselves as their target, coupled with his notably mischievous and/or malevolent seeming grin that is so often plastered on the lower half of the man’s rather angular face. He doesn’t bare any noticeable scars, save for one prominent slash across left palm. He has one tattoo of a Christian cross on his right arm. ]

[ Dressed as part rock star, part soldier, Buck is often noted for his usual apparel. His chest is laid bare to sight but for his black calf skin leather trenchcoat. A black leather cord hangs off his neck, suspending a gold version of the tattoo on his arm that is identical in every way, aside from hanging upside down. As for pants, black cloth plants that are about slim-fitting yet loose enough to allow comfortable movement in a variety of position that might be encountered in his line of work. The legs of the pants are tucked into a pair of glossy, black leather boots that come up just over half of his leg below the knee, fastened tightly with buckled-straps that run up the shin, the uppermost of which is left over, the edges of the boot folding slightly over the rest of the boot from the weight. On each side of the boots, there is a black, hard-plastic sheath much like you would find in use by divers to hold their knives, with pressure releases keeping the twin knives in place ]

[ Ford Ponyboy ]

[ Two S&W 4mm Flechette ]

Class: [ Pistol ]
Type: [ Semi-Automatic ]
Weight: [ 7 pounds [ loaded ]]
Range: [ 250 Yards ]
Ammunition: [ 4 MM Flechette Rounds Caseless [ 15 Darts Per Cartridge ]]
Ammunition Capacity: [ 18 Rounds ]
Operation: [ Rail ]
[ Switchblade Barrel Undermount ]
[ Smartchip AI Link ]

Eye color: [ Gold. ]
Hair color: [Black. ]
Weight: [ 138 lbs. ]
Height: [ 5'7" ]
Physique: [ Moderately built, tall but thin. ]
Personality: [ Buck, he’s not what you would exactly expect as a mercenary. Sure, he’s disciplined and got a steady head for the rules, but he tends to let those things register as technicalities in the heat of the moment. “Sticking too close to the rules all the time can allow people to hide behind them; **** that.” Way he figures it, there are plenty other soldiers out there playing ‘good cop’, his employers can afford a ‘bad cop’ here or there. Sometimes, you need a guy who is willing to do damn near anything to kill the target. Of course, he knows just where is too far and usually stays on the righteous side of the line, but, hell, sometimes you need to be a bastard. Especially when it’s for the greater good. Sometimes, you have to be able to roll up your sleeves and tell yourself that the ends justify the means. And, sometimes, you need to believe that to get to sleep at night. ]

[ When it comes to working with others, he tends to be picky, but, hell, orders are orders. He’ll work with them to get the job done, but they shouldn’t necessarily expect him to take them out for drinks afterward or call them up on the weekend to see if they want to hang out. Kano’s found out this approach tends to work best for everyone involved. ]

[ Something you got to realize is that, at his core, Buck is a nice enough guy. He may not be boy-scouting it up with old ladies at the market, but, if that old lady was ever harmed by a damn soul, the merc would hunt the bastard to the ends of the Earth and bring them to justice in mostly one piece. He may not volunteer with the poor, but when someone turns up dead or harmed from some thug, the man is a damn bloodhound and he will do anything to get his man, come Hell or high-water. He’s long since realized the truth of being in his line of work too long: when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares also into you. It changes you, wears you down, and will drive you either completely nuts or drag you down into it unless you find a balance. So, yeah, he may be the ‘bad cop’, but, when you consider the alternatives of someone who has been on the force as long as him and dealt with the bastards he has dealt with, he looks like a saint compared to what he could easily be instead. ]

Unique Traits: [ He lives with a butler themed AI named 'Bendleton' who has gained a strange sense of humanity in the base of his skull. His neural system has nanites in them that allow him to hook up to the net. Accompanied with his AI this makes him a proficients hacker. He can break into systems from anywhere, and he does not need tools like a keyboard and a mouse. The systems are just as hard to break into however, and his AI Bendleton has ethical restraint protocol to stop him from directly hack a system. Anything he needs to hack must be hooked up to the web, within 20 feet. He can allow a special HUD that does not impair his vision flicker in and out of his vision as well. Bendleton allows him to calculate mathematics, hack computers, record and process information. He is also hooked up to the world wide web giving Buck a constant stream of news. He however is a dumb AI, and cannot think for himself like others. ]

Skills/ Unique Abilities: [ Buck has received the following genetic enhancements from Nanites.. ]

* Drug 88947-OP24: A retina-inversion stabilizer drug. It boosted color and night vision capabilities.
* Drug 87556-UD61: Improved colloidal neural disunification solution, which in turn decreases reaction time.

[ Master of the Gun Kata]

[ "Through analysis of thousands of recorded gunfights, the master has determined that the geometric distribution of antagonists in any gun battle is a statistically-predictable element. The Gun Kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents, while keeping the defender clear of the statistically-traditional trajectories of return fire. By the rote mastery of this art, your firing efficiency will rise by no less than 120&#37;. The difference of a 63% increased lethal proficiency makes the master of the Gun Katas an adversary not to be taken lightly." ]

[Gun Kata, as a martial art, places emphasis on two tenets: shooting the enemy as efficiently as possible, and avoiding return fire. Hitting targets is a matter of knowing where enemy fighters are likely to be located in relation to the user, which removes the problem of aiming (especially at close ranges) and allows the user to defeat foes with pre-emptive fire before they can present a true threat. Avoiding return fire is also a matter of statistical probability, as Gun Kata users do not rely on bullet time-style evasions, but rather on avoiding the enemy's most likely lines of fire. In short, Gun Kata is the art of shooting where the enemy should be, while not being where the enemy should shoot. ]

[ Another, less commonly seen technique of Gun Kata involves dueling with a single opponent at a very close range. This often includes m&#234;l&#233;e combat with both opponents trying to point a gun at the other and pull the trigger, while at the same time, preventing the enemy from doing the same thing. This technique is only used if both adversaries are skilled in it. The most striking difference of such duels to the rest of hand-to-hand martial arts is that an enemy shot cannot be blocked or parried as in unarmed combat fencing and can thusly be only avoided by constantly knocking off the enemy's aim and leaving him or her no time to shoot in your direction. ]

[ Yet another technique involves using a pistol as a normal m&#234;l&#233;e weapon to hit the close range opponents without wasting ammunition. Since the technique is frequently used against multiple enemies equipped with firearms, the basic rules of avoiding their most likely shooting trajectories also apply, as well as hitting each enemy in a way to prevent them from shooting at all.]

Relations to any other Clans or Guilds: [ Currently None. ]

05-25-2008, 01:13 AM
Short Character History: [ To Be Updated After Employment ]

Bueford Blackthorn, born twenty-four years ago in Chicago.

We were not a well-off family, but few were at that time. The city is a difficult place to live in; despite technology there is still a lack of wealth to go around.

My father was injured on a drug run, suffered something horrible that left him bed ridden for months. His right leg had been shattered from hip to ankle and medics were reluctant to operate. The city gave out medical treatment, of course, but we could not make up our end of the bargain right away. An installment plan was set up and my mother continued to work as my father healed, but his injury had doomed us. Between food, rent, and piling hospital bills, our family sunk into debt in a matter of months. I only knew that times were hard, not that we were bankrupt.

When they came, I didn't understand that either, but now I know. Corporations were always looking for more subjects for their various experiments, usually looking for prisoners for their twisted tests. However, I've heard that when they were reasonably sure that an experiment would not kill someone, they went rooting through the lower class slums for appropriate bodies. They approached my mother knowing our family was a few weeks from utter collapse and gave her a proposal, one I've long since given up being angry over.

All of them knew that she had limited options. If she gave me to them, the family would be alive, albeit separated. She was able to support herself and the nameless corporation had promised to keep me in top condition and comfort. Otherwise, she could refuse and watch as the two of us starved to death in a gutter. I know the choice pained her and I've forgiven her; she relinquished her rights to me, giving me up to the corp in the hope that I would arrive on the other side healthy. Shortly, I was taken and have not seen her or my father since.

The corp themselves are not so bad. While a lot of them are recognizably insane, they tend to keep to themselves and only come together to work on various projects. They are dedicated scientists with a certain level of depravity, but I was more or less exempt from the kind of abuse they gave the prisoners and criminals down in the labs. I am not entirely sure why they stayed true to their word of taking good care of me, but I am thankful for it. I was nervous and scared for awhile after I was legally abandoned and adopted, yet I eventually settle in to my new life.

Confined to the lab complex, I became a sort of servant to the them, trailing after them wherever they would let me go. I think most of them found it ego-inflating to have what amounted to a dog at their heels while some might have legitimately enjoyed having as close to a child as they would ever see. I assisted with research, sometimes, bringing books and tools and carefully walking vials of unknown liquids over to the whatever scientist I was following that day. This came to be my life and as the weeks and months started to become years, I settled into the labs and they became my home.

After they were done with their experiments, I was a combat ready machine. They set me up with a monthly salary and sent me into a militaristic training regime. It wasn't for years after I left there that I realized I was being trained as a tool. I realized how illegal the program was. They altered me with something called Nanites. The program was intended to make super soldiers, within a couple of months I would have been made into one. But I chickened out, I didn't like the idea of someone controlling me.

I stole some cash, loaded up all my stuff in the back of my ponyboy, and holstered my two guns. I've been looking for work ever since. They aren't looking for me, I can only theorize to why. One theory is that they are afraid that the project will be leaked to the media, the other is that they hope I'll die of natural causes and they won't have to pay.

Sometimes I wish I would have taken the program. In the time I was their it was possible to train me, but not make me the machine they wanted. Instead I traded that in for a life of booze and crime. I recently read over some of the safeguards the put into the program from a file I stole. I have six years to live before my heart will stop.

I recently found a promising company named Bulletproof Logistics, a courier company. I'm hoping to get the job, bullets aren't cheap.

05-31-2008, 02:24 PM
Character Concept:\ Halsycion Citizen 9


•-outer shell, preferably of a stone/chitin appearance. six blue "lenses" to allow vision.
this shell may or not be an mix of organic and technological properites. Shell is used to
a) maintain the flow of ethereal energies to important choke points throughout the body
[i.e. joints and organs, hands.]
b) increase body's performance to that of an unhindered, healthy human.
c) harvest and store ethereal energies without causing damage to wearer.

••-mage, Halsycion is intended to be capable
of using a latent form of energy present in vast ethereal ropes (present in most areas...
exceptions depend upon *conditions) to create various effects. In theory, this is more
psionics than sorcery, because the effects created are generally lacking in elemental

*conditions- in some areas, ethereal ropes are noticably absent. (places where corpses
are stored, and battlefields being the most prominent) conditions also refers to the stability
and functionality of the Halsycion suit.

*preferred method of attack- manipulation of etherropes to control the shape and consistency of liquids

•••-frailty, born with a weak immune system and body.

character traits:\

•appearance, outside of shell.

*Maroon hair. Think sex hair. Neck length. Dyed.
*Pale skin.
*Plain taste in clothing, usually black or gray.
*Deep voice. No accent.
*thin body.

*unsure of how to interact with people

06-07-2008, 12:53 AM


"Dane Merret"


"20, if not older."


"For a visual, check out the avatar. Explanation:
Dane's got dirty blond/brown hair that falls over his eyes, coming
about 3 inches from shoulder length. He keeps it messy,
showing a description of himself to be a care free type of person.
He's about 6'2 and weighs a good 200 lbs, or somewhat
around there. He has green eyes with a white tint added
to them. He's not too muscular, but he doesn't
have a very good percentage of body fat either. He has
two rugged wings that he can sprout out at will,
mainly because he's an angel of some sort. The
odd thing about his wings, is that
they're not just wings with deformity, but they're
covered with dragon scales, from top to bottom.
He has many tattoos across his body, the main ones
being on his back and right around his waist-line
on the front of his body. Usually his pants cover
up most of the front, leaving it hardly noticeable.
It's a tattoo of DoD in old english, with some
flavor added to it. It's got drips of blood falling,
and it has some type of solar object surrounded it.
On his back, however, he's got an angel/demon.
Half of the angel looks to be good, with a white wing,
the other half a bit demented, with a black wing."


"He's usually caught wearing no shirt, because
of his wings. However, his pants are ripped up, giving
him somewhat of a rugged look. They're not skin tight, but
they aren't really the type of jeans that
fall below his waist either. They're not too loose around his legs
until they get to the bottom, where
they give a bit of freedom amongst his ankles.
Dane always wears black boots, steel-toed work boots.
He wears them in case of drastic measures.
Nobody knows what is headed their way in this world,
why take any chances?"




"Psionics-To control things with his mind. Not only
that, but he can create a massive
barrier around himself, shielding him from
irregular attacks.

Bodily Mutations-He can mutate different parts
of his body into different objects.
Ie: Pieces of his wings can become tentacles,
along with him being able to force his arm
into a spear-like weapon.

Shinolea Ice-Yes, it's like the Kusanagi Flame, however
it's ice. The DNA transfer he had was able to
switch up a bit, giving him the power of his ice instead
of the Kusanagi Flame. Instead of, like the flame, not being able
to be put out by water, this ice cannot be melted away
by fire or hot water. It is only Dane that can melt it.

Chameleon-like powers-It's as simple as that. He
can easily blend in with any type of
environment surrounding him.

BIO Infection-He was infected, therefore all of his
abilities have been multiplied in power. They
are all stronger than what most people
with such abilities would be capable of controlling."


"Little is known about Dane, especially through
his childhood. He's not capable of remembering
too much, due to the recent events
that had taken place with him being an experiment.

Not long ago, Dane was used as a lab rat.
He had received another's DNA, giving him
abilities that he hadn't thought about having.
Not only that, but he had been infected with the
BIO virus, giving him more control over his powers
and making him faster, stronger, and upgrading
his abilities to a new level. He was
injected with another virus, this one
giving him the will to control the infection,
though still being infected. He has all the positives of
it, but no negatives, however the new virus has
taken an effect on him, giving him memories
he wasn't aware of having along with slowly
causing him to lose his sanity.

He had been raised around hunting, so he's very
fashionable with guns and melee weapons. Dane
knows just about all there is too know about them,
and he's deadly with just about anything. Believing himself
to be a messenger of god, Dane is out to free
all the sinning spirits, killing anyone that
he feels has sinned. He does it in the name
of the lord; however, lightly does he know about
becoming possessed with a demon side. One that
will latch out on him, slowly showing itself out."

Kouhi Shoshinjo
06-08-2008, 07:48 PM
Great talents ripen late.
Great sound is silent.
Great form is shapeless.

--Lao Tzu

Kouhi Shoshinjo

23rd heir of the Kouhi ninja clan, 1st to prematurely wear the Empty Lotus armor.

(儚い 蓮) - Empty Lotus

Passed down from leader to leader, this armor is a symbol of livelyhood and a beacon for the future as well as homage to the past. And each time it is passed on, the name of the wearer previous is inscribed somewhere on the armor, proclaiming that this is their legacy. The wearerof the armor, because of that, is placed under a lot of pressure, since the whole clan believes that if the leader is defeated in battle, every leader before is defeated as well.

(装備) - Equipment

Tekagi (Hand claws)

Ashiko (Foot spikes)

Kusari-gama (Chain and Sickle)

Ninjato (Ninja sword)

Tanto (Utility blade)

Kunai (Throwing blade)

Tetsubishi (Caltrops)

(緊要) - Vital Statistics

Nationality ; Japanese
Gender ; Male
Birthdate ; Jun 15
Age ; 20
Blood Type ; AB+
Height ; 190cm
Weight ; 78kg
Measurements ; B105 W83 H92cm
Fighting style ; Kouhi style Ninjutsu
Occupation ; Curio Shop Owner
Favorite Food(s) ; Sushi, cheesecake
Hobbies ; Mountain Climbing, Fishing

06-10-2008, 12:22 PM
Name: "Mercutio."
Age: The appearances and mannerisms of one in his mid-twenties.

A mane of golden blond hair; sharp, angular facial features; sinewy, thin physique, crimson flesh around eyes, flowery tattoos covering entire torso and extremities.
Nationality: Italian citizen with extensive criminal record.
Personality: Entirely superficial in all aspects of his life, he is also known to possess an extremely warped morality. A student of violence and philosophy, he is dangerous in combat, and aggravatingly annoying out of it.
Abilities: Mercutio suffers from an advanced strain of non-lethal vampirism. He is also remarkably talented with throwing-weapons, almost supernaturally so, though his skills with firearms leave much to be desired.


06-15-2008, 10:17 PM
Name: Ayumi Kobayashi
Armour: Black gauntlets and shin guards.
Equipment: Ninjaken(sword), tanto, caltrops, and shuriken.
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-one
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 117 lbs
Fighting Style: Ninjutsu, kendo, Shaolin Kung Fu
Occuption: Geisha
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, training, painting
Appearance: http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e378/Aeris_AC/Random/spiderninja.jpg?t=1213577578
Black hair, clothes, and cowl. Fair skin and brown-red eyes.

06-17-2008, 07:07 PM
n a m e: atrum gallows
a l i a s: etlet haine, graham spector, alexiel, gaviel.
a g e: 19
g e n d e r: male

b o d y t y p e: slender/lithe
h a i r: white
e y e s: scarlet
r a c e: human/doppleganger

o c c u p a t i o n: soldier of fortune
b i r t h p l a c e: munich, germany
c u r r e n t a f f i l i a t i o n s / g o a l s: looking for someone

a b i l i t i e s: atrum is a doppleganger and a power thief, he possesses an ability close to that of the angel tabris, although far less controlable. atrum is able to reach out of his body with an extention of his psyche and tear from the psyche/soul/mind of others what he wants. in extending his psyche he opens himself up for pollution of the mind and soul, therefore he needs a constant influx of powers to stop his mind from rotting away. this had resulted in mr. gallows becoming rather obsessed with power, to the extent where the memories and personalities he has accumulated sometimes cause him to unleash powers against his will.

p o w e r s s t o l e n:

- light bending, form the original atrum*
- heightened speed and strength, from xiahou yan.
- kusanagi flame, from yuu
- shadow flame, from yuu
- white flame, from yuu
- harem/magical psyverrus strand, from sura

*it should be noted this is the only
power atrum has not stolen in c/g
continuity. reasons for this can be
explained should people want to know.

general kane
06-18-2008, 10:10 AM
name: maximilian kane .

rank: high general .

age:18 .

occupation: high general of the 3rd britannian imperial army.

race:human .caucasian

alias:solid snake

gender:male .


wieght:100 ilbs

hair color:jet black .

eye color: red .

appearance: wears a generals uniform that is composed of 3 pieces pants shirt jacket his hat bears the symbol of the empire that is made out of gold.
known relativs :



brother:marcus[missing in action ]


retchard[missing in action ]

edward[missing in action ]

laurence[persumed dead]

david[persumed dead ]

physical descreption: athletic .

weapons: mp90 along with 2 lugars that are coverd in gold .


1-a geass that enables him to countrol people it is located in his right eye it lasts for a day or two its weekness it can only be done once on an indiividuel .

2- another geass that enables him to put a shield that could protect him it is unpenatrateable it only lasts for 5 minutes and it can be turned on and off with no harm whenever he wishes it is located in his left eye .

3- death shadow: an unknown intity only appears when kane is about to lose or die it makes him much stronger and powerful and makes his geass much stronger two .

personality: calm and fun to be around but in batle he tends to be serious very very serious .

IQ: 189 .

bio:kane was born to rodolf and elizabeth kane the both were famous characters in britannia, his father was the head of the kane firm , his mother is the emperors beloved sister and she was known for her kind and generocity for those who are week and poor no matter who thy are, his father was the leading marshall of the invasion of area 11 he secured the whole of are 11 in 1 month

he was also the leading comanding officer of the battle at teskushima but unfortunatly was killed by the dishonured todo he the britannias soldiers were wining till todo snuck from the rear and attacked the comanders tent when he was killed kane was 13 and was at the california academy

in the same
year his mother was at the mansion of area 11 when the japanese lebarition front attacked the mansion and killed her:bigcry: , the jlf was also responsibale for the elimanition off all of the kane family since thy are the ones who conqerd thim ,when the assasinitions were finished kane became much more violent and his behavior completly changed

at 14 he joined the imperial officers academy at washington he graduated when he became 16 earned the rank of lt general worked his way up till he became a high general kane wont stop killing the elevens till he havs his revenge .

06-18-2008, 02:44 PM
let's integrate the area under your curve...

name; venice boujoire
age; 609
sex; chick
blood type; ab+
additional notes; lycanthrope
position wanted; scientist & secretary
field experience; alpha female, nuclear weapons and aerospace engineer
reasoning to join; not joining wasn't optional. ahem.
bio; coming soon.

06-21-2008, 03:24 PM
: Nicholette Reed
: 23
: female
: “Niks,” “Reed,” “Letty”
inspired by alcohol, some girl i know, and a flick or two

“Day one.

I don’t much fancy this whole “dear diary” gambit, a whole load of b`llocks if you ask me, but I really ought to be more open what with me being in the middle of nowhere and all that.

I’m mad keen about all this, this minor venture (or major?) into the black, and so I suppose I ought to write it all down if only to look over it later and say, “really now, Niks, haven’t you anything better to do?”

Let me gen you up: I left the bloody tosser, fool lost his bottle and I lost my patience and that was that. That whole job that I gave up ages ago began to look remarkably promising and so, just yesterday, the tosser and I had an incredible row and I decked him and haven’t called him up since. Now I’m in the States with my number changed and a grand new room in a whole new city. “Novel idea,” Sumner told me, while Gabs called me “f`cking daft” amongst other things. Never you mind, they’re still back home, so it doesn’t really matter what they say now, does it?

Haven’t the time for much chit-chat. Going to find some pub and get my act together. Hopefully will be obliterated by the end of the night. Lovely saying they have: “go big or go home.” Game on!”
chapter one scene one (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=76492)

: quick-tempered
: likes her drinks
: action-oriented
: little patience for emotional gits
: enjoys spontaneity
: will have an occasional smoke
: often armed (take it how you like)

06-23-2008, 04:55 AM
Clover Anna-Smith Valentine (http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h141/kimmi_1234/clover-3.jpg)

C lover Valentine is a girl with potential. She always has high hopes no matter how bad the situation is or becomes. Clover is a sweetie but really its a cover to her real side, Like flipping a card, you never know what your going to get. She is a bit of a flirt and a tease, she inteneds to flirt with the enemy to try and gain as much knowledge as she can, like a lure and trap technique. She isn't afraid to take on any challenge, though she might run from a few of them. When Clover fights, she is deadly. She enjoys pain,more like pain for pleasure.

Clover stands a perfect 5'9" not half an ich taller of shorter. She has long gorgeous wavy, amber red hair that gives her a firey appeal, she also has these transparent eyes that are a cystal clear purple that are mesmorizing and breath taking. Also has a soft,creamy, peach complection that glows with raidence. Clover is a beautiful woman.
This 20 year old girl has the perfect figure along with being well endowed. Though she seems perfect, she's very deadly. Clover carries aorund some pretty grusome weapons. She carries a Smith & Wesson 9mm semi-automatic that sits comfortably in its holster on her upper-left thigh, along with a Muzzle Loading Rifle that is strapped snug on her back, ready for any kind of battle action. She also has a hidden Hubertus Special German Hunter's Short Sword somewhere under her clothing, for extra protection in a bad situtation, but im pretty sure you won't find it.

Clover is a wanted criminal, as she has been working for some pretty bad men in the past 5 years of her life. When she was 16 she worked with an Assasin on killing a few gang men, as she then bumped herself up to working alone. She worked with other for about 2-3 years out of the 5 years span of being a deadly killer. Her objective in life is to work as an Assasin, Spy, even and undercover agent as she seeks to be under orders of Masters, Bosses, or Leaders of deadly Clans.

Clover is usually seen in alot of dark colours as she doesn't care to look pure girly with the light colours. Though she really doesn't mind showing off a bit of clevage but in her case a lot. She is usually seen in short skirts that frill, along with tight corsette like shirts or even a few bra like shirts. A bit of skin never hurt anyone. She likes to wear gothic boots with alot of straps, strings.She adores fishnet stockings that end at her mid thigh. As for her arms, they are covered in fingerless fishnet gloves, and sharp nails incase of an emergancy. As far as pockets go, her clevage takes care of it. She isn't wealthy in the slightest bit.

Clover has had an intresting past. Growing up she had been a perfect little girl with a 90&#37; average in school. She has been able to play piano for 18 years of her life and still practices in private, where no ones watching. Clover was once a perfect person as she found blood fasinating and more appealing then glory and education. At the age of 16 Clover began a bad habit, smoking. Though that didnt last to long, though if she is stressed, she'll take a smoke or two. That habit turned into drinking, yes in a matter of a month she was a alchololic. It really wans't her fault at first. The man she was training with was a heavy drinker himself as he offered her a few and then they both got carried away. Clover's a sucker for a shot of whiskey and rye. Though drinking for her, now is a reward, depending if she thinks she has done well. As she progressed in her training, Clover had killed her own trainer, due to wanting to leave and move onto greater things.

Clover had fled town, without telling her parents or anyone close to her as she wanted to be forgotten, to her it seemed better that way, as she travelled onto better things, living out her own life and trying to become that great killer she has been wanting to be.

Currently Clover is looking for work, and yet there are some enimies out after her, though that might not stop her.

Currently In: The Search for Valentine. (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=76730)

07-04-2008, 09:43 AM
Name: Grover Gordons, but if you call him 'Grover', he'll kick your ass!

Known Aliases: "Memphis Nash", "Longhorn", and "No-**** Sherlock" are nicknames he's been known to go by.

Age: 35, but a life of hard licquor, unfiltered cigarettes, and too much sun makes him look 40.

Gender: Male

Blood Type: A-

Ht: 5'11"

Wt: Around 290 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eye: Brown

DOB: 8/15/73

POB: Valdosta, GA

Complexion: Ruddy, almost sunburnt.

Phys. Descrip: Grover is a swarthy, solidly-built man in his who looks five years older than he actually is. His body is covered in coarse black hair; reaching a crescendo in his beard, a thick and full affair that extends mid-chest. The same hair goes down his neck in a matted tangle of knots, ending at his shoulders.
Several ornamentations adorn Grover’s body, chief among them tattoos and scars. Of the former, there is:
-A “rebel flag”, tattered and ragged-edged, on his left bicep.
-A skeletal cobra’s head, hood extended, on his right
-Two crossed six-shooters, barrels pointed upwards and smoking, beneath a horned bulls skull on his back, the bull’s head between the shoulder blades.
-A nude, buxom, auburn-haired woman luxuriously stretched from the left side of his right pectoral to just above his navel.

Among his scars are:
-Two remnants of the bullet spray he took, just below his left ribcage. (“Damn lucky I got to the hospital when I did, else I’d have missed Thorogood!”)
-A ragged white line from his left elbow to mid-tricep, a reminder to the guy who cut him of the evils of whiskey.
-A cattlebrand, depicting an overturned letter “t”, on the extreme right side of his lower back.
Grover dresses in more or less the same outfit every day, the same way a mechanic or factory worker dons his uniform before he goes to work. He wears a pair of jeans—often oil-stained and holey—, a sour-smelling tee shirt bearing a bike rally logo or rock band’s name, and a pair of black leather “****kicker” boots. He further accessorizes with a bandanna, a pair of fingerless leather riding gloves, and yellow polarized sunglasses. Most important are his colors: the frayed denim vest and the patches that identify Grover as an outlaw biker. Most are standard fare: the “1&#37;” diamond, the “FTW” (**** the world) patch, the ever present “rebel flag”, the quartered remains of an AMA patch. Unique, though, is the large patch on the back. The center depicts a snarling brown-furred bull, arms crossed, chomping on a cigar, and clad in a black leather jacket and American flag bandanna. The rocker above says in white block letters “Longhorns”.

Personality: Grover is crude, lewd, uncouth, brazen, vindictive, aggressive, and always ready to fight. His idea of a good time is a string of brown-bottles, a wailing steel guitar, and a couple dudes to beat the holy hell out of. He has no respect for life, authority, valor, or anything anyone else might consider “decent”.
At the same time, he can be incredibly sly when the need arises. He has a few things that his less attuned brothers’ lack: guile and a high school education. Grover is capable of planning ahead. IN all, he knows how to use is uneducated appearance to his advantage, knows how to get the upper hand on anyone who crosses him.
On the subject of post-humans, or “super-freaks” as he calls them, Grover expresses both bemusement and rage. He finds it vaguely amusing that they, for the most part, dress and act alike. He thinks they’re “dumb-****s” for being so smug about their powers when, as it appears to him, they spend so much time killing each other. It doesn’t sit well with him that they attack average Joes all the time; people who only have good old fashioned lead to protect themselves. Never mind that he himself has minor post-human traits, and never mind that he attacks average Joes whenever the opportunity presents itself. All in all, Grover would like to see more post-human funerals…preferably those he caused.

Abilities/Equipment: Grover’s trait is a minor one, he exhibits the strength and fortitude of a bull. That is to say, he’s more strong and enduring than an average human. He doesn’t realize this, though. He just thinks he’s a supreme badass.
In terms of armaments, Grover carries with him, at all time, a stainless steel pocket knife (two-inch blade, large serrations along lower-inner blade), a bowie knife (eight-inch blade, heavy and unserrated, worn on belt), a five-foot length of chain (generally kept in saddlebag unless trouble is expected), and a Taurus .44 “Raging Bull” revolver. The gun features a six-inch barrel and chamber for five shots. The .44 magnum pistol is considered one of the most powerful handguns in the world, and Brazilian company Taurus is one of the few manufacturers who haven’t discontinued the line in favor of smaller, more concealable handguns.
Grover’s bike of choice is a heavily modified Harley Wide Glide.

History: That ain’t none of your goddamn business! [Available on request, for a good reason]

07-07-2008, 04:52 PM
Uploading Files.

Password Needed:



Welcome Agent.Devirox.

First Name:

Last Name:

Virtual Reality-type human.

Old, but young.

Who cares?

Blood Type:
Whatever he wants it to be.


213 lbs.

This (http://img.costumecraze.com/images/vendors/rubies/50623-main.jpg)

Eye Color:

Hair Color:
Blond, dreadlocks.


Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Think Matrix, only faster, stronger, better aim, better looking, better attire, more intelligent, and he gets the job done. He can create shadow duplicates of himself, and move so fast that it seems as if he can teleport. He's slowly learning how to use his own implicate of shadow magic. He can form his body into somewhat of a shadow figure, and mutate pieces of his limbs.

German Flintlock Pistol/Axe. (http://www.caesars.com.sg/upload/1010_view1.jpg)

Devirox has learned how to manipulate his bullets into somewhat of a magic ability. He can angle them at his will, along with making them speed up. He can force them to edge around corners and turn wherever he would like. After he's already shot them. He's created all of his bullets to be untraceable. Each bullet of his, once it is impacted with something, crushes a little ball inside of it, spraying acidic matter out. The matter forces it's way out of the bullet with about four feet. It spreads itself out, and is able to burn through anything. Yes, there are always the 'hardest materials in the world', but the acid has been studied upon, and tested, to make sure it goes through anything.

He's able to talk and live without actually breathing. His body operates differently from regular humans/post-humans. He's able to force his body temperature up or down, along with being able to survive in whatever weather he would like.



Date Corrupt.

Closing down.



07-10-2008, 05:44 PM
[Work in Progress. Will update this as I get inspiration for my uberchar. I love him.]

The Triune

Name: Joey Bianci
Age: 10[16]
Gender: Male


Joey himself is but a small, blonde haired, blue eyed boy. He's just a cute little boy. He wears little more than rags most of the time. Most of what he owns has been given to him by people who pity the forlorn orphan.

His friends, however, are a very different story. Adramelech appears as a hideous monster. A demon, to be specific. Typically, only his intensely muscled and scarred upper body is seen, as he is usually connected to Joey's body. His large, curling horns, and his eyes, constantly reflecting scenes of horror and flame, tend to frighten those who witness him.

Afriel, or Afro as Joey knows her, is utterly beautiful. Afro appears as a young woman with long, flowing blonde hair and deep blue eyes. As an angel, she also possesses a pair of beautiful white feathered wings, which are typically held close to her back.

Joey's Abilities
-Hemokinesis/Body Manipulation
-Field magic

Adramalech's Abilities
-Adramalech's Hellfire
-Illusionary Magic

Afriel's Abilities
-Energy Manipulation
-Healing Magic
-Holy Protection

Ability Notes

Joey doesn't age, due to what happend to him in the incident that caused the death of both of his parents. He also cannot die by normal human means. The only way for him to die is if he is killed. The tough part is that Joey can regenerate most ordinary damage. He cannot, however, regenerate supernatural damage very effectively. His two friends are "unkillable" because their "life force" is connected to Joey's. The only way to get rid of them is to kill Joey. As long as he lives, they are connected to this plane of existance. The exception is when Joey is incapacitated. As long as he is concious, their wounds regenerate practically instantly. If he falls unconcious, however, they can be banished from this plane through combat, but only until he awakens. His two friends are not always out, however. They typically manifest as a result of emotional spikes. Once they come out, Joey can't put them away again until he returns to a normal state of mind.


Joey is a pure, simple boy. His heart is surprisingly unmarred by the incident that took his parents. Part of the reason why Joey functions fairly normally is the fact that he has had Adra and Afro to help him along the way. His relationship with the two of them has kept him from being lonely all these years that he has had to survive on his own. Since it has been 6 years since he was immortalized, Joey is more mature than his appearance lets on. He acts more like a 10 year old than a 16 year old, however.

Adramalech is a fiend. For the past few hundred years he has been torturing the souls of dead children with his pyrokinesis. Though he is a terrible, evil creature, Adra has developed a protective bond with Joey. Joey is the first human that Adra has cared at all about. The demon tends to be arrogant and rude, addressing everyone, including Joey, as though they are beneath him.

Afriel's personality fits her angelic presence. She is an incredibly benevolent person, willing to help anyone, especially Joey. She has a special soft spot for children. The only time she usually shows her vengeful side is when Adramalech gets out of hand. Afriel tends to be the most passive of the three personalities within Joey.


How It Began

Joey was just a normal, happy boy until the incident. His family was fairly well off, so he lived in a rather large house in rural United States. His childhood was unremarkable until he was 10. Up until that point, he hadn't known anything about his parent's protection. At his 10th birthday party, however, things changed. His parents, he discovered, were government agents. They worked to suppress dangerous meta-humans. It was only a matter of time until their work caught up with them.

As he blew out the candles on his birthday cake, plunging the room into darkness, it happend. It was only pitch-black for a second. Then a shaft of light erupted from the hall. A burst of pain filled Joey's body as the light passed through his chest, tearing it wide open. Clapping and laughing was quickly replaced with screams. His mother came to him as he looked down at the gaping hole in his chest. The lights came on, illuminating a fight in the hall. His father was doing battle with the interlopers. Three men surrounded him, magical energy flowing off their bodies in great waves. The guests without meta-human abilities died within moments from the many wayward attacks that were flying around the room. Joey's father was doing his best to defend himself from their magical assault, using his prodigious skill with psionics to fight back.

The light in Joey's eyes was beginning to fade. His mother looked desperate. She was doing her best to heal her son, but her skill could only take her so far. The magical damage that he had been afflicted with was incredibly difficult to repair. As Joey slipped closer to death, his father returned to him, pulling him into his arms. Together, mother and father did their best to heal their son. They just couldn't do it. He was dying in their arms, their attempts to heal his wounds merely slowing the inevitable. They quickly realized that it was going to take more than mere healing to save their son. They knew a way, but it was risky. They argued back and forth, whether or not to use it. But they were out of time. Joey was about to die.

All that Joey remembers from that point onward is that he did in fact die. To this day he can still vividly remember the intensely bright path that he walked after the real world slipped from view. But as he approached those gates, two figures were there to greet him. One enshrouded in the deepest darkness, the other shining brighter than anything he had ever seen.

When he awoke, his home was little more than a flaming ruin. He had to run. And so he did.

What actually happend is that his father elected to summon something to save his son. The man didn't know what would happen, but it didn't matter. Desperate times, desperate measures. Unfortunately, Joey's father didn't know enough about such dark magic to prevent the terrible result of his summoning. When he sent out the call for a powerful creature with sufficient dark magic ability to save his son's life, Adramalech answered. It gave him a lovely idea. Immortalize the boy, then torture him for a long, long, long time.

Fortunately, someone was there to save him. The bright one at the gates. The angel of youth, Afriel. The savior of children. Afriel also heard the call. She drew close to investigate. The demon had been quick to strike down the boy's parents when they attempted to fix their mistake and un-summon him. Adramalech was cradling the boy in his arms with a wicked grin on his face when Afriel found him. The two clashed upon her arrival. She drew her blade and swept into close combat with the demon. The fiend raised his arm, parrying a blow. In that moment, Joey's eyes slid open slowly, and a blinding light filled the room.

07-15-2008, 06:33 PM
Just the basics

Name: Leon Jurian
Age: 35

Appearance: Black hair commonly spiked up to the ceiling, similar to Gohan (http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk235/ayaz7goku/91341966.jpg). Though, because of Leon's age, you'll feel special if you spot a gray hair or two setting in. The sides are left down, as is the back. Leon's skin is fair with a very light amount of color, giving him an asian appearance, even though he has no asian in his blood to speak of. He stands at 5 feet and 10 inches. Not too tall, not too short.

Human capabilities: Anything a human can do. Though, he has no martial arts history aside from high school wrestling, and he has a disposition, so he's not going to reflexively let go when someone tries to tap out during a brawl. He's not about to jump into a fight if he doesn't have to, but he'll stand up for his team. Most of his abilities are the leadership skills he has and things of that nature. He can run a business, handle money, and talk without giving off too much information.

Inhuman capabilities: White mage style curaga healing. That's it. Think of him as the character right out of a final fantasy. He can heal people, even if they're right before death, if he has the amount of time needed, he can bring the person to full health by simply concentrating. Placing his hand over the person can help, but it's not required. He can heal people from about ten feet away. After that, it becomes more difficult. He doesn't know or care about how he got the skill. He just uses it.

Equipment: Not much. He wears a pair of mirrored foakleys most of the time, and when he feels like dressing up he has a cool cane that he can walk around with. Otherwise, he doesn't carry anything on him. When the going gets tough, and he's out there bringing people back from the almost dead, he'll carry with him a pocket knife with a two inch long tanto-style blade, with a quarter serration. The knife will be usually clipped to his right pocket. Also, he'll have strapped to his right hip, a .45 with one clip in the gun and an extra. He doesn't like shooting people, but he's not afraid to, and he will. Trust me.

Bio: Not important right now, will be added as his story progresses.

Cheodo Kamayo
07-15-2008, 07:01 PM
Cheodo Kamayo

Character Name: Cheodo Rya Kamayo

Link to a thread he is in: several, will add them later...

Anything major spark the idea for said character?: Completely my own creation, tho I tend to add outside characteristics to his appearances, i.e. Sephiroth and Setsuna(from Last Blade and Samurai Shodown...Nuada from HB2)

Basic storyline: An eon ago, Cheodo was chosen and sent down by the ancient gods to oversee and maintain the world according to their orders. When the gods suddenly vanished and Cheodo no longer received orders, he took it upon himself to find the gods. After he did what he wanted, that is...

Brief bio:

7' tall
weighs 175lbs (light bones)
Long, straight white hair

Cheodo is a shapeshifter, able to take any form, animate and inanimate. His normal appearance(described above) is referred to as an 'incarnation'.

After the disappearance of the ancient gods, Cheodo took on many different forms and roles throughout time and history. Warriors, seemingly invincible upon the battlefield that destroyed invaders before vanishing mysteriously; leaders, conquering and shaping the world before supposedly succumbing to death; common people, leading revolts against despots, only to be martyred; philosophers, ushering new modes of thought; to scientists, bringing about new technologies -- Cheodo was them all at some point.

He wields the weapons of the past, absorbing them after defeating foes and keeping old ways of life alive, thus giving him the nickname "the Thousand Weapon Master".

Now he serves for a Conglomerate-Government, originally intended to rebuild devastated parts of the world, that now is bent on global domination. Cheodo knows his role in the fate of the world and intends to cull the corporation when the time comes.

Sailor X
07-29-2008, 01:53 AM
name: formal:Hypherion
earth name:John
transformation:Sailor X
age: unknown- it's been several millennia- appears to be in early 20's
gender: male
powers: master of energy attacks; particularly fond of using enemy's own energy to defeat them by channeling and controlling it
bio: lived alone on the planet X, long thought not to exist. the sailor guardian of this planet, and now the only surviving full blood member of the race of the planet X. has been alone on planet X since the battle with the negaverse, when Queen Beryl destroyed the Moon Kingdom. Has kept the bulk of the evil minions of the negaverse at bay for almost 3000 years, but as the planet's orbit is now back inside the solar system has decided to move to earth, the planet that his descendants live on and where all the attacks of the negaverse have been directed. The oldest and strongest of the sailor senshi, he has learned many battle techniques and has evolved both in power and physically to continue his duty as the first line of defense for this solar system and now this planet.
attacks: unlike the other sailor senshi, he prefers to get extremely physical with his enemies, although he uses his X Factor to turn his opponents evil energy against them. also has a death scythe similar to Sailor Saturn's that he uses to defeat stronger enemies. finally, his Millennium crystal can both heal good people who have been turned into evil minions and also can cleanse pure evil (similar to the Emperium silver crystal, as he created it from the Millennium crystal).
Physique: 5'9", at full power his body increases in size to 6'2" weight is 160 lbs in regular form, 200 lbs at full power. (side note- Sailor X figured out how to increase his power this way after a meeting with a Super Saiya-jin named Goku on his way to a planet outside this solar system to do battle with a powerful evil being. sailor X spent a short time training with Goku and artificially recreated the transformation into a Super Saiya-jin.)
storyline: none yet, creating a sailor moon guild hopefully soon.
personality: very quiet and cold, but has a warm spot in his heart for the other senshi, particularly sailor moon, sailor chibi moon and sailor pluto. like other senshi, he also has a strong sense of justice and doing what's right.

I am Jack's
07-31-2008, 07:06 AM
Surname – Lye
Forename – Thomas
Age – 60 (appears to be no older than 30)
Sex – Male
Nationality – Claims to be Canadian
Place of Residence – NFA
Occupation – Unemployed


Slightly shorter than the average man. He’s unusually thin, lithe and not paticularly muscular. His build is that of a dancer and lover not a fighter or killer.

His face seems to have begun as serious and stern yet has been warped into an almost permament sly and ever so slightly sinister smile. It isn’t friendly yet it doesn’t exactly seem hostile. If anything he looks almost ridiculously deattached from the rest of the world. The top half of his head is hidden in shadow by the large pair of dimmed sunglasses and beige bucket hat that he is seen to wear almost permanltly. The only hints of what lies beneath these two articles of clothing are the stray strands of ginger hair that peek out from under the rim of the hat and an almost invisible orange glow behind the blacked out lenses of the sunglasses.

Lye is similarly mostly defined by his attire which he apparently almost never changes. Normally he is seen wearing a Hawwaian style shirt, undone at the neck, with a blue background and green flowers that float upon it like water. His arms are covered by a leather flying jacket, the fur lining neatly removed from the inside. A pair of light blue denim jeans that look as though they were made sometime in the 19th century and a pair of neat gentlemen’s loafers complete the image of a detached, eccentric and sinister specimen of a man.

Known Abilities

• Pyrokinesis
• Skilled magician
• Fights Dirty


The Branch – A piece of wood from what appears to be an ash tree. It has been seen to extend in length, increase in sharpness and acts dependent on it’s owners emotions. It cannot be directly controlled but rather changes for what it’s semi sentient mind thinks appropriate. The wood itself is flame resistant and unusually strong for what seems to be just a branch, however this strength also seems to vary dependent on unknown factors.

Bag o’ Tricks – A duffel bag filled with an almost limitless supply of various ingrediants and artifacts which are essential to the strange, archais from of magic that Thomas practices. Somehow even though he loses the bag often it manages to find it’s way back to him often, possibly hinting at a kind of sentience much akin to the branch.

Magic Bullet
08-01-2008, 02:44 PM
Name: Red

Red is the self-appointed name of a rogue project by the now defunct clan, Neo Syndicate Red. Awakened three years ago in the ruins of Syndicate Red's labs, the 17 year old child came into this world with the purpose of defeating the flamewielders of Clans and Guilds- an obsolete mission that Syndicate Red had created him for before the group's demise, to act as a fail-safe against those fearsome warriors.

Three years later, and Red still knows little of his past. He's learned something of Syndicate Red from the people he's encountered in his travels, but even through interrogating past Syndicate employees and scientists, has discovered nothing of his own origin or the purpose behind it.

Red searches the world still, guided by the flame that burns from his body, and the flame that burns at his mind. With no home and no job, he lives from day to day, drawn inexplicably from one place to another. He knows only of two things- the will and the power to survive from one day to the next, and the searing pain he feels in his head when he encounters another like him: another who is... different. It is a pain that drives him to a terrible rage, that a pain that can only be extinguished by his own fire, and by the blood of those around him. It is a terrible pain, but in his three years outside of Syndicate Red's abandoned laboratories, it is the only thing he has known to guide him.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 155

Notable Equipment: He wears the flameproof, flexible and bullet proof armor of a Syndicate Red grunt, with the all but forgotten insignia on its shoulder plates. He no longer has the fearsome looking black visored helmet that completes the outfit

Notable Abilities: An uncontrollable and fearsome flame, perhaps even more powerful than the infernal powers of Orochi or Kusanagi. The Anti-Flame burns every color, and seems to be able to devour just about everything in this world with the exception of Red himself

Weapons: Red has discovered that, when aggravated, besides the obvious employment of his supernatural flame, he can turn his fists and feet at his aggressor with incredible ease and with surprising power. He was taught to fight at one point in his life before his hibernation, but the memory is lost to him. Only the experience remains

He also has a combat knife on his Syndicate Red uniform

Current Location: So far as he knows, Red has yet to leave a sizable enough blip on the map to be traced by any of the major powers in C/G.


Ellis Cooper
08-01-2008, 05:38 PM
The Final Form of Varjo

Name: Asinis the first ... Suzu the second ... Varjo the last

Age: Ageless

Sex: Apparently male

Height: Changeable

Weight: Non-existent

P.O.B: Planet unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown

Appearance 1 : In his final form, Varjo favours two particular manifestations- the first is that of a small child, appearing to be eight or less. His hair is a dirty brown, and his eyes behold the purest green; and he always adorns the guise of a thick raincoat. His skin is pallid and retains no life or heat, akin to a fresh corpse. Commanding such an innocent face, any human in their right mind would fall for the child.

Appearance 2: Varjo's second form is that of an athletic Spaniard, with features resembling those of Asinis'. This form is tall, slight and muscular in some respects. His eyes are a vacant grey, but managing to portray qualities of age and wisdom. The chosen attire varies as it would with any human.

Abilities:Varjo's body can attain the main qualities of mist, or more appropriately, smoke. This grants him the shape shifting abilities of which he uses to change between each form. The power is not predominantly dangerous, and is more a form of defence than attack.

His main form of attack IS dangerous. Varjo has the ability to emit variable frequencies from his body core, giving him the ability to change and alter air density around him within a 12m radius. Air particles can be vibrated in such a way that almost any material could be sliced, crushed and even thrown. The other function of his ability aids in blocking radio signals and other means of tracking.

The only limitations are the distance, and the fact that Varjo can only control two main frequency blades to each hand. A total of 10 other frequency blades can disconnect to work alone, but become weaker when working away from the main attachments (This only happens when disposing of a larger group of weaker enemies) . In some instances, all blades will join to form a frequency coulomb (Of which has never been seen)

Biography:Varjo dropped to earth a long time ago; a shape-shifting creature dissimilar to this exotic atmosphere. He needed a body to latch onto, a fit and ample human from which he could survive this foreign air. Contrary to this file, Suzu was the first to be consumed; the post human Samurai warlord. Varjo soon realized that humans varied in talent and power, how easily they could be killed, and also how easily they could be manipulated.

Suzu's memories became powerful over time, almost pushing Varjo over the brink of reality. Some time passed and Varjo needed a new host, another post human, Asinis. Varjo discretely merged with the young Latvian, slowly altered his memories, and prepared for the final exchange; but still hanging onto the valuable previous host. Suzu was the stronger human and total exchange was made into his bodies form for the time being, thus making Asinis the first to be absorbed. Suzu was next to be absorbed, creating the final form of Varjo.

...He loves the rain.

08-03-2008, 02:48 PM
Real Name: Matthias Eriksen.
Age: 28.
Birthplace: Oslo, Norway.
Occupation: Wealthy Norwegian business man.
Appearance: A relatively handsome man with sharp facial features, a cleanly-shaven jawline, and a flowing mane of golden-blond hair tied tightly back to his scalp. He possesses the tall stature of a man of importance, and an impressive physique earned from years of a steady diet and exercise. An odd feature on his person happens to be a small pattern of scars encircling his forehead. He is most often seen wearing an expensive business suit and a thin pair of shades.
Biography: A successful businessman in his home city of Oslo, Matthias spent his free time away from the office collecting oddities of supposedly supernatural origins. These “otherworldly” artifacts usually turned out to be nothing out of the ordinary, but fascinating him nonetheless. He is recorded has having spent thousands of dollars every year searching for new items to add to his impressive collection.

One of these items, perhaps the only one possessing an origin of any supernatural significance, was known as the “The Crown of Lies”. It was a gold and silver-plated pierce of headwear resembling a series of twisted thorns. Though Matthias’ initial inspection of the item didn’t show anything of interest, he began to find himself checking the item obsessively every day after its purchase. It was as it the crown was calling to him. After he began seeing it in his dreams and his work began to suffer, he decided to throw the expensive artifact out into the trash.

Only, he could not do it. Instead, in a fit of confusion and delirium, he places the spiked crown onto his head. Though the thorns of the crown instantly penetrated the flesh of his head, he felt no pain. He was suddenly flushed with a personality that was not his on and a power far beyond his comprehension. From that day after, he would be a vessel for a supernatural entity claiming to be the false-god Loki of Norse legend. Different from out-right possession; Matthias was still in control of his actions and mental faculties. Unfortunately, the haunting words of another now echoed in his mind, promising him wealth and power beyond his wildest dreams.


Can generate and manipulate frost. Also possesses superhuman strength, endurance, and durability. These are all talents borrowed from Loki’s frost giant heritage. He also possesses a diluted form of Loki’s magical prowess and shape-changing abilities. Matthias still has the brilliant mind for business and manipulative personality he had before channeled his supernatural host.

The Gray
08-05-2008, 11:45 PM
---October 29th to October 31st, 2007, a drunken man, assumed a vagrant, was picked up on Ryawa Ave in Hunts Point, New York by NYPD and brought to the station. It was later discovered, during his stay in 76th Precinct, that the subject was a little-known gun-for-hire who answered only to the ridiculous alias...---


Name: Leto Imperati (Only seems to answer to Capgun, though. Pathological liar, name may be false. Also been known to call himself Hezekiah Johnson, Brother Esteban, Greg Orion, Dieter Murray, Klaus O'Brien, Cedrick O'Brien, Redratte, Hoodmate, Popeye and Queenie Astoria )

Age: Late Twenties (May be older, mid-Thirties at the oldest)

Gender: Male (Confirmed, NYPD October 29th, 2007)

Height: 5 feet 8 inches (172.67cm/ 1.89 meters---- Confirmed, NYPD October 29th, 2007)

Weight: 189 pounds ( 189.76 lbs/ 85.72 kg--- Confirmed, NYPD October 29th, 2007)

Blood Type: A- (Irrelevant...--- Confirmed, NYPD October 29th, 2007)

P.O.B: East London, South Africa (He also claims to have been born in Sussex, Cairo, Brussels, Louisiana, Durham, Wales, Cornwall, Devon, Kent, Norfolk, Paris, Wisconsin and once told a police officer in New York City he was "--born on the petals of a dandelion flower.")

Ethnicity: Of African Descent. Possibly mixed.

Appearance: A dark skinned male who stands around five feet seven to five feet nine inches. He is heavy for his height and age, with a round face and a bit of a paunch. He tries to hide his lack of exercise and bodily care by tucking his shirts (usually of a plain button up fashion), wearing suspenders and a jacket. The subject retains many features common to those of African continent extent(large, pouty lips, curly, full hair and a rich, cocoa skin tone), but his lineage seems mixed, possibly with German or English or Irish (Or perhaps a mix of European bloodlines), due to his narrow nose and large, light brown eyes.

Talents: Subject does not seem to exhibit any type of super natural or even extraordinary abilities aside from being capable of handling small arms well (Subject has never been seen to handle anything large than a handgun by authorities). He has exhibited a decent knowledge of worldly matters both current and historical, though his pathological lying seems to leak into everything he speaks about (Subject has made comments of meeting ex-Secretary of State Colin Powell once in Memphis Tennesse and being related to Cleopatra)

Before his release, one officer suggested an I.Q. test might be administered to the subject, but due to time and money constraints (And ethics codes), the idea was abandoned. The subjects habit of changing his stories constantly and even his name and birthplace did seem a cause for concern. It was unsure if he was suitable to send back into society, but due to lack of space and lack of appropriate reason, the subject was let go. The straight face and countenance the detainee exhibited when weaving his tales was quite impressive and with each story he told, he seemed to believe ever word of it, even if it contradicted an earlier tale.

Biography: Subject claimed to be born and grow up in East London, South Africa. (Though he later also claimed to be born in Sussex, England and grow up in East London, South Africa... and then before his release claimed he was born in East London and raised in Swaziland)

He claimed to be raised by a loving mother and father (He also claimed to be raised by just his mother, just his father, by an abusive father and a distant mother, by just his older sister, by just his older brother and also claimed to have been dropped off at a German orphanage sometime in the 60's), but the only part of his childhood he seemed to be able to always make reference to was a story about a small dog and a plastic toy gun. After hearing the story several times, an officer recorded his recount of this story. This praticular retelling of the tale takes place in Sussex, England while being raised by his alcoholic father and coy mother (He makes no references to siblings in this version)

{{There is a shuffling of chairs and a man, apparently an officer, coughs in the background. The sound of a fan being clicked on is heard and its whirring blades seem to carry the heavy, Afrikaans accent of the subject through the room}}

Capgun: "So me dad, he was a nasty drunkard. Totally asshole, that man. Always yellin' at me and me mum, tellin' us we're both no good sh*ts... that she needs tah get a job an' I need'a getta' job too. I was only nine years old, for christssake, the lazy bastard."

Officer Iannacone: "You were nine years old, you say?" {{Note for the Record: Subject has used the ages seven and twelve for this very same story in previous tellings}}

Capgun: "Yeah, all of nine years old and like any nine year old I jus' wanna' run around, you know? We lived in Sussex, there were plenty of kids in the neighborhood and I wanted to play with 'em. But my dad, you know what he says? You know what that stinky ol' bastard says?"

Officer Iannacone: "No, what does he say?" {{Snickers in the background}}

C.G: "The bastards says {{Subject takes on a deeper voice}} 'I dun want you playin wit those damn Protestant bastards. No Catholic boy should be playin' with those little sh*ts. Pansies the lot of them' ".

O.I: "So you're saying you're Catholic?" {{Note for the Record: Subject never mentioned his religion up until this point}}

C.G: "Well, me dad was and me mum was and I was baptist and had communion so yeah, guess I'm Catholic. Anyway, so me dad had me mum and his friends on our street watch me all close like, makin' sure I didn't talk to none of the kids. So I came to play with some mutt who used to go through our garbage. He was a playful runt, all white with brown spots on him. He was a bit dumb, runnin' into trees and trash pales and such, but he meant well. He did. I could run around and around like a goddamn fool and that dog would follow me everywhere. Until, of course..."

Officer Brennan: "This is the part with the toy gun, right?" {{More laughter that drowns out the voice of the subject and the sound of the fan}}

C.G: "Yeah, yeah, I'm gettin' to that part. Don't panic, now." {{Subject clears his throat}} "So, for Christmas one year, dad decided to spend his money on something other than booze and buys me a wicked nice lil' toy gun. You know, you put the lil' pellets in it, squeeze it hard and if you did it right, you get a nice snap from it. Man, those guns were the sh*t back then. A boy could be a cowboy or soldier or cop {{Laughs from the officers}} and not really have to kill a goddamn thing. I would shoot that gun off everywhere. I'd scare the lil' white Prot girls while they jumped rope and I'd pretend to shoot birds down like they was fight jets. I was a goddamn ace shot, even though I never did get to shoot anything with that gun. And that mutt I was talkin' bout earlier, well, he'd follow me alls around. Got with me everywhere. He'd bark up a storm whenever I fired off a cap, leapin' up and down when he heard it. Hell, sometimes if I couldn' find the mutt, I could just fire that gun and he'd come barking and howling like a mad bastard just to come find me and bark some more. One day, I was playin' off by the railroad tracks, flippin' over rocks to look for worms and snails and sh*t and I get bored. So, I reach into my jacket pocket and fire off a cap. Like a goddamn robot, that dog starts yelping and barking and his barks get closer and closer and closer. Now, me, I'm on one side of the train tracks and he's coming off from the other direction. How was I supposed to know a train would be coming, you know? I mean, this wasn't Italy and the trains didn' always run on time. Just bad timing, I guess.---"

O.I: "He got hit by the train?" {{Notes for the Record: This story was unique because in all the other versions, the dog was put down by an adult due to the subjects capgun shoots sending it into a bit of a frenzy and biting a young girl or boy or even the subject himself}}

{{The subject scoffs and laughs. He's the only one laughing and is accompanied by a cough from the officers and the sound of the fan blades scrapping against metal}}

C.G: "Bah, no. He was fine... he did get hit by a car a few months later though. Poor bastard. Good dog, but like a side, downright stupid."

{{The whirring of the metal fan is heard over the silence}}


08-07-2008, 07:09 PM
Name: Cooper Ridge

Age: 25

Sex: Female (completely human – don’t even start to think otherwise)

Appearance: (http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x119/Leona_drew/louise.jpg) 5 feet 6 inches; 130 pounds; short brown hair with a swatch of white bangs

Nationality: American ( New Orleans )

Education: B.A. Journalism, Columbia

Biography: Started a web blog in Junior High. This transformed into a series of sites during high school and a network in College.

She worked for a time in television {CNN}, but preferred to devote time to writing/editing and networking. Currently the network is called INTERSECT

ABOUT INTERSECT: [endorsements]

Unquestionably one of the most amusing blogs and guides to what everyone loves best about the web: quirky sites of interest and topical events, presented with a sophisticated discernment, yet with a quality of openness that avoids the ubiquitous irony and jadedness of the 'been there, done that' hordes. ~Leona Drew, Executive, Viper Records

Intersect is an absolutely brilliant site. The links are always really diverse, I don't know Cooper thinks to look for some of these things – but carry on! I visit every day and rate your site as one of the top 5 on the Internet, up there with Refdesk and Google News. ~L.J. Hackett, Editor, People Magazine

Affliations: Currently independent, but could be purchased by Octavian Entertainment

08-09-2008, 02:04 PM
This is a very very old character, I figured i'd put her profile up.. see what'd happen..

Current thread: None

First: Antric Olivander

Sex: Female


-Eyes: Usually a dark brown.

-Height: 5 7

-Weight: 115 lbs.

-Skin: or pale, scattered scars all over her body. she has a tribal tattoo on the left side of her face.

Antric (http://media.photobucket.com/image/earth&#37;20anime/ambeygirl/anime/Anime6.jpg?o=27)
The Wolf (http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll95/maseman12/Black_Wolf_Hunting.jpg)

-Other: always carries her walking stick and her very thick poetry journal...she has her ears, nose, and lip pierced,, her mothers old opal ring can always be found on her right middle finger, for luck.

Home: She once had a beautiful two story home in the country, but after it burned down so many years ago, Now she lives by herself in a small cave dwelling in the mountains.

Weapons: scythes, daggers and sword are her weapons of choice,

Equipment: antidotes, blanket, matches, and anything useful to any hard times she has to endure... her black satchel filled with all her things. She is always followed by her black wolf which she took into her care after she watched her mother be killed by a larger predator

Bio: After being abandoned by her family at the tender age of 3, Antric was raised by whoever could handle her “never let anyone get too close” attitude, and her outrageous outbursts. Every family she has been in has taught her about the evils of this world. Her opinions have formed into those other people may find naive, or superficial, but if you truly knew the pain and neglect she has gone through, you’d see the reasons behind them.
Antric, now 19, is searching for her purpose. Something in this world was put here for her to fight, to destroy, to...fix... She is convinced that her parents want her still, even if they couldn’t take care of her before. She just wants to meet them and find out why she was forced to basically raise herself. Even if it means her own death, Antric will stop at nothing to get to a point where she is satisfied. Hate fills her soul, but there is a softness to her that comes out at the worst of times...

10-07-2008, 08:53 AM
Name… Amaro, a.k.a. Calado Tolo, meaning ‘Silent Fool’

Age… 33

Gender… Male

Appearance… See avatar.

Powers… A mixture of Haitian voodou, unearthed animist energy, trance-like concentration/awareness and environmental sensory dislocation, usually in combination with psychedelic enhancements or self-created visual stimulants.

Shortened, ‘details omitted’ Biography… Flown from birth in Northern Australia to Papua New Guinea, childhood spent here under tutelage of Australian father/ethnological researcher and English mother/teacher. Taken to live in New York for most of adolescence. Parents move to South America, he moves to Mexico. They go missing two years later during an expedition in the Andes. Amaro undergoes cultural reintegration, flying back to PNG and living there for two years. Following this he spends another few years in the decayed but culturally rich Haiti, then after that he returns to NY where he participates in and catalyzes the various impulses of the subcultural artistic and criminal underground. Three years hence he decides to confront South America and there, for almost four years, he vanishes from the face of the Earth. He emerges from the jungles in a state of near madness and is detained by authorities due to his vile condition and lack of identity. In a holding cell, after a week of resilient silence, with no uncovered I.D. and no willingness to help, he is thrown into a Brazilian jail under the name 'Calado Tolo’ meaning “Silent Fool.” In prison, despite the severity of the inmates, he is generally avoided. After a year in prison he escapes, leaving no trace. He goes by foot up through South America into Mexico and over the border back towards Western civilization. A year and half after his emergence from the jungles of Brazil and he is mostly awakened from his trance – although he is still capable of returning to it – for it is this state in which his powers are most reactive. He re-enters the cultural underground of New York and begins to regain his old notoriety…

Personality… all the unusual characteristics of an experimental, quasi-shamanic musician and artist specializing in highly abstract installations designed to alter mindstates and stimulate hypersensual experiences. He possesses a general indifference to civilization, and has a preference for the mad over the sane. His sensibilities seem to shift as if dictated by an internal system of changing seasons rather than by a mood of the moment; though his disposition is often thrown off-kilter when under the influence of a favored substance. He is generally unpredictable and disliked by those he encounters.

Storyline… None as yet.

10-20-2008, 06:44 PM
Assumed Name Since ‘97
Sybilla Loray


Sibylla is a contractor, paid to solve problems. Whether it is a quiet assassination, aiding in a gang war, blowing up buildings or simply acquiring large amounts of illegal goods (drugs, weapons and on a few interesting occasions- people). She has also been known to handle blackmailings and kidnappings on behalf of her clients. She plays middle ground so as to offer her clients deniability or simply to allow them their clean hands. She keeps several hitmen, crimelords and drug dealers within her circle of acquaintances or on her pay role and is always looking for more. Typically she deals only in cash, but has been to known to- on occasion- and for particularly desirable clients, take the promise of future favors as payment.

Stands at a wee 5’7, while wearing her four inch heels. Slender build with no identifiable tattoos or scars. Dark red hair, olive skin and pale jade eyes.

Fun Facts
Fluent in French, Russian and Mandarin with sketchy ability in various other languages.

Has a pet peeve involving lies that affect her job.

Put an emphasis on manners. “Just because you're terrorizing the world is no reason to be rude.”

Hates when people cry and beg and get all snotty.

Will be shot down in her penthouse apartment in six months.

Begin With The End (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=79614)

10-20-2008, 09:33 PM
the rite of burial & its chosen
the one with margrave eyes and thin lips, and a spade upon his back
he once was called albrecht, and at times, was known as cerberus, doctores angelici, and he was and is known far and wide simply as monk
a wanderer who never becomes attached to a single place for too long, he has long taken upon himself numerous apparently spiritual duties which he takes quite seriously, it is his goal to spread either happiness or serenity in his wake
few material possessions beyond the clothes and monk's spade which he carries with him at all times, occasionally takes up odd jobs to pay for temporary lodging when he cannot find an alternative, works to ensure that he is never a burden
dislikes progress, cause and effect and problem solution mindset, hatred, negativity, despair, evil in all its manifestations, disguises, forms; protects peace, the mundane, the peaceful beauty, and follows the hand of fate
his sight is a sight-beyond-sight, his famed margrave eyes holding more power under the surface than a lowly monk will ever need; however, he sees with difficulty, since it is quite a chore to sift through the fog, the mist, the miasma of death and life and hatred and happiness

frowning dawn he finds

Holland Novak
10-21-2008, 10:05 PM
Jess A. Zimmerman

Coming to a thread near you... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5WzRc3u5ac)


10-28-2008, 09:56 PM

[bladeslinger+]hand of GOD


Dr. Horrible
11-08-2008, 02:21 PM
Name: Nathaniel A. Graves.
Date of birth: 26 April, 1982.
Sex: Male.
Race: African-American.
Appearance: A relatively handsome male with strong facial features, misty eyes, and ebon hair, Graves is fond of wearing a sable fedora and long coat in a style last seen commonly in the 1940’s. A pair of leather-bound shoulder holsters wrap across his chest to sheath his engraved revolvers. Years of honing his body to the pinnacle of human capacity have resulted in a physique that is both pleasing to the eye and practical for a professional treasure hunter. Nearsightedness forces him to wear a thin pair of specks to see anything more than an arm’s length away from his face.
Occupation: Professional adventurer and treasure hunter.

Biography: Nathaniel Graves’ father was an esteemed scholar and adventurer in the American 1930s, who achieved fame and fortune despite the racial prejudice of the time. As a young boy Graves would read about his father’s exploits in comic books and newspapers, and although many of the tales were highly exaggerated, his father’s life of adventure and excitement would inspire him to follow a similar course. Unfortunately, his father had given up his days of adventuring once he realized he had a son, and vehemently opposed his son’s dreams of following in his footsteps. His father would instead make sure that his son received the best schooling and mentoring that money could buy.

Because of his father’s strict expectations, Graves excelled in both school and athletics, finding himself particularly adept in the subjects of History and Science. When the time came for the young man to enroll in a university, he suddenly realized that he didn’t want the life of a scholar. Simply reading about exotic lands and far-off places wasn’t enough. He wanted to experience them. With all the determination and strength of character that his father had instilled in him as a child, he stood up to his father and refused to further his education.

His relationship with his father would be forever tarnished after that day, and he would find himself alone in a world without direction or a means of providing for himself. After several weeks of no work, he finally found an opportunity to make a little money as a translator for a small archaeology dig in Russia. Though the expedition would end in catastrophe and bloodshed, it would go down in the history books as the first adventure of treasure hunter Nathaniel Graves.

Dr. Horrible
11-08-2008, 02:45 PM
Name: Nathaniel A. Graves.

Date of birth: 26 April, 1982.

Sex: Male.

Race: African-American.

Appearance: A relatively handsome male with strong facial features, misty eyes, and ebon hair, Graves is fond of wearing a sable fedora and long coat in a style last seen commonly in the 1940’s. A pair of leather-bound shoulder holsters wrap across his chest to sheath his engraved revolvers. Years of honing his body to the pinnacle of human capacity have resulted in a physique that is both pleasing to the eye and practical for a professional treasure hunter. Nearsightedness forces him to wear a thin pair of specks to see anything more than an arm’s length away
from his face.

Occupation: Professional adventurer and treasure hunter.

Biography: Nathaniel Graves’ father was an esteemed scholar and adventurer in the American 1930s, who achieved fame and fortune despite the racial prejudice of the time. As a young boy Graves would read about his father’s exploits in comic books and newspapers, and although many of the tales were highly exaggerated, his father’s life of adventure and excitement would inspire him to follow a similar course. Unfortunately, his father had given up his days of adventuring once he realized he had a son, and vehemently opposed his son’s dreams of following in his footsteps. His father would instead make sure that his son received the best schooling and mentoring that money could buy.

Because of his father’s strict expectations, Graves excelled in both school and athletics, finding himself particularly adept in the subjects of History and Science. When the time came for the young man to enroll in a university, he suddenly realized that he didn’t want the life of a scholar. Simply reading about exotic lands and far-off places wasn’t enough. He wanted to experience them. With all the determination and strength of character that his father had instilled in him as a child, he stood up to his father and refused to further his education.

His relationship with his father would be forever tarnished after that day, and he would find himself alone in a world without direction or a means of providing for himself. After several weeks of no work, he finally found an opportunity to make a little money as a translator for a small archaeology dig in Russia. Though the expedition would end in catastrophe and bloodshed, it would go down in the history books as the first adventure of Nathaniel Graves.

Ryan Lockaar
11-16-2008, 01:19 PM
Alright... so.. Umm.. I have a few, and I'm just going to post them all here. I haven't used any of them yet.

Character Name: Gwedian Alasaron
Link to a thread s/he is in: None
Anything major spark the idea for this character: created her for World Of Orion
Basic storyline, if any: was forced to watch her mother get raped and escaped before the guy blew the mother's head off. is 5 years old now.
Brief bio: Gwedian is an interesting character. She's a mix between human and cat, and has mostly cat persona. She still has nightmares about the guy that raped her mother, and she vows to avenge the death. She has a durin black glass dagger that she carries around. Good luck getting it away from her.

Character Name: Ryan Lockaar
Link to a thread s/he is in: None
Anything major spark the idea for said character?: she's kind of an expansion on one of my pretend characters from when i was a kid.

Brief bio: I've had a million different things for Ryan. She's my main RP character. Pretty much, she's stronger and faster than she looks and fights with a staff. She's about 19 or so usually.

Character Name: Ryoushi Geruto
Link to a thread s/he is in: None
Anything major spark the idea for said character?: this is the funny one. My boyfriend and his friend like making crazy things out of pvc pipe, foam, and duct tape. they made a rifle for boffing (others call it larping, but there is a difference. look it up on YouTube) and I made myself what is considered a mace without the chain thing. Just a bludgeoner. I went outside to boff, and I had the rifle resting against my shoulder and the mace. the idea of this character sprung from that.

Brief bio: Was genetically/biologically altered to become a human weapon. He escaped at the age of 15 and became a bounty hunter. He's kind of the lady's man, but he's not really interested in the women that are constantly following him. He has the hearing and sense of smell like a dog, and his reflexes are very cat-like. His sight is almost like a high tech scope.

11-25-2008, 12:42 PM
From the medical notes of Dr. Robert Courrier.


Christian Name: Albert Nelson
Alias: Funnycide
Subject No.: B0789
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Project Conform

Subject B0789 was one of seven subjects entered into the Project Conform program. The program was a government-funded medical study that was researching a correlation between post-human abilities and a mass of mutated pseudo-nerves clustered near the base of the post-humans’ cerebellum. In the later stages of Project Conform, surgery was performed on each of the seven subjects. The goal of the operation was to sever the unique nerve tissue found in the post-humans in an attempt to “unplug” their innate abilities. All but one of the subjects survived the procedure itself; however, five additional subjects died within twenty-four hours following the surgery. Reports claimed the side-effects of the procedure to be massive headaches, confusion, hallucinations, cranial hemorrhaging, fits of uncontrolled post-human power, and violent outbursts. The only surviving subject was B0789, Albert Nelson. B0789 suffered all of the above symptoms and was left mentally unstable. This subject was held in isolation in Fall Creek Mental Hospital, and kept under close inspection. Follow-up observations found that B0789’s post-human abilities had not been deactivated, but rather his control over those abilities was severely crippled. The subject reported headaches and hallucinations more frequently as time progressed. In addition, B0789’s behavior grew increasingly more violent and unpredictable. The Project Conform program was considered a failure and research was immediately ceased. Subject B0789 was to be held in isolation indefinitely.

Subject 0789, Albert Nelson, was reported missing from the Fall Creek Mental Hospital on March 3rd, 2008. The man is considered extremely dangerous and mentally ill. Any sightings of Albert Nelson should be reported to Fall Creek Mental Hospital.

Post-human Abilities: Albert Nelson was born with average-strength psionic abilities. When admitted into Project Conform, Nelson had developed his abilities into functional forms of telekinesis, telepathy, and mental foresight. After undertaking surgery, Nelson was unable to manipulate his mental powers in any guided or meaningful way. The extent of his recovery so far is limited to sporadic bursts of telekinetic energy and blurry glimpses into the memories of other human beings.

Physical Features: Nelson is a man of average height with a lean build. His skin is pallid and clammy with flushed cheeks and blood-shot eyes. Due to his mental instability, Nelson is barely able to comb his hair, let alone wash or trim it. A pointed face and hooked nose, accompanied by deep-set eyes, often make Nelson’s twisted expressions seem awkward or pained. The subject does not sleep often and as a result, may appear sweaty, frantic and shaky. For unknown reasons, Nelson has filed his teeth into fang-like points. The man’s attire is often a mismatched collage of stolen or scavenged clothing.

Mental Status: Nelson’s mental health balances on an undulated set of extremes. Some days he is able to groom himself and function like an average (yet extremely eccentric) person. However, the next morning he may not be able to get out of bed without hurting himself or having some sort of violent fit. There seems to be no pattern in these behavioral shifts and so Nelson is considered unfit for a life within society.

Additional information: For unknown reasons, B0789 has taken to referring to himself by the nickname “Funnycide.” Perhaps he read the phrase in a magazine or heard it on television. B0789 has no recollection of his real name or life before Project Conform.

Abel Cain
12-04-2008, 07:46 PM
Name: Abel Cain
Gender: Male
Ethinticity: Caucasian/Non-Hispanic
Race: Born Human/Made Vampire
Age: Aged at 22, but has lived for 156 years.
Occupation: Hermit, Watcher
Height: 6'7
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Hazel
Hair Style: Messy but short
Skin Color: Pale
Body Type: Skinny and lean
Affiliations: None so far
Location: Unknown

Breif Bio:
Born in Massachusetts, on December 15th, 1852, Abel was born to a carpenter. Practically killing his mother as he was born, he was generally resented by his father, who believed him to be a cold murderer. Nevertheless, Abel continued on in his life, becoming a rather intelligent boy. The head of his class, Abel was obsessed with learning new things. Everything interested him, from Math to History. He was a swift learner, and could learn things in a matter of minutes. Praised by his teacher, Abel was known in the small town of Amhearst as a smart boy, one that would obviously become something big.

However, his dreams were shattered when he contracted an odd case of Tuberculosis. Killing him softly and slowly, his father basically left him to die, spouting that it was only Karma getting back at him for killing his mother. After a few months of infection, his father brought him out into a nearby forest, and left him to die alone. Giving up his life, Abel slowly drifted to the afterlife.

However, someone or something brought him back. Not knowing who or what, Abel left the cabin he awoke in. Realizing he wasnt human after a few weeks, and realizing he had an insatiable blood-lust, he went into hiding. For hundred of years, Abel was gone, watching as history progressed. While in hiding, he did his past to create some kind of cure for his vampirism. However, he came to no avail, and still tries to find a cure today.

To this day, he wonders from place to place, helping where he can. He looks for a cure for his "disease", even performing experiments at certain places and times.

Personality: Melancholy at times, Abel is naturally a sad person. Hes not depressed, but is very torn between what he is and what he wants to be. However, thats not to say he is always sad. He has times where he has a humor, and some times, may even be happy. Very smart, his intelligence is only held back by the fact he cant live a normal life.

Attributes: As a Vampire, he has some oddities. For one, his strength is double, as is his speed. He has a minor regeneration trait, which heals wounds after a few days. However, major wounds can kill him, obviously. Even though hes lived for 156 years, Abel still has not learned of all his abilities, and still has to find them.

Weapons: As of now, he carries only a small pistol, for obvious defense. He isnt one to fight much, and will most likely run from conflict. He needs obvious training before he can fight boldly.

12-10-2008, 02:44 PM
Evelyn ‘Eve’ Neil

Born- August 4th, 1984

Appearance- Blond haired, green eyed, female. 5’9. Pale. Thin. Hardly noticeable.

Crime- Murdered the couple in the apartment beside her own with a kitchen knife when she could no longer stand hearing them fight through the walls.

Died- October 13th, 2008




Revived- October 13th, 2008



'Forever' She Said (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?p=2131870#post2131870)

12-10-2008, 03:44 PM
Angela Dominque Rayez

Lover of Epic Proportions

Bearer of the Witchblade

Commander of NESTS Cartel

Love Me, Hate Me<3

12-11-2008, 08:20 PM

the Betrayer
the Savior
the Boy brushed red living in black and white

12-12-2008, 12:19 PM
Name: Whit.

Alias: Whit Westwind, Whit Weston, Courage, The Comeback Kid, and The Man Without Fear.

Gender: Male.

Race: Genetically Enhanced Super Human. (A Dying Breed)

Age: 24

Appearance (http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g300/yas-m/Wallpapers/Foxy.jpg):

height, 5’11
weight, 185 lbs.
hair, brown.
eyes, brown.
dress, varies.

Weapons: Guns.


Super- strength, speed, and reflexes.

Genetically Enhanced Healing Process- Allows him to take large amounts of damage, and recover from it at a rapid pace, increases his pain tolerance, makes him immune to most poisons and toxins, and reduces aging.

Battle Mind- a set of techniques on how to deal with a variety of combat situations, learned over a long and grueling training period, and sharpened after years of on the job experience.

Job: Kickass.

Specialty: Weapons, espionage, combat, tactical warfare, disguise, combat, fighting, and combat.

Bio: Case and file #192-337-P5: Project, Omului Armă.

12-24-2008, 07:51 PM
Ink (http://ketchup-suicide.deviantart.com/art/i-love-ink-6342003)
Very, very sneaky. A rat, a conman, an experienced thief and a malevolent assassin. Cliche is his middle name.

12-25-2008, 07:01 PM
Samuel L. Jackson,

"I've had it with these motherfuсking snakes on this motherfuсking plane."

12-29-2008, 12:46 PM
Is this really necessary?

Oliver Fisher

A young and restless gentleman with a preferance for tamed and violent labor.

01-17-2009, 11:20 PM
Name: Lars Kessler, formerly Lars Skeinisch

Aliases: "The German Jackhammer", "The Berlin Brawler", "The Fury from Frankfurt"

Age: 25 (b. 1984)

Ethnicity: caucasian

Ht: 5'9"

Wt: 220 lbs.

Eye color: gray

Hair color: brown

Phys. Descrip: Lars is of average size and, thanks to a lifetime of physical refinement and spartan tastes, herculean build. Although short by most standards, Lars is seemingly chiseled out of solid rock. Still, he is not exactly what could be considered 'handsome'. His head, while not overly large, has what might be considered a 'heavy' quality. More over his broad forehead, sparse hair from regular shearings, and thick, wide eyebrows--coupled with a neanderthal-esque clefted chin--create the illusion that his head is more square than it actually is. Add to that the squashed, oft-broken nose common to most boxers, and lars is easily what one might think of as "ugly", "brutish", and even "unsettling".

Bio: If Lars had a childhood, it was either incredibly uneventful or too eventful for close discussion; because he almost never brings it up in conversation, and is careful to divert the situation should it come up. It can be assumed, though, that he enjoyed boxing as a child, because throughout highschool and college he was a top athlete in the field of amateur boxing. It was no surprise that he pursued it full-time after graduation. His ultimate goal, he was wont to say, was to become an olympian champion. As he waited for his chance to join the time, Lars kept in shape by participating in local exhibitions. However, he moonlighted as an underground prizefighter. Upon this disinterment Lars' critics and detractors pounced, bringing his disgrace to public eye and forever ruining his chance at The Olympics. In shame, Lars traveled by train from Berlin to London. Along the way he supported himself by participating in local bouts. When he reached London he purchased an economy-class ticket from Heathrow to Chicago, reasoning that the rough industrial city would be a good place for someone who used his hands for a living. In summation, he touched down and picked up where he left off, changing his name to Kessler and continuing his training as a world-class boxer.

Personality: Lars is a man of few words. He prefers to listen rather than talk. His is calm and methodical. Intrestingly enough, he prefers to resolve issues diplomatically rather than physically. Thus, if a argument can be ended with words, Lars will try to do so (in his slow, careful, almost halting double-bass voice) before he beats the crap outta the altercator. His life is, by necessity, generally austere. He drinks irregularly (perhaps savoring a glass of whiskey about once a week) and never smokes. Lars is a man of simple taste, he enjoys no-frills classic rock, an occasional double-bacon-cheeseburger, and movies starring his favorite actor Dolph Lundgren.

Abilities: Lars has strength, stamina, and endurance that pushes the limit of human capacity. He is by no means, however, superhuman in these traits. Perhgaps more fascinating his his mind, which has retained his methodical, calculating nature despite being the frequent target of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

Accoutrements: Lars possessions include a few changes of clothes, a military surplus jacket, a battery-powered clock radio, one or two paperback novels (Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and Catch-22 by Jospeh Heller), and his boxing gloves.

01-20-2009, 11:32 PM
Pzychobitch ♥

i like my shades.

the blue eyed blonde.
don't care for violence, hun.

an electrolicious bitch.
but that don't mean i don't carry a gun.

Catherine Bellerose

01-23-2009, 06:23 PM
Name: Brother Lucius
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Heritage: Italian
Citizenship/Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Priest
Personal Quote: Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace)
Personality: Introspective, and somewhat introverted.

Appearance: Brother Lucius is a 6 foot tall, well built man, with green eyes and slightly curly light brown hair. None would call him handsome, however- he has a shiny burn scar around his right arm, and where both earlobes should be, there is nothing. There is another scar, this one straight, that cuts across his calf, which occasionally racks him with pain, and throws off his balance. He goes about his business in a Monk's habit, with a traditional hood and large crucifix about his neck- the robes conceal his scars. Brother Lucius is not a vain man, but is, instead, one of the most gracious people you could hope to meet. He does not like the pain his appearance causes others, and so conceals it. He walks with a cane, which allows him a sort of weapon where there would normally be none.

Short Character Biography: Brother Lucius is the only name the man can remember. There is no knowledge of his previous life, and he only knows his age because of the various doctors he saw after whatever happened. The only things he remembers are sharp pains around his head, and his arm striking something hot before falling into the water. He was saved by a gondolier in Venice and taken to the Basilica di San Marco a Venezia- St. Mark's Basilica, where he had a revelation- God had saved him to bring peace to the world; through any means necessary. He was sent to Rome shortly afterward for spiritual training, and then gave himself instruction in the ways of the old Military Orders- he took up fencing, and learned their history. He took vows of poverty and chastity, and now wanders the world attempting to bring peace and comfort to the innocent, and retribution to the guilty- but he will never deviate from his orders as he interprets them, or the written will of God.

Abilities: Being a man of God, Brother Lucius can call upon his faith in times of great need, whether it be to heal or to deliver punishment upon the wicked. He cannot heal himself, for only the will of God may deliver him from harm, but he can intervene for others. Should combat be needed, he may call upon the Lord for strength, allowing his stamina to exceed that of common men, and his blows, when they must be administered, to have an effect beyond that of most.

Possessions: The only possessions Lucius has are the cane he walks with everywhere, his crucifix, and the clothes upon his back. After all, God will provide.

01-23-2009, 09:49 PM
Name: Hoen Cook
Age: 27
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'8"
Appearance: Normal, generally well-dressed.
Personality: Happy, sarcastic for the sake of humor



--Physical: He fancies himself a brawler, but his style lacks discipline. He does what he can manage however it can be managed. It doesn't really matter to him, and it never was that much of a concern to pursue fancy martial arts classes. Hoen has a naturally flexible form due to an extra lumbar in his spine.

--Magical: The only thing really abnormal about Hoen would have to be a set of runic tattoos on his left arm that give him minor control over the wind element at little physical expense. This compensates a bit for his wanton fighting style.

--Weapon of choice: Improvised weaponry is his forte. It seems that Hoen has a knack for pulling things out of his ass when it matters most.


Background: Born and raised in Ireland, Hoen spent his later years bouncing from one drunken brawl to the next until worldly pursuits led him outward bound. He found himself in an obscure village in China, and after saving a village boy he found in the woods with a broken leg, he fell into his minor ability with the Wind element courtesy of the village elders. Since he has fancied himself a drifter. Hoen doesn't necessarily have a home, and he is comfortable with that. He finds food and housing from doing odd jobs here and there. He lives a comfortable life, and knows full well that he may return to his family in Ireland if his wanderlust turns against him.

01-23-2009, 09:54 PM

Age: Fifty years.

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 160lbs.

Apperance: Scruffy looking, medium tanned skin and brown, questionably crimson eyes. A once stocky body now very muscular all around. A walking tank if you will. A 5 o'clock shadow that never goes away all about his round face. His hair is curly but buzzed down short, and his arms, legs, chest and back are nicely covered in black hair. Even if "scruffy looking" is how people near always describe him, he's constantly dressed in a perfect fitting black zoot suit complete with tie, hat and shiny black shoes. The color of his tie changes depending on the occasion, and his forehead is a bit large, cheekbones are a bit small, giving him a "bulgy eyed" look that adds to his intimidation factor. Honestly, you'd think he came right out of a mafia story.

Damian's demonic appearance:

Height: 6' flat.

Weight: 191lbs.

Appearance: Purple skin with two short horns on his bald head. Nothing but a cloth of leather covering his private areas. His body is uncovered and showing an extremely well toned, almost monstrous physique. Outside of his human "shell" he has unbelievable strength and speed. His mouth has two rows of 40 extremely sharp pointed teeth (which he'll use frequently), and his fingers all have 4 inch long claws. His toes become obsidian hard black talons and he has a pair of 10 foot long purple-and-black bat wings on his back. His eyes glow a distinct crimson color, and become darker blood red as he gets more angry.

Weapons: His favored weapon is a set of nunchucks which he can wield with not immense, but notable skill. They're two nine inch poles of solid oak wood with steel bars inside, connected to a 3 inch long chain. He usually keeps the nunchucks hidden inside his suit pocket, making them easy to reach. His secondary weapon is a simple lead weighted blackjack with a a black strap and cover for the weight. In a last resort, he always has a few assisted opening stiletto knives on him.

Abilities: Damian's powers consist of earth and wind manipulation. Earth manipulation is primarily used for offensive purposes, while wind is used for supportive or defensive purposes. His skills in element control far surpass his weapon usage, which usually results in him making spikes jut out of his nunchucks for a mere second to inflict mortal damage on his opponent, or causing the ground underneath someones feet to soften so their movement will become limited for just enough time for Damian to attack again. Usually he'll use wind control to make a person miss when swinging at him while he's tired, or preventing him from injuring himself when he falls. When in his demonic state, his control doubles in strength. His human shell limits his abilities.

Personality: He acts as an extremely sophisticated individual. Sipping wine while reading Shakespeare, listening to chamber music and talking about classic novels. He has a "sophisticated" sense of humor, even if he doesn't look like he would. He's a gentleman in every way.

Abnormalities: He's a demon. His weaknesses include holy magic and exorcism. Crucifixes don't matter, holy water burns his skin, but it'd more likely make him mad unless he were dropped in a vat of the stuff. If one wanted to truly defeat him he would need to be taken out of his human shell and then exorcised by a holy man such as a priest. If his human shell is killed, he has the choice of either revealing his true form or disappearing and reincarnating completely. Though reincarnation takes a long time to take place, he'd rather do that than risk being destroyed completely.

01-28-2009, 01:38 AM
Name: David Zhao

Description: A quiet Chinese-American who sees idyllic beauty in world of corruption and destruction.

Art: Water colors, pencil, photography and psychology.

Blood Rose
02-13-2009, 06:44 PM
.Name. Blakas the Undead Athenian Historian

.Height. 6'0''
.Weight. 185 lbs
.Other. Brown eyes, auburn past-ear hair, betwixt pale and healthy, smiling

.Weapons. None. Does not fight, can not fight, would not fight.

.Abilities. Absolutely immortal. Feels little pain.

.Reason. He's around to follow and record the Undead Spartan's path through history.

.Flaw. He's very forgetful, and has not once been able to record an event.

Blakas Athena whispered. The sepulchural hall deep underneath the Acropolis with its rows of 300 entombed soldiers was silent as the grave it was. But as Athena turned her attention to the least of her servants the silence was decimated by the sounds of crashing metal and stone. Amid the settling dust a man sat bolt upright among what seemed to be a nest of tapestries, blankets and furs. His auburn hair hung slightly past his ear and swayed vigorously as the man shook his head, rubbing his eyes.

Huh- Whassamatter? The bleary voice smashed through the silence and it seemed as if the hanging draperies cringed from the sound of the man’s voice.

Blakas, awaken and record Athena whispered again. The goddess of knowledge has two sides. Currently her darker side was expressed in full as her chosen soldier of chaos and destruction boiled conflicts until they exploded. Her more well-known side was being neglected at the moment and she chose her 301st immortal servant to fulfill it. Blakas, the Athenian Historian. His one role as Athena’s servant he had to fulfill was to record the Undead Spartans’ movement through time, their conquests and victories. And to be sure the information would reach the ears of the masses, so that they might fear Athena’s dark hand. Unfortunately, he was very poor at it, which accounted for the pure anonymity of the 300 under the Acropolis.

Blakas the Historian stood up and brushed himself off, it had been at least a hundred years since he had been awoken by his goddess and dust could accumulate in one alone. The suit that he traditionally wore was outdated if the shock of time that Athena granted him upon his awakening had told him anything and slightly eaten through by the moths that frequented this underground cavern. Muttering to himself he turned and began searching for his bag amongst all the blankets and tapestries. It was his bag full of writing materials that he took with him wherever he went in order to better track the ripples of the Spartans’ actions through time. It seemed to constantly get away from him however as it had now.

Oh dear goddess Athena Blakas quavered as he fell on his knees amongst his previous bed. I have failed you once again, I cannot find the account of the wars fought in Europa during the early 1900’s. I have failed you once again, I am miserable and not worth your mercy. Smite me down! Now!

Blakas, though you are aptly named I am not my brother. Another chance you shall have. Now go and record

My goddess! You are merciful!! I shall live every second of the rest of eternity as the gift you have given to me! Praise Athena! And this was the way of things between the two. Blakas’ failure and Athena’s mercy. Blakas beaming stood up from the floor and ran up the stairs ready to embrace the brilliant sun that he could see once more because of Her. He threw open the door after his breathless run and took one step out into the wild beyond before tripping over the threshold and landing flat on his face, taking the breath from his body. He didn’t wince, as his immortal form knew little pain but he didn’t get up right away either.

St. Valentine’s Masquerade Ball... Blakas had landed face down on an invitation that had one large bloody thumb smear on the front. The woken Spartan had probably received the invitation and gone on to the ball. Blakas resolved to meet him there, after finding some decent clothing. But for right this moment he rolled over to his back and soaked in the warmth of the sun beating down upon his form. It was good to be awake.

02-18-2009, 05:21 PM
Cecelia Pace,

Lady with an umbrella, and she's not afraid to use it.

02-20-2009, 04:24 PM

Continued after the events of Tekkonkinkreet.

Several years have passed since the tragedies in Treasure Town. Black and White finally hopped a plane to the coast and lived in an old house stationed on the beach. However, local youth gangs, eager to prove their toughness against the legendary Cats, razed their beachside paradise, burning the house down to sandy ashes. White was trapped inside the house and despite Black’s desperate attempts to rescue his partner; he was forced to face the woeful morning light alone.

The heartrending loss of his na&#239;ve partner has once again hardened Black’s heart and rekindled his burning spite towards mankind. With his hatred born anew and White’s innocent spirit no longer able to interfere, Black’s destructive alter-ego known as the Minotaur has resurfaced to bind its shadowy claws around the boy’s spirit.

Black, under the dark influences of the Minotaur, now travels the globe in search of greater power. Destruction and death seem to be his sole ambitions with the sinister hope of bringing about the Armageddon driving his search. Unfortunately for the Minotaur, White’s memory still echoes through his host’s psyche, ceaselessly reminding Black of his ability to shape his own fate. The constant internal struggle between light and darkness has racked the teen’s brain and left a marred path of psychological scars in its wake. As time passes and Black’s memories fade, the Minotaur grows more powerful.

Name; Black
Age; Fifteen
Ethnicity; Japanese
Occupation; Vagrant
Distinguishing Features; Scars over right eye and jaw line. Shoulder-length black hair.
Weaponry; A narrow metal pipe used as a staff-like weapon.
Supernatural Abilities; Superhuman speed, strength, agility, reflexes, and durability. Insane level of acrobatics and physical athleticism.
Alter-Ego: The Minotaur, a slender green-skinned figure with red hair and the head of a cattle skull. The Minotaur’s agility and fighting skills are honed to ludicrous extremes and he is especially proficient with the use of his bone javelin. The Minotaur resides in Black’s mind and manifests itself only to protect Black from overwhelming danger.

Be happy... be happy...

02-22-2009, 05:04 AM

Name: Ba Bentham
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Bremerhaven, Bremen, Germany
Ethnic Background: German-American
Languages: English, slight German
Date of Birth: 05.16.1985
Religion: Atheist
Marital Status: Single
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Build: Gaunt
Complexion: Light tan
Height: 193.04cm
Weight: 66.15kg
Blood Type: O-
Eyes: Bright green
Hair: Black, chopped short

Personality: A happy demeanor, a love of all sweet food, enjoys dressing up as a woman, extremely eccentric, infectious laugh, incredibly bloodthirsty, callous, apathetic, manipulative
Flaws: Impatient, a compulsive liar, slightly neurotic

Post-human factors: Ba has an ability that is best described as “gravitation.” He has the ability to repel and attract objects, people, and most anything to and from his body. With enough concentration and effort he is even able to push back projectile-based post-human abilities. (Through testing, he has found that he is able to do this only twice within a 24 hour period.) A limitation of this ability is the fact that he can only repel and attract things with his body being a point of origin for the “gravity.” (IE, he cannot force someone away from anything other than his body.)

With training he has been able to hone his ability to the point of being able to project things to and from his body at near light-speed, granting himself a form of minor teleportation. While he is not able to teleport himself directly anywhere he wants, he can easily retrieve objects from across the globe so long as he is able to visualize the object in its exact location. For reasons unknown he is unable to repel humans across distances at near light-speed.

His physical characteristics are above-human, bordering superhuman. He has the ability to take massive amounts of damage, far beyond that of most “superhumans.” He believes it is an odd side-effect of his normal ability, as if “repelling damage.” This does not make him immortal, however, though it is easy to see how an opponent might draw such conclusions after seeing him take massive amounts of blunt force trauma and end up with only a slight concussion.

Ba specializes in his agility, with his strength being on par with a normal human.

General Skills: Excellent at baking, very acrobatic, good hand-eye coordination, extraordinary balance, flexible, good with people
Weapons: An umbrella. No, seriously.
Items on hand: Binoculars, iPhone, fingernail polish, compact make-up kit, box of matches, Marlboro Red 100 pack (status: half-empty), notepad and pen, a small book of notorious people who frequent the Clans and Guilds underground (aka, a Bingo book). All of this is kept in a slim satchel wrapped around his waist, the sack part behind him.

02-24-2009, 12:57 AM
Sorcha Devlin.
Alias: Scorch.
Alignment: Whichever side has heavier pockets.

Race: 'Remnant'
Age: -
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 11o lbs.
Physique: Limber.
Complexion: Pale, crossing into opalescent.
Hair: Dark with intermittent threads of midnight blue and white.
Eyes: Silver.

Abilities: “With the curl of Scorch's frosted fist, Masque could sense the temperature dropping to alert the scenery of her displeasure; she'd kindled a wintry flame that coated all that the snow had not touched with a thin layer of ice.

Not only could the demon pull this small parlor trick, but she could freeze over machinery, weapons, or even people with temperatures that dropped to absolute zero, meaning that all molecules within the radius of her chosen point would immediately cease to move if she willed it. And, once the ice was created, it could not be canceled out: melted, shattered, or chiseled. It was otherworldly; the craft of something on a higher plane than the rest of mortality or immortality. She was no trinket, and was kept on a very short leash because of it.” *

Personality: A creature of few words, Scorch is by nature a distant and pensive leader. Her disposition makes her less likely to befriend someone and more likely to attempt to control them- she is a master manipulator and uses a wide array of skills that she has accumulated throughout her lengthy lifespan to her advantage.
Character Flaws: Her perception of methodology is warped and twisted.

Known associations: Masque & The Pariah Collective. Apex.

* Source (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showpost.php?p=1824248&postcount=25)

03-09-2009, 09:24 PM
Name: James Emarka
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Athens, Greece
Languages: Greek, English, Mandarin, and Japanese (all fluently).
Date of Birth: April 24, 1986
Religion: Polytheism (The version of what is now considered Greek Mythology)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Past Professions: He had been killing people for a long time under the order and name of his Goddess since childhood, until recently, when she said he was to go out and see the world for what it is himself. He now works as a mercenary or body guard for whatever is needed where ever he may be.
Build: Muscled, Athletic
Complexion: Tan
Height: 192 centimeters
Weight: 104.3 kg
Blood Type: AB +
Eyes: Jade Green
Hair: Reddish brown, cut loose but efficiently
Personality- A man of iron resolution and unshakeable faith, James Emarka is someone who never loses his cool. He does not worry or stress without reason, nor does he disregard things out of hand without first examining them to see their worth. He is extremely goal oriented; never losing sight of the end result and having no problem making sacrifices to get there. He attempts to keep himself humble at all times, though like all humans, does eventually succumb to arrogance and the likes. That’s not to say he doesn’t have a sense of humor, however warped it may be; he takes a particularly vicious pleasure in waiting patiently for his defeated opponent’s god to answer their pleas and save them, before mocking them into oblivion by summoning Gaia, the one true Goddess, and ending their lives.
Flaws- James Emarka is incredibly close minded and stubborn when he wants to be, refusing to see truth even when it is stabbing him in the back. Emarka always fail to see the hypocrisy in his actions, often judging other people’s flaws while calling them out on it, recommending that they pray to Gaia for purity and forgiveness for their arrogant actions.
Geokinesis- Emarka retains the ability to shape Gaia, Mother Earth, to his will. He can manipulate the ground and minerals in it and around him to do his bidding with simple gestures and a mental command, doing something as small as shifting the ground beneath an opponent to knock them off balance to creating a barrage of earthen spikes from all directions to subtly altering the direction of bullets composed of more than 80&#37; of natural elements to miss him. He can assume the position of all but the most fleet-footed enemies simply from their footsteps on the ground, learning their location from the vibrations they create in the soil. The biggest asset of Geokinesis is Emarka’s ability to constantly shift the environment to suit his own sword fighting style, so that his slower odachi blade won’t be at such a disadvantage.
Limitations to Geokinesis- There must be some gesture involved with a command; otherwise it could go incredibly and horribly wrong, especially while in a fight. Controlling the power of Gaia takes immense concentration and is similar to channeling the power of a river: it could just as easily destroy him as he destroyed his opponents. If his concentration was ever broken in mid battle, he’d have to stop using his power until he could regain his center or risk killing himself along with his opponent.
Kronos – A 172 centimeter long Japanese two-handed sword type known as Odachi who is said to contain the soul of the strongest and youngest of the first generation of Titans, who overthrew his father and former king of the gods Ouranus, God of the Sky. Whether this is true or not is completely unknown, but the blade was given to Emarka personally by his goddess when he had completed his training, claiming that the blade would give him the extra power he needed to accomplish any task. As of yet, Emarka has had no reason to even consider trying to wake the blade from its dormant state. Kronos is very heavy, but Emarka is very efficient with it and knows how to work the size and weight to his advantage, especially in combination with his Geokinesis. Due simply to its massive size, it is always strapped to his back when not in combat.
Desert Eagle Mark XIX .44 Semi Automatic Pistol – Emarka carries a gun simply as a precaution, considering it a cowardly weapon. He’s not fond of using it in almost any situation, even as a last resort, but he refuses to be caught unstable, unaware, and unable to defend himself. He is barely proficient with it, relying much more heavily on his Geokinesis to handle long ranged fights for both offense and defense, but can hit a moving target if he needs to.
- He is always barefoot so that he can feel the Earth better.
- He is usually wearing faded combat fatigues and a tight black shirt with the sleeves cut off, allowing maximum movement for swinging his blade.
- His physical skills are far beyond normal humans. He is much stronger and faster than any man his age or size could be, able to use his sword deceptively easily, and has reaction times that are inferior only to a cybertronic brain.
- He follows the Chinese sword discipline of Tai Ji Quan and Japanese sword style of Shiranui-ryu, an improvisation style that compliments his Geokinesis, both taught to him by a man he has always simply called ‘Master’.

03-28-2009, 02:18 AM
Name: Viscount (Soroptimist) Croix

Age: 35

Nationality: Romanian

Socioeconomic Level as a child: Royalty

Socioeconomic Level as an adult[/B]: Upper Class

[B]Hometown: Bucharest

Current Residence: Clans and Guilds

Occupation: Diplomat

Income: 316,000 Romania New Lei/year (~$100,000/year)

Talents/Skills: Charisma, Persuasion, Sharpshooting, Hand-to-Hand Combat

Birth order: Only child

Significant Others (describe relationship): Onus – his only companion and bodyguard.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 1.8m (~6’-0”)

Weight: 68kg (~150 lbs)

Race: French Romanian

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Skin color: Olive

Shape of Face: Upside-down egg

Distinguishing features: Angular face, cybernetic hearing and sight, scar on right palm

How does he/she dress?: Like a Victorian-era Romanian noble (w/ cyber- and steam-punk)

Mannerisms: Unusually still and balanced.

Habits: Taps his foot when he’s nervous.

Health: Top military shape – enjoys horseback riding, jogging, climbing, swimming.

Favorite Sayings: “Only the man who does not need it deserves to inherit wealth; the man who would earn his fortune no matter where he started.”

Speech patterns: words sounds like they are coated in acoustic paneling.

Disabilities: weak grip in his right hand due to gunshot wound (he’s left-handed)

Style: Elegant, but down to earth.

Greatest flaw: Egocentricity

Best quality: Strong leadership qualities.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Educational Background: Given advanced education since the age of 8.

Intelligence Level: Could teach 2 graduate-level courses simultaneously.

Any Mental Illnesses? A slight case of egomania.

Learning Experiences: Was double-crossed in a fight; humiliated in school.

Character's short-term goals in life: To establish a political foothold.

Character's long-term goals in life: To protect #1.

How does Character see himself/herself? “A precious few are chosen to lead. I was chosen.”

How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? “If I bothered to give that question thought I might say they think I’m a fool.”

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Logic imperceptibly tainted by emotion.

What would most embarrass this character? To see his companion Onus dishonored.

Emotional Characteristics

Strengths/Weaknesses: Strong speaker and leader; poor follower, emotionally alienated.

Introvert or Extrovert?: Conspicuous extrovert – Inconspicuous introvert.

How does the character deal with anger? By blaming himself and blowing off steam with activity.

With sadness? By shutting down.

With conflict? By turning it into a complex game.

With change? With interest – investigating new possibilities for self-gain.

With loss? By distracting himself.

What would the character like to change in his/her life? The color of his socks; his chin.

What motivates this character? The challenge to overcome his faults.

What frightens this character? The absence of passion.

What makes this character happy? The presence of passion.

Is the character judgmental of others? Less so than himself.

Is the character generous or stingy? Conspicuously generous; inconspicuously stingy

Is the character generally polite or rude? Polite.

Spiritual Characteristics

Does the character believe in God? “I believe there’s a force that chose me.”

What are the character's spiritual beliefs? Merely the existence of divinity.

Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life? If so, what role does it play? Only in the way that gold is a part of a rifle’s inlay.


Soroptimist Croix was born in Romania to Drac and Wilhelmina Croix, a Romanian lord and a French noblewoman known by all in the surrounding countryside, who lived on an estate nestled in the darkest corner of the Carpathian Mountains. Though just and fair to the peasants and lesser nobility whom they allowed passage onto the estate, poachers, thrill-seekers, marauders, thieves and Roma that ventured onto Croix land were never heard from again. And neither were their families.

At night his parents would tell him stories of the pantheon of heroes that existed in their ancient lineage, and of the wars they fought in Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Russia, England, France, Spain, Greece and Jerusalem. By the age of 8 the young Lord Croix, for ‘twas his title to-be, was already being trained in the Arts gentlemanly (such as piano, chess, painting, fencing, boar hunting, archery, and marksmanship) and scholarly (such as philosophy, mathematics, science, history, and theology) alike. On his 9th birthday he was sent to L’Ecole du Governance to become a politician. During the summers when he would return to his native Romania as a teenager, his parents would educate him in the history of Romania’s government and introduce him to the local nobility – at night he would sneak off the estate grounds and into the forest where traveling Roma taught him to knife fight. Drac taught him the ways of winning a battle honorably; the Roma taught him the only way to win fights – unfairly. During a particularly underhanded knife fight, when Soroptimist thought he had cornered a scrappy, lanky Roma youth he was rewarded by a 9mm Parabellum round from the boy’s concealed semi-automatic Reaper – a kiss from the past that would be his lifelong companion in the form of a red spot on his palm.

By the time he was 15 he had helped in resolving two famines, a gypsy uprising, several local disputes and a handful of minor skirmishes – by the eve of his 18th birthday he had caused two wars in neighboring countries (one of them over a girl) and over 20,000 people had been drained white over the Croix coat of arms by Croix blades. During the last week of the fighting an explosion near his encampment sent Soroptimist into darkness – when he awoke it had taken his hearing and sight.

Lord Soroptimist Croix inherited the earth of his parents’ land, the prestige of their titles, the luxury of their property and the crushing weight of their responsibilities in the most bitter October of his 20th year. He buried Drac and Wilhelmina under that same bitter October snow – an internment witnessed only through artificial eyes; a eulogy heard only with artificial ears.

15 years later, Soroptimist Croix arrives by locomotive at his new residence in a new town in an unfamiliar country. He has been reduced to a Viscount, a transition thats details are known by his only companion, a mute, burly 7’ Bulgarian houndsman he refers to only as “Onus” – the very same man said to have caused Croix’s descent. Croix and Onus explore their surroundings in this strange new city…


03-30-2009, 09:28 AM
Character Name: Brian-Evan Richard Askew
Link to a thread s/he is in: None Yet
Anything major spark the idea for said character?: Dectective novels by Ed Mcbain, SRPS (or whatever the old C/G police force was called), Law & Order SVU (It's the best one!).
Basic storyline, if any: Stickin' his nose where it doesn't belong, all in the name of homeland security.
Brief bio: Federal Agent.

04-07-2009, 06:25 PM
t h e B L U E n o v a

. _ D A T A B A S E I N S E R T I O N

" Jack Frost "

._ G E N E R A L I N F O R M A T I O N

Birth Name: Isaac Charles Edwards
Aliases: Jack Frost
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Mobile, Alabama, United States of America
Ethnic Background: German American
Languages: English
Date of Birth: 06.17.1987
Religion: Agnostic
Martial Status: Single

._ P H Y S I C A L A N A L Y S I S

Build: Athletic; lean
Complexion: Pale
Height: 175cm
Weight: 65.77kg
Blood Type: AB-
Eyes: Glacial Blue
Hair: White
Hair Length: Short

._ P S Y C H O L O G I C A L A N A L Y S I S

" The findings of this staff indicate that while Mr. Edwards' behavioral patterns initially fell within acceptable societal norms and seemingly in spite of his strong stability matrix, Mr. Edwards' pleasant disposition is a mask for indicators of potentially terminal instability and we believe that he should be interred at this facility for further observation."

._ P O S T H U M A N I N F O R M A T I O N


._ P R O F E S S I O N A L A F F I L I A T I O N

Past Professions: Janitorial Services, Pizza Delivery
Past Affiliations: Not Applicable
Current Profession: Not Applicable
Current Affiliations: Not Applicable

._ B E H I N D T H E S C E N E S

Inspiration: I got bored.
Currently In: Nothing Not Applicable

Cold Front (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=81634) [COMPLETE]: Introduction to the Ice Manipulator
Frost Bitten (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=81634) [PENDING]: Extremely basic firearms 'training'

04-08-2009, 01:24 AM
+ General Information

- name. Cyrus Bert
- profession. Photographer
- age. Twenty Four
- current location: Seattle

+ Physical Characteristics

- Long, lean, and rather slender.
- Thick brownish-blonde hair, curly, medium length.
- Complete lack of facial hair.
- Regular Blue Eyes.
- Six foot two.
- Two hundred pounds.
- Caucasian

+ Biographical Information

- (Will be updated as it is revealed in character.)

+ Abilities, Powers

- (Will be updated as it is revealed in character.)

+ Clan / Guild / Organization

- None.

Principal Forge
04-08-2009, 09:31 PM
Birth Name: John Anthony Almeida (al-may-duh)
Alias(s): John Anthony; John Callisto; Tony Almeida; Callisto
D.o.B: October 25th, 1967
Gender: Male
Appearance: TAs7-2 (http://por-img.cimcontent.net/api/assets/bin-200811/fe25541364b4dbbb065cb3a6a5731314.jpg) TAs?-1 (http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/2243/24084.jpg)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 178 lbs


Sound manipulation: (A general term) The ability to detect and distort vibrations. This can be used to detect the resonant frequency of an object and amplify it back to cause distress or even destruction in the object. Can also be used to amplify or null any sort of sound.

- To be revealed

Weapons: .454 Casull Mateba Autorevolver (http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/6273/matebagrifoneblack.jpg)

Country - Italy
Type - Automatic revolver
Date of design - 1997
Service duration - 1997 - Present
Cartridge - .357 mag .44 mag .454 Casull
Action - Automatic Double-action
Muzzle velocity - 1800 ft/min (9 m/s) .454 Casull
Effective range - 200 ft (61 m)
Weight (Unloaded) - 2.96 lb (1.35 kg)
Length - 10.83 in (275 mm)
Barrel - 6 in (152 mm)
Magazine capacity - 6
Viewing sights - iron sights fixed 2 dot Night sight



Clan Information:


More information to come...

04-09-2009, 03:29 PM
Name: Rhiga
Sex: Female
Race: Dracon - Dracons are bipedal creatures created out of a mix of human and dragon blood. They have no wings, but can breathe acid. They have claws, fangs, a tail, scales, horns, and three fingers, three toes, plus a thumb and spur in each respective limb.
Hair: None; Dracons have horns.
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Reddish, with pale yellow belly, palms, soles, and underside.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130 lbs

Bio: Born in the Dracon city of Hekaga, Rhiga's early life was one of poverty, having been raised by her mother alone, as neither she nor her mother knew who her father was. Her mother was a dancer, and taught this skill to her daughter. Even with steady work, Rhiga was often unable to make both ends meet due to her low wages and the fact that few other occupations are open to females in Dracon lands. Her brother was a thief who taught her how to steal if she needed to get more than she was being paid. For a couple of years, Rhiga was able to steal from rich Dracons who hired her to perform for their feasts. Because many guests arrive at such events, it would be difficult to pin the blame on any one individual if the host discovered that some of his valuables were stolen. Unfortunately, Rhiga's luck ran out when she attempted to steal from the prince of Hekaga. While she managed to escape, she cannot safely return to the city, and thus, she hit the road, and has gained experience since her flight from the Hekaga. Rhiga is a mid-level rogue who is currently on the run from the law of her home city.

05-05-2009, 01:19 PM
Bleeding Heart

[NAME] Keith Jurian
[AGE] 27 Years
[HEIGHT] 5' 9"
[WEIGHT] 189lbs.
[ETHNICITY/NATIONALITY] 1/4th Chinese, but an American citizen.

[APPEARANCE] Average height, very chiseled, toned, muscular body. Rough skin on his hands from training the strength of his grip, as well as conditioning his palms. His skin tone is healthy but not tanned, he is white but he gets his amount of sunlight when he needs it. His eye color is gray, his hair color is black. His hair naturally spikes, and he keeps it just long enough for the spikes to show. His cheeks are hollow and his face is masculine. On his right wrist is a gray silhouette of the bleeding heart (http://th08.deviantart.com/fs4/300W/i/2005/137/7/6/Bleeding_heart_by_Moonbeam13.jpg) plant, which he calls his insignia. Most of his clothes have the bleeding heart shape on them.

[SKILLS] 15 years of martial arts training, heavily drilled in street fighting tactics. He is a formidable opponent. His core strength is immense, meaning one well placed punch is capable of sending a man flying. His weapon training is also superb, and he is familiar with weapons such as the spear, polearm, broadsword, and others, as well as being capable of improvising (using a short pocket knife, a stick, a pen). Firearm knowledge is basic, but he can pull a trigger easily enough.

His education extends to an associates degree in psychology along with extensive personal study on anatomy and physiology. He is knowledgeable in Chinese medicine and healing with acupressure and herbal remedies.

[ABILITIES] Beyond his human physical strength and stamina, Keith was bestowed with the paranormal ability of fire manipulation. How he received it is uncertain but he knows that it happened shortly after taking the bleeding heart as his personal icon. He can send unseen waves of heat, make balls of fire appear by snapping his fingers or throwing a punch or kick, shoot lasers of heat from his eyes, the possibilities appear to be endless. He is even capable of engulfing weapons in heat without damaging them, but he cannot engulf his own body without harming himself.

[BIOGRAPHY] Keith was a wandering mind from the start. Born and raised, and currently presiding in Chicago, all he could do was daydream and think about other things. He managed to pay attention just enough in school to get his diploma and degree, though friendships were pretty short. It wasn't a mental disorder, it was just the way he was. Some called him brilliant, others called him ditsy. He ignored most of it, even though friendships were far with few between. His main focus was his martial arts training, even though everyone did what they could to say he did it poorly and should quit, he still did it. He trained so hard, for countless hours, to be the best he could be. The only time he could think of one thing for a long time was when he was training. His train of thought since then has gotten better, and now he searches for his true meaning and purpose. With his warriors mindset of going into every day, willing to not see the end of it, he looks for his place.

05-06-2009, 02:38 PM
ohh noooo you di-uuuunt!!

name: janice spinda
age: 29
gender: female

height: 5'9"
weight: 136 lbs.
hair color: blonde
skin tone: flushed, but pale
eye color: gray
body type: lean & curvy

dun make me hit chu with mah pocket-book...


Holland Novak
06-10-2009, 11:18 AM

Name – Ezra Pastores
Gender – Male
Age – Twenty-One

Height – Five-Eleven
Weight – One-Sixty
Skin – Pale, Mediterranean tint
Hair – Brown
Eyes – Brown-green

REACTIVE ADAPTATION – Ezra has the unique trait to develop any power or trait to protect himself or others in a potentially life threatening situation. He’s never been shown to produce any of these abilities unless under duress, and he still doesn’t know how he came into possession of such latent power. Through experimentation and research, there’s a current thought it may be parasitic or the converse to a doppelganger’s adoption.
Notes and Technical mumbo jumbo
- Due to the dormancy of Ezra’s reactive adaptation, as an ability it is not recognizable on a scale other powers might be sensed or copied. For the most part it is inactive, and when active has no definitive trait to be copied or made determinate by those capable of such detection.
- Ezra has worked to improve the reaction of his adaptation to expand beyond direct assault so that even when personally unprovoked he can jump into action to inspire a “reaction”, something that is flaky at best.
- Even though Ezra's reactive adaptation seems limitless in functionality, ranging anywhere from manifesting armor to telekinetic powers, he can only seem to activate one power at any given time, and even that he has little control over its duration and reaction time rendering him ill-equipped to deal with multiple actions, depending on what power he's manifested.

I.E., If he were to manifest armor in the middle of a fight to defend against blades or bullets, his reactions may or may not be quick enough to change from that to telekinetic powers in order to control a car or something that the foe has hurtled at a civilian meanwhile. Or vice versa, he may not react quick enough to develop armor if he's using telekinesis.

FURTHERMORE, note that a shell of armor DOES NOT EQUAL possessing super strength as well, and manifesting telekinesis DOES NOT EQUAL also having telepathic powers. He does not manifest powers through the synergy of one power to another, every one is what it is solely.

Reactive Adaptation VS. Doppelganger
Imagine if you will, two pools -- one full and loaded up with doodads, and another empty primed to be filled and used. This is a great way to think of RA and Doppelgangers respectively. While Ezra possesses an already brimming pool of powers, it can only be drawn from selectively, while a doppelganger must acquire their powers through effort and time, all of those powers are more readily able to be used. The reactive adaptation has a randomization that doppelgangers lack, but both possess technically 'limitless' potential in different ways.

06-11-2009, 07:35 PM
Name/Monikers: Allen Mercury; sometimes self styled as Porthos

Age: 19


Allen Mercury is a professional adventurer with a huge hunger for danger and excitement. Armed with his wittiness, athleticism, testosterone fueled bravado, and a few gizmos, the young hero sallies into this society to seek his destiny. The world is almost too interesting for him, as futuristic technology and the archaic supernatural tag team to foist onto Earth a Hell filled with clans and egotistic individuals.

Mentally, he is inspired by the idyllic generation of heroes that came before him. While he longs to exist in the simple past of fists and honor, he recognizes the reality of combat evolving to its ugliest and most ruthless. He strikes a compromise between the two rather than approach it like it was an either-or dichotomy. Mercury would never give up his soul for superpowers or to use ridiculously ridiculous technologies – just like his extinct heroes.

Skills and abilities:

-Highly fit, with a lean physique that resembles a track star or a Middleweight boxer
-Rudimentary grasp of sciences associated with fighting
-Gunblade specialist
-Can recognize people of destiny
-Can drink a lot of alcohol

06-22-2009, 01:30 PM
Alias; Poison Ivy
Name; ???
Age; ???
Gender; Female
Age; ???

Background; A test subject that broke loose about 10 years ago from cyrogenic suspension when the first Nerve center in alaska was abandoned. Poision Ivy is a formidable assassin that uses chemical agents to subdue adversaries.

Weapon Systems.
Psychochemical Agents.
Biochemical Compounds.
Nerve Gas Grenades.
Cross Bow
Calico Machine Pistol
Throwing Spikes/ Knives
Hypodermic Dagger/ Fang
Gas Mask

Appearance; Lithe spidery frame, her hair is a disheavled mess and her face is concealed behind a gas mask. She wears a black trench coat and a kevlar vest underneath, on the vest is a simple message. Have a nice day. If cut, stabbed or shot in combat her blood color is neon green.

Radioactive Aura

Concerning The Glow
When chips are down, ammunition and weapons are out. Sometimes Poison Ivy uses The Glow. When her radioactive aura activates its clear, her skin and tissues becomes transluscent and her body glows vibrant neon green while her skeleton is exposed as if she had been under an x ray. It creates a cocktail of nasty status effects, and is used primarily as a ward when backed into a corner.

06-29-2009, 01:00 AM
Username: ChaoseMaster1

Character Name: Shin Hitaki

Appearance: He is 6'1", It is hard to tell his exact build because his entire body is covered in one form of clothing or another. His face is wrapped in black bandages that covers all but his dark blue eyes. His right arm is covered by a black pauldron and gauntlet. The pauldron has a large silver spike protruding from the shoulder but is otherwise unremarkable. The gauntlet has a golden dragon carved into the area that covers the wrist. It has four spikes protruding from the knuckles and its fingertips are sharp and slightly claw like. The rest of his body is covered by his shinobi shozoku.

Age: 29

Skills/Abilities: He is capable of controlling a powerful energy that he can release through hand signs or resiting the incantation. He is also capable of amazing feats of agility, speed, and strength by infusing his arms and legs with the energy contained inside of his body. His right arm is unnaturally strong, due to the armor that encases it. He also carries a massive blade (http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o314/DarthQuack711/Ninja&#37;20Gaiden/dabilahro.jpg). He is able to wield the blade with his right hand alone if needed, however, he often prefers to use both hands.

Personality: Shin was quiet and unwilling to battle with his full strength. This has changed drastically. He is often quiet, finding that ones mouth was often the cause of all their problems. Unlike before, he is now vicious and unforgiving in battle. He has kindness in him but he rarely shows it.

Biography: Shin believes he is the last of the Dragons of the Mist. A once proud tribe of warriors that where destroyed in battle. As he grew older he joined the clan N1nj4. However he left so that he could hone is skills and when he returned they had disbanded. At the age of 25 he was caught in a terrible explosion. The fire from the explosion scarred and burned his face until he was unrecognizable. His blade was also destroyed and his right arm was rendered useless. Two years later he came across an old wise woman who claimed that she could heal his arm. He was put to sleep for three days while the old woman performed the magical arts required to heal his arm. When he woke up his arm was encased in the black armor he now wears.

Where and when to meet: Whenever and where ever is deemed an appropriate place.

06-29-2009, 09:24 AM
First Name: Ambriel (http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm204/From_this_moment_on1990/Jenny_revisited_by_tsukai1.jpg) With wings. ( http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm204/From_this_moment_on1990/moe-23659-innocent_grey-simosi-tagm.jpg)
Her sensitive side. ( http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm204/From_this_moment_on1990/Aphrodite_by_crashdowngrrl.jpg) At night. (http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm204/From_this_moment_on1990/Athena_by_BloodRedFlower.jpg)
Last Name: Grace
Birthday: 12/19/1800's
Town: Arcane
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Breed: Human Living Vampires (HLV's), Psychic, Sanguine or Sanguinarian, Blood Fetish
About Type Choice: Human Living Vampire (HLV's)- Individuals who, while they firmly assert that they are essentially human beings, and to all external appearances are exactly that, nevertheless have pronounced vampiric characteristics having a need, compulsion, or involuntary tendency to "feed" upon some substance or some kind of energy produced by other living things, primarily other people.
Psychic Vampire- Living people who have the ability, consciously or unconsciously of draining life-energy (prana, chi, life-force …) rather than blood from others.
Sanguine or Sanguinarian- Blood-drinkers are commonly known as sanguines or sanguinarians. The word is taken from the Latin sanguis, which means literally, “blood.” A sanguine vampire – “sang vamp” for short – drinks blood from willing human donors on a semi-regular basis.
Blood Fetish- Blood Fetish Vampire or blood fetishist is a human person who derives intense erotic/sexual arousal or satisfaction from the taste, sight, or feel of human blood.
Eye Color: Eye coloration can range on the mood. Often appearing a light white to a sky blue, the change in the optic color can shift to a dark appearance with a matter of moments.

Hair Color: The tinted locks are perfectly high lighted to her likings. She, a once brunette, had dyed her hair to the perfect color pallet of a reddish blackish brown with cinnamon high lights. Usually straight, she had started to place her perfect long mid back hair in ringlets that are loose and flirtatiously, bring her elegance to fit her mature style.

Skin Tone: Pale to a soft peach, often more pale in the moonlight or soft caressing of light. High cheek bones are often a light pink, naturally of that color that caresses the soft organ that lines body.

Personality: A rich personality that often changes. Easily annoyed and angered, I often hold the personality of quietness and holding no conversation to anyone. A silent learner, a silent warrior, that is what I am. I do not take crap from anyone, attacking silently and swiftly. Dangerous I am, the silent ones are who you need to look out for.

Abilities: Abilities, a question I am often not asked. Well, no one ever really cared of what my body could do. What I can do and what I want to do are what the question is not asking. How should I answer this is beyond me, so I am going to give this a shot.
To let you in on a little secret, I have the ability to morph into what I please with a simple thought that crosses my mind. Not many has seen it, nor do I wish to show for it is rather painful and can be embarrassing when I morph back. I am usually nude. No one wants to see that. Or maybe they do, but still, I shall not allow my body to be exposed for your eyes. I am not the common prostitute that you can admire and then bed.
Any who, back on track, how I use this power and what I morph into is something you would never thought of for a Vampire. What comes to mind is a shadow, something that I can snatch a victim and then drain the life with no questions asked, new form to the boogie man. But, not me. to me, my choice of freedom and camouflage is a bird of pray, the want to be free and fly through that sky with out no shackles, no responsibilities or worries of what my life in human form usually surrounds me as I walk through this world day by day in a slow motion action as the rest of the world passes by.
Everyone knows that a Vampire's life does not age, do not get sick nor face what mortals have to. So, how we see things is like a movie fast forwarding as we move slowly through life. And my source of speed is the wings of my other form, my escape away from the life of being a mother, a warrior, and sister-n-law, aunt and friend.
I love being all of those, I love my son, I love being a sister-n-law, aunt and friend, but when times call to escape and be alone to allow a mind to think on about how life is going for the undead, it is what I long for, what makes me smile, and what allows me to feel as a kid that I once was, what I miss for the responsibilities are far to grand for me to handle at points in time.
Ah, you think I was so boring as to have that only power. Fooled you, now didn't I? This one has a long history, something that I could not control till I hit the adult age of the Vampire. Since birth, I have always held the icy touch, far colder then a normal Vampire temperature. And, nothing was thought of it till I hit puberty. The icy touch turned deadly, often causing one's body, living or not living to freeze when a simple brush of my body would make connection with theirs. I call it the Icy touch, but, to others, it is something they wish to not experience.
Even a Vampire has water in their body and it will turn to a solid as we all know, when water hits below 32 degree Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius, water starts to freeze. I guess such a touch I held will cause such a change in a body. I must say, nasty way to die.
I have used it a tactic in killing, freeze and then push the body to the ground, allow it to shatter in pieces. An unwelcome death and rather messy, I must say. But, the site of a head hitting a brick wall and shattering is once fascinating learning experience.

About Me: About me, something that could be answered multiple ways. Some would say a creature as vile as the ground I walk on. Some say so mysterious that I am often seen in the shadows, looking like a phantom that hold the beauty in her skin. And some don't even take a look. Either way, they all are right. I am as vile as the ground I walk on, if not worse. I do hold the beauty in my skin for I am the undead, a true seductress that shall use her ability of her own beauty to bring death to all who are tempted to try. And, you should not look at me for looking shall get you killed.
I am a vampire, a being that is in a dead body but a alive soul. Weird, I must say that is true. How can a body live with out breath or a beat of the heart? The answer is simple, the soul. Something that often is said that does not exist, until they have seen the being that I am and the beings that I live within.
For years, the clan that I call my family is in fact one of the first beings that walked the Earth, going back to the time of Adam and Eve. We lurked in the shadows and watch Adam ruin humanity by defying God. That bite had cause what the world is today. It was humanity that caused this great depression, not the kind that have yet to be truly discovered.
We are a myth, a tale to scare the mortals, giving them possible hope that their is demons that walked the Earth,other then the demons that lie deep within their hearts, the demons that have caused such a rapid negative change in the world in which we live in, visible demons that feed on the blood that is pumped through their veins. The ones that find out what lies behind that shadows do not live long to tell about it.
Savage I am, often leaving the neck in shreds and the heart messing, making it look as if a wild animal had been released and is searching for blood. Wanted posters of the missing, of a beast line the light poles of the town that I mainly hunt, wanting the creature dead or a live, or love ones found. But, let me reassure you, as I shall live, both shall not happen.
My history is not remembered by me, I can not be the lucky on to allow you the privilege to the past that has brought me here. A tragic accident at the birth of my life has caused my brain to lack the details of what has happened. I dare say, my healing abilities shall not heal what I do not want it. And there must be a reason I refuse to heal that part of my brain. Whatever that reason is, I shall respect that decision of my inner self.
Classy is what I shall call myself, holding the appeal of a high rich person that is of wealth. Look your best for that is how you shall be judge by all who see. And I shall allow them to see me at my best before they die. I have learned that the classy you look, the way you present yourself shall give you more of a food choice then what acting slutty will allowl. I gain the looks of all sorts of men and women alike. Rich, poor, young and old. The categories never leave my mind at what male shall satisfy the thirst that lies in my brain. I prefer the young, the handsome, and the down right gorgeous. Something about their blood allows the satisfaction that I long to feel. But, do not get me wrong, I drink all kinds, needing to keep the feeling of full in my mind so I do not turn into a nasty beast.
Often called blood lust, unlike most Vampires, I do not allow that feeling to conceal me in the feeding frenzy that causes the normal race to feel that satisfaction of being a dominating race. I learn that it is not the wisdom that allows you to concur your meal, but that art of how it is preformed. But, then again, I am the mixture of the vampire breed. I drain the energy that lies in everyone and also suck the blood that flows through the veins. A vile creature I have been come, but I shall remain at my edge to live a long healthy life, and I shall do whatever it takes to concur that goal.

07-11-2009, 03:03 AM
Magnum PI.


07-11-2009, 11:50 PM
Oh, how much glory this will put into someone's day. Read it, memorize it, and enjoy it. <3

[[Physical Information:]]

[[Name:]] [Not Available]

[[Alias:]] Emptied.

[[Social Security Number:]] Doesn't exist.

[[Sex:]] Male.

[[Birth Date:]] Who knows?

[[Appearance:]] He wears a suit attached to his body. His appearance is of nobody's concern.

[[Birthplace:]] Somewhere on, as he believes, another planet. Who knew?

[[Height:]] Six foot four.

[[Body Weight:]] 215 lbs.

[[Body Suit Weight:]] 300 lbs.

[[Total Weight:]] 515 lbs.

[[Main Suit Color:]] Orange.

[[Secondary Suit Color:]] Black.

[[Patterns:]] Red blood stains splattered about.

[[Mental Information:]]

[[Past Notes:]] Subject 37992, otherwise known as Emptied, has had an irritated life to live. As a child, he was raised to be a killer in war. Someone that was like a bodyguard to the president, but did much more than just protect. Village raids, manipulative kidnapping, murders, and anything else you could think of. Anything ravage; he's probably done it. Once he hit the age of eighteen, he was sent out on a special mission, along with a team just like him. However, everything was miscalculated, and each person on the team was killed. If not killed, they were believed to have been Prisoners of War.

That wasn't Emptied's case.

He was much more than a prisoner. Not only was he abused, but he was there for entertainment purposes, toys, subjects, and the works. He doesn't remember it, but it's hidden inside of his brain somewhere. Definitely unlockable.

Eventually, the military organization that he had worked for decided to give up on looking for him, if they had ever even started, and the rest of the members. Emptied eventually thought about it, and that's when he had made his escape.

Having all the wounds, burns, and anything that reminded him of those days, he had come up with a plan to make a suit. One that would change his life forever.

[[Suit Information:]]

[[Misc. Info:]] The suit that he wears, which is the suit of his newly drawn out organization that he had started up, is made completely of Aggregated diamond nanorods. However, even being the hardest substance in the world is a bit awkward for it. Due to it being attached to his skin, he can feel every hit that it takes as if there were actually nothing there. If a bullet were to hit it, the strike wouldn't be ignored. No. It would be felt as if the bullet had entered into his body. A death towards the suit would be a death to him.

The suit actually keeps itself attached to his body until death. It does this using an energy force that connects the inside of the suit to the outside of the skin. Physically, yet spirtually, connected itself to the inside of the wearer. Once the wearer dies, the suit opens up, having nothing to any longer connect to.

The energy is also useful for other things. It projects an energy right outside of it, stopping any material, of certain things, from getting to it physically. Projectiles never work on it. Projectiles such as guns, bullets, and the works. The energy repels them. However, someone's physical skin can touch it with no problem. It's a small imperfection of the suit. It has a strong enough build to withstand 300-2500 c. degrees.

[[Abilities:]] As himself, he has no metahuman abilities at all. Not even the slightest. However, with the help of the suit, he has unnaturally cunning speed, extremely wealthy strength, and his five senses are extremely well. He can switch his vision in the suit from night, heat, normal, or even see what appears to not be there. The suit's sight has a thermal processor that brings itself to see the physical warp that people, or anything physical for that matter, have around them at all times. The proof that they are there. The suit also uses another sense to feel physical things that's around it. Yes, somewhat like "spidey-senses". If something enters an area around him, he'll know it's there. The energy around the suit expands to a 10 foot radius. Inside of the energy, all abilities are rendered useless and nullified. Except, however, physical abilities such as: Increased speed, strength, vision, hearing, etc... Due to no spaces being inside of the suit, it has a liquid inside of it that the wearer can breath through. Instead of getting actual air, they breath in oxygen that the liquid forces through the lungs, much like that of a baby when it's inside of the fetus. The suit also has a trigger to make it inhabit the ability of a chameleon. This allows it to blend in with the natural environment. This is so they can't be spotted by normal sights. However, due to the suit holding in all body heat, heat vision doesn't help either. This suit was made for a natural born killer.

[[Weapons:]] Emptied has whatever weapons he brings out of storage. It varies from gun to gun, but that's about it. He usually doesn't have any type of sword or anything of the sort; he loves his guns.

[[Training:]] Due to his life in the past, Emptied has developed many kinds of martial arts fighting styles. These vary from Karate, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Kickboxing, Street Fighting, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and Judo.

07-15-2009, 08:12 PM
"He's strong to the finish, when he eats his spinnich, he's:"

Popeye, the Sailor Man. -toot toot-

07-18-2009, 08:13 PM
EDITED: Under construction.

07-24-2009, 10:56 AM
Birthname // J.T Kinnox
Alias // J.T
Birthday // September 19, 1981
Age // 24.
Sex // Male.
Class // Energy Manipulator

Height // 6'3.
Weight // 214.
Eyes // Brown.
Hair // Black and Low cut.
Race // African-American.

Primary Weapon(s) // He has since dropped off the use of the sword to magnify his powers, as his gloves are gaining in strength. The gloves he wears are covered with a special teflon material for toughness, but are light enough to throw fast punches. They are also specially manufactured to allow energy to flow through and around them, allowing him to add some flare to melee attacks.

Description of special abilities (if any) // Energy manipulation. J.T can and will absorb energy from surrounding objects, and can slow projectiles by absorbing their kinetic energy as they get closer to him. He can also asorb explosions to an extent, dependent on the power of the blasts. The mosts he's ever absorbed is a C4 blast, which left him out fo action for a few weeks. After circumstances like this, his capacity for immediate absorbtion increases.

Through more training with Eclipse, and The CoGu, his powers have went under a transformation. The formerly red light has turned to a miracle blue, and showcases his abilities to slow down the kinectic energy more drastically than before. The energy can also be manifested into solid shields, or more commonly known as what people call A/T Fields. Though he could completely shield himself with it, it takes alot of concentration for him to do so.

His abilities have expanded even further through usage, and he can consistently deter the effieciency of most projectile attacks. To enhance his support capabilites even more he has gained an ability to add energy to others and allow for faster reflexes and protection from enemy attacks.

Personality // His personality is jovial, fun-seeking and a little bit of sarcasm thrown in. He constantly appears upbeat, even in the face of desperate situations. Though some say you should know when youre down and out, he does know and doesnt care. He'll continue on until he cant physically continue anymore.

Physical Description // J.T stands at 6'3, 214lbs. He is built and conditioned really well, from earlier life. Training and training and more training, running and all sorts of athletics got him and keep him in shape.

He usually is clad in in long black jeans, the loose fit variety; he needed to be comfortable and able to move. Below these are his shoes, a random choice of athletic shoes from his closet. The ones he has on now of course match his wear, White and Blue Nikes. The shirt, or tanktop, or wifebeater as one may call it depending on where they are in the world, is black. His wifebeater is surrounded by his jacket; of the leather variety. It is blue and has a high collar, with no hood, and a zip up front. He rarely ever zips it.

His eyes are brown, as is his skin. His hair is black and varies between if its cut or long. Most likely he has it cut, and it is cut really low. His face is one of mischief, and the eyes always look around for something of which to involve himself. He has a little bit of stubble, but not enough to consider it facial hair. Overall he has a barely rugged look to him, almost a contrast to the jovial personality.

Biography // J.T is a friend of former Eclipse member Shawn Guile. He and Shawn were both born in Asheville, NC; both leaving after high school to do what they had desired. Shawn went off to play football and eventually into Law Enforcement, J.T went off to travel. He began to travel often, taking trops all over the world. He soon realized that he liked being gone more than he liked being home, and decided to just keep on his feet and keep going. He describes himself as a vital spirit.

One day, after getting contacted by Shawn, Shawn suggested that J.t do something with his life besides wander around. With his powers, he could help change the scape of the world. Shawn had wanted J.T to join Eclipse with him, but he went after the just beginning Phoenix Legion, hoping to make a name for himself without any help from another. The operation appeared to have fell apart, and J.T was left wandering again. Also, Shawn had resigned from Eclipse, so J.T didnt want to to go there now.

After a few months of wandering, he was asked to join the Rovers, and did so. The clan was short lived however, as an assasination was attempted at the first scheduled meeting. After that he went out with Alex Ying to spread the name of Rover by flexing the muscles of their skills. They fought with a duo outside of and across town from the club in which the meeting was held, but the duo never returned. Alex has since been missing, and J.t returned to wandering about doing nothing.

This was all before he was contacted by Shawn and asked for a favor only a few weeks ago. Shawn had received a letter from Eclipse, about a Reopening Ball. He couldnt go, but wanted J.T to go for him and deliver a message to Aeacus Nevanda, leader of the Clan. During this time J.T finally decided to join Eclipse.

As an Eclipse member, J.T has dabbled in various things for the large clan. He has attended special meetings with Leader Aeacus, been on search and recue missions, and saved his clanmates from an explosion in a fight with WEAPON. However, since the departure of Riley Widow, he has been contemplating his time at Eclipse...

He finally left Eclipse and joined The Combat Guild. The time in the guild was short, as the leader left them all hanging in the dust. However, he and another emember, Arthur Collins continued on under the banner of the CoGu. On a routine trip in which to acquire a vehicle for J.T, they were atacked by members of the Atasuki. Through sheer determination and teamwork, they repelled the enemy and succeeded in their quest. This also gave him IC knowledge of the Atasuki, Tiphaurate, and Ei.

After this event he once again went silent in the C/G world, allowing time to be spent following his own devices. He has recently appeared once again in Eclipse in order to further another agenda of his.

Role-playing Skill // 8.5.

Justice Hotime
07-24-2009, 02:43 PM
Birth Name:Kousei Aiyomi
Birthday/Dec 13,1988
Class(s)/ Jinchuuriki (No Not the Naruto kind!! It means someone who posses a demon!) Aura Sage, and medic.

weight/ 54 kilograms (He's got a very slender build)
eyes/ Black
Hair/ Black and is a medium long.
Race/Unknown seeing as he never knew any family (Looks to be American.)
Blood type/ AB

Primary Weapons/ his signature Aura manipulation Attack "Rikari" (TO use this me focuses his Aura to his hand in conflicting currents and strengthens it to make it visible and have the appearance of lightning) (Signs that he's using it: He will hold his right wrist to keep it steady as he focuses the Aura then when it appears a loud high pitched screech like a hawks can be heard.)

His Sword which he can also manipulate Aura into the same way to make a longer version of his Rikari. (He calls it "Rikari Blade of Vengeance)
Also he can make clones from his own Aura which he tends to use as decoys.

Special abilities/ He has a Kitsune (Demon Fox) In him that grants him much power but can also kill him in the process it also bestowed him with more Aura than a normal human which is the only reason he and someone else with a powerful demon spirit would be able to use the Rikari without destroying themselves in the process.
He also is known to have a special ability to read others movement patterns and single use mind control.

He also has the most control over Aura in all of the Spirit nation and is currently there leader because of it. He can manipulate the elements of Wind and lightning very well and can manipulate fire and water but only a little.

Purseonality/He is very serious when it comes to training and cold hearted for people he finds useless and annoying. He can have feelings for people who get to know him better and they would find out the secrets of his past.

Physical description/ Kousei stands at exactly 6 feet tall and weights only 54 kilograms. Although he trains and eats alot he is able to keep a slender body and light weight for fast movement and agility.

If he wished to go somewhere were he has to dress normal he would wear a black jacket with a purple snake going across it and still wear his black jeans. He would also add red streaks to his hair and spike it.
But most of the time he wears a white large half kimono shirt that he keeps mostly open leaving about to his mid torso visible. He also wears a large black rope around his waist to show what he calls his bind to the need for power until he completes his goal in life.

He has pure black eyes and pale skin seeing as he always trains in the dark or on the water or under a waterfall.

Bio/ (Shortening it if you want to know more Pm me)
When his mother was pregnant with him his father did battle with the Kitsune and made a seal that when his child was born it could be seal in him even if his father was dead.
The months passed and his father got into a battle with a beast from the continent. He killed the beast but was badly wounded he then faced off against a powerful samurai and they both were killed in the fight.
his last words were to name there son Kousei and he was born that night.
He was a half demon child with a powerful demon inside him so in time the demons merged and he became a human with an even more powerful demon in him.
Over the years he lived in hiding because of his curse. One day a demon attacked him and his mother and Kousei unleashed the demon spirit for the first time and slaughtered the demon.
His mother was then killed by his brother years later and he swore to become more powerful than him and kill him.
To make his life worse years late he fell in love with a woman who was supposed to be forced to marry his brother. She had both there kids through a secret relationship with Kousei. She was killed later on by an attack on the village they stayed in. Kousei then returned to his Country to find it in ruins and through his command rebuilt it and became it's leader. He also commands the Clan &#163;╬Mangetsu N.E.U. (New Era Unit.)╬&#163;

EDIT: He can change half way to demon form and looks like this http://media.photobucket.com/image/mightyena+human/Sora23_2007/Pokemon&#37;20Human/MightyenaBoy.jpg?o=3

Theam songs:
Normal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WF7f_9HSko8

Fight Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUqEkR-nh1E&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eyoutube%2Ecom%2Fuser%2Fjus ticeu1&feature=player_profilepage

Demon Mode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9M8aSg0dTY

Sage Mode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlDoUPhE30g&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eyoutube%2Ecom%2Fuser%2Fjus ticeu1&feature=player_profilepage

Demon Sage Mode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJfVTIQOQt8&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eyoutube%2Ecom%2Fuser%2Fjus ticeu1&feature=player_profilepage

Kousei's Death: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twdu_q2HyGQ&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eyoutube%2Ecom%2Fuser%2Fjus ticeu1&feature=player_profilepage
The End!!

07-24-2009, 03:44 PM
Name: Yuki Setsuna
Alias/ Yuki/ Yuko
Birthday/ aug 21, 1994
Age/ 15
sex/ female
Class/ Jinchuriki(Owl Demon), medic, Skill user, Crytle manipulator. Aura Sage

Height/ 5'8
Weight/ 102 lbs.
eyes/ sea blue
hair/ Bernet and long (Puts it up under a bandanna when trying to pass as a boy)
Race/ American.

Main weapons/
She can copy the attacks of people she sees and use them one time then she has to copy another.
She can also manipulate crystles to make weapons
(She perfers to be a medic than a fighter.) After training with Kousei she can now use Aura as a weapon and uses earth as her main element with Crystle.

Description of abilities/ She can heal people useing Aura and Spirit magic, she is also able to form crystles from thin air. She can copy abilityies and has a demon ow sealed in her that she can controle to grow wings, see in the dark and travel silently. She can also Summon weapons made of her own aura at any time.

Personality/ She is a kind careing woman. She tries to act like a boy because she is often descriminated against for being a woman and a warrior but hates to fight. She can also be very shy and loyal. (If you do something for her she'll do somethijg for you in return)

Physical description/ She has long bernet hair which she keeps up in a bandanna to hide the fact she's a girl. She also wears a jacket at all times that is a tad large to hide and distinguishing features that she is a woman but under the jacket she wears a form fiting blue shirt.

Her eyes are a deep sea blue and she has an average size build for a woman of her age.
She also wears black jeans and carries a backpack.

Bio/ (It's to long to post here just pm me if you have to know.

07-26-2009, 07:41 PM

[NAME] ::: Seizan

[AGE] ::: 19

[SEX] ::: Male

[RACE] ::: Human



Seizan is sometimes referred to as “Beloved of Spirits” due to his unique connection with the spiritual elements of the world. In every single thing there is a spirit, some as small as the spirit living within your pencil or your bed, some as grand as the spirit of death or the spirit of fire, these spirits are referred to as, Kami. Kami are drawn to Seizan and he is drawn to them, he has the unique ability to manifest these abstract representations of the physical into the real world in partially physical form.


Every Kami is unique and every one is in its own way useful, Kami are not unnatural and are therefore not affected by phenomenon that cancels the supernatural. Kami are as much a part of this world as humans, cats or horses, they are merely another being that dwells silently within every single thing.

This ability is not his own, it is a phenomenon that Kami are drawn to, in reality they choose to manifest themselves to aid him in various ways. By copying Seizan’s powers, you will not gain the ability to manifest Kami; you will gain the abilities of an intelligent nineteen year old boy. In short, he does not possess a power himself, Kami are merely attracted to him for some reason.

Spirit density can have an effect on the supernatural, this is a very rare phenomenon that happens only when a large amount of Kami are manifested in a single spot in a short amount of time. The density of Kami can twist the magical aspects of reality in strange ways, causing magical and supernatural occurrences that would otherwise be impossible. These can range from people bursting into flame at random to post-human traits being amplified unimaginably or nullified all together.


08-02-2009, 01:49 PM
Romeo Sway.
Rome - o2 - Sway

Shangri-La, (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?p=2204188#post2204188)

Pride and Prejudice, (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=82767)

Regular baddie.
o2 matriculated through friendship and is currently headed your way;
this advertisement is brought to you in part by Mattel.
Accessories sold separately batteries not included. .

08-02-2009, 01:52 PM
Name: Giamo Ferrari
Age: 35
Birthdate: July 30th 1974
Birthplace: Palermo, Sicily
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175lb
Occupation: Catholic Exorcist
Church Ranking: Bishop, Dominican Order

Still in progress.

08-02-2009, 03:24 PM
Name: Yume Akibara

Alias : The Stranger / The Rogue / The Treasure Hunter

Age: 178...stopped aging at 21

Occupation : The Treasure Hunter.

Appearance :Yume (http://api.ning.com/files/oDKgF7aOvRjbkngRJz-mw1mXSUo8lSgTs0iT0V4PBlHvG6sImOBfhTHiAsC9NwL6S3OnB FbD4VIeqw1OpKx55F1wIuRYNdxr/SamuraiShowdown.jpg) stands about 6 feet tall, and looks exactly like the picture.

Skills : Moderately skilled in melee combat, and he only fairs quite okay in hand to hands, he is quite skilled in combat that gathers a variety of attacks, preferably his skills of utilizing voids, and also his skill of instantaneous transport.

Weapons :

A 6 feet black steel katana, at the blade is etched words, only some knew what it meant. The surface of the blade is well smooth, easily can reflect just like a mirror, as the katana is custom forged, its blade's width and length is thicker than normal, and also its guard is made not of bamboo, but of a special black steel that is hard. The grip is tied with black cloth, and can be seen of worn after years of using it. A dark painted curved bamboo sheath goes with it and compliments its curve shape.

Three small throwing daggers (http://th07.deviantart.net/fs26/300W/i/2008/182/3/6/Throwing_Daggers_by_sqeezplay.jpg).

A Skinning knife (http://www.alaskaknifemaker.com/images/RB5.jpg)

Two Kunai, present from Shim

One Shipka 9x18 SMG, completed with various rounds.

Weapon Material : The Katana is made of a special magic, mental resistance metal from some void plane, the rest of his weapons is made from Strengthened Alluminium. The SMG is made of various light and strong alloys.

Equipments : A old sling bag which houses some of his clothings, his food, spices, and also weapon cleaning materials.

Theme Song : Edguy - Dragonfly (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP1eiKNq99k)

Fighting Song :CGR2 OST SoundTrack - Deeply Fast (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW51czvhA0k)

Bio : He is well over the age of hundred, he has a past that could be know further by reading the Bio page of him, which is still in mangetsu. But whatever the cause, he have just recalled that he actually killed Justice's father in the battle, resulting that he now resigned himself form the clan, and came to Love Stars. For the vengeful sons will one day be killed by him, and the swords attained by him.

In the 21st century he still carries his blade, and also the same equipment, although he did have some training with fire arms, he doesn't actually use them much often, and since he is a Treasure Hunter, getting a gun with limited ammo seemed rather off a liability.

08-02-2009, 05:32 PM
+ General Information +

Birth name: Lily Katrina Avelo
Alias: Lily
D.O.B: March 4th 1985
Age: 24
Star sign: Pisces
Chinese zodiac: Ox
Blood type: O-
Place of Birth: St Petersburg, Russia
Nationality: British
Alignment: Good
Religion: Roman Catholic


Height: 5.7
Weight: 120lbs
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Blue
Build: Slim
Skin: Pale
Scars/Tattoos: Small scar on her left cheek, a bird on her shoulder, small tribal symbol on her wrist, green dragon on her thigh and a long snake up her left arm and over her shoulder.
Business outfit: Various suits, black heels, black skirt, white blouse.
Combat Outfit: A brown corset top, a short brown skirt and brown knee high boots, white fingerless long gloves, with various belts around her legs, arms and waist.


- Firearms
- espionage
- Explosives
- Hand to hand combat
- Various melee weapons
- Can speak various languages
- Vampire killing
- Demon Killing

- Two 9mm glocks
- Walther PPk
- Two silver daggers

+Background + Personality+

Personality: Lily is calm and collected and very intelligent, she will never fly off in a rage tending instead to look at situation before she acts. To her friends and family she is a very loving, caring person.

Background: Lily was Born in Russia on a British army base. She lived there for a few years until she moved to Germany then onto England with her family. Settling into her new life in England she tragically lost her younger brother to leukemia leaving only herself and her older brother and her parents he was only four years old. This loss devastated Lily and she went into depression for a while, somehow she managed to get through school, she didn't have many friends and kept herself to herself preferring to be in the company of her older brother thinking if she was with him she would never loose him.

At the age of fourteen her father asked her to travel with him to Italy on a business trip, suprised and curious she agreed. Arriving in Italy she was brought before a ancient order and was told she had been chosen as had her father before her to be trained in the art of hunting.

Lily started her training and was put through physical and mental tests. She spent hours studying for her exams and put all her energy into training in the arena with the other recruits, she passed all her exams with top marks. She climbed high within the order eventually becoming one of the task leaders and was in charge of handing out missions to other members as well as doing her own. She was given top class missions including the killing of vampire elders which she did with no questions asked. She worked in this profession for ten years climbing a little bit higher and working along side her father before she left and got into close protection.

She moved to Spain for a few months living with her older brother but moved to the US to be with her mother, her father still working with the order. She was approached one day and offered a job with Eclipse and she accepted it taking a bodyguard position.

Roleplay skills: I'm awesome :P - No around 8 I would say.

08-11-2009, 07:49 PM

Birth Name: Manji Youngblood
Alias: “Kaze Buraindo” (Blind Wind)
Age: 24

Background: Adopted by the Yakuza when he was a young orphan boy, Manji grew up being taught to be a cold-blooded killer. He was extensively trained in Jeet Kune Do and excelled far beyond any of his peers his age. At the age of 19, Manji was already being recruited on high-level assignments alongside some of the more higher ranking members. The Yakuza, not seeing much of a need for hand-to-hand fighting in this day and age, decided to train Manji to be an expert sniper. Every sniper was assigned a spotter, a partner who would be their eyes and ears. This is where Manji met Matsudaira Takezo, a younger and more hot-tempered member of the Yakuza recently recruited as Manji had been. They became fast friends and began doing every assignment together. The two never failed a single mission and swiftly ascended the ranks of the Yakuza. Manji and Takezo grew tired of gang life, however, they wanted more. The Yakuza bosses didn't take kindly to the two's decision to suddenly leave and wanted to punish the two friends. They were each taken to separate rooms where they each emerged alive, out of breath, with Manji missing both of his eyes and Takezo badly beaten up and his entire body in a permament state of shock. It is a mystery what happened in those two rooms, but no Yakuza made it out alive except for Manji and Takezo. The duo then decided to go their separate ways, with Manji retreating deep into a secluded forest, training for a year to cope with his newfound blindness. In his training, Manji developed a technique in which he can read the wind and air around him and use it to sense how people are moving and reacting, sometimes even before they move. Manji can also use this skill in his sniping, sensing the air and knowing exactly what angle to shoot at, but there was a problem... he had no way of knowing how far his targets were. The solution to Manji's problem came knocking at his door when Takezo contacted him about a new opportunity to team up once more. An organization known as G-Unit...

Personality/Appearance: Manji is always very calm even in the most tense situations, quite the counterpart to Takezo's heated actions. Both Manji and Takezo stuck with the simple black suits of their Yakuza days because they feel it quite simply “looks cool” with the addition of Manji's fashionable new eye bandages. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v476/xicursethedayx/2345678976543.jpg (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v476/xicursethedayx/2345678976543.jpg) Imagine this but with a full bandage wrapping around his eyes.

Abilities: It is said that when someone goes blind, it merely enhances their other senses. Manji trained his body to use this to his advantage, greatly enhancing his sense of touch, hence, he feels the wind and air and senses the attacks of his opponents. In addition to that, Manji increased his sniping skills with his new ability. By being able to sense all the wind and air around him, he can effectively decide where to point his gun in relation to the distance of his target and the direction and speed of the wind/air-flow in order to make it so the bullet curves its path. The windier it is, the harder it is for Manji to read movements using his ability except when sniping. In order to be an effective sniper using his ability, Manji must be in contact with his spotter (Takezo) to be able to tell Manji how far away the target is and if there are any obstacles that could get in the way.

Other Abilities: Manji also possesses the basic Yakuza training in katana skills as well as skills with handguns.

Weapons: Manji carries with him a specially made Yakuza-grade light-weight .50 caliber sniper rifle. He also carries two Yakuza standard-issue Beretta 9mm pistols as well as a light-weight katana on his back most of the time.

08-11-2009, 07:51 PM

Name: Matsudaira Takezo [Family, Given]
Alias: Higure; The Jester
Gender: Male
Age: Early Twenties

Height: 5'10
Weight: 160

Appearance: Takezo (http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/Ninjablaze/319761.jpg) is a semi-hot headed young man, loving to play and joke with his oppoents no matter how annoyed he makes them. However, at the same time he is extremely easy going when it comes to everything else as well. His partner Manji acts as his conscience in a sense making sure Takezo stays within a tolerable realm. As A final note, Takezo is quite the friendly person when it comes to people aside from his opponents...until they become his opponent in that case the 'real' fun begins.

Weapons: Various Throwing Knives (http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/Ninjablaze/Throwing_Knives_by_egoncalo.jpg)and Combat Knives (http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/Ninjablaze/Stun_knife.jpg)[Occassionally Matsudaira Inc. made weapons]

Abilities: Takezo is first and foremost a self proclaimed master of a martial art style he named Mikazuki-Ryu [Crescent Moon Style] that involves both throwing and combat knife combat melded into something similar to Karate or Muay Thai, both of which he had learned previously in the Yakuza. His secondmost important and first most noticable ability is that Takezo, through the technological advances in Matsudaira Industries, has gained enhanced physical abilities. His movement speed, muscle strength, physical hardiness as well as his awareness are all considered that of something beyond human...but not godly of course. Thirdly, Takezo has found that he cannot feel pain like a normal person can, giving him another advantage in battle but also a disadvantage as you can assume as well. As a final note Takezo knows how to use a pistol as well as a katana sword and whatnot due to his years in the Yakuza, as well as a decent knowledge of first aid and the like as to keep himself alive considering he cannot feel much pain. He is a master Jokesmith as well.

Occupation: Freelance Bodyguard / G-unit / Matsudaira Industries

Affiliations: G-Unit & Blacklisted Trucking / Ex-Yakuza

Biography: His life began with nothing but the orphanage, and all the other dirty young children as they were called. It wasn't until he was picked up from the orphanage by a mysterious old man that he could say his real life began. He was told that his life belonged to the Yakuza, and there was nothing more to say about it. He was molded to be what they wanted him to be. He learned the skills it took to be a good gangster. It was after many years that he and another young Yakuza by the name of Manji both decided that they wanted out. It wasn't that simple. They were sent to separate 'meetings' at the headquarters. The moment he entered the room he found himself faced with at least fifteen men all equipped with their chosen weapons. Takezo smirked. It began with his stealing of one of their knives, it ended with his stumbling from the room bloodied from his head to his toes. He couldn't feel the pain. The pain wasn't where it should have been. He met Manji, not eye-less on his way out of the building. With little less than a nod in Manji's direction the two rogue Yakuza went their separate ways.

It was a few days after getting out of the hospital that he was brought into contact with what he was told was his uncle from his father's side of the family. He owned a technology based company as it was known, and asked Takezo to come work for him. He knew Takezo was Yakuza and his idea was to strip him of being associated with that ugly name in any way possible. Takezo began work at the top as what was supposed to be his uncle's predecessor, until he had lost a finger in an accident. He didn't feel any pain or cry out. His uncle found out that he couldn't feel the pain and had a solution. Technology was the solution. Takezo could become something more...glorious than he was before. With his newfound...'abilities' Takezo got a hold of Manji once again, and both got their job within the G-unit through its dealings with Matsudaira Inc. They are semi new to the G-unit family, but are already known by most.

Prongs Whovian
08-19-2009, 11:07 AM
Name:057681 (http://i25.tinypic.com/e5nuh1.jpg)
Alias: Andraste Nyteshade
Occupation: Psionic Assassin
Age: Unknown looks about the age of 25
Nationality: Unknown
Birth Place: Tyumen, Siberia located in Russia
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: O positive
Race: Human Psionic Hybrid
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 130 pounds
+Tan skin tone
+Dark brown hair
+Yellow eyes that turn glowing white when using Psionic powers
+Two throwing spikes hold her bun in place
Preferred Weapons:
+Throwing Knives (http://i25.tinypic.com/ily9mt.jpg)
+Throwing Spikes (http://i30.tinypic.com/119191t.jpg)
+Shurikens (http://i25.tinypic.com/24q8oj8.jpg)
+Chinese Throwing Stars (http://i30.tinypic.com/16hogw1.jpg)
+Swords (http://i27.tinypic.com/5mn4h.jpg)
Special/Paranormal Abilities:
Psionic Abilities:
-Active Abilities (Involving or requiring physical exertion and energy):
+Psychoprojectivity: A variant of active telepathy, this is the ability to manipulate another being's mental state, including their visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or olfactory senses
-Passive Abilities (Existing, conducted, or experienced without active or concerted effort):
+Mediumistic automatism: The ability to perceive messages, or the expressions of such a message, from entities which do not exist in living forms. (i.e.- ghosts, spirits, dead individuals.) The act of perceiving expressions is sometimes called "channeling."
+Clairvoyance: The ability to perceive distant objects, persons, events, or types of energy not normally perceptible. The term does not specifically relate to telepathy or empathy, though a clairvoyant person may have those abilities as well.
+Retrocognition: Sometimes called "psychometry," is the ability to perceive information about past events or conditions of an object or area.
+Precognition: The ability to perceive information about future events before they occur. The act of perceiving this information is sometimes called "divination."
Other Abilities:
+Master of Disguise
+Efficient range attacks
+Slight of hand
Effective Short-Biography: Being raised in a military training installation 057681 as they call her forgot a lot of her childhood. The psychic child (or so they perceived due to her odd ability of making items move with a mere thought. ) was apprehended after the militia group slaughtered her family; a twin brother, her mother, and her father. Though as she was raised the group allowed her to believe that she was orphaned and that this place was always her home. 057681 went through scientific testing as a willing test subject; through many years she was prodded and poked with needles injecting different things into her body.

Soon she was an advanced Psionic Human Hybrid; and equipped for her first few missions. Though her Psionic abilities were enhanced and was a force to be reckoned with the woman loved the feel of steel between her fingers. She used her small arsenal of weaponry to commit some murders. She was used as a mercenary for different government groups and as an assassin for her home group.

09-18-2009, 07:23 PM
As I click my heel..
All of the trees would kneel..

Name: The Cowardly Lion
Age: Unknown
Height: 7’0”
Weight: 350 pounds
Race: Abomus
Appearance: (See Figure 4 of Profile Picture)
Weapons: Retractable claws.
Tough Skin- The Lion is very durable and can withstand extreme blunt trauma. Tolerance for pain is sky high as well as tolerance for extreme conditions such as heat, cold, toxic environments, or radiation.
Strength of Pride- Built like a wrecking ball, the Lion has shown astonishing amounts of brute power. The average barrier wrinkles like aluminum foil against his might and the same respectable force can be felt in the Lion’s walloping strikes.
Gutless- The large spade-shaped opening in the Lion’s abdomen acts as more than a simple window. When activated, the opening gives off a yellow luminescence and begins to violently attract any mass within its five meter reach. All objects that are not bolted down or otherwise immovable will be pulled into the yellow glow where its composition is disassembled and broken down to its most fundamental particle forms.

The Cowardly Lion is a disembodied human soul that has been bound to an artificially constructed body. Built by Dr. Marcus Hooper, the Cowardly Lion was the first of the Abomus built. Hooper’s company, Oz International, specializes in biogenetic and biochemical engineering and has been backed throughout the years by mysterious investors. While the company has released no public statement confirming or denying the claims, it is widely held knowledge that Dr. Hooper and his colleagues have an avid curiosity for the occult and supernatural. Some believe that this obsession has influenced some of the company’s less-than-public research. The Lion is the first of several physical manifestations of those claims.

09-24-2009, 06:19 PM
Name: 'V' (she lost her real name) Luke calls her Vec 'read as Vick' (subject 27)

Age : 17

Sex : Female

Race : Synthetic Humanity Replacement Clone (SHRC)

Appearance : Girl Girl 2 Girl3

Height: 5 Feet 6inc, 165 cm

Likes : Dressing up for any occasion with fanciful dresses.

Dislikes : Nothing in particular.

weapons: None

Power : Able to control any form of vector that is in contact with her body. She is also able to magnify vectors to 10 times. Huge mental capacity to multi task into difficult functions, such as doing 100 super computer calculations at the same time.

Class : Fighter, attacker.

Bio: Subject 27 was not born a human being, she was engineered, cloned and created similar to human beings. Her bodily functions and structures are similar, however her mental capacity is too much superior to be compared to the brightest minds of human beings. She was also given a prolonged life span of 500 years. She was made in a laboratory, and she grew up there for 16 years. 16 years where she spend in solitude and 16 years where she spend sedated to control her mental activity. With her brilliance and strange powers, she would had escaped the lab at the age of 2. She was part of Project Eve, female DNA are altered and cloned to form the perfect female which is able to lead the earth to a new era. She never knew any of this, until a new researcher stepped into the laboratory that day a month before her 2th birthday. He was a tall and kind man, a different person, a non human entity. She did not trust him the least at first, but soon they were friends.

Luke was that guy, the guy who participated in the Eve project fifteen years ago, he was hired by the private organization. He job was not much as a head researcher but more of an assistant. Subject 27 was one of the females under his care. As before, no researcher would sacrifice themselves to study a creation of the laboratory. All subjects are isolated in separate holding cells where it is gassed with a nullifier and sedative to restrict mental tolerance. They are fed with normal foods but no compassion, love or kindness was given to them. When the cells were cold, they would shiver in the corner, the scientist would look on and write down data, it was their job, not to be concerned. Subject 27 was given a name, quite crude to name her powers, Vector, as of other subjects which all had unique abilities. No one knew why re engineering of the human gene could produce such effects but it was the interest of the dark society people to turn them into weapons. Superhuman warriors.

Luke came to the lab as he was famous being a researcher of weapons, they hired him due to his unique 'personality'. He is able to survive abnormal attacks and thus allowing the researchers to be closer in their research. That was when he started having contacts with the subjects. Subject 27 was a peculiar one, because she was only 2 years old when he came. A child that has proper speech, running capabilities and knowledge of the world and problem solving skills that of researchers. Luke soon became her instructor and her dear friend. Though Luke might regard her as a friend, she never did, Luke was a much more close person to her, much like a husband in her terms.

On her sixteenth birthday, the day she decided to take a step more into the relationship, was ruined when the government raided the place. The scientists took the data and ran, only to be shot dead on sight. A dying resolution made the scientist activate the nuclear reactor core, 'If we cant have anything , you cant have anything too' was his dying words. A nuclear meltdown followed, the entire facility was soon covered in a mushroom cloud and shock waves of giant sand waves spread throughout the desert. Luke would have died then if he was not with her. The candle light dinner actually saved him, he still chuckle to this day. They walked out of the wreckage to a nearby town where they are saved.

She lives in Luke's apartment now, having lost her worth but not her purpose. It was also what she would had wanted, to be loved by him and to return his love. She then adopted the name Vec and been working as a regular timer at shops. Vec gained confidence in herself, its been one year of peace and she really enjoyed it. It was almost back to the days where she was together with her beloved.


10-19-2009, 04:54 AM
Name: Charles Hughes
Alias: Charlie, Chuck & Chuckles
Age: 28 according to his I.D. D.O.B. 12/25/1981
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 173lbs
Build: Slim/Muscular
Powers: None that he is currently aware of.

Current thread: Do I know you? (http://forums.rpgchat.com/showthread.php?t=83989)

Biography: Audio log 001

Hello, My name is Charles Hughes and to be honest that's one of the few things I do know about myself to be true. You see one year ago I woke up in some no name public dump of a hospital here in New York with no idea who I was, how I had gotten there or even where I was. Let me tell you, it took more then a couple of orderlies and one smoking hot nurse to calm me down as I freaked out. Heh, anyway, over the course of several long exhausting days I was poked, prodded, questioned and finally diagnosed with bad case source amnesia. Pft. To top it off, according to the doctor when I was admitted I had no personal possessions or identification. Just my luck, huh?

When it became apparent that they weren't going to be able to help me the doc suggested I start keeping a journal. Something to jot down any strange dreams I might have or anything I might suddenly find myself doing that I couldn't do the day before. Such as speaking a foreign language, solving complex mathematical equations at a glance or hell even singing songs I never heard of. At first I called b.s. but the doc insisted and said maybe if I gather up enough pieces I'll put the puzzle together one day and remember who I am. He was obviously a quack but I was willing to try anything at that point.

It didn't take long for me to start feeling sorry for myself after that point. I mean come on, no friends and family to come claim me?! And I know I'm good looking guy, there had to be at least... ten chicks that panicked when I turned up missing and would have called the police. Sadly though, that was not the case. Want to know what made it worse? I couldn't sleep one night and was up watching TV when this movie Hancock came on. This fool had the same sob story as me! That just set me off and I was ballin' all night. I even wrote, cried like a little girl in my journal. More of a remainder to never do it again actually, god I hope the person I am didn't cry a lot.

So the next day I woke up feeling better and to my surprise found a package at the foot of my bed. Curiosity got the better of me and without waiting to ask any of the hospital nurses where it came I tore into the package. When the first thing I saw was a pair of clothes you can imagine my disappointment, was this how they were going to send me off? Just get dressed and go? Once I dug a bit deeper though I found a real prize. A CA state driver license with my picture on it! It had my address on it too! But more importantly my name! Taped to the back were two keys as well, for once my luck seemed to be turning up.

I snuck out of the hospital that same day and wandered the streets of Los Angeles what must have been hours. I did eventually find my apartment. Piece of crap that it was, I thought I was coming home to something, thought I was going to find out who I really am. It didn't take long afterwards to find my sweet ride in the apartment complexes parking. Go, go, VW Thing. That wonderful surprise was followed a few weeks later in the mail when I discovered rent, utilities, insurance, etc was all being sucked out of a single bank account that was in my name. If my math was correct and apparently it always was, that got jotted down in the journal, I had a little over a three months to figure out who I was without having to worry about mundane crap like work. Well, that WAS three months ago and I'm no closer to finding out who I am now, then I was then or who the hell gave me my first clues to begin with. I was hoping for something more but maybe I should just accept the hand fate dealt me... Speaking of which, I need a job. If I skipped anything I will get back to it later, peace.

End of Audio Log 001

11-14-2009, 05:58 PM
Name: Rico Callahan
Alias: Hex
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Augment

Height: '6''0
Weight: 185 lbs.
Body Type: Heavily Muscled, Husky
Hair Color: Dirty Brown
Hair Style: Cut Short
Skin Color: Light-Tan, Bronze

Unique Features/Unusual Marks: Rico has a tattoo of a .50-caliber round on his neck, in addition, has a scar upon his right arm that has healed over. There are several burn wounds on the right side of his body, however, most of them are centered around the right arm and right breast, though can be seen all down to his right leg. Additionally, the right side of his face is also burned, a wound that took nearly a year to heal to the point where it didn’t feel like he was being burned all over again.

Attire: Wears a loose fitting army-camo t-shirt underneath a simple vest that holds various things, such as a knife, serves as a grenade attachment, and a simple yet effective means to give Rico an excuse to always carry weaponry. He wears grey baggy pants that have several parts that are held in place by a terrible stitching job on his behalf. He wears black, dull combat boots with a spike on the tip of his steel toes.

Accessories: Rico has a red bandana on his head, wrapped around his forehead and featuring a skull and cross-bones. He has a necklace made out of bullets, each one consecutively smaller than the last, starting with a massive Phobos Gun bullet and working it’s way down to a mere handgun round.

Weapons: Two Phobos Hand-Gun’s, six HE grenades, a Grenade launcher with the latest Hell-Hound grenades, three army knives. Each of these have a skull and crossbones’ on metal plate welded to them.

Martial Skill: Expert in several of the more brutal types of hand-to-hand combat, however, has not mastered any of them. He is however, very adept at breaking peoples bone’s and “Tearing the enemy a new one,” which he often is too joyful whilst performing the action.


Kinetic Acceleration-The ability to increase an object(s) kinetic energy, such as accelerating a base-ball to the speed and power of a tank shell, without the explosion.

Density Manipulation-The ability to increase or decrease the density mass of an object(s), making it heavier or lighter on command.

Hardness Manipulation-The ability to increase or decrease the hardness of an object(s). For example, he can make a pillow as soft as air, or as hard as a bag filled with railroad spikes.

Personality: Very aggressive, enjoys talking about scars and constantly thinks upon darker subjects.

Mental State: Clinically Unstable.

Biography: Rico has participated in nearly fifty job’s, ranging from robberies to inciting rebellions. At first, he was a part of a twenty-five man mercenary group, however, did not often comply with orders given, often endangering himself and others. Eventually, he was forced to find another group to become a part of. His inexperience and-at that time-innocent look kept the vast majority of Mercenary groups and potential jobs away from him. Eventually, he had to resort to being an experimental subject in numerous different kinds of tests, working with a shady organization that delved in the science of Meta-Human research and development, amongst other things. Several projects involving weapons of multiple sorts, were tested in the hands of Rico, including some of the first adaptations of the extremely powerful Phobos Gun’s. Many a time, he excelled with their use, giving high quality demonstrations and tests of the weapons. One test, however, did not go so well.

Upon testing an extremely dangerous, and abnormally experimental Plasma-Thrower, he had burnt the right side of his body, primarily due to a malfunction of equipment. For a week he was in intensive care until those that he was working for at the time decided to run even more experimental procedures on their test subject. When he woke nearly a month later, he found that he had three new abilities, all granted to him by the Meta-Human research and development team. For the first year after the extensive surgeries to help repair the damage and to fully graft the abilities to his DNA, he was caused a great deal of pain and agony. Nevertheless, Rico did not care so much about the pain as he did about the new found abilities that he had obtained. Eventually, the Mercenary attempted to leave the Research division, and found that they were not so very willing to allow him to simply walk out. Nevertheless, they were helpless to stop him, his powers advancing beyond their projected estimates and allowing him to use his abilities on objects outside of his own body.

Rico began his Merc life again, this time with greater amounts of success due to the appearance of experience and the horrific scarring on his face. Throughout the years he had successfully accomplished a number of attacks and transport operations, generally high-speed, low-drag missions that let little to chance and more to skill. In time, he’d begun working for various governments and private corporations on more hazardous missions… These missions were the first ones that he’d ever met a “Meta-Human”… Rico had seen the darker side of humanity, and now saw a darker side from the Meta-Humans. He quickly grew to hate Meta-Humans, often because of how much more arduous they made many of his missions. Of course, he also felt that they had no care of life or collateral damage… so he began his own personal vendetta against them… At least, the ones that he wasn’t working for… although, he wouldn’t say that he had any particular fondness of Humans either, being that he is no longer one of them.

Favorite Saying: "Your either paying me for the job, or paying me so I don't kill you..."-From, Unknown Source.

11-29-2009, 12:54 PM
Name: Anna Rose/ Mr. Fuzzy Bear
Alias: Anna/ Ted
Age: 13/ ??
Gender: Female/ Male
Race: Human/ ??

Height: 5'1"/ 12 in.
Weight: 96 lbs./ 6 ounces
Body Type: Slender, Frail/ Soft, Furry
Hair Color: Light Blond/ Dark Brown
Hair Style: Long, Flowing/ Short, Fuzzy
Skin Color: Snow White (Albino)/ Dark brown (Fur covered)
Eye Color: Icy Blue/Black Buttons

Special Abilities: Anna is gifted with psionic abilities through the aid of Mr. Fuzzy Bear. Her abilities include:

1. Psychokenisis
2. Reality Distortion
She also has the ability to speak to Mr. Fuzzy Bear Telapathically.

Bio: Anna Never fit into the aristocratic family she was born into. she often felt ostracized even among her own family. Her skin conditions only served to make matters worse, as she would constantly be subject to her mother's blatant scorn of her condition. It wasn't until she met up with a certain teddy bear that she decided she would take no more of their abuse...

12-02-2009, 02:29 AM

Charlie Beech | Appears to be in his late 20s | 6", Athletic Build | Medium/Long Black-Green Hair | Black Eyes | Scar: Throat | Wanderer